The Arch Prince I. Uno

We do hear people like me for instance complain about racism but have no plans to comply with socialist position on wealth inequality; I wouldnít never know anyway since the only two people on the list of wealth inequality offenders as far as socialists are concerned are people who have the talent to work for their own wealth and people they had given an unfair advantage over others at some point. So I am okay with talk about complains concerning racism but if their Nazi history is liability for me financially again I will clip them again a second time and we may just end up doing it for an earnings as well so it might become permanent feature of our professional lives to do so. I donít actually know how people expect me to go from being the guy whose company right down to personal life was sacrificed so as to create this new evolved socialist we have today that had long decided that going into government office to fleece money off people through taxation is not enough anymore if making people share Intellectual property and whole companies becomes the most likely path for wealth distribution, so the guy who either gives them money or allows himself to be taken advantage of so socialists can get rich Ė it seems they cannot see I have had enough of them. Their MPs understand my intolerance of such nonsense about complains of racism when I refuse to comply with peopleís needs over wealth inequality, considering when they have to explain what they mean right down to the religious and spiritual bits, so itís never a matter of a fight I have won or lost, itís a matter of challenges they put forward and this is the response to the Media one. There is this claimed timidity that surrounds me when it comes to my Possessions at the International Markets and all over the world but I really actually have no such timidity, it pleases the media to get around Industry villages and build up such notions which is supported by get away unscathed insults that makes them feel powerful. Itís a problem that does not need resolving; only goons talking about feelings they have about my Literary Empire and how they will build their lives on it, started off big spending of my possessions with problems girls and young men have and think they have finished it off with these get away free insults and of course all I am saying is that it is an example of the basis for regrets and anger that is the foundations of their racism and various other socialist Policies which invariably means they will do nothing with their lives now they have the time but that so I think they are building wrong as it were. Itís an old story of patents meaning nothing to them especially the black and or African ones by proportion of population that is, patents mean nothing and they want to do what they want with your income and get you to the law courts where you can speak with them about what they knew or did not know after laying your life to ruins to deal with social problems that follow their involvement with you, social problems that come from their deviance and laziness of course - hence talk of complain about racism but refusal to comply with socialism over wealth inequality will eventually mean I get to finish them off all together, speaking of fights I have lost; The American ones like to speak of some tourism and travel Industry taking off when they pillage my work for it rather than buy books and it is much the same old story about black American criminal disobedience - I will not be able to do anything of course when their NFL friends spend money on their travel and tourist contraptions but I will catch them always one way or another since we all know the US is the far bigger and far more powerful of a Principal National ally and the British Government relies on my work to bargain in and out of deals with them except some of their Citizens can do tourism and travel with it assuming they will not be complaining about women soon enough as it were; they love to glide over the difficult bits like drugs and gangs and crime and sexual industry for instance, if they can handle the possessions of a Royal Prince because they know where his books are stifle his income and make him sick with blackmail in order to do tourism and travel; what I mean when I say black America criminal disobedience causing offence as much as it possibly can again. 

I hear they say they want to know what is going on in my mind Ė it will never make sense but is an expression of their insanity but then again perhaps they are interested in 6ft individuals not being able to see across a fence that 5ft individuals can i.e. Mr Obama cannot tell that drone patrol and the protection of peopleís rights are not two compatible things, i.e. Media bosses cannot see that a consistent culture of celebrity scams encourages extremists and far right groups to infiltrate and get jobs in their establishments, Politicians cannot see when people are criminals they made a decision that led them down that path and if rehabilitated made another that led them down another path Ė itís all a matter of perspective but then again if I must be blatant maybe what people want to hear is that in my head democratic and liberal people are inherently evil. I mean there are things you do which are wrong but they are just evil and it gets to a point where it affects them physically i.e. the law says what is good for you is good for others, so you attack what is good for you so you can seek what is good for other people and when you had failed look like an inferior citizen looking for civil rights; I mean are they asking me? Is this the answer they expected? Take Mr Obama for instance; we will never know what exactly he finds pleasurable about exploring how republicans do that stuff that makes them look all formidable and noble but if you put it to him that democrats fundamentally lack a sense of leadership that will be a different story entirely; so drone patrols do not happen because people need security, they happen because somebody has invested in drones, it is not true they are unable to see what everybody can and therefore need to be informed. They always have a problem with the state of affairs of the law but it is never their law and it is never other peoples law, it has always been the law of the land; they are sure to develop the effects that this attack on the law that leaves others with the sense they are sub human, to a point where it means I get around offering prerogatives to those that are bigger than me and since they are bigger than me the one they want to extricate concerns unnatural sex that a Christian is forced to approve so as a facilitate a form of sex that he is not aware of that will make them into some sorts of parents which they turn up on their stupid media to build up further every single day, so it is difficult to locate if this is the kind of answer they expect is what goes on in my head. They do say I support government austerity of course and there is really no such thing; here in the UK The Labour Party which is the socialist trouble makers we have spurning other scams such as the SNP for instance made the NHS and the Police force into a job creation racket and so there were to structural changes to ensure the waste of public funds works for the government of the Country, unlike when they did with the creation of a New Supreme Court because people were on their case and I myself had developed my own grey areas for abusing and attacking them and getting away with it too, this therefore has meant each time the Nation decides on a different leadership but their own the incoming government will see these two institutions as unfit for purpose and that level of stupidity and waste of tax payer funds by a collection of selfish, twisted and spiritually evil and greedy idiots who spend all our time telling us about nothing save standard of living issues and austerity could never have gone on for eternity anyway . I donít think itís a problem because I know what I am dealing with; itís always a story of how they have some money and how they get to add some more money to it by taking advantage of somebody and then comes the question of why ever on earth taking advantage of somebody every single time, which is what expresses their true evil and twisted nature all together i.e. the primary purpose is to satisfy a desire and if that desire is satisfied the stage will be set for civil rights to help them get rich while they get to hound others until people work for it for them but the part where they want to be rich and famous all together always comes as a result of the realisation that a condition where they are seen as losers can end because you are an adult that simply have no opportunity to stop working for things and when that is combined with their need to get off and create grey areas that allow criminals to make money, they think they are feeling the hand of history on their shoulders and I for my part do not know what their problem over my books really is anyway, I donít know what they want from me save the understanding that if they kill off the sense they are losers just like they love to mess with the legal system to create grey areas that allow criminals to make money and a problem they have with the state of affairs of the law, if they end the sense they are losers people will not mess with their need to get rich. Itís as they say; whether I have no other thing to be concerned about save slapping down socialists all the time but again the reality is starker i.e. assassination of peoples leaders hooray that is a socialist ideal, encouragement of paedophilia and sexual abuse that will cover their desire for it when they are being restricted both through public attention that they have been seeking and got over the year and other things that ensure they cannot hide hooray that is a socialist ideal and it goes on and on and on and you can list them if you wanted and it is always okay for them to get on media and challenge of course except we will hear the complains when I kick them too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland