The case is usually that I am vulgar and people do not seem to understand that for somebody in Royal position it is almost a crime but I have no idea what vulgarity they speak of while it is still the case I have to get out of bed and face right from my bedchamber and out the fact people are led by Media and Politicians to think the idea I am trying to write Books in here while the space I have built and its peace and quiet at the Office would have been better used as tools of good feelings and conveniences is absurd in a very physical and violent ways; I am wondering if they are complaining about vulgarity when they are not talking about their Bus drivers setting it all up, their Community croons that cannot have enough and popularity idiots that have to take it from incredible angles which is another instance where we have taken the fact we have never really had respect for peoples personal and thinking space in this Country to a whole new level because they are planning to put an end to the public place and media statements which instigate it every day as early as 6.00am and runs right through to the day after and then the one after that going on endlessly. It’s been the only problem we have around here for decades i.e. somebody is trying to write Books in here and the Books will be sold in return for another person’s hard-earned money. They are always superior, and I am sure they understand they deserve all they get along with it too. I do not think it is something I have had to deal with for the first time in my life as such; the whites always have an element of racism to their processes of securing comforts and conveniences without the exertion of work while the blacks and other none whites think their own really has no name so they can get away with anything but if the Media especially does not handle effects of me and threaten me with a backup whenever I a refuse to budge, they do not have to worry about the backup fucking their arse first before I get beaten up which is what annoys them the most these days bearing in mind all that nonsense is something they want to do with their time and should not be taking up mine (I mean it’s not easy for a personal diary to be full but if you have personality these scumbags want to make use of it will be guaranteed - then the threats simply come through as ultimate distraction that causes academic failure and their stupidities cannot be seen stopping it until you had found your own adage too). So, they say I go too far and need to tone it down but it is impressive what they think goes too far anyway; at this point their need to threaten me by paying attention to, supporting and giving credence to these idiots means they are actually expecting me to shut myself indoors and starve to death since going to the shops to buy anything means their fools follow me there to commit crimes. Then I get told that I claim they are stupid when they are better people and if  continue it will keep getting worse but the first time I had to put up with these goons everything I own and did existed in a world where rules do not apply and they could handle anyway they wanted – The result was supposed to be that I lost everything I had and then tried to make a living through civil rights and after I lost that because they were there first, I will criticise them for a living and they will make an outing happen on my debut to discredit all I said and did and that would be where it all came to an end. Now what we are dealing with is the Politicians giving them money, telling me not to call them stupid when my bottom hurts on account they want to sell things and get rich quick and must sell my personal life and faith and public image while they themselves get to tell me where I am supposed to be as per the left hand side or the right hand side, which I also want them to write down and sign their stupid names at the bottom then display on a bill board in the city centre if they wish too; these goons are not better people, sometimes it is the idiots with nothing on their minds that go to the schools to pass the exams because there is really nothing in there whatsoever and so when you are being stupid too, you may start to talk about what will happen when all the knowledge has been exhausted and there are no new geniuses to create new ones and we have no more physics and Chemistry because existing ones have been used up. I mean they say I hurt peoples bottom whereas it has nothing to do with me in anyway whatsoever, since such nonsense does not work with holding a half priests office all together, blabbing when the violent things happen to me while we know I will violent things that stupid culture and society and they will kill me quick while I lap it up too – never mind toilet smelling like Office and Office like toilet because although they are not moral and religious people, they are seen around the concerns of soft moral and religious people who need to share some of the softness with hard people to create balance but some just hate the morality to a stage where they will not be nice with that big mouth giving it to me in the tummy all the time while the Politicians talk nonsense about me going too far. We see it all the time while I am told what I am saying about their stupidities is bad, when I play with a Fashion model and somebody is wearing underwear that is being accessed by clients, while their bottom hurts; so that we all know the outcome to be that what they are really saying apart from what the idiots in government office tell us they are saying, is that she must be loyal to me and I loyal to her because we fuck each other in the bum and ejaculate into it, therefore they are trying to find out what smell will come from there to prove themselves right or wrong, being told that labelling them stupid is the reason I get into trouble with a big mouth. They say I keep records on all these things so these fools might never change, whereas we can see their version of change is ripping my finances which their foolish Politicians help them to, then getting all over my Public image and cooking up some money that will help them change and be what they want to be with it – so it just adds up to the one where I was stuck making money through civil rights while they were here first on account they had destroyed everything I had to extricate such results, the fucking geniuses appointing themselves a personal problem with the careers and finances and academic work of the religious all the time, where it is said I have to tone mine down because we have idiots in government buildings for it too. After which we hear the media controls me, which case of media is an example of why I should tone mine down i.e. it will never stop making out I am the one chasing peoples bottoms while it violates people to secure news and pictures all day and then every one of its idiots who think they want to get involved with me while being more important than I am will seek their help to make it happen – so I ended up keeping the hurting bottom stuff and making sure they never get it back needing leadership all the time where if you do not control them they hurt you and hurt themselves and blame you for both but if you do they punish you for the rest of your life and we see it is pretty much the same as their stupid girls too, where I can see that it is a very stupid person and it knows it too, then it lets me understand it is because it is scared of everything including me but when done, it cannot keep an image that lets it get jobs if people knew it wanted to spend its time wrecking my life to show me it does not trust me but when it does it will never stop boasting about how powerful its madness had become, so it takes off to cling to aspects of my personality that is to do with my academics and career while stupid men and Politicians tell me I am going too far as well; these things are not normal, they happen because those who do them are seriously evil, so I am keeping it as it were. Even then, I have made it quite simple and people should show up here if they want to buy a Book I have written and not if they feel like playing stupid games with me – the Politicians can keep threatening me with local constituency Militia if they wanted as long as they are complaining that an idiot wants to win elections and become Prime Minister so they can change the constitution and become resident tyrant, as for where I am supposed to be, they can write it down and sign their names and I am not supposed to tone down anything whatsoever; these are very stupid individuals and I shouldn’t be getting told not to mention it. The threats as a whole is another story entirely; if I mentioned that nobody has seen me keep an eye on my Estate finances while I tear down their own and give away their trade secrets to the dogs considering they are not paying me to keep any of it, then they would say I have mentioned it anyway and somebody else will pick it up and though they know what to expect if I were doing it all together; same old case made it quite simple it should be showing up here for a Book and not to play with me, play with me abusively. I dropped out of University for such nonsense so they might pass exams and return to popular culture they didn’t need to pass University exams for and I will be doing the Popular culture to raise funds and return to the University study as well with intentions of creating them the same kinds of damage – this is the bit that explains the fact that although I should not be getting involved with it I am seen to be doing so anyway. The other more serious bit of the Political scum telling me to tone my own down will be the bit about the fact they show up from the EU and Africa and the US to peddle my Public image and faith and personal life for money when I have told them not to and so it is getting violent and I need to tone my own down as scum in government Office want to make use of me but have no respect for me at the same time – so that these fools have gotten bold enough to tell me that tearing down the finances of millionaire playboys to secure their attention when it seems my bottom hurting story appears to have become a focal point of conversation means I need to worry about regional tensions, whereby I am wondering why I have to when we are having this conversation about what they are not to peddle around here for money every day on account they think they are other people’s personal gods. The women ones are the story I mentioned earlier, it wants to rip up my life to show me I look trust worthy but it does not trust men and will never stop boasting about its power when it had achieved it – this is only half the story, the other half being of course about my Books, the Books that help them and is set to become their property with that big mouth some government Office scumbags telling me to tone my own down. I mean it’s all my fault now and I shouldn’t have state provided security in State Office because it provokes other people – I couldn’t make up such insults if I had the imagination and although I am not the one setting up popular culture that helps rip up people’s finances