The big problem with Banking is that everybody continues to live out their time in a fantasy bubble i.e. when there are Banking irregularities, what is the exact nature of a person who acts in such manner. I mean judging from facts like a Cashier who goes to work and for every thousand pounds he counts for the customer, he keeps a ten pounds for himself, what is the exact nature of those who carry out Banking frauds and Financial irregularities? Their Bosses do not want to sack them, the Politicians do not want to sack anybody, they expect the rest of us to make laws on what Banking should be like when it is impossible to, which is clearly why they use Banks as a means of stealing other people’s money when that is the exact opposite of what a Bank is. They all act it seems as though they have skeletons in their closet, especially the Politicians who speak of more shareholder power, as if they themselves have run the civil service successfully with those incredibly stupid shareholder characters about, however people do get to do their jobs properly if you provide them structures, whether or not they have skeletons in their closet and this is what makes the anger against these fools: they seem to be determined to punish the rest of us severely with really difficult economic conditions because they think of us as low lives who measured up to them at some point or assumed that they did, where in my case they handle my Equities and Securities and public work while publicly keeping such opinions of me too, which is really provocative and I would happily have been a low life if they did not ravage my privacy to set up my Company on public media which detaches me from the securities, encouraging all that drugs and paedophilia culture at social level too, while their Political friends pick up on it to locate new glories to be had, just like the diplomats do to locate attractive career piracy and regularly get to think they can get away with threatening me using racism and stupid boys especially, in order to manipulate what they need to along what happens between when I find investment funds and when I actually get to trade, within the same vein they are able to determine what happens to the company on Media and complain all the time when I act on it because they do not wish to stop it unless they are as rich as they dream of being, some of the facts and issues they gathered about this company more alarmingly having been done just by making sure I was being robbed of any personality I have by the way which is really abusive in a very violent manner and this is how they gained access to my equities over the period of time they have continued to behave in such ways, about which now that I am a low life, hence if they do not get off it, we will have a completely new and different recovery all together.

I. Uno I

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