Now we hear that the UK has lost its sense of ambition, whereas we all know that the only Country in the world that has got a grip of the economic crisis is the UK but that the biggest problem it has is that the Politicians want to sell that to the rest of the world in return for some investment and so we hear them talk nonsense like bigger countries that may pose a threat and yet if respect was their case they would be out there making a lot of noise about what their citizens own, rather than turn up here to develop their stupid selves along with their media freaks and supporters by insulting and abusing me. Hence it really puts in perspective all those claims I tap into the future to do what I do but of course we all know my work is so big and so successful it has now been exported to the US and I now have a problem managing men who have daughters that show signs of a need to commit financial industry crimes and the reason such claims annoy me is because we have been at this for years and their lack of respect has become their biggest problem as well, all the way from their populous and popular culture idiots making out some people are meant to fight for civil rights while they get rich and share the money later all the way to a place I found myself having to protect people who saw things my way because there were campaigns run to create a threat to their livelihoods because they were most likely to buy my products on account the idiots want to keep me poor. 

As mentioned on other occasions, it is a held belief of the firm that people do the wicked and evil things they do because they expect those who have what they do not have to spend all their effort and energy looking after ourselves and myself especially as the case applies. For the Industry idiots and their insolent democracy that spends all the trading time of this company on publicity that is completely useless looking for trouble all the time for sport, its not that they will continue to use the products without paying for them or buying the books, its just that they have seen the books and it makes them feel a way they do not wish to feel and so to end a process where they continue to feel that way or there is a chance that they might, they will control my sales and try to get rid of the books and it therefore seems like a good plan for taking control of their stupid lives, looking for trouble all the time and those who have media systems to lend to them having a real problem listening to what others say. The Blacks say it happens because I have not been seen doing anything about racism because they have built a pipeline to wealth under my company on the basis of that and expected me to and since I am being held to account by idiots like those I have a black skin too and there are not enough racist yet; I have written books and put them out there and that is all that matters for of course it is not about racism at all but like their white Counterparts that stupid democracy and freedom that wants a reckoning all the time with plans to have anal sex with my fans in order to keep them as their own secure and stable lifelong girlfriends and to ensure that it will have to make self advancement they cannot unless they wreck my finances and seek to own what I own while I do not have it anymore as well.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Popular claim of how anybody can do what I do if they work at it, what I work at here all the time is a process where they can turn up from nowhere make a mess of peoples lives and open them up then make use of their property for whatever they please no matter what might have been said about the rules or the process by which the work and property exists which sustains it in the first place and it soon degenerates into a power sport. They measure that cup of violence for me like that and complain and I believe I have quite finished with them breaking up my company and setting out the equities in public which they can clearly handle and use for whatever they please and they have failed to do that so I do want them off my books so it does not degenerate into something worse here as well and I therefore have to hurt them seriously Like turning up to make use of it and fighting for a means to do so.

Of course they do claim I make a lot of assumptions about companies and their Politicians do have idiots whose reasons for damaging my work has to do with claims it was their own on account we share a skin colour and they have democracy and freedom to play with and do not need to be afraid of what they can beat up with a big mouth but we all know what really happens is that no matter how rich people are they still think they can like their poorer ones tell lies about cultures I have stolen to cash into my royal equities, cash into my work and stifle it on claims I have lived under the shadow of their large companies and all I do and own is a spoof from it.

Where Global stage of Company Equity Brokerages with Industry and the appearance of Products in public is concerned is simply that of the fact that Media showers and Political support to the effect of institutional and organised and Political supported Gold Digging to that effect is a thing and not the bane of life itself and when people do it, they should expect that get on the temper and it is only normal and reasonable that they expect the consequences as well, as One is a person and not a phenomenon: just like we hear of me speaking of an Empire I have got which does not exist when I am simply drawing a line under certain matters to shut off certain taps for an institution that the Entire world understands belongs to me and there is no other word thereof in the dictionary for such property whether or not I am selling the Books and Products.

