Eventually I get told I would fancy all those women I do not like very much if they were making me money but we all know it may take five years to get everything ready and in that time another person will be preparing all sorts of obfuscates around me that allows them despite my right to exist and operate in that way when I am ready and then the changes I need to make such as being a man who runs business like a man not a woman for instance will take another three years and there will be another measure of their stupidities to test me at the end of that too; so any normal person could have easily predicted how I am likely to respond to such things or how I am now likely to handle a case of being made rich by these fools. Itís the other stuff they do that draws the attention to extreme extents i.e. changing the essence of the description I have put to products that I have set out to provide a service by, which then allows them to wallow in their senselessness to a stage where they forget themselves and start to get violent towards me over what they want, a stupid American Media led nonsense. The most important insult to come from it is usually one of how the world has waited long enough and my career had passed to somebody else and anything I would likely do would have been done in confidence that the State will exact vengeance on my behalf while I am a coward. We all know these idiots have come in contact with Books I have written which do not do them any favours and we all know they want to be seen around these Books all the time too Ė never mind the blacks talking nonsense about how nothing I do makes any sense because they control me whereas it is largely a measure of which stories they claim is fact about lies I tell concerning the evils of the Royal Family and its involvement in slavery and slave trade whereas all its stupid days are spent on vice and since it knows it could always not live in that way, what it gives to younger people it learns something from to boost its fucking income is a lot of violation and abuse and hence cannot keep its mouth shut when I sack its own all the way to International community corridors as well. I mean itís the same prognosis all of the time i.e. bad upbringing leads to civil and criminal disobedience, that will lead to failure and then the persecution of religious people soon after, then that will lead to institutionalised disobedience that gives way to violent behaviour which results in war and you know that even if these fools had gotten what they wanted somewhere along the line, they will still complete the process anyway hence whenever it starts you are facing a conflict either way, a career I have lost, since they are Princes first and then lose careers to their stupidities considering they want to get hurt. In the end they say I love my servitude where I deploy my own property to get things done and still face prospects of losing a job being sacked by the Monarchy but we all know that just as they mark me out as somebody whose tummy they can churn later on claiming they control me and celebrities can have anything wanted from my Public image Ė this nonsense is meant to allow them spend time with clients without cracking up and making bad smells but they could always not tell so many senseless and violent and small lies to begin with in the first place. For me however it is either I had worked for the Queen or I hadnít and I would fancy they didnít create obscurities into how I operate whenever they think respect is the difficult bit; I already have people pick up what I get up to and deploy it to liaise with Celebrities that end up in my Court when they are not already there and the same with Fashion Models and some Popularity people I had selected Ė these are meant to control broadcasting vandalism that everybody is complaining about without these scum imagining their fingers up my bum all of the time, besides which on a personal side I tend to let my information end up with culture and society people before I write Books that do not do them any favours to run an Intellectual property administration business and would like it if they neither change that on their stupid media nor change the descriptions I have put to the Books that do not do them any favours in the first place a stupid American Media led nonsense. I hear the complain that I never mention a warning first before I act but we all know what really happens is that they think everybody should exist according to the connections they have so idiots like these can play games of rich getting richer and poor getting poorer at the expense of those who will be thrown to the dogs when it blows up Ė the connections of which they have only got the 3 to 5 bedroom flat ones as it were.

Now they do say I bring it upon myself of course, which is utter nonsense as what happens is society goons playing with me and so when it has eventually done some damage, it realises it has made me feel tired every time and has started talking about haring soft arse shit like me, so I decide every time they show up they will know what I know and an end to their stupidities as well Ė what then happens being a group of fools who claimed the media job was their dream job and they would not mind hurting somebody to keep it, lend it to what actually does not concern them here to manipulate me over that stupid greed they are famous so and then I end up with another group of idiots who make out my career has been stolen and somebody has to get famous from it; reality still remains that even if I were homeless and had a corner made of cardboard boxes and sat there to write Books, I would still have had my patents provide me a ring fencing system that lets me work in peace without being troubled by peopleís behaviour towards the products in that condition as well Ė so we see the reason they do it is that my Books are to them some sort of addiction in a world where they do not wish to fall to mediocrity and yet what their problem is with the process of paying for a copy of their own beats the imagination all together, the Mediocrity. Then we hear I look like I can beat up anything that comes my way which encourages them and itís so annoying when they say that as it thus goes beyond blabbing about handling my Books because my patents would have been respected if they were well known, it becomes a case of the fact that each time they copy me, copy my behaviour, copy my work and all that copying, I am left with a dilemma where I do not wish to lose the Royals who rely on the fact I am one of them to get things done while every second I spend with their famous insanity is a waste of time no matter how good the services they get off it and still I cannot make a decision about how it should operate; they are so stupid it spends years of my time displaying public place cynicism over my Books while I wait until I become mentally ill on account they needs the Books, then start to make out its position to be one associated with a person that is famous, making it quite clear itís a matter of a group of idiots who have no plans to work for their money and do not seem to recognise my right to protect my Books from them especially when Politicians and media fools have given them some assurance over their stupid behaviour.

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