So I hear they say I claim celebrities do not do any work at all for their Money; the reality of course is that the days I used to work as hard as they do were the days I used to wonder about people thinking what I said was correct but it turned out to be wrong at a later date; the evil of Celebrity and opportunistic freedom idiots is that in some way they know how to dig up something I said years ago to explore whether or not I am thinking it was correct or wrong and when this behaviour means that they rip up my finances and I have to do it over again, then I have been pushed beyond what I can take and they have linked that with making money or having a place in the world, which is why it is as annoying as it is. I do not believe it to be a crisis, they work hard alright when it comes to working on people instead of their jobs. I for my part have to apply Equity property to find out how it works at society and when I return build the equity in a way that deals with the social issues and extricates intellectual property administration solutions and then write them out in a way that does not lose the property security content; my average day starts at 11.00 am ranting and fighting Politicians off financial vandalism of my Company and ends on average at 00.30, at the end of which I do not get paid because democracy and celebrity has been working on me instead of their jobs, when done I have to attend another job to help me pay my bills in the meantime – so these idiots do work and they do work hard, but only when they are working on others instead of their jobs.

The Church ones reached a stage in which they are preaching me instead of the Gospel at some point – after all that nonsense about finding out when I end my fasts and then extending it with some problem process of getting in my way to get some blessings started paying off; they will name me the Anti-Christ next according to what current facts suggest. They however say I work on People instead of my Job too and it is utter nonsense as the reality is that I want to fast and pray and write my divine Books, only for them to popular culture move into my right hand to take it over even when they are homosexuals, for attention that normally shows they are incapable of simply letting other people be and so the Books are about them now and they cannot handle it, which is neither my problem; they have needs obviously but never work for it, if they do any work for anything it has to be about moving into my right hand to dwell there permanently and now the Books are about their interference while the marketing of it is about them - I have been cleansed of that my Faith that gets in their Eyes they say and so are they unable to handle this, hence we are even. They can never be famous with the background they have and they know it, running popular culture on other persons public life to make money can be tolerated but when the Politician ones take steps to ensure the threats begin, that is when it all has to be accounted for; I do not think there will ever be a soul that turns up on this Company or any aspect of my concerns to figure out their personal problems and get away with it: nothing gets involved with me unless they have a copy of my Book(s) in hand. These goons however have made their point i.e. they want to make me do things with nothing until they build a history with it, of which I cannot be caught dead in such a condition but it is the one where they never had but is being used by me to get things done which we are complaining about at the moment - so their ambition to move into my right hand and dwell there permanently is in order too. For the Celebrities the purpose of my entire time is when I get hurt while they set up Counter measures for anything I might do about it - for the civil rights ones it goes right up to assessing me to find I have the same skin colour as they do, which then brings it on. I do not think this matter that much of a crisis as such – I can always set myself up as a very high headed haughty Upper Class scumbag and then it will get to a point where people no longer solve personal problems with jobs I am currently doing as they have no respect for me, have industry connections and know where my anus and penis is therefore regularly drive by fingering my bum to give me ideas that suggest they want me to ensure absolutely everything I do causes them pain as well and any further pushing and shoving will cause it to go hay wire and then it will get better. It is not as if I am the innocent party either; I do regularly stop short of telling them to get along with their fellow Middle Classes and leave alone by setting out why on earth the government thinks slashing benefits to make people work is acceptable while they are happy to sit in an expensive restaurant in the Middle of Town scrutinising every detail of the service they are getting to express their level of indulgence and wealth. It’s the insults which leave their Children with personality problems they claim is my fault as well obviously - I mean is it that they actually believe these lies they tell or that they are just provoking me, whereby I am not worthy of anything and do not even work as hard as Celebrities who work harder than most people realise do?

I do not think it is a complicated matter, it’s all just far more real than people want to cling to my Book sale incomes and give it credit for apparently; it’s an old tale of the fact Boys like to make things and Girls like to create fun but these idiots just like to create trouble and it is practically the only thing that they know; so their idea of fun is spying on you while at work and coming up with very hurtful and distracting games of which they are nice when they are taking some stuff off that heads of yours and using it to drive their Cars around Town to spread it around or move into my right hand all together since their foolishness is what I create the peace and quiet in this Office for and we are not talking about the insults of the Media one as per gestures to the left or right; it is what they understand as the idea of creating fun like Women do and when I mention it the Conversation I want to end around my concerns here will only get extended by their disobedience, while they want to do nothing else save Media and Popular culture of throwing questions at me about their conveniences all day long and so I do have to come to the conclusion that it will never improve if they are not struggling financially and it is the point at which we are now. All I am saying here is that I am in control of it all; their idea of creating fun like Women do, in order to get involved with me is stretching me and spreading me around and at a later date coming up with how to insert products into my Public life and get rich and as for the Media ones, I will have been trying to end the conversation like I am at the moment but it will only get extended by their disobedience and a process of gesturing me left and right and so all together the main issue is that these things have now reached a stage where they can never trade or get jobs or earn a living unless they are stealing my secretes to share with manufacturing Industries and Fashion Industries and Celebrities and driving around insolent saloon cars with a camp on the left and another one on the right to get away with and rob it in my face, be narcissistic happy and get connected to get rich, do advertisement and have businesses and I feel that it will never stop unless they are struggling financially. Sometimes they appear to be almighty Men and claim it is a matter of being punished for a lack of respect towards those who have achieved more - all I want the idiots to do is stay off my Public life and clear my space, not get around testing me so. They do make this excuse that I refuse to recognise a Class Barrier is in place and hence encourage it but if there was one, I would not end up with a Business that is doing well except financially as it would have meant they kept to themselves and their stupid hands off my bum too and allowed others be. It has always been a simple case of having 30 years according to my stock, by which to raise my pension - having given them Ten already and needing an inventory to move on, I now have 35 and so I know I need to work fast and hard to get them off my back but for some strange reason, they want to work hard and fast to keep themselves there and blow off a big mouth at me about a lack of respect for those who have achieved more; I hear do not deny that I hear it all of the time i.e. that I expect to just get off and collect a pension at the expense of people like them and it does tend to mean they are starting another reason to complain about me on the global stage, since I will have sooner taken steps to ensure their stupid Money does not contaminate the World's stock just in case I need to earn a living but they can only finish with their insults and start a Celebrity routine which will ensure I can never recover my finances, so I might find out what makes them tick all together. We hear it’s all power; it is not power, just very well organised disobedience, Corporate idiots always want City corporate amnesia to accompany their own, these idiots just want profitability of violence and a process where I and the Politicians adopt a convenient amnesia on their behalf and there is no way that can happen when I need to pay my Bills, so they can always bend mine into uncomfortable positions and turn out in Public to want me that way and there will be no trouble with the Men, the bigger the better as it were as well.

I hear that I need money so desperately that I am being made to give away everything I have for it - not true; I do not need Money desperately and am not giving away anything; I am a Half Priest and if I do not feel I am selling Books as a Half Priest nobody is buying no matter how much they want it and neither is One selling any Books on the stupidities of other people’s Public sensibilities which he has to manage at Public duties as it were. I do not like Popular culture for instance but since it is being forced on me always wait until it makes me insane and then and make people miserable to find out what it is exactly they can do - it has come to a point where the American and African ones especially are struggling with me for their freedom that they will get back from me in hell, when we can clearly see that they are able to make another one anyway. Then we hear them speak of discrimination issues as well whereas there is only the greed that wants people to go to war to defend its family and friends and belongings on one hand and the greed that wants to offer itself to war to protect family and friends and belongings on the other and we can see that even when their uses are National service the way the Americans are ever so good at forcing others to diversify and be inclusive, it is those who have favoured them and their characters from the part of society where the criminals are likely to come from, that tend to complain about it the most. In the end there is talk of celebrities I ignore to deal with; of which there is no such case – what really happens is that these goons get involved with my concerns to do their own business and do their own stuff; so the bit where there is always a case of those who are being selfish being treated in a certain way especially on social media develops into a barrier that means if a celebrity is mad about me and makes five pictures about it 3 weeks earlier, I am still unable to respond to it 5 weeks later, giving them the premise for those insults where they say they want to be a part of what I am doing but I am not in control; whereby when I am not in control I am unable to engage with people and unable to sell my Books, therefore broke. Pretty much the same as that story that runs endlessly that I am in some power game with the Americans when there is only a process of their need to make out that I am while what happens is usually that being involved with loving American stuff is a risk that one might push them over the edge when they are caught up with matters of disillusionment and confusion which so quickly degenerates into violence in the US – so the gap has to exist where people have the time to think carefully about their actions and I have not got much space from a Royal Office to be obsessed with America by; Obama was in love with it, no co-operation from Trump means massive disappointments as we can see: criminals pounding it while Liberal and Socialist antagonism fans the flames, complete with features where they have no other ways of responding to the problem save inventing somebody to blame for it while they glorify themselves in Public, the part where they did tend to give it a rest all together as it were. We hear them claim they want to get over me and it is so difficult to, likely to lead to violence with that big mouth but I did not sell any Books in the last 24 hours on account they have needs and are borrowing my very existence all together. They always say I am disrespectful because what I think of them in never readily obvious i.e. nobody who get about grabbing the public image space of big companies and making it into personal property and then setting it out as an auspice to get around abusing me by – my bottom hurts and they do not have a reason for it blowing off the big mouth about disrespect. In the end they have not been working on those businesses that get to their heads in the last 13 years or so – they are full of regrets on what they could have done, it is killing them and making them sick, so I am advising them to see I do not have a Literary agent for my Business Empire and entirely rely on the Court systems and social media they love to mess up all the time; it is a business empire I have to look after, they need to stop looking into the profit margins on my behalf, hang up the hat and retire like the boasting about the amount of money they have which warrants their abusive insults I have to put up with all the time; I do not know who they are, we are not related to each other in anyway and I do not owe them a debt, their case and disposition is not my problem, if their stupidities talks nonsense about their peoples people over my sales margins and shrinks my Estate income margins, I will cut their own to pieces once again. All together we are getting closer and closer to that stage where it will be the Books on one hand and their jobs on the other; when the Books suffer, their jobs suffer as well until they start to see that I can play around with their salaries if I wanted to – it is something I have warned them will happen over the 30 days of July 2017, all of the 24 hours of it. In the end it needs my Books to use for its profits, it needs it right away but has not got the time to read the Books itself because it is such a difficult and complex read that requires a lot of emotional energy, let alone buy a copy of his own and it needs and needs and needs and you get the sense that it needs like that every day abusively, destroying everything here because it is a fashion fool or famous idiot, to say it wants to get over me because it thinks I am finished: so when looked at in a more objective way, what I am saying is that my business is bad, academics is failing, finances are in a state because of another person’s laziness and these are supposed to have been the idiots who think they have achieved so much they have earned the right to discipline others and tell people how to exist. They speak of how it goes all the way to the Military of course which is an old story; like nobody else knows that not everybody who has served at National services will likely think they do not deserve an extra gain from those they helped to protect, I am only wondering what others are doing thinking the purpose of their Media jobs is to brew publicity for such things every single day, blabbing about their investments and the need to show the companies they have bought shares from, that they are doing their part to deserve the money they are being paid as dividend etc, never mind the straight up media insults sales abuses.

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