I am aware of this case of my personality suggesting I am really tough which is something I need to kill before it causes more problems but there is no such personality; what happens is that the goons who feel others have no right to be happy people because they suck the life out of every atmosphere always like they did to create themselves the existence they have today, set out to make friends with Politicians and reboot their lost lifestyle Ė this means I get targeted all the time to be provoked into reacting in a way politicians will find unsavoury and then that will let them whisper into the ears of Politicians and then make connections at a later date, which has now developed to a point where I am being threatened every time it is about to dry up. The Politicians do the same things too but their own involves a plan to get criminals rehabilitating themselves to get into the good books of the authorities at my expense and at the end of which I myself will be rehabilitated out of that Public image of mine that they actually want; so it has reached that stage where I get asked if I think I will survive a fight with Politicians whereas all there is to it is the fact they just get out in public places picking off peopleís lives to run their careers with and if they are deploying their own lives to run their careers with, will be picking off peopleís lives to have sex with Ė it builds enough senselessness that makes them radical scumbags that like to threaten people and have strange views about some ethnic communities, I am only worried about what stage of their provocation will push me into making a decision about it, otherwise I am certain a fight wouldnít last. They always like to blab of how they are dealing with extremism and I need to be out where I do not have to deal with it for everybody but we all know what happens is that having a conversation with people about what you know and can do usually lasts 30 seconds before it is replaced by a heightened sense of things where people are talking about which level of violence they can wade and nobody is paying these idiots to do it either as such. Especially when it gives way to the fact they find it impossible to make pictures of celebrities without encourages the scumbags to pose on your public image and wreck your life every single time while they make very stupid retarded people famous on it and get you to see yourself on glossy magazines at the shops all the time despite being told you find it very distressing. The natural bit is simply to ignore their advances until the advances which clearly never stop, makes no sense whatsoever but that will never happen while these radical twisted Political scum spend all their time in Public places building you senselessness that can be used to restrict your finances and provoke you in a personal way by a corruption that does not want anything from you specifically, only to see what you will do about them; it becomes an old story where they need to shelve their fucking insults unless they are paying my Bills. As for black people; for some reason a Royal Estate and a Literary Empire and a Princess Lover and a Trust system does not give my life a meaning because I am being violently grafted by the retarded idiots in the worst possible and violent ways imaginable that will ensure it is shared until I am inferior to them, leaving me sore all over especially around my private area which pain is then extended to any who gets involved with me in a bid to take the Industries associated away, stop the involvement of celebrity friends, kill off the Book sales and pretend the devil is powerful and I will in like manner cut to pieces every Politics and society and culture and media that supports their cause and supports their case until they complain about feeling they are unprotected as though it is my problem as well and then see what becomes of it from there too.

I get told putting my information out like these makes matter worse and not better with media, which is not really the case: it makes matters better because these guys never learn, they never learn the part where people are supposed to provide a service and get paid for it and then get out of bed the next day to provide another one, their obsession is more of making people provide those services and then not get paid but the services are used anyway, then get those people to get out of bed the day after to provide another one, which like to look upon as fundamental corruption that does not want anything in particular but is interested mostly in seeing what the victim will do, then find that it has not been paying its stupid bills and work out how to use the victim to do it all for no reason except the fact it is frustrated about how its stupid life has turned out; so if I do not want them making money off my case I clear up facts at the precise points where they are trying to do so. Itís nothing unusual, just simple economics i.e. the employ is the more profit you make but at some stage diminishing returns sets in and at the point where your staffing level is the same as your income level is where you stop Ė they do not because they have media and the destruction of other peopleís lives to rely upon, so they have worked out their disobedience can always be profitable if there is nobody to stop them and when there is nobody to attack and make this disobedience profitable they will find somebody that they can make money in that way from should then person have become their enemy like they have done me; thus has it come to a stage where people are finding it difficult to progress even in employment that was not created by the employee but are still doing it especially when they are famous or think they are. They do claim the problem to be that I get involved with them whereas the reality is more for instance a case where involvement with a super model to make a TV advertisement as a team is likely to have been decided by the whole team and management and not some process where I want to gain prestige my pretending I control her and her producers etc like it is claimed: itís like in the right circumstances the most I have to worry about is usually when she wants nothing to do with me but what I have to worry about these days is that she wants nothing to do with me but is involved anyway, her team and management is in the same position, the British government is in the same position and so am I Ė so these are the things we work out i.e. what it takes for their celebrity and fashion model and media teams and producers to make an arrangement with me, what it will take for them to do so, what it will take for me to make one with them and a bit of what it will take for the British government to make one with them and the end is usually that I have a social media profile that people can actually follow at last for a change. Hence to answer the question of involvement with them to have a piece of their celebrity fame and fortune etc, the story is an old one where people deploy British interests to make money and enterprise Ė so there are people like me who monitor such things and when the Queen gives instructions about it, you cannot actually tell people that as a matter of absolute certainty it is something they cannot do, so it is usually a carrot and stick situation most of the time: the big problem comes from those who make use of it in abusive and confrontational ways, whereby you were lost to begin with, lost when you saw people make use of British interests to earn a living, couldnít understand what made them think that is how to make a living anyway Ė now some are confrontational too and then you ask why they do it and find that they are called BRICS and are the rising global economic leadership stars of the future, so when you do not want them making money off your case, you can go around clearing up the fact and not paying for their stupid liabilities the way they expect you to. I really love the bit where the stock market and city centre operatives have to wait for jobs and employment to pick up so they can roll out their credit economy, blabbing about why my theories that I should be listened to is absolute rubbish since it would be better for everybody to just go all out on what they know, while I do wild stuff like playing around with the fact they are waiting when they were actually convinced that there was no way in this world that they would have had to and yet nobody actually advised them to wreck the Economy in the first place anyway, if people being the best they can be was so important to them all along; so they can tell me itís all because of the fact I have got nothing to lose i.e. no money in the bank, whereas all this is random, not designed to ensure when I have money in the Bank I will be certain itís in the right place (lest I appoint myself to make them serve customers while I make money from seeing them get humiliated while I supervise; it feeds into that story that what I do is something Women can do better and itís the pressure of women wanting it all the time that wrecks my life but I still would not give it up in hell - of which we all know what will happen is that he will beat it up and fling it off the stirs and then she would have done such a good job that he would never have gotten off wrecking everything I have because he thinks it is associated with some form of secret society power - like I have mentioned already that feminism is the most stupid thing I have ever experienced, chasing my private parts and making sure the world is seen through sex that involves me all the time, so the idiots can go from fantasies of me ending up in a society situation with them for money whereby I had trouble getting along with society rules and lost everything including my family, to having things they have never had before). This is what Industry is; feminism knocks at your door every day and so do people try to use media to grab property off you every time whether or not the probability is that they will be successful - it is one thing for the abuses that hang over me and my chest and my head etc to suggest that the UK does not like holy people and the time that Christians have in it is borrowed, itís another thing for it to be turning my tummy upside down because they chose when I get involved with people for me. The rest is mostly Royal Politics, which has to do with the fact that the last time I went to Buckingham Palace, I was told I was late and had all that stuff about people who wanted to stand with me happening; so I have had to go back to weed out the problem of silly black Men claiming they are my fatherís when all other ways of peddling my faith and personal life had failed, in order to sell it on at ageism, now they have become fond of finding a way to hurt a white person which will cause me to deal with racism as per I did nothing when they claimed they are my fathers: their media idiots are still getting up there to discipline me, not because they think is how they should relate with me but because they have gotten used to it, they are still pushing community croons into chasing my private parts all day long, they are still getting famous and making media products from structures I built to sell my Books after we have been seeing them chose their girlfriends like they were preserving their DNA, which was the first time it was obvious they could not stop their girlfriends abusing others on account they have promised backup and are still taking candy from a baby with a big mouth that issues those stupid threats once it is done with the lies that will allow somebody that is bigger to beat me up while they handle my possessions and their young people are still blabbing at me the bit where I do not stand a chance if they have millionaire idols and a backup on the right hand side, which in their view is not cheaper than what it costs to deal with their older people and are all complaining about how I have taken over their thought process and am blaming them for the consequences: - which is exactly what their disobedience and need to move into peopleís right hand side does and we have not even started discussing the bit where they then claim that they have pushed their victims hard enough to produce rare talent a share of which belongs to them, whereby if they say it to me we will find them complain at a global scale again - thus so far they hate the Books and we can see there is nothing they can do about me if I wrote it about them, but do not think they need to sell their media products and popular culture on the structures they built to do so with, not the one I built to sell Books with, playing around with my Jobs and personal finances all the time. Same old case where the men see me with a Court of Journalists and decide they want an existence where I was their slave on account the members are female and this means I am always being bombarded with violent abuses concerning the wishes of the fathers to make sensations of fraternity and this is why they cling to my income with media and celebrity like it was part of their job description telling lies and making out itís all fun all of the time.

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