I understand it is said that I have to deal with a lot of burdens and that this is what will ensure my Royal Position is no more and I could never make it out anyway; we all know when we talk about breaking it off amicably, it’s a matter of the connection that warrants the daily tests for me which make me ill, between Armed Forces Jobs and Junkies getting rich or my Private Equity Book sales business and Celebrities winning film role and Music role contracts but like we see their Political idiots have taught them, every time they are off to the City, I have to take a back seat in my own life, where writing a Book means I must get out there and win contracts to have them distributed but the only reason I am not is because their stupidities are always in need of something until I dropped out of University (which they can mention in the going on of this waste and vandalism and business of finding gangs and crime I had put out of my life before I was 17 show up again to ensure I have invoices to clear with them alongside, when it is obvious their fame freak madness was insane enough for it too), talking nonsense on media and yet I did mention before I had thought about raiding their celebrity neighbourhoods as well before this began all together with that big mouth they have got – either incredibly stupid or likes to invent any stupid thing of its choice to rely on me for no consequences while it gets to insert them into my life and career, so it looks like they will not just pair the terrible behaviour with the theory that they are famous, they are always in need of my property and it’s about to end as everything I have worked for all my life is regularly factorised on media with stupid social issues gestures and it will never ever mind its business or give me a breathing space unless I got to work on those stupid comments to stop it my way or I took a breathing space for myself. They speak of support I get from the Monarchy which is too much for me but we all know the Armed Forces are facing the same thing i.e. they do not work for the Head of State anymore, they are bruisers for the Queen as Junkies want to get rich without doing any work and will not settle for a living wage, such that they complain people have lost family retainment because of me and there will be more of it each time I travel to Buckingham Palace and end up having my tummy churned after their Public transport idiots must have had a field day, making it seems as if I have not got an exit. It cannot be that difficult to show them the effects their involvement and behaviour towards me produces, to understand they need to stop getting involved with me, shut down those stupid comments about doing stuff and realising things, stay away from my Books and stop following me around; I understand they claim their predicament was created by me and yes it was but I am not interested, the same reasons they are complaining is the one we are talking about here i.e. I am a writer with Books to sell and do not want junkies with plans to get rich factorising my whole life based on what I had given away to help less fortunate people, especially in terms of information and Book content. they never stop making reference to my Royal Hermitage and pointing out some stupid Media has power over you while their foolishness is not a part of their job description of a plan that means it will become their own soon issuing those threats with a big mouth all over the place, a sordid test for me every day that means each time I tell them off, tease it up and issue foolish threats. Safe to say that the next time it follows me around at Academic institutions, I am really going to give it the trouble that it seeks but for now their whole mental state is stuck with the bad behaviour which means they were famous and I am not interested in their plight, only in whether they bought and paid for a Book and I need deliver it to the Addresses of their very important pathologically lying Celebrity selves.

I do get told that the more publicity I raise for these matters, complaining all the time, is the worse it will get, which is not the case as the facts about the complaint are obviously being dragged off my academic work time and again, so I might respond to the stupidities of society goons to a stage where I get to understand the sense of what passes on their left hand side and right hand side and then time and again still, each time I walk off, we find the stupid Politicians involved appoint themselves to drag me back there over and over again, soon along with their media fools are building me publicity that suggests it is what my reality and existence looks like all together – they had to end up with what passes on the left hand side and right hand side of Daddy characters are the main point of their Government engagements otherwise it would never improve as a situation. The story they back themselves up with is the support of the US while that was largely a matter of self-seeking civil idiots who are full of themselves, cannot keep their hands off peoples bums and are criminally disobedient, talking nonsense about their needs at whomsoever is not their mate and threatening violence like I will not beat their own well for my part – been clear the next time their role in this matter involves their parents ripping up my Books to allow them make speeches in public places all over me, I will start with the insulting market separatism and then their Politicians will get involved and there will be a real fight, University drop out Prince and they can tell me if they are insane enough like I have not had enough of them too all together. It’s like the confusion about what I am doing which is a process of realising I was ready to run my business at the start of a recession, so if I carried on, it would simply have been a bad days at first and good days after, then I will be just a Book seller after that, so I broke up the company and brokered the equities with other rather large multinational businesses all over the world and even when people have seen these companies pick up the Equities and develop them into Million pound products, some of which are the corner stone of the services they provide around the world, what we find their stupidities do, is show up here to ensure that they can peddle my faith and public image and personal life, then spend most of their stupid time clinging to my income margins to talk rubbish about the future of their children – so the same way that technically only the companies I brokered equities with should have known about my operations, they invited themselves and have refused to offer their discretion and I am determined to keep this process where I am not the one complaining enough to tell the story of what is fact and reality to the very last. We see it feed into a tale of how I mess with socialism, hence the kids wreck my academic work and the parents insultingly tell me how to exist, then sit about in societies and cultures chasing my bum, making me smell, building crowds on my door step and planning personal power glory that will come through from me getting involved in what should be a gladiatorial activity on my part at the local communities, like very stupid people who are also insane, could never figure out what their problem is or why they assume when I inform them that should I get my hands on the culture and society, I shall ensure they saw it for the last time, it was likely a bluff. The one they leave out of the lies they tell about damage I do to their existence is that their imagination involves dragging me off University studies to end up reacting every day to the stupidities of their society while they get their hands on my Public image and make excuses that suggest it was all my fault, so I am wondering which ones were the damages they do and what exactly my reaction might be if their stupidities were so brave as to physically handle me at some stage of their uncontrollably self-seeking public stupidities for it all together. I have been clear it does need to keep off my Books and my income margins, stop following me around and try to understand the next time it chases me up at an academic institution I will set off toward finding out exactly if their big mouth is as big as it is stretching currently, I will become completely determined to give them the trouble they so desperately seek. So I do get told as it stands, that my whole life is a mess that affects everybody but it isn’t – there are the three parts and one if the sense that I walked into my Office and it was all a mess with files and papers strewn around by Politicians who claim to have found out how I kept people Office a Royal Estate and had decided they were more eligible for having the power I do, showing up to blab about me making a mess of socialism full of idiots that want to share people earnings all the time while at the same time each occasion in which our humanity takes over their pleas for equality, those who show up at Church short-circuit their Socialist futures by being generous as the Bible had commanded, like some Antisemitism when it knows it has racism in its society all together, about which they claim I am messing with them but I have put together plans to ensure that since they had decided to embark on this gimmick of targeting me as the sufferings of one person will not matter to the world because the needs of many outweighs the needs of the few, putting me in an atmosphere that means rules do not apply in terms of the way people behave towards me, I had become completely determined to ensure they got the full effect of the disadvantages, meaning I cannot run out of things to destroy because I am tackling a whole Political party for my own safety security and wellbeing; in short, should I lose my sense of reverence for God due to constant detachment from success and distraction from what makes me happy in my religion while they pretend their theory there is no God or Devil actually holds water, I will ensure they lost their socialist ideology on a global stage as well, regardless of whether they think my religion is made up, as their ideologies may also have been too, likewise if I lose my religion, I will sack their Political parties as well, as it is clear nobody can explain why their Politicians have more money than those who voted for them all together. The other part is the civil service being full of goons all together and these days their point is to raise the case that my refusing to share what I have is the reason that people are stabbing and hurting each other on the streets, making the main difference between the sirens of the Police and their own – goes back to the first time they complained about me being during the Blair ear and it was because of the outcomes of a process of people approaching Government to say that I walk around as if I am better off on my feet than they were in their Cars, so we understood why the Government sometimes attacked the Unions all together but since Labour got along with them, there was strife for a while and then they got part of what they wanted, this encouraged them to target me and I had to stand up for myself too. The third is the business of back stage media goons who pick up everything I do and make a mess of it, especially when it involves some work I may have done to look after women in a condition that means people getting beaten up in dilapidated neighbourhoods by somebody they fell in love with – they have made such a mess of such things that runs along the lines of using it to back themselves while doing some war reports, having finished with that, returned with a lot of criminal disobedience, to ensure when society trouble makers bother me at my Office and studies and I stuffed their heads with what I knew, since it were a matter of ageists against a young Arch Prince, made them a bit gay, somebody got to lend them a media job to ensure there was too much of it being done, which makes people tired all over the Country all the time. I am completely fed up with the tales of glass ceiling insults and claims I am untidy going on around here with the eyes of very stupid people who think I cannot do anything to stop their Popularity either addressing me or getting involved with my concerns, running completely wild all the time, hence these are the facts and they have their own work to do on it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland