There is this talk of how my actions create inequality and a problem of unemployment alongside with me handling other people’s history and culture the whole time especially from the Euro-zone and it is utter nonsense; I mean they are interested in employment but spend their time doing nothing else apart from creating queues where people stand in line because they need money, destroying some peoples wealth in order to create wealth – an unimaginable degree of greed where somebody wants a part of town to be seen as his trading turf for example, which soon progresses to a stage where there is this Country he owns that you can never own as well because you are not White and then that would mean your bottom hurts all the time and you can never get anything done, leaving us all wondering how that shows they are interested in employment. I mean the cost of showing that you are not running a business under the canopies of their business empires which entitles them to your income and profit is out of this world and that money could better have been spent on some other more useful way of getting services from those who are offering it which is how employment is created. I for instance have made it so simple as a case where people should show up around my concerns only if they want a Book but what we see is throngs of people show up to play with me, people whom politicians in the Euro-zone have asked to behave in such ways, which is why they are always blabbing about inequality I have created, knowing perfectly it can easily end with me making sure their idiots are not playing with me anymore while they do not get to sit around watching the income margins of my Royal Estate for me like they are doing at the moment – the part where I find some excuse for their activities but my bank account balance tells me I am lying and that I know exactly what they are doing but we all know they prefer blabbing nonsense about controlling me of which the truth is that they control nothing; they are fucked having not been working on those business empires that get to their heads for too long, need my Books and need my leadership and have no civil mannerism by which to acquire it, have no civil way of acquiring it and we all know it could easily end very badly too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland