They claim it was largely a matter of never facing the fact I was being dominated by other people, which is utter nonsense as I am not – if we brushed under the carpet, their need to show up at the Monarchy and corrupt my work by getting me tangled up with other families, especially if people there were bigger than I am, then hang about on Media stirring up threats, for an environment where work that affected government was being passed down from person to person in the families involved, the question that will not have been answered still would be one of what their stupidities were really looking for exactly, whenever they showed up to seek out greater authorities by which I will be forced to make exceptions or comply with their needs. In my personal opinion, they were always free to pick up their own sense that they could run the country on their own without appropriate legitimacy and pick up something to do with a sense of urgency and on a schedule, so that they got to tell me if their bottom was as good as it was when their gimmicks first began and then I would have to pursue my career all the way to the sex Industry. The idea is that Americans were the cause of it but I thought Americans were sacred whilst what really happens is that the abuses and insults created instances where I may have ended up with a state of mind which suggested that for everything I did, I needed to think about American interests, which is in itself scary, if I had ended up with one such, I needed to get out of it which I have but they clearly were seeking the circumstances and I am now in a position where a degree of fooling around, so intense that it got me dropping out of University, about which they made their feelings known to Politicians and got to keep their salaries, as a matter of thinking about what people who invent such fooling around with end up as, in a condition where it seems Politicians have been unable to see the custom communities built up to target me and make me deploy my career for their interests abusively because they have passed it off as their civil right – there are Americans who have picked it up as a tool for economic abuse, about which it would not be such a difficult task to back track the reasons and social matters that facilitated it and ensure it stopped painfully, it does appear that the economic abuses will not stop until then.

I am told I was immune to these matters naturally and I still am, it is all a problem which had arisen because Celebrities thought my personal life and social life personal space was too good to lose, however which before there was prospect of losing it, they pushed the statement I was a low life that wanted to rub shoulders with them and criminals were better of a social standing than I am, to a point where they damaged my career – all together 12 years during which time I dropped out of University and now an intolerable 6 years added from a need to maintain access if I liked it or not. It never stopped boasting about making my existence incredibly difficult, if there had been no instance where their family had to deal with the fact that it deployed it 90,000 job to tackle an Arch Prince everyday and eventually lost it with a face on the National Media to show as well. I have no idea why it never takes me seriously when I threaten to burn the show business, I think they should lest I got away with it thereof. I could never understand why they were always happy to be such a bunch of well dressed hoodlums and the other fools at the secret security services, happy to share the way I stood up for myself with the enemy, claim it is the way that society gits stood up for themselves and get around with Politicians who suggested I needed to do something that got me into trouble with the Law to keep my career, then turn up here fighting those enemies to lay claims of ownership to my possessions, what I do know as a matter of certainty is that it was a Scorpio with a big mouth, never stopped reading my Birth signs and continues to assume that it knew me well enough as such. it eventually builds up to these matters I needed to answer as to whether I was foe or friend in the Political system, about which my position does not require such matters to be cleared up as the only way to respond when people tackled me for power reasons, was to ensure the power ended up in the hands of correct authorities, considering that I did not have the skill to say that I could get out of bed and go to an Office where my professional work involved running the country on a day to day basis, even if I knew how it worked and how to get about doing it.

On the matter of my own family however, my career looked good naturally, it was a simple process of developing creative equity to broker with Clients and sell Books I had written at a Bookshop I established. Now people do not think it is what I did anymore because these fools obvious decided what people thought, lip flapping that they would have sorted this matter if they were able to identify me as a threat to famous idiots much earlier, of which what they are talking about, meant instances where I was much younger and there were no conditions in which they could say they had something I did not and for people to be part of what they had, I had to make sacrifices, hence with a state of mind that was not thrilled that Celebrities existed and would not miss them if they did not, there is greater probability that this nonsense would have stopped painfully, quickly and people would have moved on after. I mean all is well as in I got caught up with them because companies put up a deal for me i.e. they picked up my assets to make some products and said that the processes were kept in a vault as Trust, I was then required to assist on a problem where they did not wish to be manufacturing companies whose activities were linked to racial extremism and various other matters, including whatever it is that was left of world war two – this meant I ended up having done so, in a condition where I was squeezing balloons on tribalism, with people complaining I did nothing whilst a bunch of gits picked up my concerns to take out 6 figure salaries in other peoples companies and it is the process of running my finances on a low key to get it done, sorting out the wealth and social inequality matters at Industry whilst I was, which has now left me at the mercy of famous idiots, strangely: living on social security because of them still allowed me to get it done as in if they were running peoples lives with the social activities of criminals, to arrive at a point where their civil engagements and therefore associated rights were affected and it was all another person’s fault, I was on the ground when it happened, but to stitch my finances together again, I have given it an exit, it needs to make its comments about its career and finances that I did not get to damage too and fool around somewhere else.

I. Uno I

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