So they do speak of the economic uncertainty but I am left wondering each time if they are done playing with it; such that we find in my case their Media goons have become quite used to showing a massive amount of disrespect for my career, invent ideas about what I could be doing with my personality to make them comfortable, chase it with Popular culture and build me a history of abusive insults so they might be able to play around with my income margins and then find that they are able to undercut me at stages of my career where I have done my best job and that if they stopped doing it they would lose their minds and then the media jobs as well, which is then the reasons why I want to stop them especially because they did it on the basis that if push came to shove they would be better off – we also find that the Media that is the most important thing where playing around with the economic uncertainty is concerned is the place where there is no respect for other people’s career and profession which is done like a death dealing arrangement and then a party is had every year when people come through, experience gained and then a little more money as well. The fall out on the Political front being the failure to understand what the sentiments between Terrorists and Soldiers really is i.e. that if a soldier returns from combat, it will be considered that he needs something added to him the next time he has a job to attend which matches his experience and exposure, what terrorist want to do is steal this because their case is all about killing people, which in the first place began the problem by picking up weapons and causing deaths without doing any jobs, assessing anything or neutralising one and now leaving a mess that means there will be reprisals i.e. heroism and villainy and two separate arts; if a villain or terrorist saw people doing something that was unacceptable to their cause they will nuclear bomb it and make an area uninhabitable for centuries, Heroes work very differently from what we think they do and it will largely involve going into a place to follow some steps that involve causing a skirmish, making the enemy respond to resistance, finding out what their main objective is and removing the threat, which is also the reasons those who have built me this reputation for supporting bad things Armed forces do are doing something incredibly stupid, besides which I am not here to say that my job is better than another person’s job anyway, so if they villainy got harmed by the Armed Forces, should not expect me to either be neutral or take a side with them as such. The point is, we find the global fall out is such that it is suggested that we think Russian Intelligence as a bunch of Clowns but I do not think they are, it’s just important to ensure weapons builders ask their clients for specification and not go around building weapons for Countries because it says on their CV that they built one for the UK, leaving us to build Ships and buy Air planes that are then obsolete in three years at the very most etc – they need to use their Clients specification for what their Clients have said adds up to a threat, so they might get their own jobs done and let alone UK defences – that said which is just me clearing up my position, mostly however people here think the GRA are a bunch of Clowns because we are also very good at what we do. So the economy bits is that these guys have been watching and waiting like predators and as soon as the economic recovery had showed up on Media enough times for it to become a trend, they struck, saved their stock pile of cash and set out to get more over an economic crisis that they caused and not least by means of the same mentality or behaviour but this time we have less choice because the government helps stifle my Book sales to build them a statement where it applies to me and they know they have enough money to set out a fraction that can be deployed to create problems for me every day for the rest of my life – so when they have begun to say on Media and Government that scary economic uncertainty is happening, I do like to assume they have stopped messing about with it too; for my part the money that will never run out and a media that can always upstage me and let people extract an income from my income margins means I shall now try and find out what it is exactly that makes it difficult to sell Books whenever people take seats at fat cat panels during AGM. However, as a matter of wider thought, the reality of this matter is quite stark i.e. that people get jobs when they are about 18 years old and then by 25 they had begun to become innovative at doing it and this is where most of the value of career comes from – I am lost as to the incentive people have to stack away some millions, create an economic crisis by means of a behaviour they claim they did not realise would have such an effect, avoid all processes of chasing that behaviour during the recovery process and launch an attack on this period of innovation once the recovery process had appeared on Media enough times to make it a trend about which the processes of earning money was to be determined by them but fair for me to assume when the Politicians are complaining about it, they wish to start keeping off my Book sales income margins.

I know that what I have said here will hurt their finances but buying Books I write in order to know what I know on trade is how it was done here and it was done here that way for a reason.

I. Uno I

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