Now I am told that I have not started taking seriously the fact people are growing to regard me as a hate figure because I took it for granted. This is not the case naturally, they think money is the motivation for my actions and some of them even think that power is the motivation for my actions but the motivation for my actions is time – nobody cares about their gimmicks around here, the important thing is that if somebody was to be in 3rd grade, he ends up in 3rd save reasons that can be explained and followed up. In my case I finished my first Book in 2009 and we are still talking about abusive gimmicks that can allow media control peoples finances through violent lasciviousness in 2021 because my finances not matching my work is mismatched that badly on account of their involvement with it. It is all the just practical jokes, some gimmicks involving big brothers and big sisters, over my earning margins about which I have warned them enough times of an outcome where they showed up one day to hand over how they conducted their filthy professional lives without worrying about the smell issues, at which stage they will get it back in hell as it were. The whole thing really eventually lies on the door step of the Politicians that have never stopped facilitating it, especially the female ones and of the females the labour Party; these are characters that have played out the wild thing political treachery gimmicks on my finances for 16 years and are now complaining of a three year response, after the effect was that I was rounded up and trapped like an animal, then forced to pay attention to them to such an extent that I would not have a career if I didn’t – so it’s the responses we are complaining about now and when finished with it, I believe they will be in a position to decide how we proceed into the future if they continued. It does this all the time, complete mess of people careers and whilst it knows it has worked hard enough to achieve results where whole communities worked violent lasciviousness over a person’s tummy, when it sees me, it will pull strings and I will become agitated, I will be in pain and a lot of distress, it will smell something and claim I fart in Public, a man of my size and calibre, kicking people in the teeth when people are down while talking nonsense about a war on women that existed in its head. Then the outcome will be a case concerning its community gits having access to my concerns which people claim made everything I did about the destruction of my work worthless – it is something I have to face in pretty much every aspect of my work, something about the need to build their own version of what I am doing so that they might get involved with it to any extent they wanted and it gives rise to an outcome where I can only move it on when I shut down the boasting about my so called cowardice and their prowess on media all the time for it, by means of taking control of something that allows them carry on and I bet it will be the sort of thing that prevents them from suffering smell issues and then each time they approached me I hand it to somebody else and it went round in circles, they could never get it back and so would their lives. How does a person go from writing Book of Equities to making sense of his entire career by looking the part about talking and acting as though he wished to enter a situation that suggested he had gained some sort of academic qualification in the art of bullying? This is how it happens: it picks up my academic work to explain its problems, I end up dropping out of University for it, then it goes to town on the business of running me down and breaking me down until I am low enough to do it; so the society ones are now complaining about the consequences of following me around to wreck the career, then get off to complain to Politicians about my attitude but we have not yet secured a wide spread complain from the Industry, media and City centre gits get as it were. They do ask this question of what I wanted but it was an old story about making sure they looked the part of a group of goons that want to make money by being famous without working for it – if publicity to show work I had done to indicate they were too old to be popular were to replace the insanity they surround my public life with, I would be pleased indeed. I think that when I am finished, the Public will love me. The wider picture was the one about the economic conditions, where the recession made us look like we were all the same – doctors, journalists and social workers shopped in pretty much the same way it assumed, normally if the structures of government are working, one would think it only needed governmental hard work which was an honour to engage in but the way they have taken it and worked it out such that they were able to access, handle and pick peoples careers for their own benefit, giving rise to this situation playing into the fear that recession might lead to civil war, is one of the biggest justifications for what I want. For my part it all started going downhill when I dropped out of University, which I could either hurry back to finish or find other ways to raise funds for my needs which had the same effect at the other end – so there is evidence to show that as long as these people having enjoyed abuse of my person and career for the last 16 year, continued to enjoy a process of making a mess of my Bookshop sales figures without consequences, it will never stop and I too wish to show that gimmick about controlling my income had never worked and that it does not actually get better for them as a person grows older.

They claim I think they became journalists and Celebrities by being cowards such as myself which is utter nonsense as what happens is that they were lucky enough not to face consequences of their abusive popularity because most of their victims did not think about doing it to them as well; so there was none hounding them on the way sociological aspects of the way they attended University and went out for lunch with their friends, ought to belong to somebody that was more worthy, hence what they believe is that my mind I damaged, so I cannot work mine anymore, graduate and get into a work environment to grow from stage to stage on it, spending money on the health while ripping up other people’s health to maintain my superiority. They do claim that when I respond in such ways, bearing in mind the academic environment had to be that toxic and I cannot be allowed to study outside it, so they spend my time getting imagination up my bum and running off abusive gimmicks that got me spending my energy to clear out their popularity stupidities, garnished withs stupid German influence idiots taking their narcissism to the next level, that when I respond like this I am more vulnerable to women , while we know women usually have sex with people whom they believed they shared most of what they did and such persons therefore had the upper hand when all the issued had been added up, thus women who had sex with people that were at a disadvantage were not good women, either way which we know my reputation on media facilitated people being able to choose their girlfriends as though their gene pool was at risk by trashing my career, therefore I hang about a hermitage looking for sex. Most of the time it is good and sound and ready to go, until the idiots get in touch to tell me what to do. There are other pressure points too, like when I am some hermit and it turned out the first 10 years of their 19 year onslaught was spent on punishing me for suggesting God will not be served by what they had overtly handed in to the Devil, so what is happening now must be meant to show that God only looks at their Heart and mine does not matter but it’s the same group of people who in a Church environment were the main facilitators of the processes by which people could hang about a safe environment pushing me into criminal activity and then showing up here later to grab my earnings over some punishment associated with embarrassing things I had done – it does not surprise me but becomes a main issue when they raise matters about my relationship with the opposite sex which is none of their fame vice business. It was always going to grow into an attrition; this is a group of people whose dreams of seeing me come up with idea that they stole to get rich with is to intense that they held back the progression of my Bookshop to work a perverted publicity on patent awareness until it was possible to move public interest from those patents somewhere else where they would have liked to spend it on themselves – they do need to stop educating me about what I have done, I know what I have done; I know that if they stopped handling me they would drop down to obscurity, such that the bad reputation they updated every day would add to their age and make it even more difficult to transition to a regular job, although I feel pity for it, I don’t think that their ego will allow them keep off my Books and cease making comments on my social life and public image either, of which none knows why the ego is so important but for some reason it never pays the bills.

