So am I of the impression that the laws of the Country are not repressive towards culture on looking at peopleís perspective of life and death and how the entire National law enforces only the views of the Christian population? Of course not; the law is made to enforce social order on the basis of what people extend towards other people. So an otherwise school of thought is a matter of how much time they spend with stupid Politicians that they pretend will not assess the arguments in laws proposed by others and agree to it if it were the correct thing. In the end if they want to talk about it they can always get the Politicians involved but if not they can always blow off their big mouth about which the advice concerned is that they donít complain as well thereof Ė by that I mean when I am nice to people they are not to copy as well and be nice to people or give me trouble over my own fame like they currently do and if I were to separate myself from them as a society since they already think I and others like me have no right to exist at present, this is what is left Ė remnants of insults that ensure they can use the good parts of my deeds to get rich and abuse me to acquire the bad parts I should have engaged in so as to be rich and powerful for themselves and it continues like that endlessly such that if I say I have lived comfortably with the idea the only relationship they can offer others is a homosexual one they will make out I have lost a bit of myself especially when I tell them the problem is that they want to bully me and love to look for trouble all the time, they tell me I have lost a bit of myself because they are preparing to catch me unawares at such stage of which I will not be ready. So it is the same story that I have mentioned many times; it is either they leave me alone and keep their insults to themselves or realise what they will be complaining about is a case where they had that stupid lives of theirs worked out before they met me because I donít share my niceness with every scum that wants to get in contact with people through whom he or she can be rich and powerful or either necessarily.

Of course it is said I fight for acceptance and of course I am not; reality is that they are a collection of people who feel it is normal to get out of bed and chase an ownership of other peoples jobs and seek out therefore people that will collect it for them which is both fun and funny and it is quite an unusual state of mind too I have to accept. Personally however which I find very deeply offensive as well since it is not clear which places I fight for acceptance these days anyway when they are in such bad shape as a result of my punishments for the destruction of my finances they carry out every day; we donít know if what they are saying is that I fight for acceptance in Europe and I donít know if that is what it means either. It seems an impossible task to ignore them and the idiots especially the girls cannot cease threatening me considering their condition so far which in my view frankly is not hurting badly enough yet as it were. Yes they do say I speak like that because I have personal frustrations which I accept has some validation because the point at which I have lost my temper here is that I made a call to a business partner earlier in the day and did not get a response because they were not on the line but because of that adverts have been running for five hours steadily on the basis on what I have tried to have which has been denied me and a process of exasperating me to sell things and everybody knows there will be nothing left of the job and only God knows what talk we will have when my partner eventually picks up the phone at the other end of the line when everything has been so badly destroyed and it is the sort of nonsense I put up with on a daily basis with that stupid media and the stupid Labour party from which claims come forth that I am fighting for acceptance and their foolish media can therefore run with as well.

I am sure they understand why it is so annoying not least over those foolish insults about how much black women own me and are entitled to a certain portion of all I own and work for which in my view is a matter of the fact they do annoy me yes but not to a point where those stupidities will end in a condition where all they own belongs to the stupid men they dread so much Ė I did it as a teenager and I can understand why they hate my guts now but I bet they want it done again and I am primed Ė so I must admit they do not provoke me to cross that line yet but should state when they finally do there will be no turning back as well with that golliwog mouth we all know is ugly to a fault and we have not heard the part where they are thieves just yet as it were, hence I have attention to shower their stupid children and I am certain they know which kind it is too.