I hear it said I am suffering heart disease and it is a warning everybody ought to note no idea myself why it would be a warning when I am happy to drive myself to heart disease with my Christian activities since it is what I love to do. The reality however remains the same i.e. my company always has a different description that is forced to stick to the minds of the public as does my book every single day because of their media and their obsession with me and with it and the politicians say when they do these things or those kinds of things they are expressing themselves and that it is a civil right but I have no idea how I must explain it either I mean we hear all the time I will get into trouble with terrorists but of course the reality is that I am not the one provoking terrorists like they do, its a matter of thinking sex is something private but a collection of younger people extract it from you all the time but each and every time that you want to make them do that 24/7 every single day while you supervise the community men who sleep with Whors come to their aid with cars they can drive by you as insultingly as possible large trucks that can be used to intimidate you and even public transport and so on because they think when they are finished they will go home soundly and nothing will happen which has never actually worked out that way but of course the politicians say they are expressing themselves and that it is a civil right a civil rights they cannot express within their own rights and their own lives and leave other people alone as it were. We all know it is the same story in which their ambition in life is to be rich and that ambition is based on what they see and what they see is a function of what somebody else owns and they must always have a plan to open a way through you to the next millionaire in order to please him and get some of his money so it is either some civil rights person who is being betrayed, some hate figure for rich people concerning whom they can always get rewarded if they attack and harm being created and used, some Christian they cannot beat whose personal life they want to be a part of so they can make him rich enemies and sell him out to get rich such as myself and the list goes on and on and on and the Politicians say they are expressing themselves but will not stand and have the conversation when it is put to them either. The one that beats me all together involved their girls of course, since those ones always have ideas as such about how they are posh and need to be seen as a matter of competition with me, as people who have lots of choices and do not end up doing things that are personal to them which other people make use of and they have no choice about it so I end up with rumours and stories around me that it is what I am which has grown way beyond proportion and they end up with bragging and Politicians end up with claims they are expressing themselves and media ends up with a different story about my books and my company which has nothing to do with its products and services killing off everything else about it that really matters every single day; this is where the trouble starts because when I have Indian friends and allies for example, the Indian ones will have ideas about how I am the guy whose penis gets used and we all know where that leads but it is the blacks and want nothing to do with who get an opinion in bearing in mind I am black and Indians are making use of it and their opinion is therefore required as it were and I am not saying they do not have a valid reason for their hate Politicians say they are expressing themselves so that two fact emerge and one of those being when they speak of those they must force into Political activity they have started again and will wail again as it were and when they think they are supposed to get done with that and turn up to get a top job because I need to exercise a democratic right, then they are wrong. These idiots must always be rich, it is the only ambition they have and I am sure all fools with an opinion around my concerns will have taken note of that whether or not I am going down with heart failure.

These are the milder things I do about stubbornness around my office and my public work and the black ones as a matter of specificity will get physically hurt as it were. The principle for all of them have always been as simple, as simple as keeping their concerns and business outside of mine and their media away from my Company. Of course they have found a different explanation for what they hate but those changes still mean this state of affairs have not been altered due to a state of physical contact. So I am obviously still the overlord of heart disease. I do hear it when they say Politicians feel like hurting me all the time and I can understand that too but it does not make any sense to me in any way since it will only lead to more of a case where I take away from them the gloss that being an MP gives to what people think about them; at the end of the day they continue to pay these games where morality at Public office is left to the system while they do whatever they like and assume that being committed to violence and turning up to talk rubbish which insults me in such ways will eventually become the answer to everything and of course we know there is always an excuse and when I act and they have to spend more time with what their concerns really are to avoid over work it switches onto the process of setting vultures after me which only leads to more provocation when I remind them they have government and civil service and media but I still get to beat them all the time and that if they lose the media to turn up and prove they think the Lion can no longer catch his hunt and needs to be finished off for the vultures, there will be huge surprises in store as well. Ultimately of which it eventually comes down to the fact they continue to assume Public office is a walk in the park and that it is okay to shoot off insults at me all the time. I do not believe the matter in itself to be a crisis either; except for black Politicians that simply are very, very, stubborn and you want to ensure never get anywhere near public office around you so the power games you like to play with them stubbornly as well which is increasingly developing into pure attrition does not become a more serious matter the really educated insults that does nothing for anybody at the end of the day all the time, day after day year after year and then a follow on need to get after my penis and anus until I am homosexual and then talk nonsense all over the place about what they cannot back up because they think they know me. People always largely think Politicians are horrible but of course when you meet them in person they are the nicest people in the whole world. I am never actually rude myself, its just that people continue to assume I can never protect my equities i.e. your equities have just been deployed on the exhibition of a 50 billion pound diamond encrusted vase, so what are you going to do now, for example; so when I ask them if what they really want is to make the world a utopia, they start to mumble their expectations being exceeded and that is where I have them as well. its of course a world where only perfection will do as it were and if people want imperfections they can read what I write on my websites and read the facts of my books and around here that is where it ends; I hear they speak of competition which filth and vandalism is why I will it seems hurt black people seriously since it is what wrecks my finances too as it were but overall there is nothing to fear from competition only their constant statements of it in public creates problems for the equities all together, otherwise unless they are able to give equity and match it and withdraw it and give another if it is flawed, which if they were able to would have placed them in a place where hand work proficiency is more important than competition especially where they do not belong and I would have had nothing to worry about still anyway; in the end it is where they fit into the picture does the world need perfection? This is the question and I personally do wonder what else it is people think all these wars are really all about.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland