The claim I find out about problems associated with doing business, then presume that when I write them into Books people are going to buy is simply a problem stemming from popular culture entrepreneurs and their largely purposeless vagabond insults that are further made better by their stupid women who think they can take advantage of other people’s personal lives and relationships and then earnings as well,  which is very abusive towards what happens to be my talents, by those who get rich from it without permission or get rich without any work to show for the money, then tell me to get out of and detach myself from my own sense of imagination because it has become theirs as well or try to forcefully make it happen. I do not have the problem of racism and discrimination to worry about because I am A Royal Prince. Reasons to buy books from Tunnel Light Books and Holdings is simple. To settle the understanding and freedom in the sense that the world is free and open to all, sinners, and saints alike, especially with respect to doing business, it is a free world where people can do as they please quite alright. This had by the way always been the matter all along, especially for those for whom certain things like a change of attitude is too late since they have found ways to acquiring financial security without doing so: I do not condone their involvement in business as business is entirely based on human relations, thus the only way they will successfully carry out an operation is if they are using somebody else's Human relations which they can only do if Politicians help them to it as blackmail, covered up with either perversions of society or lies about being disciplinarians. They always should find ways of getting into employment in somebody else's Business or go into Politics not Enterprise or Business activity and this is a view I always tend to enforce if pricked. A typical example is the publicity people create in these nature "designers say they are bringing these things to us but somebody else is responsible" for publicity’s sake-which has its place and category in case it might become relevant. Bearing in mind that when people stifle my products and sales in order to become me by using my work and intellectual property to make what they later become, as though the world revolves around them or that consuming an entire human being in such ways can never be too much for them in their view, it is always their arrangements with respect to their version of the truth especially that which runs along the lines of what I do not know need not be told me lest it hurts me or causes me to act to change their fortunes bearing in mind it is based on living in my life while harming me, with regards to matters of ownership and copyright protection, that causes me to lose all senses of tolerance. I am not worried about selling intellectual properties, securities, and equity, so why should you be afraid of buying my books? If we imagine for a moment that somebody denied that trends which is largely what luxury good are all about, was something they have always come up with, if I gave it to them, they would simply use it as a means of hurting me and winding me up all the time to control my feelings because they already envisage more, and their view of the world is crude and uncivilised. We all know luxury goods are things that change all the time and people follow them because they do and I am referring specifically to designers who have worked or have work to do with me broking my equities, not any fashion self-seeking destructive fool who might as well know I have had enough of them and a decade so far of doing those things they do is a long time to say so with. They always tell me those women I speak of which I claim to be affiliated to in some way in know nothing about me and my many self-seeking assumptions. When done, then they try to tell me or get me to fill in my gaps of information about the media and what they are getting up to and why they do the lucrative and at the same time destructive things that they do. The fact about it of which is that these women do not require, expect or want me to put myself in any kind of danger because it is irresponsible i.e. it is heart breaking and heartbroken people cannot do their Jobs on a daily basis, however on the other hand, everybody else have no intentions of selling their wares and things unless they are earning my income, which I have to look into in order to have a career and to earn from it. How making this fact obvious will help their cause or such causes as gaps of information that will help them understand why Media do the things they do, even when a large proportion of them work in it, is not however entirely clear to me, bearing in mind I can always break their heart to create news for them and they will always report it too because they are silly anyway, bearing in mind also they have difficulty locating the difference between the lives of women who can be famous etc and the life of a man who must ensure they do not continue to strip his business to sell their wares to earn his income before they do their Jobs, in order to have his career and keep his job going and of course also that this is meant to be means to getting involved in another person’s concern so they can find out information on what is bothering them whenever they want to. The level of distraction and vandalism referred to here is that which can only be matched by a process of taking steps to ensure that the deal of getting close to culture to figure out exact nature of problems and dole out justice by making sure those who have none of it have enough to mop up every single aspect of their lives, involves difficult, hard and add-on work. Obviously against these kinds of things people have their method of getting by it will however no longer be sufficient around this Firm's Global Intellectual Space and Global Intellectual Property Space, no matter what nature the Media means assumes or what Authority the Political one possesses or even subsumes. There is in actual fact no reason or excuse as to why I should put up, anywhere, especially on media, with and or pay by loss or earnings or property for the fact that somebody does not have a legitimate business but set up one anyway (which of course is the reason they run into trouble with Political system at home and overseas) and even when I write my books get to think that they ought to be able to use it to dominate the world and the fact that they cannot use it for the globalisation of their money contraptions is again a liability of mine. Naturally, it is not actually a matter of grave concern what The Company Property Equities are being used and especially by female idiots for all over the world, since One does understand what he does not have and how to make play time rewarding and educating for him as well.

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