There is nothing serious about it; those who speak of their culture will still not keep the culture away from the Christian who wants them out of his life Ė they think their corruptions of involvement is invincible and they do these things to tease him and make him fight their enemies and solve their problems and I will make an example of them yet since they are currently the best show of the fact these idiots never ever listen to what other people are saying to them. The others who speak of tourism economies never speak of the part where they come to the UK to deploy other peopleís war and peace sensibilities to seek riches from their deviant tourism economies and that they travel here with their male counterparts that are actually seasoned criminals from overseas. The Politicians speak of the will of the people which is actually something that celebrates me as well as I celebrate it and it legitimises my position and talk nonsense about how I cannot make them stay out of my Royal Property since I am required to be accountable when we all know there is no way I am recognise their stupid jobs when they are not professional at doing it and hence cannot stay off my book sales and my bank balance. Apparently where the media fits into the picture is not just the one where I am not aware they are deploying their satellite technology to keep listen in on my phone calls and exasperate me to make advertisement all day long to talk nonsense about how much connections the grime of black society in the UK has with the secret service these days and the fact they have gone places in my life and world I would never approve with that big mouth about which we hear the complains all the time, it is also the fact they offer their media thing to these fools and utter nonsense about the importance of their insolent racism, hence it all comes together and I have had enough at this point as it were. I am not fighting for acceptance which noise making they cannot back up in Europe or in Asia or in the US or in Africa where their idiots have now got real problems and can keep some distance from me for a while as it were and my books are not fighting for acceptance either lest I do their own Ė again.

Of course they do ask why I am so offended about people telling me that I and my books are fighting for acceptance; of which the reality about it is that since I last set everything up I should have been able to recover my money by now after breaking up the Literary empire at blueprints level so I can broker the equity Ė I knew those people I did it with and knew a good percentage will buy the books but what I donít know is how these idiots got involved, what I donít know is what they want, what I donít know is why they are using my services without paying for it and what I donít know is why they are preventing others from buying the books. So after 11 years of financial hardship for no reason they are still here clinging to it to find out how much rights they have on my income which is unprecedented Ė so the last thing they ought to utter is how I and the books are now fighting for acceptance and I bet if the process of dealing with how they got in is to be understood the result will be an oppression of the press. In terms of whether or not I care if people have jobs the story is still as it has always been; when Labour sees peoples work they want every drop of it with a big mouth so they imagine a process where there were less jobs and some person was known to provide anything that makes it easy to bear and then they can ensure the person is overwhelmed and does not have things they donít which gets in their eyes, it has led to where we are today as well since I spent it all on protecting important matters from them and now have none to give because if I have any then the tendency to let it fly is rather high. The Industry ones speak of how they have never seen somebody scoop so much rubbish from peoples business to turn up and make his own business with but of course every time I in order to get them off my equities and book sales create some publicity for them and those stupid communities they maintain for financial industry trouble makers and to alienate rich people from the rest of the population there is always a issue on gangs come to surface in a big way in the neighbourhood that I had done it, so yes we have found out which one is rubbish and shit from peopleís lives several times but it is not enough for them to learn yet that I need to leave my work and property somewhere and return to see it as I left it whether or not such a concept applies to their method of thinking. They do not see these activities to be wrong you see because they are making money from it and that is the problem; especially so for the ones that buy up businesses that used to work with my equities, those do not realise I donít care and that they can buy anything they like yet at least.

The claims I get involved with peoples companies when they donít want me to is one I acknowledge of course but I have no idea why they have continued to think all these years that I want to get involved with them as well anyway either; I mean a financial industry goon will grab my work and deploy it to sweeten a deal and make a million and get 250,000 in bonuses, are we suggesting that is the last we will ever see of him doing that? Did I in any way permit that and did I in any way say that to such an effect I will be willing to give up my entire company because I am scared of them? This is the Queens realm and I can dash anywhere I want and do whatever I like and I suppose they can consider it as a sign of what kinds of financial services operatives industry people and bankers they should be in the real world or can carry on down the path they are at present to talk nonsense in public all the time which does not help in anyway whatsoever. One moment they express their stupid selves by showing me all these things tend to happen to me and to me alone and I am stupid and have no plans to change my ways or ask myself why it does and the next the reasons they are involved with something as directly mutual as property equity brokerage I have and this company has with other companies is completely inexplicable. I donít care what they chose to do, I know I donít want to get around with them and that in my view is an end to it. it was as simple as equity brokerage and record of securities to that effect and selling my books; I didnít even need to create a website let alone deal with a process of being the Christian that writes and sell books in a condition where he has to comply with the need of industry idiots who have a bad history. Everybody can see the websites are running while the books are still being sold and the fans are being found and so I do wish we hear an end to the complains but the question of why people provoke others like that must be answered first.

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