It’s the same old story; either way violent people are bad people and you are one of them, the difference being that you think your violence brings about a good outcome but we just want to see you in pain anyway. Then I will ask them why they are here and they will say it is to gain from my work without having any sense of regard for me and have my books without buying them; ah ha, there we are. Of course I am a threat to their civil rights and will never cease to be unless they get off my property. The part about how my sexual habits brought it all on is just as well for the sexual habits are there so they can wreck my finances and hold me around me to simulate the wife I did not marry and then have sex with it; it comes to a point where you advise them never to take you for those who are or have become too lazy to have their revenge but it never goes away, for of course other things soon follows the fucking wife I never married part since I was never married anyway and cannot do anything about it and of course by which time there are too many things to be concerned with so that nothing might be done about the crimes. Now I am aware too there are questions about leaving my own royal privileges and turning out to get around with ordinary people and attack them thereof all the time but the reality is of course that I attack no body and because they have media have no sense of when it is night time or work time or reading time or resting time for me either, will never buy the books and have started hurting me to get rich, even on social media as well – like the old story about socialists and how their existence means I can never ever feel good at any point in time whatsoever and they always say it is about how I have handled their culture and how they will never stop until I am dead for it, so I might want to sell up that stupid culture as well, which will then have created a condition where they can never ever feel good too, however mentioning that I intend to whether or not I actually get down to it always has the desired effect anyway for now. What I do is very different from who I am; I mean I may write all my books about facts about me but at the end of the day it is about selling up other people’s lives since it is not just something you learn from working for money if you need it, it is also something you learn from Church as it were, hence the reason you need to know it, push some gospel out and make space for it to stay or you can never breathe. Hence the larger outlook is that they hurt me all the time because it is vital they have a smile on their faces while attending to their various city indulges in order to get rich and I need my own smiles as well to run my company and do my public work and sell my books and I do mention my books are about exploits and I do make it obvious the books are written entirely on the premise of sardonic humour; hence I know why they hate me so much , it hurts that’s why, but I have always known that I would anyway – villainy villainy.

I. Uno I

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