Questions about my relationships with members of the royal family is not half the problem that vandals make out that it is around here; there are two main ones apart from the Queen and one of them is that of the Prince of Wales who like other European goons always set out to gather up criminal and barely criminal scum from the streets to deploy charity as a means of aiding them financially at the expense of somebody else and in this case myself, then pretend they are rich people who have a lot of power all the time and complain about the state of their secrete societies since the last time I decided to handle that as well, of whom they complain to and will therefore serve this third party adjudicator I have not got an idea. With the Duke of Cambridge however it is about the fact that my relationship with him is rather person i.e. personal friend and ally of the Heir to the Throne means he can take up your work or leadership anytime that he so pleases. The thing with the Prince of Wales however if I must do the full album specifically has more to do with going off to gather all these barely criminal black idiots that he helps to a life with the use of the Princes trust and get to give fame as well at my expense therefore every single day, they all mention things like me the impudent twit that thinks he can interfere with the personal life of the Heir to the Throne and how marrying somebody you do not love is much the same as staying single with an extra liability in your life as well to complicate it but in actual fact what is being avoided is the main issue of what he must do about people carrying out robbery in his name; so all three matters of me deciding what his personal life is, people carrying out robbery in his name and his extra act of marrying his ex mistress are very different matters, none of which he ever takes seriously in anyway. Then there is the part where these black criminal idiots he helps with the Princes trust and to savage my work and earnings everyday was meant to have been my liability as if they are his mates. Everybody who holds public office understands some stupid girl that is mentally ill and has a crush on them and has developed a plan for stalking them as their worst nightmare, he understands going out on the streets to gather them and help them to fame and fortune at my expense as a sign of respect, so now they say what I say and write out in public makes it worse for him but this is not the first occasion; the first related to how he has continued in this path every since he was a young person, years before I was even born into this world Ė the girls that are preserving themselves with a decision not to pay homage to a Queen or bow before one on account they are saving themselves for a King, now he has married his ex mistress as well for good measure and every scum thinks they can address me in anyway they like when they have no respect for men that are younger than they are on account they have his protection and it always tends to have something to do with me as well whenever he does.

For the rest of them there are some issues like the rise in government intention to pilot programmes of surveillance and then also how my actions and deeds causes governments to act in certain ways. Now the excuse for the government is that of terrorism but I personally do not think that surveillance solves terrorism because of some things like the way society is organised and the way it interacts and the way people get themselves into harms way and the way criminals go about crimes, which is what makes surveillance necessary. In the UK for example you might live in a certain neighbourhood and then in a weeks time the government will give a criminal a council flat next door and so surveillance is necessary. In the US the only reason that peoples rights are being taken away by it is because of the fact people are creating their own independent disputes into the whole thing all together. This is where their claim that my actions causes politicians to act in a certain way because I am very disrespectful applies; it is utter rubbish of course since on their part the main issue is their behaviour with respect to allowing bullies to carry on in public until they get used to it but for their Politicians is a matter of thinking there should be no consequences if there is cultural pleasure to be had from getting off their offices to attack people, none of my actions are likely to influence anyway that people behave in these capacity. I say little about it for my part because it is largely their middle class high career insults where people handle others as though they were their children, except that those they handle are grown ups and do not have parents providing for them which therefore means they are in a lot of trouble and the only reason or gain behind it is always their academic filth which is difficult to tolerate as well, hence once the idiots had gotten elected it is time to get on public places and pretend all I own is the carcass and they have suddenly become animals and this of course is something they really believe will carry on in way forever as well. The evidence the society idiots say suggests that my behaviour causes politicians to act in a certain way and I have never said that it does not, however those things are all a matter of those twisted cultures I intend to take over and manage for them at church, so they might have no more excuses as well. Bottom line is that bullying does not create financial problems and unemployment for the victims of it and whatever their excuses, they need to leave me alone and move on. As it stands by the way we are that close to a process where 100% of their lives revolves around my work in a way that I donít want it to i.e. they handle it in copyright infringement and find out it is illegal but to keep up the cash flow crisis they create an alternative of their own which is vandalism; they seem to have no other way of making a living and like to make noise about the royal commission I got from the Queen being their biggest problem when it is the best thing that happened to them as without it I would handle their stupid cities and jobs and parliaments in a situation where they do not even know that I am the person doing so. Where I am supposed to have been scared of the Prince of Wales is the easy bit; I say nothing about it not because I do not know I am supposed to ensure they kill of any chances of having any interests on the left because the Prince of Wales is on the right but because for now I think that Government fame is worth enough to pay for the damages they do here and they can come round and get it too if they want like they always love to make noise they can do anything about it which I say they cannot even if they stood together as a nation for a change in their stupid lives and need to leave me alone and move on.

Now they claim the main issue is that I need to show commitment and its the same old story, you donít know if it is the handling of you and your work without permission or the destruction of it to create cash flow crisis that enables them to catch up and become you or the process of trying to keep it that way you want revenge for but clearly the blacks say your new pioneering stuff is a threat to them because it encourages racism so when you give it up they can bully it out of you everyday as they need it with their wickedness and the whites on the other hand simply think you need to show commitment for 12 years and running and all with your literary empire that they seem to have need of as though it is the air they breathe. Of course I donít have to show any stupid commitment for anything for any reason whatsoever, as I said an economic crisis simply means their money problems deepen and bullying people with that silly culture in order to ensure they work for it and get scared enough to leave it behind so they can have money instead of take a dive takes a turn for the worst and that rubbish hurts of course and will be their undoing because they do not seem to understand taking their insolent bloody minded fame and fortune else where away from my work and anything I own as well, instead of telling me I need to show commitment when I know they need my literary empire like it was the air they breathe. Now I do notice people want to talk about it as a problem and yes I agree with that as well; I mean they do want to talk about the fact they think we have become so liberal as a country we put up with other peoples personal whors and their men and the fame and fortune they seek with us alongside our Political nonsense and financial rubbish? If not, I fail to get the point; I am not supposed to pay any attention to their personal whors, only just a little to the Pop stars that make songs about the evils of it and of course not all my time as such as well hence when they do it with my stuff it is provocative. It is important they move on and get out as they are not supposed to be in here where the culture is not; this is a full expression of what I mean by their third party adjudicators whenever they get on that stupid media to keep their access to my affairs going with complains, which will see me round them up and handle them like meat and like animals as well.

Normal people do not think it is acceptable to open up and keep open peoples valuables and lives for these fools and their culture to do what they like with, when everybody knows they cannot control their behaviour, their spending habits their criminal activities etc and it beggars believe that the idiots are still pushing conversations at me like nothing happened even with respect to royal commission I never got from the Queen which I am always happy to say is so, except that she wanted me to do my stuff to serve her and got me to and I found a way to live off it professionally which has got nothing to do with them. I am saying these things because they continue to look as if they want to escalate something and so I bet that government fame pays and pays very well indeed so I am going to sell all of it extravagantly, as for the culture, from the current angle they complain about that as well Ė fair to say they have access to my life and are preserving it with the accusations and complains. It seems to these guys we do not know what popular culture entertainment comprises of as it were and why you should spend less time with it and even lesser if it is not in your interest; I know I will only annoy myself if I donít comply with that but their Politicians like to groom me for them with a big mouth. They like to make claims of fighting for my civil rights of course which is utter rubbish, the main point of all these is that the diaries are full and revenge will soon become the best way to get around it; all those stupid acceptable forms of liberal racism that can accommodate none whites as well, for 12 years of unemployment and cash flow crisis so you never know which to have revenge for, handling you or your property or products or work or indeed harming you by doing so and of course bragging about it for pleasure, which they like to claim happens because of injustice they have experience and put in perspective means I am older than you and you begin from where my experiences started with a big mouth. Then they claim I bring it on myself whereas whether or not I give them access to my privacy they will need a condition where they can do these things unchallenged until I give up trying to defend myself and therefore give them anything they want due to the pain or they simply make capital from causing me pain, so they will set out to get astute at me and will not do anything unless they second guess what I am up to and tap into the energy, stupid lazy bastards and of course there is that stupid money I can account for and they cannot as well.

Normally when I say something about how it is the laziness that is the main issue I am said to climb down from my position about which I will complain later; not so, fact is that I donít believe things such as Pop music do need to exist, it is always an avoidance of what people are asked to do and a process of avoiding the consequences and losses as well so they can pretend they can do and undo whenever they want. The fact they have less money than their age mates in their minds has got nothing to do with their own laziness of course it has to do with younger people who seem to have everything these days and thereby rob it in their face, so they can get off and cling to me like that in the hope they will mess up my life to a point where I become like them and when asked claim something about how my actions and therefore lack of respect makes political leaders act the way they do which affects them adversely and that of course is supposed to have been their version of young people all over again. I have made myself clear on the matter for my part anyway; media and communist economies is something I cannot stand and so is it impossible to stand the fame freaks, so that when I shoot down both birds I will kill off stupid socialist vandalism in Europe as well. It seems it is all about revenge for the demoting of Japan where they get all their technology in that silly fame freak industry from and like to make out the absence of connections between me and the makers and themselves who are the customers to handle my income all the time Ė little games like that of course where people handle my products when they see the copyright signs on it, then realise it is illegal and I am not very happy but because I do nothing about the disruption and cash shredding they do it again for fun soon after, so that at some point they get so used to it that they create an alternative means of filling the void in their minds that exists as a result of their inability to make riches from handling it and carry on like that forever, little games like that and you rip to pieces entire economies because of course if it is the basis on which their stock market operates I have no idea what they want me to do about the deployment of the derivates and profit margins of my book sales in such ways except be professional at getting my job done and over the idiots that give them the leverage to do these things especially. They speak of Japan demotion of course but not the destruction of my 4th richest economy here either, nor do we hear them speak of the high level of localism there is in China such that it exists as an aggressive form of the American dream where everybody wants to own a warehouse and drive an Aston Martin. What the media wants to report therefore are the wasteful ones and the destructive ones and the lazy ones, knowing they are the reasons behind all that regulation from Government which eventually leads to a process where only those who have connections can make the money. The way it applies of course is that when UK interests are being used by the Japanese for investments due to what the Popular culture idiots here tell them is available and they can make available and so on, then the UK must wait for the Japanese to finish before getting it on, the trouble being that it sets the stage of course as it were for the Japanese to wait for the UK to get it on first whether or not it is UK or Japanese interests, technically. What I am saying is first of all that the three biggest financial systems in the world is located in a country and therefore creates something people consider to be a coincidence, hence if the manufacturing sector is not so strong their behaviour means of course that it needs to be recently. Hence if they find that their minds seem to think about nothing but UK interest these days, it does not necessarily apply that they can deploy it and doing so should lead to results that are least expected too.

They speak of the American threat whereas the issue with that is simply that in the US are British Americans, British migrants there or not of which is irrelevant, point being that of British Americans that you must look after, except of course that the others, the Italian ones and the French ones and the Japanese ones etc are bullies so that when you say something about 90% of what goes on in their stupid heads being British interests is not excuses to make use of it they think they want to find out how far you can go and so you will certainly handle them again. There is no such thing as what I go going on forever, it is more about rebels and their threats especially the black ones, and the fact that when they come around here I will be certain to ensure they do not do that their stuff to me anymore whether or not they get permission from my parents. I have always maintained you should never pay them any attention, just pay the pop stars about less than 1% of it and forget about the rest, because the pattern is the same around the world Ė the will never go along with the law or the way that anything is done and given half the chance will want access to your privacy so that they can never be stopped or there arise an argument that tells them to get lost and if they cannot have it get about being astute and insolent in public to usurp your fame on account of being older than you are. In this case however there is this stuff about how especially the younger ones do nothing with their time but gangs and crime and club life and so on and in no time as filthily as possible want to use somebody elseís life to be rich and famous and so regardless of the difference between me and them we seem to have been living in the same life because they say, their MPs made it so with a big mouth and this is what Imean when I mention Europeans as the most insolent scumbags in the world who think about ruling people all the time, hence we soon hear the beat him up rhetoric which makes me feel happens due to the fact that no matter what comes of anything they will have things and share things that belong to me anyway no matter what and this enables them with the confidence of beating up and hence I need to take steps to ensure when they come round they will certainly never do that their rebel thing ever again, especially the black ones and I donít care if I will have been threatening the existence of other people either, since the fact you can cope with such wickedness and evil is not necessarily prove it is not meant by those who practice them to cause the most amount of harm Ė besides which it is hard to see how any thing exists even a peaceful world since we cannot just decide evil people have no right to exist, when people behave like that on account others can cope with such intense hatred based wickedness and satanic evil. The idea they are confident this is their chance to create an established sense of power and to stop being irresponsible drifters they are but powerful ones in a Country that does nothing about it, on the basis they can see that by their size and mine I can be beaten up, will soon be tested to its limits. As for the media they say they hate me there but not yet because I intend to ensure I am so involved in other peoples businesses that when they boast about things they are the right people for their idiots to talk to in order to extract from society to be rich and famous which rather means my books and earnings, people do not necessarily expect them to deliver when asked to and of course should not expect when they do I will not act either. The last issue on this matter therefore is that of the banks and how they do not provide packages for vulnerable customers, I have no idea why some people feel they need to force them to; I mean the Post office can mop up that custom at any time anyway but for them, we will soon find alternatives and they will crash again bearing in mind they are banks in a system where people cannot get their salaries if they do not have an account or get their benefits or even pay their bills or buy a home if they do not have a bank account but do not know what their business is which of course is a mark of the irresponsibility for people who work for them and give them money as such so they can have a business which is at the heart of the economic crisis itself. Personally, I think that the high level professions should be their customers, since it is clear that those can choose, but however the bank of England should provide services for low paid workers who are technically being supplied by the state and do not actually contribute directly to processes of productivity between businesses therefore it seems that when they work for the banks as well like the others, the bank of England is being hard done by and it is not as if this game cheat so to speak is out of step anyway because quantitative easing should work perfectly except of course that somebody at the banks is taking decisions and it is therefore no longer a matter of demand and supply. By the way I do not think I am disrespectful anyway bearing in mind I am a Christian. Speaking of being a Christian which it is also said I am one of those fools who thinks there are no corruptions in the UK when in actual fact I am somebody that Ministers of Parliament like to take employment away from so they can move into my right hand and be reborn, bearing in mind they are Politically aged idiots that want to get elected into government offices they already know everything about, so they can sit there and do nothing but determine what to do with public funds to please themselves. The issue with it is that people are corrupt as well and while it has nothing to do with me they seem to come up with stories I am in a difficult place and they need to be corrupt as well and take their problems out on the guy that everybody considers to be the person that bears it for everybody and of course it will not do. All together it is in the package, all the way to the things I do to ensure the Politicians age quicker because they set me out as the person they will do things that make no sense to, so that when I react they get into government office and claim to have been insulted which then requires compensation with government funds which is what it is really all about i.e. corruption, their children who like o take me back to the generation gap days where I will be one of those who does civil rights while they get rich to remind me of what I last did to them when their parents pick a fight with me, get beaten and send them over as well which is more than insulting so when I beat them I loose and the fact they became damaged goods while we expect the generation after to be more guarding of their fundamental rights, due to the fact that rubbish about having my life is something they need to be taught is a death threat, to the media where the damaged goods seem to appear everyday for self improvements and to talk so much rubbish to make themselves feel better and the media idiots who think they are the salvation of all as well, which does not change anything. My point is that the corruption is so intense that MPs are still popular when they set a social sensibility which suggests it is okay for people to be unemployed because it is powerful but it is under control never the less, the important thing is that I need to ensure that when they have money it is through the process of being involved with work that is connected with paid employment, which of course should ensure they can impress those their stupid friends less, I need to ensure when I say I donít want to see any of that their stupid culture I can enforce it and of course also ensure when I tell them to do anything they will bloody do it. The more serious version is when the Christian is out on the City hunting and hounding people to ensure it is impossible for them to impress their friends with how much Champagne they can buy and when that happens I will have been in my full elements Ė point of no return and they will really hate it, hence creating a fair sense of what hating me will really be like and we are not talking about taking one look at me and deciding they want to act the older and more deserving people in a condition where they first met me at the age of 21 i.e. 3 years after the state had decided I am their equal facing the same challenges as they do, which of course is why it is so important to them to secure stupid parents co-operation to sort of catch them young, which they have developed into 12 years of cash flow crisis and unemployment therefore as well and thus exists as a process where I am not allowed to get an education or a job until they are in a position where they can dominate me at will Ė hence creating the sense of holding me back with the use of the highest government authority until a whipping stick is ready and I am groomed for it in case I misbehave, about which I misbehave all the time as well due to the fact they are Politically immoral and want more and more and more of treasury money for themselves and thus need a person they like to attack that serves them excuse and that is why I have made it clear the next time they handle me or anything that belongs to me to groom me for anything will I test what metal they are made of and will not stop until somebody is dead as a result of my actions.

I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland