Now it is never really true that what I say is an opinion; that is utter nonsense Ė its like the old story of peoples government stimulus the benefits of which I will be excluded which I donít mind provided they stay off my literary empire that I broke up and deployed the equities the customers and fans and everybody else had with Companies to secure products and services that were right for them, in return of which they did some advertisement and a certain aspect involved the part I played to create the product leaving me publicity to sell books and earn a living with, provided they fail to turn up here to break up my finances into choices and decide which ones I should forsake with that stupid media and that stupid Politics. As I mentioned before, it is their stupid children that got a royal estate and failed to pass their first degree, their stupid children that cannot get a job unless they have a hate figure and the same applies to getting an education.

I understand they say it is all about getting me outside so they can feel at home but it has never been a new thing that the way I am just stirs them to react and handle me but then we will see them turn up in my life and right through to my personal life and then make publicity of it in order to protect their stupid evil alternative lifestyles and continue to chase people to whatever end to commit wickedness against people, which is the time that the lies these alternative lifestyles afford them helps them to do without reason and without purpose only the claim that their needs are everything compared to the existence of others and what is not actually their own. It is the same old story that means they turn up here to damage things in order to allow for a process where the best are damaged and idiots turn out to count pennies until they make millions which the fathers will find respectful as it does not challenge their cultural disposition which would be challenged anyway if they thought the same idiots had a personal life they wanted to play with and show off in public all the time for so doing. It is the same story by which my existence makes them feel like they want to react, then they turn up and live around me all the time seeking my income for an existence so that they might react.

I do not think it a major problem either, the reality is that I am a Christian and we have been there before i.e. the Christian does not care about my Bentley because it is what the Bible teaches but what if the Christian did, would that not have meant my Bentley is so special it is more important than God which I then need acknowledged like some kind of daily fix with a big mouth Ė this is not the only thing you might hate about them; there are several others, one such is a process where somebody might run across the road and then you might run across as well on account he did and he decides to do something to use your own to solve social problems as well which indicates that although he takes permission from you to copy how you dress which is the beginning of his route to fame and fortune for example, when you know you cannot dress differently or it will get you into trouble with other areas of society you donít belong for example and hence donít even understand why people pay attention to how you dress, it applies that another person cannot take advantage of something he started such as cross the road without getting into trouble and this is an example of the reasons you might hate them intensely.

They say what I say are all opinions of course but they are not, they are all me leading them in a primary way, unless they would say they make laws with power which is something they donít have. What I say is not an opinion in anyway, the fact they insult people until they can challenge their authority does not make them any less leaders and by the way the idiots are always here, whilst others that are need the support and everything else they are here for other reasons that are not good with that big mouth, then we hear talk that I get angry when I am teased by members of the royal family when we all know neither they nor I can say or do anything without a very intimate part of my body being affected by them handling it and so the office of the Queen was the safe place to hide from me as well since Parliament was not good enough and that stupid back stage media had completely failed. The reality is that these things I do to them are things that I now broker as property with large manufacturing Industries i.e. ensure they are never my equals in wisdom and in knowledge and in experience of anything they might be interested in, ensure at all times that they start something that I take advantage of and use to ruins and ensure their insults are always paid for, since these behaviours are things I learned from them and are things they deploy to terrorise industries where people for example might create things that run on four wheels and cost the consumer a £250, 000 to a million pounds and more; so this idea of me talking opinion is a load of rubbish and will never come to materialisation. Nobody likes them half as much as they suppose people do and those stupid threats I have had enough of and am really fed up with as well Ė the reality is that they think they are up there but they are no one, they are nothing.Its the same as the reasons these things happen; they say it is because I a nobody see myself as their leader but in actual fact it is the destruction of my work and finances to make me a nobody that causes me to ensure I deserve their bullying all the time by making sure they can never be free of me; some people always say they can have the left hand side instead and move on and that will never be me, moving on will have to be a person decision and they will need to stay away from me and all my concerns to make it possible. They would say I bring it on myself but everybody knows the need to get some man that is bigger than I am to beat me up on account my existence provokes them is immeasurable and it is for that reason I have created them this world without rules and it means they are always snooping around back stage parliament and back stage media and back stage Politics and now HM The Queens office they say authorises the stupid things they do to ensure they cannot move unless they handle my private parts Ė apparently when they have men around whom they can feel powerful they want rules after that. As I sad, nobody likes them half as much as that noise they make about it all the time, nobody whatsoever. The ultimate aim of my activities is of course to ensure that media and Politicians and civil rights idiots and royalty hate my guts intensely because I cannot seem to sell my books without interference from them and I starting from The White House as well and the yapping after what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough is going to make it better as it were too; the part where it means when I make enemies of them they will grab the market is what makes it all worthwhile of course because it means they can now grab the market and the whole purpose of making sure they hate me does not pay off. This is never a new issue; they will turn up and make your living a misery on account they have problems and then when you write books to deal with it you cannot get back to academic work anymore and now they want to ensure it is never sold if you refuse to play with them and get on media to ensure that is an absolute 100% occurrence, then we hear about secret service spying as well and they are in that too and it continues until some idiots from media spy on you as well and continue to make profit from abusing you and all because they want to play around with you, so the end product therefore is that some silly Christian thinks he can make a living when he does not know how to have fun and they have marked out it and will take it down and use it for a plaything because they must have what they should have gotten from his life anyway and then when I do mention such things it turns out that is the point at which some foolish girl will sit down and make a break in her stupid life which brings the meaning of the whole issue into play i.e. I am stuck somewhere surrounded by idiots and their girls and they have located this thing they will never give up which will answer all their prayers and problems in life i.e. me stuck somewhere working hard while thinking I am going anywhere so they can use it to make money. So making sure they all hate my guts since touching the penis of their president for the American ones for example would have been the only thing that would cause me to think about some justification of meaningfulness for it but since they donít, my position on the matter is absolute and loosing the market for my products in hell like that story of disvirgining all I do and now they cannot talk so much nonsense anymore because I disvirgined that stupid culture as well of which they will now get it back in hell too anyway and then I will sell the books without interference from them, is not such an extreme way of dealing with the issue. I am not saying these things to make myself look impressive either, they understand there are many reasons they hate my guts so much and those have to do with little things I do so that I am never influenced whenever I set eyes on them in the direction of fear i.e. I am the Christian on benefits that will not sell myself as male prostitute to earn money and pay my bills and they are the idiots that want to drive cars around fingering peoples bums at random because they donít want to make money in a moral way Ė this drives them mad of course so they can talk even more nonsense of how they will one day get hold me down and feed me full with those books I need to sell at the end of which they will kill me and that is what I will do to them with respect to making money in a moral way at the end of which I will kill them and police helicopters will hover around as well. Nothing infuriates me like the suggestion these idiots will gain from me if it kicks off and they die and that is why I have found out that making sure that happens tends to put a distance between me and them which the media likes to breach and it is for this reason that anybody who is responsible for giving people things I have denied them because it is a yardstick for attacking me those things I had denied them even as a feeling for such purposes, must be afraid of me and yes we have reached a point where they now wail about a need for rules and it has started being funny as well. Some people might say it is extreme of course but it will be easy to see that the fact dwarf my actions i.e. when you note how much female journalists now practice these days how they will plead for their lives and so on while these things are done by the male ones with above mentioned plans with their boys and girls and women, then you realise that not even a process of owing them nothing after you ensure that they cannot get a self resolution of their culture out of you in anyway even if they were preparing for death of one kind or another is extreme. So of course this is not me being taken over, this is just one of the three areas in which my daily concerns are broken into i.e. the Company Literary Empire Book factory Ė the other is the Royal Estate and the other is a real work career and job for the sake of it.

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