They do love to claim I am in denial of the pitfalls of female leadership and it is so unbearably annoying especially when I think of it in terms of the way that dropping out of University which was the beginning of all their problems and mine, was not such a big deal because they were popular. So it is fair to say that being so fed up with it would indicate I have reached that stage here, more so considering facts that have been dug out above, where I think that the next time they got in touch with me to tell me what to do, which is a follow on those stupidities where I travel to an area of town and upon return to it years later, found them waiting to discipline me on account my life had affected other people’s lives, although positively, without permission, the entire time which they were half my age, blowing off the big mouth about female leadership while none was stopping them deploying the extra energy and time  that female leadership facilitates on something that made more sense, there will be trouble on my part to accompany it and the problems will go beyond the business of stealing their loo, after which I steal their careers as well all together. I mean it does love to blab about how I am not in any position to fight anything or fight for anything of which I do understand what drug dealers mean when it cannot keep its mouth shut on that front too. I do get asked what brings this about all together but it’s an old story of what people say to themselves – we see it all the time when people are think they are gay and believe others don’t know when somebody is forcing people to do something for instance, it’s a matter of the way people speak of the female community until they ended up in such a disturbed mental state that they thought the problem with their personal lives was to do with the actions of others. As for the business of not being in a position to fight for anything; we wouldn’t be here at all if the Politicians did not stop me from defending myself years ago, of which it is never nice, full of lies and claims I was deploying the work of government operatives to get into a fight on the streets, on the other hand of which they shouldn’t be doing these things but have a stupid crowd behind them that offered incentives for it and helped them force me into doing their bidding – so here I am unable to defend myself from them because Politicians stopped it and there they are making trouble for everybody which they shouldn’t because a community if providing the incentive, it is a big problem for Politicians to handle and the Politicians decided handling it meant tackling me, which is the reasons everybody is to fed up with me at this stage since the effect on my finances suggested they were spending my time on it – so if it really wants to find out, it may get in touch to tell me what to do especially when it wants to blab about pitfalls of female leadership one more time.

I mean they do love the boasting but annoyingly, after all the property and career destruction none of their financially well off persons stupidities adds up; it will say that I face complications associated with not having a privileged background but then it gets off to pick up my market place and the public interest in it to make money while building me publicity that suggests I ought to pick up a lifestyle that showed I had given it up to them due to my involvement with them, of which the two do not add up at all, between what difficulties arise when I didn’t have privileged background and what I am meant to do to ensure they made my money instead of me and when all is calm, it makes statements about what I have suffered being something I had deserved for some magical bad things I had done, as soon as it has picked up my market place to make money all over again – it gets to the stage where they think they had destroyed this Hermitage and its Empire, so they set about doing it with alongside a processes of company rebranding in order to get rid of me and they always claim that they do it because Celebrities hated me, which again does not add up. They do claim I am not necessarily innocent in the matter and I never said I was, I was responding to the boasting I had to deal with, the boasting that was costing me my financial wellbeing while they performed this nonsense – since the purpose of stuffing their heads with what I am thinking over their incessant need to handle my person and my concerns as a tool for solving their own financial problems, had an effect where each time people fooled around with their tummy, it was the end of their leadership positions at Industry. The culture gits will be a matter of the filthiest aspects of culture being played out on my career and financial matters – it’s either I am dealing with jack in a box or I am dealing with the woman in the shoe or I am dealing with the House that jack built, of which the House that Jack built aspects was specifically the one that leads to out gimmicks where big brother laden me with finer points of homosexuality, get criminals to get in touch with me, run around the criminal backyard pushing off popular culture at my expense and makes sense of his professionally furnished apartment by getting imagination up my bum to spend my day clearing out consequences of his popularity while blowing off the big mouth about how it all happened and I were incapable of doing a thing because I was afraid of their stupidities. I have been clear as pointed out in the previous paragraph; I think that the point of real clash will eventually arise when each time they were done with their insane behaviour at my expense, they got off making a point about the pitfalls of female leadership, which will likely progress it from an outcome where each day I woke up to the financial complications their stupidities created for me, they will face more of what I know and lose leadership positions at Industry, into something of an outright clash, over school yard bullies have taken your lunch box gimmicks that seems to be happening when we are adults.

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