There is this popularity statement they have become quite used to, which suggests that my big problem is a lack of respect for women but of course the truth of the so called big problem is that they have no other way of making an appearance in Public places save jumping on my public image to tell me they want something off it and somebody will beat me up and kill me if I had failed to co-operate; they cannot do journalism without it and they cannot do celebrity and popular culture without it and so I need to continue to look after a statement which makes it quite clear that they will get their arse fucked first before anything happens to me. We are not even talking about the celebrities in a bigger picture here, that would have involved a group of people that are better human beings than I am with a criminal record and an inability to run their own lives without seeing that somebody elseís life comes to a stop and so when considered in the grand scheme of things, the bit where they claim I cannot stop punishing people whereas what I do is keep records on them and their need to handle me and my possessions and my estate, to prevent a process where I have to do civil rights for money while they show up to grab the best bits of my work claiming they were here first before me after all the destruction that got me into that position in the first place and this is the one that means they claim I keep those records to ensure that I have a means by which people cannot change their lives, which of course is a use for it that is possible but we can see how they wish to change their lives here described as well; thus it comes down to the fact we have never seen me deploy the records in look after my Estate income margins, to rip up their finances and to give away an trade secretes their involvement with me leaves around here, which they are not paying me to hide for them all together, so it is quite difficult to explain why they get after the records and then get after my Books as well all together, meaning I keep the records but I am not selling any Books. Thus in a grand way of looking at it, these are very evil people but they need to stop threatening me since it is their choice to be like that and mine to be the way I am, if they want to stop complaining about it as well. The other part of the story we hear so often is not just one of terrorism about which I have made myself clear where I stand on terrorism while they are the ones who continue to get involved with the systems and structures that exist to give people protection and then are seen expressing Public uncontrollable hatred for those it is meant to protect as well at the same time Ė thus the terrorists are the same as their media and popularity and celebrity selves not me: - it also progresses to the claim that people do not understand what I am saying whereas they do i.e. if men will not stop ripping up my finances and getting in touch with Politicians and media to acquire things from me that I cannot prevent my age generation from giving up to them, at the end of which they perform strange pornography and put it on the internet at my expense, I will never stop clipping them in every aspect of their lives, so that Women might be able to dominate them i.e. people understand exactly what the things I do and say mean. Their excuse usually comes in the form of claims I take full advantage of the fact they have friends and family working in the security services and that they are required to behave in a certain way but it is hard to see why the assumption was that blaming me is credible while people took my literary archives off the University system I placed it in 2005 but it came back to constitute a global threat to me during Hilary Clintons run for the White House in 2016 Ė no idea what they are doing asking me about it or blaming me when they are seen spending time with such women and such journalists and such celebrities and such popular culture goons every single moment that they are able to spare. At the bottom line of course is the real matter behind the claim I love to punish people i.e. there is no way I step out of my door when I am not being abused by their local community croons behind it, without facing up to the fact everybody knows I am queer when I am not, as such now that their entire societies and cultures are queer and just like criminals are pounding what have you around here, their Offices smell like their toilet and their toilet like their Offices Ė yap, yap, yap it needs to peddle my Public image and faith and personal life gets to clear my space: itís a story where if we imagined that the only job there was were security services jobs, we would have been able to see that the Law enforcement will look a certain clear way and then people would look a certain clear way and then those who have been punished would look a certain clear way - so we understand that if a criminal or a character that is both a criminal and a victim of crime is to exist, it will always most likely come from among them; need to stop threatening me and stop complaining about the records I keep of my property being handled alongside a perception I create of them that people can run with too, depending on how insulting and abusive their celebrity and popular culture and media ones about me is - need to stop making out I am queer and will never come out unless I am forced to, if it does not want to speak about the smell of its Office and its Toilet too.


I understand by public popularity that I am simply appreciated by the Royals because of how stupid I am but the fact I make a mess of everything is becoming less tolerable for the Politicians which makes no sense whatsoever; the Politicians are the ones who get out of bed every day to have the fun that involves inciting a crowd to show a disrespect for my patents and do whatever they like with my Books, so this has now grown into something I am selling all together as well i.e. I am not complaining about the mess and I do not think that they should too. The Media gets involved generally because it is full of idiots who think they have the authority and administrative position after the politicians had spent tax payer funds to sort out their careers for them and just as lazy as the Politicians are, the job bit is the most difficult for them all together. It usually comes to a head when the insults of homosexuals have reached unprecedented levels and then I am left wondering where it all started in the first place, taking me back to the days when I had showed up on the workplace scene recently and they had decided I was to become the Jesus that was crucified so they can feel good about themselves and have been working hard ever since towards setting me on a pedestal by which religion is effectively banned. They speak of some of the things I do to them when it is calculated that nobody is born homosexual if they are always hunting others down to take up years of peopleís lives turning people into homosexuals so that the process of having homosexual sex might become a punishment that they dished out to those who messed around with their greedy needs but itís just a question that is this same question of the link between effective torture by immoral people to make people gay and to make them have anal and a process where people were born that way in the first place, about it which I have posed to them which they will answer every time they get involved with my concerns bearing in mind they cannot beat me up like their big mouth does suggest all the time i.e. the media gets involved in this matter where every time I am not selling Books it is Politicians making themselves into the characters I criticise in my Books in order to deploy Government office telling a crowd to mess up the patents and stop it getting sold, if they get involved because they have the Administrative office and public power like their politicians do in the first place, besides which there was never a conversation about it which I made that was referred to them in the first place all together. It could be as simple as a process where they do not show up near my Public image and kept their distance from my Books, as we can see that if this was a physical premises I would be employing a security guard that I instructed to bruise them each time they turned up. They like to say my actions have no effect on them while complaining about those who have stopped them from having the 80s and 90s and noughties style fame all together and the Politicians do it apparently, not because they are unaware this sort of behaviour means somebody did the job that was writing the Book that meant he worked 40 hour week, then has to deal with what they have come up with which amounts to a job that is another 40 hour week, while the first 40 hours have not yet been paid for because of the second one and if it carried on long enough the victim will then have to take out another externally paid job that will help to deal with bills, while the 80 hour week job they had invented had not yet gone away Ė so is the question here showing up all the time about a people who are so proud of others sorting out what is to happen to the way their salary moves around to get to them having the effrontery to inflict such things on other people, making a case of themselves when I am sick to the stomach because of it all together too. So they do tell me the bit about selling the mess they make which means they pay more time to doing this than they pay to doing their jobs is not the best, while I am rather convinced it cannot be done any other way; when it comes to it, itís just Books I wrote but then so is it equally important that having been people have warmed to it, the Books need to get sold. They do claim I enjoy having power over others but not others having power over me; what happens rather is that the Politicians spend tax payer funds to sort out their lives for them, they cannot stop insulting and abusing others that are just trying to get by for it but even so it is the job part that involves visiting land marks and institution of importance to the population and coming up with a song if the person was a singer, a song that will entertain people, that was the most difficult aspect of it all, so their stupidities want my Public image to make fame with. What I have ended up with then being that they speak of having power over me like I have over them and itís a behaviour, really bad behaviour that since saw me and my Church business and wanted me to fight for my life with local gangs issuing those insults and abusive threats and presuming rights to punish me all the time, while it believes its civil rights had amounted all together to a right that lets them get involved with other peopleís concerns in a personal way Ė this has now given rise all together to a bad behaviour that is happening right on my income margins on account somebody else has to deal with how they are getting their own incomes paid; where I get told I talk about it in a way that lets them get away with it which I do not Ė its social corruption you see and although we do not speak of young people who sleep around alongside their ageist friends and goons of these sort being socially corrupt these days, we still have people who live in the understanding that they are and that it has never really had a good ending, just like we see that each time they invent new insults to throw around it is because they are trying to secure mobility. I understand people view most of my activities with suspicion but it is largely a habit that has been developed because of the way I work, which also suits me well - tends to leave me time to get on with it and get judged by history and not those who enjoy it, then become cynical to prevent others from gaining access, so as to carve some Royal Privilege out of me that lets them secure inequality. I already had a reputation for being a good listener while I never really cared what people were thinking and it was never something I ended up doing because I was a freak as such; we find when they talk with me they are more interested in my public image and good looks, interested in what they can do to relieve themselves on it and so on, all the Vaginal monologues in the world, as insultingly as they can, so I listen alright but I hardly care since its utter nonsense. They do claim I am part of the problem referring to the bit where they are always playing a game of catch chicken with me and so I am always being made to feel high emotions in public places because of the activities of the Politicians and Media and people catching chicken, right up to the stage where I defend myself and an idiot will go off to give them what they want, then show up to make me serve him and the crowd for it as well, so with respect especially to the ageists at the heart of the matter, it got serious when I dropped out of University and they had to be made to know what I know and to stop being so stupid which meant that as soon as they did, their next target was the Media boys who would not let me tolerate these things as they had seen it too and decided I must be made to discipline my Mum. They do say I am just a little Man making my voice heard but that said, we hear them claim my Court is free for all as well, so I am not dead yet but the bigger Celebrities will soon be adopting my Royal order to teach people lessons as it were, so apparently they are then able to complain to me while I am alive as they blow off their big mouths concerning how they would want to kill me and own the public image all together. So they say I live in this world where itís not what I know but who I know that matters of course and itís the Politicians talking as they have no future since the economic crisis and claim there are unpaid jobs I will do to help them keep their places in the worlds rich list, which I am very curious to see as well; we see the same thing happen when their idiots claim I have some mental illness and when it is really understood, the business of messing with my work and finances was meant to keep this going and ensure I am not availed of time to deal with it. The Celebrity and popular culture ones with their insulting ethnic minority laziness they have for security guards who direct all my movements and decide when I am getting into a fight with local gangs once finished with showing up around a Christians concerns to do him favours with cultures that gives the impetus to decide what is to happen to another personís life, that allows them a license to practice all kinds of abusive nonsense at me linked to some business of the balance between evil and good that will let them keep up the favours and soon enough gives way to the business of rich get richer and poor get poorer hence the case of where celebrities were better than I am and have been trying to tell me all along, followed up with financial consequences from the same idiots who show up on my media equipment like it was their share in this world-no matter how many times I warn them of the consequences we can clearly see when I twist them own hard enough to get them enrolling in the Military to do the one that the state will actually pay them to do for instance, especially when they come from Ghana and think the UK looks like Ghana as well all together, I intend to tear them up 80s style popular and celebrity culture as well, so we get to meet in the middle. Like the Industry ones claim I have been ruined because I have no respect for them, which it seems adds up to an announcement that the business of showing up here to run off publicity on my assets then get involved with companies and make me irrelevant to build infrastructure and business and products on equities I am actually trading with other Companies have finally paid off and we can see it is a sulky sad and bitter scumbags apt announcement too.

On a more serious note these are equities I broker with very large and multinational companies taken up by a group of fools who want access to something unusual that they can run globalisation to get rich quick on and then the outcome will likely be a process where I started to see an incentive in making money from a process of striking when the business cycle is on so that I get some peace and dignity by pillaging those stupid contraptions they get up with it. The Politicians always lead from the front when it comes to telling me there is nothing I can do while a fight with them is rather the answer for all problems as we all know it will think the purpose of government office is to run two behaviour that are not compatible, where one of them is having a footing at Industry in order to be disrespectful due to feelings of power and the other is meeting the electorate on the streets to secure a job whereby it gets to decide public policy, inciting people to damage my patents and books, seeking to be an idiot that wants to be tolerated but regularly getting on media to ensure it is impossible to tolerate. It is therefore getting near to a stage where I will detach them from the Government Office while they will meet somebody on the streets who says he wants to take advantage of a kid to make enough money for a good retirement because the kid has still got time in the work force and then we will find out what becomes of it and how much of a joke it still is in the shop floor of parliament from then on. I do get asked if I am not afraid of Politicians but itís never really a straight case of being afraid of them or not; there are people from ethnic minorities who behave in the same incredibly stupid ways that I stay away from but need to chase me around like chicken in the backyard for sexual abuse satisfaction, so when I twist their case hard enough they joined the military and got hurt by the enemy to do my stuff thereby keeping the hands off while I get it cleaned up as the Military does not really look like that Ė so I have kept those at a distance and had the academics destroyed by and hence leaving me stuck with the white ones as well. It is usually said I talk about it because I am afraid, the truth is that I do because I am a Christian who does not want it festering in my mind when I have not yet made a decision on it - I mean I have seen people put up advertisement with Christmas lights because they were told to keep off my equities if they enjoyed hurting me so much, same case of CV faking, women hating, society loving goons running large companies; will not let me sell my Books and will not share the salary and nobody knows what it wants but the Politicians are the ones who have not yet realised a fight with the Government Offices are usually the answer for every problem.

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