which I really do not need to and would do only if I were narcissistic enough to, they are the ones in need of some justice while they are it issuing stupid threats too. It’s a very simple issue to grasp here all these years; apart from the way they relate with my depression meaning that I am broke because what I have said has indicated I am not so confident in my products and the fact I want them to respond to their own by killing themselves or doing something violent which others might think is harsh but is not anyway considering their need to make use of people they have no respect for in such abusive ways. The simple issue being that of the bit where they are Pop stars and I need to respect my mother, so since my mother was this person whose need to claim others are absorbing a sensibility that has existed because people know who she is and is fundamentally tied to an insane socialist contraption called the Labour Party in Parliament, I eventually dropped out of University due to abuses and general persecution, knowing that this effectively meant that when I pick up academic work it is wrenched from me by people who want me to sit about reacting to their society and culture stupidities because they find my response to those things exhilarating, the question became how to punish them for it while the question for them became how to maintain the process of laying claims to all I am and own in order to make existence easy for themselves – we met in the middle obviously. It’s not just when their Politicians say you are going too far calling them stupid when nobody has ever told them off for the many names they have called me and gotten used to doing, it develops into one of stories about punishing me for lies I tell about being a Prince where what happened was that the Queen was interested in my work and called me up to service and eventually I had to find a working apparatus and have since been given a Royal commission so that a test can be passed to see who will take it from me all together. Then there is my personal favourite involving media when they first used to tell celebrities and politicians that they had access to me and could make anything people wanted from me happen – those were the days I had the imagination to speak of idiots living the high life, today I am under siege and it is violent with that big mouth. They do claim I am now all high and mighty and they intend to watch and follow and monitor my case to find out where I land and it’s all the same sort of nepotism that thinks what it is complaining about at the moment adds up to me being high and mighty which is just one way to see it; the case has always been one of spending time on and finishing a study module to earn a certain amount of money over a certain period of years in order to raise funds for a particular thing that you really care for instead of spending that time getting caught up with idiots talking money madness about you being high and mighty of which your so called loony attributes tends to fit well with everything they are doing from family to jobs and careers and any new ones while the general sup[position is that the loony character you are bothered about is made up in your head, speaking of the high and mighty big mouth blabbing new ones like that all the time. They do say I have no respect for them of course of which we have only come full circle; they had no respect for me when they wanted to be more famous and more important than Royalty, now I want them to move on as the madness is taking up my time but I am trying to move on media goons and celebrities, hence a bit disrespectful. As for the tale of getting into trouble when I continue to behave the way I do, I will not get into any such trouble; I know if I do nothing to make myself look modern and trendy they are screwed and then I can get about providing them broke Royalty leadership as well alongside; in the end unless it works in terms of their salaries on one hand and my Books on the other, so that I might have confidence when I sit with a bank manager to ask them to give me a certain amount and get it back with an interest at a certain date, their behaviour will never change and their foolish media will never learn. I mean if I said they are weed smoking goons who look like characters people want to take jobs and careers from all the time I would be told that was a discriminative thing to say but in the end it is still the problem at hand at all times, having a flawed idea about me and thinking that I fancy financially well off psychopaths like the Politicians do all day long, whereas we all know there are ways of securing yourself a moral compass everywhere you look, of which religion is one of them – thus the question about the law that tends to protect me from them which is a matter of time with that big mouth since it does not protect them from me as well, the question of whether they would fancy me a criminal character that they had to respond to no matter what, the way I am made to get out of my bed and respond to their stupidities at present every now and then? Before they have their inability to leave culture and society where it is, stop it showing up unexpectedly around people’s lives and careers and stop talking nonsense about having a murderous character to those who have no wish to listen to it, if they are complaining; everybody knows it is often the ultimate gimmick in their insanity, to get enlisted in the security services and get hurt by a career bad person on my behalf.

I. Uno I

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