HH believes he has been very clear about feelings over people doing his property on this website or anywhere else in places where it has not been done before or in ways he has not permitted people to in order to make people they serve for money or sell things to feel special like he does and more so for their own benefits-it is the reason people wail about their stupid cultures because of him more often than not because they do such things and stretch his own for him more often than not too, besides which he does not like idiots splitting his authority to do their own lives which then has nothing to do with him too. The main problems associated with these Equities are that of processes where people claim that HH has gone about cutting down things they can do for their parents or for a relative in order to earn extra money. When one provides Equities and Securities for businesses in the Economy, who then make use of it and leave him with PR which he must mop up otherwise people will use it for create trouble and destruction, it is not clear what they mean and is even more difficult to understand how taking time to figure out what is the best means for everybody with an interest of mopping up the PR gets to mean a competition that One has lost to them. Moreover, which it is not clear what possesses a person to do these things: they do not own a company, they have never built one and cannot run one that has been built by another and then handed over to them. So it applies that the way the story works is that they know all these Men who seem to be sociopaths aspiring to be psychopaths, which is why HH has made it clear to them all he is a Christian and so which there is no need to worry about the possibilities of an uneven match-these two dispositions were made for each other, about which they will like they always do, bring all the Politicians in the world to bear. The notion that they control the Internet and the markets is entirely based on delusion; as one has mentioned before, it is clear HH can create products that behave like a computer virus towards certain markets and businesses and property if the products were to end up there, after all, people do not necessarily have to buy his books when they do not wish to anyway.

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