They say I have pushed myself into a difficult situation I cannot get out of and that is largely because they are prepared to spend all their public attention on whether I have been beaten or not which is not what this business is about but is a good excuse for vandalism which cannot therefore be challenged by any legal system. I feel up to the task as well as there isn’t any difficult situation I have pushed myself into save the one about warning TV Personalities about going off to ravage my market place in order to make some thousands of currency, then sit down with their friends and accomplices to a drink where they could be asked questions pertaining to what they expect the outcome to be knowing that I will be very displeased about that kind of abuse and they then use statements like reassurances of don’t worry about anything, I know how to handle that meddling little shit – which I have warned them about I am at the end of my tether and will tolerate it no more, more so because there is a way they turn up in public to behave in order to support what they said to their friends which makes them feel like they are lean mean TV Personalities that are going places with their foolish lives. The underlying issue of course being that they wish to know or hear me mention something about my give with one hand and take away with the other policy, but it is like I have insinuated or suggested before i.e., he who says the media are not troublemakers should stand up and be counted and answer questions. My point is that they need to save those insults until we meet in person or accept I will continue to do the things I do to them that they complain of all the time, things I do to assess how much problems they have tried to surround me with and to cover their stupid lives in like manner with problems that cannot be resolved as well, so that desire for access to my personal life to facilitate career piracy that cannot be challenged might continue to grow infinitely. They do say most of what I do are things that stupid people do and the little fact I pay attention to is that my mode of thinking is the same as that of academic environment retards but of course that is precisely why I do them hence revenge complete: three groups of people worked with Politicians to rip up my academic work and leave me in student loans debt 1. The people that needed to so that they can be the ones that become important and tag me in the same category as Popular culture bosses and Music Industry managers, except that the music industry managers will get riches and I will get nothing and simply be the thing that shows what happens when people mess with them. 2. Being the ones that planned to be Music Industry Managers and went into University not just because they are encouraged by the Politicians to do so in order to find me out and investigate me and commandeer all I own because I refused to co-operate with their stupid needs but also because they went them to drop out and come through the system with a connection that allows them get down with the kids and also links them with music industry money and perhaps Companies and Industries as well. 3. Being the ones whose plans were to ensure that I do not pass my exams i.e. being that they cannot do anything unless they have a hate figure who is surrounded by violent problems from all corners, abused and called names by them so that they can see what is bothering them talk nonsense about people trying to get what they do not deserve or get thing the way theirs never was made for them etc but in the end when done take up the degree they got from the University about which they ensured violent problems always applied to me when I study and during exams etc until I dropped out and go off to do underground work, being escorts of rich people and perhaps popular music singers etc. So in my eyes when it is said what I have done does not show that they have no power here and are only likely to make themselves into a job but rather shows I am an academic environment retard who thinks he can govern them, it simply means revenge complete (I mean we hear them mutter and boast all the time that I seem to pretend that I or actually do not know for what purposes I was set aside to fulfil in this life and that it is what they are showing to me, I always think I must have come pretty close if I am not there yet). 


There is talk now about how I am not an expert at what I do; no idea why it is important anyway, last I checked it did not matter who was an expert and who was not – it is not unusual for business and Industries to get involved with Royalty, not unusual for such Royalty to manage the property involved and to release money for his needs from it if he does need to. The public work, the Property Equities and Securities, the Royal Estate are all mine, not their own, who is an expert and who is not does come into the matter. I mean the being an expert thing is to indicate they are far better than me but in reality I am a law student with a Royal commission of my own and a publish author to that effect, while they are MPs that passed exams and did some job at some company or establishment at some point in their lives – they are not that clever as compared to me, besides which the academic work to get things done here can never move on account they exist and that big mouth always means I will use their stupid lives to get things done. It does not bother me half as much as they presume it does; I am answering a simple question around the matter of being an expert or not – I know it is a collection of idiots who enjoy letting themselves deep into other people’s business because it means that they can fancy themselves bullies who will punish those who do anything that makes them seem more successful or cleverer. The reality of what I do is that I broker creative and creativity equities and securities; they are developed from a secure point of market demand for my Industry work and how much of it can be converted into actual product sales and brokered between producers and consumers for the benefit of both and the problem has always been that if the academic work for it were to have been a major consideration, it would immediately have become a major setback on account these parliament and politics and expert goons exist. They do complain I never broker the equities with everybody even though I do like to tell everybody but that is precisely the point; where we imagine that the equities and the property belonged to somebody else and was taken away from the person by you, how much of it is left, what is it worth at this stage where the service the consumer gets is the ultimate issue and goal? There is nothing they can do if I have no wish to see their side of the game. They say I get into a palaver because I think I can play up British Parliament and British Monarchy to my own ends; it is of course the wrong way of looking at it - the right way up is that once they mention revolution at me, the fact the Monarchy exists means I live in a place and exist in a place where there are no rules and that of course is never the end of it; some people say I refuse to face the facts about the ageism and sexism, I say I am facing the facts about the insults and the only reason somebody will want to handle a boy whose bills he is not paying, whose cloths he never buys is because they want real life and real world complications that I must try to dish out for them as well and they never learn when they drive average saloon cars all over the City - it is not the first time they have as a community thought I am linked to some high power they need to protect themselves from either, I want them off my book sales this time around.

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