There is the story of course of how what this Company and its Literary Empire is all about is a case of opening markets for others to deploy - this is media and has no basis on truth or reality and there will be even less of that when the source is black or African. The reality is that there is two group of Industries in the matter and one of them right down to popular culture singers who always must be famous and the homosexuals thrive on the destruction of New Companies because they do not believe that work and success go hand in hand when you need to display success by decadence and so their pop stars will never stop making contraptions with which to mop up company market until it is completely exhausted right down to the CEO's Personality, the other side are simple Industries that welcome the company and the CEO because they want to identify with the talent; these two groups have nothing to do with Company Business and or trading as such but because the former is so good as property equity destruction especially the celebrities, it has become an issue in which settling is a prime objective - so we have finished with the first stage whereby only the poorest of them will make progress because they are the only ones that do not have as much trouble on their hands and of course following that will be a matter of how much success they deserve to have which we all know is a function of what they deserve but it is always better to be prepared than to be sorry.

So the sense I have lost touch with Industry is really false as the reality is that people cannot do anything when they are preoccupied with me and need to leave me alone and get on as this company is still the only thing in the world at present that offers detachment of capitalist economies from Communist ones and of course people can create their own as well entirely at their own expense. I hear it is said the big fear is that people are terrified of what the Monarchy might do about my work and the nature of it, they even site various examples from the history of the UK between Monarchs and Priests but of course I have every approval to do what I do and the Monarchy does not need to approve my books as it is not that relevant to the Monarchy itself all together to that extent, otherwise it would have rather been expected that it is the Monarchy only that will buy copies of it - as mentioned earlier people have to choose and they are rather getting tired of bad and evil behaviour all together as well, which is much credit to them for my part.

Of course it is not true that I am always comfortable with any state of affairs in any Country, what is true is that I cannot be free from being bullied until it becomes an industrial advantage to those who do it on grounds they are immoral and like money while I like religion and God - so that when I tell them about things I would not appreciate seeing them do with my possessions, doing those things become a major preoccupation for them, hence we have reached a point where they need to enforce their position while I enforce mine as well and so the Politicians have realised as well they will solve nothing by denying their activities are either happening or have become a pandemic. They however have reached a point where they boast about their activities with extortion nonsense that exists only with bouts of insults and very abusive punishments and tempered with a need to be somewhere in other peopleís personal lives - likewise the Politicians have realised I will never stop punishing them each time they are seen fostering it as well, itís only a matter of the point these kinds of behaviours reach and nothing about being comfortable with states of affairs.

I understand I should see my activities as cries over spilled Milk of course but it is really cheeky coming from that ball that rolls up from Industry to knock off all friend and allies I am having concerns with to grab all my attention but then again they do say I am not fully integrated into the UK which is very rich coming from people who use other peopleís lives to get things done because they have problems or are desperate or just plain lazy, here however it gets better because itís all good pinching peoples anus and penis and tummy and body parts especially breasts and hips to pervert them because they have needs but the reality is that they want to be King but do not want to pay like all customers should, so this is my problem i.e. they are simply not paying and when they say such things it creates an air that suggests I really need to make them very uncomfortable indeed - otherwise those I hire to sell my books for me should face no problems cashing into the market equities and securities that I secured for the products on my patents as recorded on this site. On a personal note I really do not know why the media loves to make these differences out between eBooks and real books at my expense ripping up my sales in the process all the time; its celebrities and trade writers that need eBooks the most because they write books that can be anything and sell it to people who are book worms and book worms relish the chance to read anything and because Industry has access to these book worms, their grand plan is always to get rich writing books, so they know that if the books go beyond a certain cost the consumers will not give them that money hence eBooks fit their market well and I do not have a problem with it for my part as well; in retrospect, I never really planned to be a writer, I mean it occurred to me at 14 of course but dissipated soon after that anyway, I just found myself in a place where I am stuck between having to say the same things to people three times in about 2 years before they understand what I meant fully and then the result of which is that they start blaming me for changing their lives and not being there enough as well - so I had to ensure I had a choice about it and they had a choice about it and the best way was to put pen to paper and get a token in return for it. Itís the same old problem that is not necessarily detached from racism and other forms of violent evil discrimination, that people want to live in other peopleís personal space to get relief from the problems they created for themselves as a result of wandering around with wicked deeds and general deviance and when they have entire Political parties backing them up the result is always that when I write books they want to write books so - when I speak of the career effects thereof the religious and personal life effects become the bane of their civil and criminal disobedience, when I speak of the religious and personal life effect career effects become the bane of their civil and criminal disobedience and they start to site areas of the Bible itself that gives me power over them and turn out in politics to find their destruction amusing because there is so much damage to do and so little consequences as there is very little I can do about them; they like to name it social equality, I like to name it damages which is why they suffer so much as a result of my actions and some of them have chased their stupidities to the bitter end. For me handling them came alongside that threat that I walk around with the glory of my aesthetics as if I am their boss when I am not - I mean not walking towards them or walking into their lives or homes, just walking around brings it about, so that when you avoid them they take their stupidities too seriously and get the Politicians to help - these things happen because while you are trying to run a business others think it is the point of fun that concerns getting connected with Industry. Itís never really a big problem; itís a matter of what people have time for and if I had the time to look into school children with a need to hate the hate figures first before they feel they have the confidence to fit in with their mates for which I am chosen by their Politicians because I am a Christian who has a problem with his parent and now this subsequent need to become writers as well on account they see me write books and so on for which I should met out what I feel and think about their entire Communities to improve the situation, this matter would never have become a topic for conversation - having said that, customer is King when they pay up and these fools are always hanging around not paying up and this is where the problems will begin for them as well, currently their Politicians are arguing with me because they think I do not know what I am talking about and so that I do not know what I am angry with hence that puts me in the wrong and others I accuse according to them in a position of defence. So all together there is always this sense there is my Company and then there are the Industries and these idiots are taking over and my Company is sacrificed for fuel and for the number of times I am challenged and what I say is rubbished, we must now accept the next time they talk nonsense about me handling other peopleís companies and put their insolent girls up on a violent advertisement pertaining to me we will find out what they are made of as well.

They do claim none of my problems will improve unless the problems of poor people in the world have been resolved but I would not know anyway - the first part of this issue was deciding the kind of economy we will have as a planet after the recession and they had to join in and decide as well because it is the way I wanted it and it did not fare very well for them either, now they think that setting out a clear facts and realities around equities I have brokered with Industry and informing them of the results and where the end product is supposed to be or lead means I have taken the teeth away from them so that civil rights idiots can destroy peopleís lives and property as much as they liked, it has no foundation on reality, so we are making progress. Itís never really been an issue: the Half Priest Royal has female fans who have come to the deduction they need to be fundamentally disrespectful of other peopleís possessions is not to say any conservative or socialists villainous idiot can get involved too - they think this is the 1980s or 1990s and we can see their democratic and Liberal American Presidents assume so too.

I am naturally very familiar with the story that this is not a business but as I have mentioned before, what really happens is that when I offer people my Books, they want to spend their time reading previews, trying their hands on being me and doing the job I did to write the Books in the first place. So have I also mentioned that I have not been selling any Books to the Big Businesses that are reputed for picking up my Public life and Royal Equity property and developing them at will, so if brokerage with them is to turn out in the future to have become a temporary thing because it is costing me and the British Government Money, then so be it but in hindsight I have not been selling any Books in their direction but have been in the direction of small businesses, so I ought to operate where I am successful. As for the boo Boys, itís an old story where I get convinced that I am doing the wrong thing when I handle their own to create an outcome in which they have less rights than their parents did but even so, we have still ended up as disobediently as possible with a damaged business and their Media arrangements facilitating the profitability of their envy through the dream jobs they have being used to attack me and mine on account they took advantage of me to make the connections that brought it about in the first place and therefore it is just their nature. So they work with their friends to make out I am on borrowed time and was supposed to have lost the Royal Property, which makes no sense whatsoever Ė all I know about this bit being that I have made myself clear about such feelings in my direction anyway i.e. they have not been working on those insane companies they have because I have been distracting them from doing so over the last decade, what they hope to achieve now is a loss of Royal Property all together. As for the tale that Women on Media are always complaining about me however; what we have is a situation where it has always been clear that the pain associated with my position is where it is because it is absolutely necessary but what we will end up with is teenagers turning up on Talent shows to scream their problems and stupidities all over my Royal business, take advantage of me to make money, then get married and have children and spend their time showing they are more important as they are more successful; so apparently if they are complaining, then we must be making progress: the ones that are in pain at the moment - the power fun is the Eastern and Communist supporters, up next for it is the Western and American ones, the advice is that they need to get a job soon and lay off. The Media Bosses are just the remnants of a bygone period in this matter but they are an example of the characters and paedophiles in their ranks; where it plays out in Society to suggest the most fun they can have as a community is finding out if they can prevent others from having or keeping jobs, while the most dishonour they can suffer is losing theirs as though it is up to other people if they do or not and at the moment are convinced I do not know them well enough to settle the fact they think my Public life is in the hands of the racists in their neighbourhoods (it has always been a Political paedophilia with them - best friends are useless people who think civil rights means trapping young people in cycles of financial insanity to extricate a future they had lost, now they have got it all covered as I am an adult and they have got other young people to look after at my expense - it is undeniable the contribution they make to Child abuse in the world and there is no fact to support that nonsense about a need for a new Country and a World of creativity that is loved when it blossoms but people hate when it begins or grows, they know nothing of it).

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