They do claim that I was a character that knew much about how to tackle public problems but did nothing about it and it is utter nonsense as it is a matter of my work and social status to do something about public problems. What we are facing is to do with insults and abuses that have clouded the actual work that I am doing – it will show up to raise the point that there was an issue with its civil rights, which then goes all the way to the top authorities at my expense but once a response had been set out, it was off on another angle making the most of its need for servitude by running people down to get what it wants and spending money on the most prestigious and expensive products to be part of the PR, if the broadcasting community was unable to control its stupid staff, not necessarily the band image of the company that sold it, for the sole purpose of attacking people to get what it wants every time that it needed to. The question then becomes one of whether the way that its civil rights complains created a panic at the top Governmental offices was not a serious matter at all. They do get off claiming that it was vengeance on their part for the way that the authorities push pressure towards them in a way that causes them a lot of stress but we know what started it was that the authorities were fewer than they were, whenever they wanted to attack others to get what they wanted, instead of working a career. So the idea here becomes one which suggests I was comfortable with a  sense that two irresponsible people on either side was a good idea which I am not and that was never the problem here; the problem is that public authorities applicable have gone on to work on the so called civil rights issues, in a way which provided reprieve for the people that a bunch of abusive individuals loved to dominate. We are talking about two scenarios; one is such that some women had an opportunity to get a job twice in their whole lives and are always being watched by society gits who enforced that disposition – they may have spent one opportunity as most often do, to survive, while the other was taken away by the recession but apparently the facts about the way the remaining opportunity was taken away, does not concern the society people. On the other hand there are a bunch of people who spent their youth being tough and each time they were out somewhere giving people self improvement plan B speeches, to create a crowd of poor people, haulage workers and public transport operatives that could not stop abusing people to get what they wanted, a group of goons from city centre boardrooms would spend money on it over the idea that the last time one of their subordinates claimed that you had taken up work that was too much for you, you resisted any opportunity they had to make already wealthy companies wealthier on the market you built, in my case, this applies to my Bookshop, each time I assessed the situation, the question was whether I could fight the poor and win, of which the answer was in the affirmative but then again was the other question on whether fighting the poor really was the problem that I faced, so it needed to stop getting on my nerves. The point of these gimmicks apparently was to show that having in the grand scheme of government working to boost job market takings and bring about economic recovery, I had assisted a bunch of people that most people loved to bully as a community, therefore failed to understand that the need of the many outweighed that of the few, to which effect here is that they have been playing up the practice jokes to such an extent that they were creating artificial structural unemployment, hence an opportunity to embark on an experiment of my own, which will allow me to assess if such nonsense really was the way that anything worked. They do also claim I suggest I can fight the poor and win which I cannot and it’s the big mouth, so far having I learned from them a ‘fuck that, I need more’ gimmick from their relentless insults being targeted at me, they have not yet shown how they intend to prevent me from getting away with it, without escalating the situation. For boasting purposes, those who stop me from attacking them would likely deny having witnessed the idiots build the communities specifically to target me and order my steps, whilst they have not yet informed me how they planned to keep their practical jokes on my Books and earnings, whilst preventing me from getting away with the vengeance. On the matter in focus, they expect me to serve communities of abusive people if I wanted to show I was working on public problems and that is not how anything worked either - normal people would think I have touched on the facts here as pertaining to idiots with Media jobs running off well dressed hoodlum gimmicks on my income margins for the 6 years leading up to the current crisis, where I am done working on a Bookshop but when I step outside of my door to buy my daily supplies, public transport idiots spend the premises publicity thus Clients were unable to engage, what they did with it involving a process of helping an idiot with money place some famous fools on my earning margins.

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