Eventually I do get told I never express my feelings upfront, but I have always been told that by my Motherís side of the Family anyway, fail to see why it is so important when they never listen. Itís all Lesbians chasing women they can fuck and the stupid men in their world talking about me and my Mother all the time. So the Lesbians have a need to cause moral people a lot of suffering such that the whole premise of a Man who lives like a Woman and can therefore be chased about and used as street light to find lovers might be possible and that means they generally have no respect for anything that matters to me like we know each other and live in the same existence, while the Male ones are the gays who would rather bully you into homosexuality than get involved with your concerns a plan in mind to go along with the rules. They are very stupid people, but the problem is that they are so full of themselves they always feel like needing peoples help and then telling the same persons how to exist all the time. They do not like those who for some reason refuse to get about painting the Town red as such but when people do paint the Town red, they show up to rip lives apart at random claiming to be feminists and Lesbians - in my case I do not paint any Towns any Colour if I can create the atmosphere without actually having sex with anybody, which means I win all round and they get to do it anyway. Then there are the media ones whereby lesbians are chasing them and they can secure cover by getting involved with my concerns, which product is that they are the same who make up reasons by which they rip up my career and end up writing their own Books in its place all together, suppose itís to teach me how to write Books all together; it will then develop to that stage where they are pregnant and the whole gestation period will be spent on apologies that make no sense whatsoever, the Birth will take place and the process will begin all over again, this time with a young person involved. I do not think that it is a problem itís their need to control others that leads to the friction; what happens when people want to be homosexuals for instance is to chase a certain lifestyle and when it is done they will have reached a point where they have to make such a deal in order to survive and exist and then they will be homosexual Ė people who want to be homosexual do not show up at Church throughout their teenage years and find that they are able to separate their career from gangs and crime at 17 and are also able to teach other people how to do it as well but we can see that they caught me at 25 and have since embarked on a really stupid global campaign of bullying that will groom me into homosexuality rather than make use of my work by going along with the rules if they do not wish to be homosexual. Then we hear them say this way of never being upfront about people is not a good thing for the world as a whole but this is only the tip of the iceberg Ė we all know there is no real reason for people who are concerned about extremism to end up being killed by it all together but that is usually what they achieve in order to create streets lights they can chase queer lovers with, hence no point being upfront, I was not aware it was important and even if it was they never listen; what happens is that people are either stuck with society goons or they are stuck with community croons or stuck with the both of them or stuck with the Gays and there is really no reason to handle people whom you donít fancy right down to the way they speak in that way except it is your ow version of extremist superiority as well and they do say my outlook brings about Gender inequality which is utter nonsense; this is me being upfront i.e. that part where I dropped out of University was Lesbian having a go at man stuff apparently and when I ask them to move on cling to more of my work and any means by which to hurt me and issue threats with that big mouth Ė so it does become obvious that once they are convinced that I have no way of putting them in difficult situations and intense pain and serious misery too, they will do anything they liked and no rules applies. It knows it does not like Men, it will rip up your finances by means of involvement and get involved with you for the sake of it playing those stupid games all the time. The Career losses which are a factor of my actions being entirely justified in my view. We hear I am the biggest beneficiary of the Trump Administration of course whereas itís all a milder version of what I was prepared to do should Hilary have taken up Residence at the White House - itís a different world from that of all powerful gays and hippies of the last two decades doing and undoing with peopleís health and money and quality of life with popularity and celebrity culture all the time; the same stupidities we see their Industry goons exhibit whereby nothing is done unless there is creation of inequality of possession which has not been called for at peopleís expense.

The story of being dominated by the common people who do not want to relinquish such a sweet position is utter nonsense; I have not been dominated by any Ė half the time itís the usual processes of media bullying Royalty, the other half the time they want to make something of it beyond that and draw attention to the left hand side for good or bad and I am actually not interested in their plight as they have been spending time wrecking everything here to develop crowds that will fancy narcissist happiness which will bring sales and are past their dreams and aspirations too because of me Ė the difference is that when they are past it too, they are past-it on media so I do not actually have to do the same things they do. They say there is an issue where the Monarchy is turning on me which has no basis on reality; what does is that the bother the Monarchy with their media so often that it tends to look as though I would do well with the power stuff and so HM gave some and we have now ended up with a situation where if they ask about me they get told I am alright, ask again and the Monarch will say I am the worst of them all and then they are stuck between a rock and a hard case and itís not the poorer people that are caught up in the madness where cracked up out of people league characters will not spend time on their trade and celebrities and popularity culture and money madness and fashion if they can bug others instead, that will end up doing the violent stuff.

They say that my activities work as some form of life plagiarism for Men but its utter rubbish; the reality is that of a case where they are British and I am too but the benefits of being British is something they really love to damage since last being a woman means being such a bloody idiot, except they do not damage their own. Then we hear that I have become this person people love to abuse and insult and jeer at from a distance which I have not become at all even though I identify they have bene busy with the vandalism and then calling of crowds that can have a go at the persons they abuse without recompense Ė apparently it makes them friends and builds a customer base while the male ones claim I do not recognise the power of professional bodied while in actual fact they do not recognise the reasons that ethics exist. Instead they will float shares in a company and get investment money in a way that ensures a Business is used to hurt others, talking nonsense about how people have money they do not wish to spend; reality of it being that those who have a lot of money have not been spending theirs while those who do not have been spending, so if those who have been spending have a certain money they have refused to spend ethics which says when it is not within acceptable boundaries it is uncivil and incorrect should prevent people from floating investments in ways that will fucking force them to spend it when those who float such investments are not facing bankruptcy. In the end bankruptcy or not, the reality is that it is all about going to somebody to provide them a service for payment and they have not a foggiest clue what they are doing and how to ensure the person needs that service and has the money to pay for it but will not let alone those who can like some disease making people sick the whole time - even now as I say it, I would have said something that idiots can put to their names on Public media and celebrity culture to seal their supposed superiority by and it will not take me seriously because its gimmicks it thinks has become a part of my life unless my actions are physical.

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