Hence the talk of the disrespect I show towards others being put into perspective i.e. their imaginary disposition of insults especially from the blacks who have no regard for my right to choose my friends and cannot stop telling me how to exist for the greater good amounts to disrespect that will only stop when there starts to exist a physical way by which I can tell them to stop addressing me or tell me what I am meant to be doing, scoop problems and toss them at me any opportunity they get in public places with that big mouth. The rest are just fond of interfering – even now when I say the Court is female only they will address me by means of the same Court when they fancy what I have been doing and then we hear them complain about stupid boys that never change, getting around peoples backyard, organising other boys around them and finding ways of making money with people’s property to blab about how I had little respect for them and decided to copy their empires, whose mouths I need firmly shut so I can stand a fighting chance at diplomacy matters; whereas the issue was that they could listen to what others are saying to them for a change when I say my Court is for the people I have chosen for it only and it is female only – since it is obvious that female journalist has a spare business she runs by the way side to help her look after her jobs and my interest would have amounted to the problems that is all this nonsense being resolved; now what we see is that more serious things have happened like me dropping out of University and dealing with a difficult time selling my Books because they are building senselessness all over it and the consequences that follow such a behaviour, which will all know should only be found in well organised comedy dramas on TV and not in other people’s career and public life but fools who expect to wear their own suits in peace thereafter. I mean I am an Arch Prince and I have to think about people not wanting me to go out and wear a suit and address people in public and I am left wondering what kind of animals do that but when it does get to the stage where stepping out of your door means their perverted nature makes you smell like you are in your toilet all the time, it is also time to get them complaining by making their whole communities smell like their toilet, since it is clear that if they do not all recover together, then the few who are unable to recover will continue to be a problem for the rest. The first time I got a breathing space from these goons was when they had to have money at any cost and ended up having it by getting it from rich people that love to spend their funds fighting others, so there is going to be another breathing space pretty soon if I continue to deal with nonsense about taking up other people’s job roles over absolutely everything I do especially those that have state office gravity to them. It’s like the story behind assisted suicide and the one about being the Royal that moans and grumbles but gets about picking up his own stuff and doing it miraculously anyway and its utter nonsense; what happens with the latter is that they will claim they have found a loop hole that means when I drag them off popularity culture that only works on my public image and means a future does not exist where they only spend time on their jobs and let other people have a sense of normalcy, they can then pillage that to pass exams and climb social ladder but what they have found is a structure by which I get support from celebrities which I reward in turn by building them a structure that lets their children a quality of academic study and a living and a future that is not all caught up in their parents fame and fortune stuff, they have found it as applicable to people needing my support to control them in the House of Commons; so it’s the old case of my disrespect because of their imaginary disposition and my position on whether their case is that they want to read a private equity intellectual property administration Book or not and this is where those gimmicks about people making comments around every move I make becomes important as they like to claim they know what I do better than I do and their stupidities are winding me up i.e. there is going to be another breathing space for me pretty soon. The story of assisted dying is quite similar; they know nothing of the law and the way it really works and so if they knew that there are several cases that set a precedent on the matter, like one I read where a Mother asked the daughter to assist her with suicide and the daughter refused but later on found something that she were likely to gain from if her mom was dead and returned to assist in the suicide at a later date, which amounted to murder; these guys have never before been clear about the exact technicalities that their suicides are to follow and this is the reason the law never pays attention to them but it is far more complicated than that too; we see that the overall impression law makers get in the matter is that it is largely a product of changes that have been made in society at the expense of certain people who have not necessarily approved those changes that have formed the basis for assisted dying and if they build popularity fame and fortune on people’s public image, the overall impact intended is that they want to die on it too; it feeds into the same old case of being beaten down by Germans and French and now the Irish next door, if three to five bedroom flat mongers do something powerful with lose change saved up for consumerism and I believe I have been clear about the fact that if it does not stop showing up around my Books and Public image with those senselessness and gimmicks that should only be seen in well organised comedy dramas I am going to cut their own to pieces too – they are not getting any assisted suicide out of me, I am not as naïve as those claims we hear all the time that it’s a big problem for me to manage people whereas the truth is that I have to be good enough to run the show when I am part of the act and we live in a Country where this sort of behaviour with 3 to 5 bedroom flat mongers thing is almost like a lifestyle that takes over other lifestyles, is endemic – it is the whole purpose of handling peoples public life to get rich in parts of the world where it has never been seen before and jet off to tourism economies where they pass insults that spread all over the world and use it to work a power, talking nonsense about their imaginary disposition and my disrespect for them all the time. The overall lesson being that the Court is female only and that should be the end of this matter.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland