There is that Talk of course that I fundamentally dislike people that are free people but of course the reality will always remain a story of those who are the big guys that rule everybody and those who are the middle guys that can dominate a certain group of people - it’s just something that evil people must do if they want to spread around their range - get to the middle point and have ideas. The reality of what creates tensions between me and them however is a different story - they like to think it is about Nationalism and extremism but the truth is that it is about the insults; I am a Royal Prince but one that they do not recognise for their parents were and their grandparents after their parents were, hence it must be so simple to be recognised by those who have had such privileges to a point where they give you a position to work with you as one of their own - on the contrary I do not care if they are free and they normally push their matters to Nationalistic levels to push the boundaries of their wickedness and try to find out if the results will be a bloodshed and I have no idea what they are complaining about therefore, certainly not about the insults apparently because those are continuing.


Now they say I have enormously disrupted people’s lives but it never makes sense what people do or hope to achieve by wrecking a writing Career six years before the first Book is self-published; what we know of it is that their game these days is to ensure that while the Books are published, in my mind which is also their mind to handle, I feel as though I am a work in progress writer at all times, so that somebody else might use the market. I mean I do assess myself on the matter of whether or not I disrupt people’s lives for my part anyway; the story of them from poor backgrounds who were thought useless but worked hard and ended up living in mansions and the whole world knows their names etc but there is nothing about the line of activity that is meant to lead to that result which involves the destruction of my public life and my finances and any kind of involvement with me and the insults they deploy for self-improvement to that effect whatsoever; so it’s the same tale of what I don’t want toned down but stopped completely as it were and what I am going to do is block things off on this part of the tale as well to find out if they really can leave people alone and will collect National sense of fame that they will get back only when the Books are sold and the entrapment plus involvement with me that concerns insults of their stupid children on Public Media and popular culture instead of buying my Books which is garnished with flatteries at me for helping them thereof – borrow that National sense of fame because of it again. The main point at which I assessed myself here was the fact the finances being damaged is now causing me real fear with respect to Royal Estate Traditions whereby other Royals and Allies around the world turn up in the UK to leave me with intellectual property administration work on one hand and how they have always had a very bad habit of not leaving people alone on the other – so the bottom line is that they do not when all other things have been considered feel that their wedding day is their own these days anymore and it’s all expressed right up to Scottish Nationalism too but will never stop thinking of me as the alternative when their stupid Husbands are not playing their game and cannot be caught dead keeping their insults to themselves. They do live in this world where they feel they can damage people’s property to secure some elation from their problems which will set the stage for them to cling to the victims in order to chase their dreams without any problems coming their way as a result whatsoever because the owners will be made to become more concerned with something else but it is the fact they lie all the time with the whole process which makes me breathless that causes me to react to it all together. It’s like the story of what my position on Migration is which has always been as simple as the fact the assumption poorer countries do not help up protect our borders is entirely wrong – the reality for instance is that if a Country burns with war a State of affairs would have been preserved, except that it never is when Socialists are travelling around the world teaching a lesson to those who trifle with their powers; such is their agitation but when done I will find a 14 year old every morning stand up at popular culture to insert Music tracks over pieces of very vicious insults she shoots in my direction because an idiot is curetting it all back stage, fat, stupid and owns a popular culture empire he expects to continue to own at my expense having built it the same way in the first place – so it is something I need to shut down and block off if the Politicians had stopped funding it that is. They speak of this process of provocation from me right up to South American Countries but of course it’s about determining what is really going on since it smells like trouble all around i.e. if I have a business for example, when I pay somebody to do marketing for me, what will happen at present is that when they go into the market place and find people handle my equities but others want to get their products sold instead my marketing strong man will get murdered for trying to sell my Books and that will be the deaths I am responsible for – the drugs and gangs and organised crime bit being the ones that my business made contributions to all together, hence they simply cannot leave people alone as it were and if I see that stupid culture and society I will sell it up again as that is what they were supposed to have been doing if they needed money so much and loved talking nonsense about those they will kill if they do not get it so often.


They do love that other story of me messing around with people that have done better than me in life and I wouldn’t know for my part anyway; if we asses it, we would end up talking about the same things i.e. if he buys a Ford and makes me stare at it which will lead to things he does that curbs my tenacity at work and ensures I cannot keep a job because I am unable to get along with employers, then the likely outcome of events in six years is that he will buy a Ferrari with my public life and have more money than me as well. They do say it’s the people at Monarchy who are more worthy than I am which is an old story of those who should be doing their jobs controlling celebrity vandalism becoming celebrities themselves and attacking my finances because they believe those that are chosen for State work are entrapped and these are the kinds of prognosis and suppositions I want to prove wrong as well in a very big way. The American ones are just able to run about because when I write Books stemming from my State duties to control these kinds of trouble makers here in the UK what Mr Obama does is mess with the sales in the US and all over the world and eventually the UK as well, so I have prevented him from controlling them but that said, the idea they have done better than me is pure fantasy and nothing more – I do lose my temper to a point where I stand to spend time on the question of the fact I know I have a personality others want to deploy to do Celebrity and Entertainment and Merchandising and extremist behaviour thereafter but it does not seem as though this is their own lives either – however the US Government shall not control them until Mr Obama lets go of my Market sales. I had a challenge before he contributed to it and that had to do with such realities as making sure when my Books are a certain price people do not come up with stories that run and run and run about how it should have been a different price if I wanted to sell it for example i.e. they have not done better than me its fantasy. They do claim it’s a matter of the incredible and daily demands I make of the British Government but at present the most pressing issue in this Office is where black people met me and matters at my Royal Estate and Office they wish to creep behind me and take over in order to advance themselves, which the same goons get off their failure to control celebrity culture to indulge and like to show they have a capacity to ensure it affects the Monarch all together – in a couple of years this will change to something else and the story will change along with it as well, so it does not trouble me that much.

I am told that I am rather convinced that I can walk on water, while it is either what I have said and done does not make any sense or it is deathly serious – which indicates some public place trouble makers are out of their depth and some antisocial behaviour performed by adults and in public service gave way to a sense of serious mindedness. The point generally being that it is because of me that somebody lost a Royal position at Buckingham Palace, concerning which they are determined to ensure I have lost mine too but it has rather always been a matter of some goons at the Monarchy that The Queen wants nothing to do with because they have anal sex with everybody – so what happens is that they hang around and nobody tends to pay attention to anything they do and have been targeting me because they have been making friends with society goons who get their hands up my bum and tell of what must be done to make Celebrities important and rich, which consequences propels them to seek these sorts of friendship, obviously which it becomes a huge public matter on account anything that looks like these must without hesitation end up with some sort of sustained and continued support from Politicians irrespective of the fact they were complaining the effects everyday – for my part I deploy it to facilitate some Book sales because they simply will not stop organising themselves into communities that ensure they blow out these things on my personal life, finances, academic work and career.

The same as we see them engage in the business of making sure my Books are not distributed as an alliance with Liberal America to ban some Royal Books after years of oppression by the Monarchy and yet we know that if this business of building communities of abusive people to seek money by wrecking other people’s lives and telling lies of it on Media, meaning that they then begin to keep an eye on anybody that remotely looks like a character that might threaten their interests, being they are very stupid individuals and such activities will be full of crimes committed against completely innocent persons to get rich and famous quickly, were to occur in the 18 Century or earlier, there is no doubt some Books and civil rights would certainly have been banned just as well - as we are aware they have no sense of commitment in terms of personal life and even the fame they are obsessed with in the first place.

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