They do claim the main problem was that I was too worried about the fighting but there was nothing to it; the reality on the other hand is that a 15-year processes of abusing my career has now ended in a business of famous idiots ripping up my earnings and getting hoodlums involved in my personal space to blab about courage bits while they fingered my bum because I resisted. I will burn their Celebrity culture for it while the hoodlums may continue to live in a world where there was no longer a difference between me and their stupidities running around the streets to claim somebody did their lives and careers, so that the fighting may become all important and inevitable. The perspective people have of my view of this matter I believe is the main controversy behind it i.e. I am actually here to stay, and it is the stage at which they wished that I had moved on and I never will, 19 years back was a university fiasco which consequences was one of their biggest achievements. It is the same story of finding that everywhere I turned somebody had commandeered the effects of my career being a really bold money stupid entitled twat that picked up another person’s reputably built company to liaise with Celebrities, build a supporting crowd and set about fingering my bum while people felt untouchable by handling my concerns to buy something they were selling and so it feeds into a world where you had to count the property owners, the CEO, the managers and eventually arrive at musical and entertainment industry wielding twats who cannot stop abusing people like these all the time, talking nonsense about being more important and I have informed them to find a better toy to no avail now plan to end it badly too, they are not important people and the idea I am pandering to the effect their money had on others was part of the fake news gimmicks and HRH Prince of Wales was friends with gold diggers, so they blabbed at me their confidence that there was nothing I could do about their stupidities going the distance to look for trouble like so. I mean it could always restrict comments to its career and read a Book when it shows up here or make more trouble for me and brag, considering it had means to do much about me if I took notes and devised objectives for each of their wicked activities towards me: I mean community croons are always running me down which could be things buzzing away at the background of civil life but then thinking about the reasons as a matter of  hermit with some unusual spiritual things happening around him having narcissism inflicted on him by those who wanted to change fortunes, we know it easily progresses to a reputation filled in and maintained, where any who wanted to grab my career could easily do so because there was a starting point complete with social and public life, likely to progress to another reputation where it made sense for people to stab me on the streets – the Celebrities look innocent enough but building a Public profile that involved a relationship with my publishers in terms of my Books, pushing their careers on my public image and getting their security guards to finger my bum and crash every part of my career, opening up my personal and social life to hoodlums that will continue the sexual narcissism abuses with distant violence and make a mess of my finances everyday because I am not courageous, speaks for itself – so we know of the way it would work if I made a list and developed an objective to solve each problem and provide appropriate response, which I am about to once my ultimatum for the Bookshop and not the Government paying the Bills in this place runs out over their need to have such abusive fun at my expense. The list goes on if I considered public transport idiots, seemingly harmless naturally but we know it is a matter of spending exhilaration on themselves over some abusive interest in how they got to use my temperament and personal space, such that the more I chased anything with some respect and dignity was the worse it got because it was their newest and most rewarding fun yet. Then they tell those lies that I am said to have won a great victory for it as well which adds to an understanding of their views of me, at the same time trapping others in a gimmick where people got to hold me to account for disrespect channelled in their direction.

The idea is that Celebrities were actors but the facts here are that I built up wealth equity at my public image – for the Films, the prevalent issue was the problem associated with selling products to criminals, so they deployed my assets and requested support, I devised the process to ensure that the equity was critical of the criminals, so after the films were made, the decision had to be made as to whether to buy or not and then there were also be reasons criminals should not decide for others, even their own children – thought it was finished and I could chase my own concerns, then the Celebrities tore down the Books I wrote, set out the criminals as nice people whom I disrespected and got the hoodlums involved with my personal space to finger my bum while they trashed my earnings –for the Music industry, it was a matter of the wealth equity preventing the criminals following people around for the abusive reasons mentioned, so the Music industry liked the way younger people got about with it and decided to make music on it but had to respect the fact I used it to control criminal activities and allow the younger people to do the careers and academic pursuits as much as I carried on with my Bookshop etc, the outcome was a 12 year campaign of revenge on behalf of disrespected criminals, while they got to lay claims of ownership to my public image and pick up my public duties everyday to lace their sense of superior popularity – the Television one has been a case of seeing me do something with private security and deciding to get some career crime abusive idiots involved with my personal space, hell breaks lose then every time I get on the computer to write anything because my Books were said to be respectful of the male population and if they kept me from doing what I should be, they could pick it up and make a career for themselves instead of me. I have eliminated all these characters, made publicity for the fact their actions are criminal as I never signed a contract to allow them handle my concerns and have refused to keep secrets on it that will allow them continue with a fame career at my expense, rebuilt everything but the previous one that they had damaged take precedence all the time, while they got to tell me my tools were the best for the jobs they wanted to do for their careers and there was nothing I could do about it, like an education on their street shooting and stabbing, putting up questions on when I planned to take the Law into my hands in such ways. This is the problem, not whether or not Celebrities were acting, the destruction of my career and gimmicks to make it available to popularity gits as well, not acting.

They even go on to suggest the Monarchy gave me a task that was too much for me as well and all together makes me so much angrier as there was nothing wrong with my plan in the first place. They even claim it is very tough for me which it is not, just made messy as prospect of winning on their part does not exist: same simple case of a time when all including the exception seeking society gits, culture goons and famous twats were engaged in studying something while managing difficult student expenses, giving me a break for my 20 year career mess or I trash their world a running people down for money, glitter and popularity reasons as a form of existence.

I. Uno I

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