They say I refuse to accept my Books harm others and that I pretend I am the innocent party in such matters but I have done neither Ė My books harm people which is so as in the effects that express something of when I was popular as well; the plan was to ensure that it served me and raised me some money with which I can pursue my academic work that they have botched, as in if it came to the deployment of the right tools and proper measures to curb their attitude towards others and its destructive and vandalism aspects. In terms of the latter however, I am not innocent party in any way since it becomes a matter of controlling very abusive people who want to get information from the horsesí lips rather than buy his Books for obvious abusive civil rights based money madness nonsense which results cannot be predicted right up to the point where another human being gets hurt; so it is becoming increasingly obvious that if they are not damaged in their minds for each time they do not make payment and each time other aspects of my operations become more important as they tell their lies all over it, such as and especially publicity that is to help me sell my Books offered by Large Industries and Celebrities that have brokered my Equities, the situation will never improve. Not everybody is talented enough to be chosen by good Communities, such that they never had to work towards a Community they want to identify themselves with in order to avoid bad Crowds while they chase Jobs and Careers and Livelihood and I am sure they are free to wreck it for me too, provided they will not be complaining about the results. Itís like when they say I refuse to recognise the part that Women play in the matter whereas I just did i.e. they are all damaged Goods until when they pay for the Books, so that I can sit down in an Office and just write to pay my way in the world, when the status quo is that I can never be allowed to be by myself. The usual story is that I am not important enough to speak in such ways but it has nothing to do with being important; itís about leaving academics because I was effectively bullied out by people whose decisions affect the lives of criminals and needed to use the pressure and fear to make me step out of my skin so they might occupy it because they wanted more - this was years after people started making riches at the stock markets each time I stepped outside of my door and the processes for it were completed, meaning I appear always to be stuck in this mode where there is me while all I do pertains to people who are stopping me from being cool by being introverted; last I looked myself up in the Mirror, I appeared nothing like a character people describe as a useless male which description helps them feel like they were important or where the girls are concerned, they were real girls that were able to submit before real men who had money but it is an example of the reasons they need to broaden their stupid minds when they jet off to the Universities lest others drop out and get stuck responding to the stupidities that society invents everyday (there is details to it if they want as well i.e. they need to broaden their minds so that others do not drop out and get stuck with foolishness society invents every day, while playing stupid practical jokes about how most men want to be on top and to stick the penis in while women want to do the same as well when it comes to sex on their own careers). I mean itís the number of ways I need to communicate to people that I have to be left alone due to what I have to do long before my tummy does not do what I want it to do anymore; so itís the bad smells I am doing something about obviously, especially since they started issuing threats over it after making a reputation for me while they continued with the same behaviour of leaning on me and sharing my personal space in order to enjoy life and escape from problems.

I hear that I am very unprofessional in my work which does not make any sense since I am stuck with the insults of goons who claim that in order to show that I have been in a position where I am more glorious than they are, I must be able to deal with all the little problems that beset them in their daily lives which are respected by many, so as to be worthy to sell my Books to anybody else Ė so if I said they were professional damaged goods telling me how to be professional, I would be told that was bad language but it is a matter of a goon designing clothes and giving me 10 months of absolute hell without reason and at the end of the ten months he has himself somebody who has suffered unbearably, through whose public image he will now go to places he couldnít normally go to design and buy and sell because he is White and European but whilst my social Media is just a click away and he could make my life so much easier by giving me a chance to work my own property, he will rather prefer to take pictures of girls on my Public image and display them on a profile that is not following mine and has not done anything to consummate other aspects of the work he has set out for me a goons that enjoy tummy and bottom whipping the general public because they have money and buy his designer wares with it has got a personality either, save the insulting girls feeling like real girls and what is coming to me when I do not co-operate while the west rises being due with a big mouth; so it is professional damaged goods. It is usually suggested that I am incapable of having fun but we all know that having fun on the society Men hating their wives while their wives hate them a civil rights money loving that targets you does not have any fun at all, itís a process of taking big risks and more so if the media can help you do it at other peopleís expense the whole time; just like they tell me what I am dealing with is racism while reality is that its stupid black people wrecking my finances so they can tell me what to do and when I make them understand the stupid disposition they have adopted to be one that means women will never feel safe and bad people will never stop chasing my finances, it will blab a student Union character telling me what to do of how he needs it to ensure that smaller people such as myself do not complicate things for him while he deals with the problems and when I become more successful than he is, then the white Man can deal with it instead - so the white Man will adopt the position of racism which complicates things for white people as well all together and the two cannot find their own place to hurt each other by instead of here.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland