There is talk of course of how I set in motion states of affairs that result in a condition where the Russian President gets completely out of hand all the time whenever he wants and becomes the richest head of state the world has ever seen. I wouldn’t know, it does however seem that Western idiots are convinced they do not have to suffer the consequences of their insults that comes naturally as a function of abusing those in positions of leadership; hence I guess they say those things because they believe their insults to be things they do because they have the right to do them, I do not care if it hurts them either for my part. Such things as the claim I own a business that does not exist; so that my resources get channelled away from running a successful company and straight into the need to ensure that mine never gets done by somebody else even if I pass away while theirs will be done already as we speak and they are here talking nonsense because that is not hurting badly enough yet – I mean if I did I would not have to put up with their rubbish any further as it were. They do claim they have race problems of course, which I have no intentions to be informed about, with that golliwog mouth I will never stop mentioning around my affairs to find out what it is exactly they can do about it, so are they happy with noise making as well about a certain Royal Estate that will disappear on their watch because it is owned by a black man who defies them enough to get into league with a British Royal family to save it from the wrath of Black leadership after years of slavery that must be avenged: the Royal estate I have spent all I own on to help run a Country from an office will disappear while I am still alive with those thick lips I suppose: - nobody knows if they do those things because they really know what they are talking about or do them because as usual they are incredibly stupid and deserve everything that happens to them thereof.

The reality of what they say I keep as secrets that ensure I am safe from their wrath is more about my People and Obama’s people and the fact that it never does to set out divisions which means we will be conducting our own integration very soon enough – integration that will ensure that we have everything they have as well and there is a  world where people are able to go and be wherever they like but first I must finish my work and they do not look like they know me well enough to stay off my books and avoid the whole thing blowing up in their faces either so far, they keep talking nonsense on that stupid media about their ability to fight which is something new as it were; nobody knows the west is full of idiots like them who abuse leaders and recycle the curse and yes I have reached a point where I can see I will become the most abused statesman in the world and nobody will give a damn but there is nothing they can do with those thick lips and I fail to see what the complain is when they are taught the reasons I am a states man and they are not, which Mr Obama was supposed to have worked out for them in the first place. I am not an advocate of division but that does not mean that I will not finish my work before an integrated world that allows people from sides to get along together – there is nothing they can do about anything and that is simply because they have not fucking got it.

The number of times by the way that I have to mention that small Islands loyal to the US will receive no protection from the big zero scoring idiots that are supposed to do something for them until somebody wants to blow them up, only for the security of my people to be placed at stake because they are more interested in my Literary empire and the Emporium of Businesses and what they can do with it at the International CES and Auto shows and so on winding me up all the time and talking rubbish all over the place as if – we hear they spy on people and that makes them feel powerful but I don’t know if spy cameras will do the fighting for them anyway either and those stupid dismissive black insults that are a hall mark of their inability to listen to what those who own the possessions they abuse are telling them will certainly step it up a notch as well: last I checked this was completely harmless and they might refuse to stay off my book sales and find out how well it will black people go as well.

I mean there are aspects of this matter the zero scoring bastards that really gets the nerves raw as it were; the part where I am a black Prince which does go way beyond my skin colour and hence means I am interested in the Underworld and the world of Gambling and drugs and so on – so that when I had taken steps to set economic conditions such that somebody will spend millions investing in class A drugs to find out he will make a loss which makes the business unattractive, the idiots will turn up with media insults that allow him to send a reciprocate message that suggests I thought the people and the crowd was on my side but an clearly wrong – it puts the sense into the need to kill some evil scum out there to let people live as it were. I don’t think it is a major crisis; just a case of Obama’s people – My people and the fact that they claim integration when they had secured power means moving into the lives of softies being that they are tough and powerful, while I cannot be seen drawing lines to create divisions that facilitate something idiots can play around with – however it does seem I was going to finish my work before I allowed my people play their part in global cohesion thing which is what is happening now and I fail to see what they are complaining about when we are only softies and those abusive bullying have no limits already as it stands.

I do not think I am dealing with a crisis here, I only want to deal with a few American Republicans differently from the way I handle viciously the American Democrats and both differently from the other vicious way I handle British rebels who make friends with all that looks like enmity and violence towards me on claims they are drawing attention to their cause that is more about getting rid of the Monarchy, to pretend it is a social issue and not a process of provoking me. I hear they spy on people alright but last I checked there was reason for it which was not unconnected with my actions – after all cameras do not fantasise about fingers in my anus to a point where those fantasies start to get real and I can feel that whoever is doing it can push his finger as far deep into my tummy as he bloody likes – which I suppose is something they do because the cameras will turn up and fight for them the need to teach them a lesson they will not forget in a very long time, when it goes wrong as it were – the leadership that Mr Obama is providing as it were. So when it turns out that everything democrat women do belongs to me and their men can turn up here and get it if they have the fucking guts and for republicans those games they love to play with all things pristine in other people’s lives will soon come to an end, people know exactly the reasons I do it. For the African ones, the zero scoring idiots have a need to be seen around places that great things are happening and there is no depth of degradation they will not plunge in you because these same abusive means are things they must do to be able to ensure those that are making it happen are susceptible to doing it for anybody and so they like to use media to try and ensure I become like Islamic extremists to show how tough they are which is never going to pay off either, since nobody was aware they were going to play up the Russian and Chinese relations thing so that they can ensure every means of dealing with them as much as the trouble they seek has been settled is cut off – resulting in the story we have today of how many developing economy stories we still hear at this stage. I don’t believe it to be a massive problem; for me, there isn’t another person in this world that was taken up and raised to be a Government chief of staff kept in a half monastery for the Country at the age of 21 and thus given a Royal Estate with International Alliances attached to that effect – it’s just a matter of the fact I know how valuable and talented and clever I am first of all, so do I know the debt that these fools owe me i.e. raised to be government chief of staff while still a student by a Queen for absolutely no reason whatsoever, by 24 I was at University and by 28 pushed out of my studies by the same kinds of abuses from these zero scoring fools and their need for money and power so they can make others do things for them while they chase academic work and cling to positions of power, which I am aware is what makes them tick and intend to take away from them so they can come around and get it like that big mouth; hence the trouble had long begun with a condition where I write my books and Mr Obama decides he does not want it sold because he intends to use me as an example to give black people around the world their dignity pretending it is not an act of war as well. So far I have not done too badly to that effect and all loyal to me all over the Common wealth are able to integrate with the rest of the world on equal terms.


The story of my work being taken up by other which then means people can determine how hasty I am about life itself is at the heart of these issues just like they love to bring it up all the time like they have on this occasion yet again. the reality is that there is no such thing, only parliamentarians looking for trouble and being as abusive as they possibly can – it is not a problem for me for the most part since I know I have only written about three of four blogs on conservative villainy and when I get hold of their Prime Minister over the matter again I will extricate even more equities based on facts of my activities without a doubt. When the destruction of my finances happened and I suspected it might be because they want to be able to use my personality to make their careers because they cannot stop abusing people in a narcissistic way without reason and to that end might need me to be kept in a life of entirely and abject poverty so that they can, they said it was a trust issue but today the incessant attacks and abuses does indicate not just that they are getting frustrated but that they hoped to have gotten closer and closer to achieving that aim. Hence the idea another has taken up me is just something they say to provoke me thereof as it were because they feel I have not had enough of them or done anything yet that expresses that in full terms but we all know it’s been a decade of these destruction and by their hoodlums as well and has lasted that long and happens every day because on account they are Politicians there are several things others must do to avoid a process where there isn’t a thing or an activity on which there is a tag that either says they have gone too far or should not be done. I do not think I am facing a crisis on the matter either; I have already set out the environment as a means of dealing with Conservatives and all they do will make it richer and better to that effect – as for Labour, I will make them Capitalist so that they might fight with their own souls endlessly as well. For the latter people ask how I will make that happen but it is always a simple question of when and how a group of people gathering becomes a Political party: I mean if I get together with some friends and we decide that we want to start a movement and we end up with 100 members that rent a hall in the city centre every month to meet, does that makes us a Political party? Of course not, it is a matter of the stage at which such a group has become something that must deliver certain policies on which the future of the nation depends and it goes without saying that a lot of those Policies will be invented by them too. Have we then ever had any other example of people getting together to somehow provoke others into attacking them onto a stage where they lay claims to every single ideal that the Nation and its people stands for like we see the Labour Party do? I mean they will not stay off my books which will lead to more serious matters and by the way have got their own families and do not need to let me know they have been getting around with my evil mum. Former however is a different issue all together: I mean it’s largely about their pragmatic insults that they can build a perverted means of making money with – for the younger ones it is a case of making that money especially the part that has to do with creating divisions that lead to an outcome where they control my people and have links with those who hold all the money and power away from  my book sales but for the older ones it is a matter of how I am all over the place on the problems of the UK but do nothing about my fellow race in Africa for example because they have shares in multinational companies that have operations in those areas – so that if I don’t teach them that the last time I checked this air was free and one more insult from them will lead to a process where we share it and I get the Lion share, it will continue that way: hence the Natural environment turns out richer for it at the end. They do claim I have become a big problem that the Monarchy needs to take care of which I think makes no sense since the zero scoring bastards who claim I am responsible for the fact they score zeros all the time have done nothing else in the last decade but try to shove down the throats of the electorate that something is being made from as much as it is perfectly okay to set about threatening me by telling Criminals to rehabilitate at my expense and be ready to murder me to redeem themselves – as if I made those normal poor people into criminals and then I am the one showing them how to rehabilitate as well, so that when I had created publicity from and for that and sat back to extricate the facts for a living, it seems their problem now is that they must go on their knees to please the electorate and the electorate have tasted their blood and we all know that can be a pain. Thus did the electorate taste their blood, having been that it doth constitute a problem and it does turn out that Labour wants to run the Country with the use of the welfare state and the Conservatives want to break it up and all I can do is tell them it’s all government money that ends up making government even more money because all they ever do with it is use it to find work and spend some to buy stuff which means businesses are supported and pay taxes to the government thereof. For my part even if I did end up writing my books about them, I still have no idea how they got here and got themselves so deeply entrenched in the workings and numbers of my sales and finances and so it would have been how they ended up in the books as well – thus they need to leave that alone and stay away from me. They do say these things happen because they would like me to be a Politician but that is not just because they think I will be half myself if I am a Politician so that like their black friends and their race problems and the idea of me their slave when the reverse in the case and they need to stay away from me lest it leads to more serious matters and keep their stupid selves off my finances thereof, it will only end up a case of the fact that my version of competition is unacceptable and I always win by sucking the life out of every conversation and so on and then light weight zero scoring goons will be in charge and people like me will be used to get it done for them. I want nothing to do with Politicians because people simply don’t get to tell me what to do thereof – who knows which other good thing about me that people feel I should do with myself will turn up here and cost me everything yet again? I don’t think I am facing a problem talking about it and thereby weakening myself – no I am not; I have made it clear the democrats now understand me if they had failed to before and they now know their women get on my case all the time because they understand all they do as a social activity to be a possession of mine and the reason for it is that the men can turn up here and take it if they want and bring Obama to that effect as well as we can see he has been the yardstick for everything going back to the very beginning of it. Generally however it is hugely a matter of people pretending there will be no domestic abuse if their insults are not kept from a certain legal practitioner that simply wants to get along with his academic work and job and so when I grab culture at home and cut it to pieces it seems what they think does not change anything about reality. It’s much the same with the rest of them and I am not getting into any stupid Politics and do not wish to be tempted by them and more insults to that effect either – just being nice.

They do mention nothing I say goes to the heart of the main issues but I wonder if they suppose I am stupid as well; however which the main issues they cannot handle that is i.e. the fact every stupid bitch that will likely abandon their families and husbands and go chasing fame and Celebrity even when they know they are fat and ugly and as such will end up mentally disturbed and set about ripping up the lives of everybody they get their hands on were always going to have children and those children were always going to be like their stupid parents. I am happy with the idea they want to control both my people and their people within a condition where their people is where money and power is but if they want to run a business they need to do it away from my books hence not yet explained what the back stage media insults are about and what they hope to achieve. Hence all we know about it, the main issues as it were, is that they stay off their mothers who would rip up their stupid lives and grab the fame anyway and turn up to chase around and corrupt every young woman affiliated with me and spread claims I am the one doing it to offer them fame with the use of my public work so they can get rich and famous and of course the older ones they feel like plunging depths of degradation at all the time looking for more trouble. They cannot handle the main issues; we are talking about Industries where there are always people on whose livelihoods depend the things they do to be accountable to those who buy their products and that happens to every company and every industry as well, the wealth distribution issues might have occurred but it does seem they have taken care of that apparently and intend to kill it off completely which is why they are showing their insolent hands by an inability to make money without my books, they need to make money without my books. They cannot handle the main issues; we are talking about the fact what this is about is that they already have some money for a life time but that is not enough due to their greed and their mental state and now they are out to abuse me until that becomes an advantage over a company I own that they claim does not actually exist and so we see that happening everyday which is the main issues I want to deal with her seriously as ugly as it looks too; maybe they have everybody where they want them but do they have me as well thereof? Maybe they always end up abusing people to a point where people allow them take the right hand side and settle for the left hand side so that they might go away but am I likely to as well? they do say they are protecting their patch and that it does apply each time they set out a means of looking after their clients some boy comes up with an idea that makes them uncomfortable – the part where I own and run a company that does not actually exist being the one where they were there when I tried to find my first job, so if they want an empire to become a company that does not actually exist they can make it so, only decide what they want to get used to and that is an end to it and just like the old story of sleeping with peoples wives and the part where they are thinking I will be happy with a wife that fills another shoe other than the wife of the UK Monarch Arch Prince which by the way is something I find homosexually abusive, they are clearly looking after their stupid clients which I bet come from the part where the money and the power is as well.

I have heard it many times the issue of how little attention I pay to who I really am when I mention facts about being raised to be a Chief of staff and how little I therefore know about what I am and how others may take it up and do it and hence my activities create that risk but I am aware I am actually HM successor and the Crown will go to HRH The Prince of Wales so I can look after everything else. It comes right back to the same issue of the fact there are communities around every big industry and that those are full of people on whose livelihood accountability from the Companies depend and since last we checked they have spent a lot of time looking into the part where issues of wealth distribution sometimes arises and have since made a mess of it and used it to irritate everybody and now think they control it, prepared it seems with money hoarded from popular culture, to take over companies and the lives and possessions of anybody who has some degree of power and position and authority that they want – I know I have been a target, so I am not fundamentally stupid to that effect. I have no idea why they cannot get rich away from my book sales thereof but I do know those connections are my connections and my peoples connections along with me, not their whatever have you; so the issue is blown out of the water before it is discussed as usual and I win again. The part where it is difficult to understand why I cannot keep myself off getting involved with violent issues lead to exactly the same result but from the point of view that some people simply cannot stop abusing me with a betrayers love and so on and it does actually come down to this idea that my wife will not be the Arch Prince’s wife on account another is deploying that aspect of our lives which of course is really homosexual like that story of men making claims I sleep with their wives like they know anything when they know nothing whatsoever as it were, while it hampers my finances the sexual violence their wives inflict on me which they dare not do something about it lest we become enemies as I have had enough of them as well, causing me that need not to clean my own room until I move them on and so on. They do speak of the risks I take with myself to that effect too but we all know if anything happens to me and journalists at the Court are free to roam, nobody will be able to deal with those their advertisement insults and abuses in a tolerant way anymore – when others put names to their faces and appear on our television on a daily basis to manage equities at The Company and Royal Estate – so it does seem they are not as clever as they thought they were anyway – so I win again.

I do not consider these matters to be a serious issues, we talk about it a lot of the times because people ask questions about my motivation and on this occasion the realities about that is simply that people love to support wickedness that they at the same time want to be free from and their attack and persecution of me is that which is concerned with the fact I will give them no such freedom in hell, so they can have everything somewhere else and I can carry on with my own life as well. It goes right down to their families you see: the husbands like their wicked evil wives that love to attack everything good and get Politicians to make up a different explanation for her vileness but he likes her only when she attacks somebody else and the fact she regularly wrecks his life is something I have become obsessed with making games from and just like the case of the men the women pretend that when I get hold of the cultures at home and cut it to bit because my personal dairies that help me manage their insults are full, domestic violence will not happen and they think that the fact it is not just domestic violence but the reality of women dying bothers me in anyway: bearing in mind they have no respect for my person or my academic work and or my career and my faith which are all things I do with my own personal life since I should be deploying it for something else to increase chances I might end ignoring them and pay them the attention that will propel them to unknown heights and even have sex with them as their greatness and that of their idiots in politics depends on it, lest I get forced to hand over with a big mouth. We do hear the stupid children claim the big problem to be that I get involved with those that are beyond my league and thereby impute violence into their lives apparently of which happens because they have clung to my company long enough to tell people it does not exist and it was all something their socialists idiots authorised and like to pretend after my actions are not designed to deal with them because a problem in the form of their existence does not exist to that effect. I dont think it is a difficult issue either, just liberalists and their strange relationship with money – they are very greedy misers who have a thing for abusing others you see and the vileness of the black ones is the stuff that turns up in public which is the reverse for everybody else, so when you confront them about it they might even show you their homes are castles but have wrecked your work making sure it is the shit from it that turns up in public places at all times but: so the stingy greed and miserliness and a thing for violence is bad enough already until they couple it with a mid life crisis as well which means they start to think it should be a threat to your health and safety and well being which then convinces you some people should not have money otherwise you will not be which is where One is at the moment – I am therefore aware they talk nonsense all the time about my trouble with self confidence which of course is not a problem because I can always beat it out and squeeze it out of them if I need any. They do generally get out of bed to hurt me because they have gotten used to it and it is no social issue, they are ugly to a fault and think it has become a political statement coupled with a relationship they have with violence and that I am at the receiving end, hence they want a piece of me with it and will get it too. It has never before had a thing to do with civil rights, they are vile people and should not be saved from getting it as they deserve it as far as I am concerned; especially when they and their Politicians have located a half priest government staff to torture because their power comes from the fact they are wicked people and are in a position of some kind of authority too which means they are nice people like the media claims until it wrecks other people’s lives so media idiots can pretend they will get a tiny army from it – so I have to kick start my skill at oppression as well because they cannot be reasoned with and if I do that and write books about their culture and society for a living I should make them feel the same way, then I can sell the books and find out if they can live up to their big mouth. If they do keep their cultures off me and their hands and insults therefore there is no reason for it to end up in my personal diaries and therefore disappear, I will not wait to sort out their stupid children at the jobs market for wrecking my academic work because they raise them to think I am willing to take nonsense from people so people can make progress with their stupid lives – I have mentioned they need to get a personal diary besides which their Politicians do have families and my evil mum is not it anyway. I do feel we demand too much from our young people setting out this idea that smokers and drinkers and bingers and partiers are good people and you must get along with them or it will amount to discrimination not to, when we know that getting around with these fools can only lead to a process where they take an insolent stand about a thing they want to get used to doing to you and it is a condition in which you will never do anything successfully which is why I am not giving back that stupid culture as well; apparently we have bad things happen in schools these days such as students killing teachers but it does tend to show the ideas they get from the devil for their activities is not that clever anyway but they will think it helps to mark people for failure and joblessness and absolutely everybody wants education from them that the world is an evil place and their society will be fine provided they do not set out original provocations by which to make bag logs of laws at my expense and sit around with the sense that they will always dominate me whatever happens because I will cut it to pieces again which is where we are at the moment. Contrary as such to claims I underestimate how they feel about the Monarchy, it is the Monarchy that brings out the good in all of us in the first place and their big mouth isn’t going anywhere anyway especially the part about the Constitution being made to create religious oppression and made during such a time: - never clear why atheists cannot stay out of the belief system all together and therefore turn up to believe they dont believe and still believe anyway, just as we can see the welfare state would never have happened if the Church was not an integral part of state but I do appreciate the part where I get an adventurous lifestyle and atheists end up preaching the gospel more than I do but you must wonder if it is actually Gods fault that they do these things anyway and that is makes people behave the way people do hence causing bad things to happen; I mean over my book sales there will be another of Gods fault anyway: it is important the blacks realise it is not that difficult to chose a side and work with the racists too – they do not have it covered.


People do ask why I think these views I have are justified but of course it is not necessarily a view; it’s about things happening and the prognosis by which they happen – I mean take  look at the world and its political instability here and war there and without a moment hesitation it has to do with me endlessly and it does not therefore take much genius to work out that what has been happening is that developed countries have been relaxing their border controls to allow idiots travel around – so that you might see people who have ideologies that clearly is in breach of what your country stands for but because they want to earn some pounds you let them through UK borders. The result being that an idiot can sit down in Africa with no other ambition in his life except travelling to the US and what he does not become is an illegal immigrant but a US Citizen on account idiots who complain of racism have been helping perverts into government office so that they might travel around looking for glorification to the effect of allowing these things happen and it is much the same with the UK as well – laced with their own brand of racism that marks out people for example myself who are supposed to deal with the problems with a big mouth. So yes black people do have race issues to contend with but it is largely a matter of using me like an item about which I have done many things that indicate how notorious I can make myself when people do – in the end of which racism are bad people while I do good things for them with the more bad things they do to me; of course a forte of the west a lot of the times but it does get to a point. Does it then mean I am used as football by the media as it is claimed? Of course not – what people say is that I say what I say about the media because I want others to take care of it for me; rubbish of course since the truth is rather that left to my devises I would have had a relationship established with journalists so that we will communicate better and we can have a tit for tart arrangement if they wanted but of course cannot because when I do it will become something that should end up in the repertoire of an idiot they are having an interview with, so that they can take their cameras into neighbourhoods and mistakenly film a woman in her panties by her back garden then sit over a table to ponder it for an hour and put it through anyway because he is desperate or she is desperate, it gets even better when they mess with your life and career like that and turn out to create more attention earning controversies at your expense on grounds that sales is everything and you are stupid and that your career even though is something that happens in your life and not their own is a distant memory. It appears therefore that they are in league with these media trouble makers and which does explain why they are doing it instead as well. I myself had attained most of what I wanted in the sense that I can say something many distances away and still affect the way media behaves and the reasons for that is that they have been here for too long – so long they have established unwittingly that relationship with me that I wanted to a long time ago – just like security operatives being racist and hence something they think they know that I don’t about threats to me. They are very destructive I do complement them for that but in terms of everything else they have not got it – I am a long way off from being used as football by the media. The part about how I am being tortured is a story about Industry of which I have no idea to what end I am being tortured anyway: I mean there is s sprawling big building several acres wide as it is long that belongs to blah, blah corporation – does that mean when I am tortured by its owners that building will turn up here and fight for them if it does blow up?  We all know their foolish children understand the only way to ensure you secure time to achieve your aims while they play games with your career is control which possessions of yours is in their hands or destroy it and they think that have had that covered with claims I am the one handling Industry possessions as well and that means they will candy from a baby with a big mouth but it will never happen like that in reality – so that if the torture is meant to establish a condition where they cannot make money with attacking and harming me narcissistically then I will have to strike first and find out if it is the building and not the people who think they are safe in it that will turn up here and fight me. I don’t believe it is a crisis either, we do hear them say it is defence mechanism, to what end of which I don’t know as well since I only think about their various corporations when they mess with the part where a certain number of people want to buy my books and I must work with what number of those actually will, mess with my book sales numbers and have alternative ideas borrowed from insults of black people about me self inhibiting due to religion to play games with my book sales numbers – this is the only time I think about their stupid corporations which they entirely deserve the results of me doing so as well. The story of how it happens because I set about imputing violence into people’s lives by getting involved with those that are far better than me is very well understood but last time I checked I had to be diplomatic about the fact being one of the world’s most successful citizens with a business that has links all over the world and a resulting condition where too many people in the world know it is their possession for them to have it taken away from them and the result was that the fact they made a bit of money means they can get into personality competition with me which creates absolute chaos for the State as well – being that having a royal estate in a Country of which there is only one in the entire world puts your below their league; we cannot even remember when it started nor has it ever stopped. It’s like their media getting rid of that my royal estate which is like a dream I have which when lost will make the most depressed person out of me, whereas I think all I do is a matter of the fact I want to do them and there are no society men making me do things with nothing and in return for nothing and having me over a barrel to demand more and more and more, unless they are simply Politicians trying to find out how angry I can get over their insults: I can start anything I do when I want and stop when I like and do how much of it I wish, it is only when there are stories that the otherwise is happening I end up with a project I never planned for and those who are responsible had never better start thinking I will believe the media has the right to roam free as well; they are very destructive I complement them but in everything else they have not got it. It is true a claim that I was once a friend of industries have been happening but that was a matter of giving people securitisation while there was a need to settle what kind of economic recovery we were supposed to have – since then they have loved to give advertisement contracts to idiots and fail to object to what they do with it, pay for their deviance which they have already been told by the same fools cannot afford at my expense and generally pass around other insults and this is how they had wrecked the relationship. I mean if they had to chose as it were since they always must chose as it were – get involved with the choosing: so it is only books and not their night mare which is can be too, unless that is the Politicians bail them out again of which I do not see how I will be hurt anyway – just as it is also said that I disperse information absolutely everywhere but the number of times I am woken out of bed by the neighbourhoods as a result of what is happening on TV has risen exponentially never mind the fact it was the central tool used to push me out of my studies and into depression in the first place: it used to happen because Media was messing me up and I need to do something about it so they can feel served but these days it happens because media has made them a deal and it is a good place to be, hence such complains mean I have won again. Out of their league of course of which last time I checked if every equity on my websites none of which are for use by others were to be financed they are worth nothing less than 25 million pounds all together hence out of their league while seen around my literary empire stifling my book sales and talking nonsense about how I will finance it without them having a large chunk if they wanted and then pretending it is a social issue as well to make friends who will share the proceeds; it is how to run industries in their view with a big mouth.

The reasons the Politicians get onto parliament to make fun out of what they will do next to spend all I have on the problems of the Country is never really clear – all I know is that when you had done nothing about it and said nothing about it they will eventually begin to feel it is a right that they have as well. I don’t worry too much about it since I had as a result taken control of the political fame in the Country and will hand it back the day I get my book sales back within a meaningful time frame and if not they can forget it for good and get new ones if they want; it’s not like I am spending it or using it anyway, I am just keeping it so that they know what it feels like as well, especially the part where they must run their Politicians on and with my company on account they are having their salaries funded by the tax payer and I deserve it because I am not. It is not a new story in anyway – they have a relationship with violence and a very bad history – their parents lose to them when they fight them over anything, so do their friends and teachers and siblings and the reasons are that what they want they always get and there is that underestimation of how much I don’t like them which allows a forgery of the idea that on account I am a Christian my position on anything especially my finances can be altered depending on how much pressure is placed on me which we will put to the test again as it were provided these things continue to such an extent – since I simply fail to see what they suppose is funny about it. yes they do say I have been detached from the royalty as well but it’s all their insults that actually amounts to nothing whatsoever – the same that those stupid black people of theirs who come from areas of the world where there are regular genocide express all the time which does explain why the areas they come from are the way that they are, especially over the greed and liberalist strange relationships with money issues. It has nothing to do with a Country where the people are more powerful than the Government, that is something they say so their African goons with strange relationships they have with money which is why they live in Countries where genocide is a regular occurrence and does nothing to dampen their vile behaviour either in anyway whatsoever – the reality is rather about such facts as when respects for me as a result of who I am and what I can go was replaced with the claim I walk around their city like I am their boss, when writing books that reach parliament wrecks my finances because others want to make use of it without getting a copy of their own, how people get to own companies that do not actually exist etc: so they can have their careers back when they get off my book sales – it matters more so now that they think getting credit and complements for your achievements is important. I mean they want the complements and credits but it is impossible to get on National television and put a name to your face and do a job that is concerned with reporting what is already fact, gaining an opportunity to regularly enjoy days when you have nothing on your mind because stupid men exist and have needs and those needs are always unaffordable. I mean it is bullying and the fact I do not feel bullied is not a good reason to pretend the reasons they were done are not important. Of course I am aware the story told all the time of trouble I stir by getting around with people who are beyond my league and don’t want me to but I fail to see if these fools have not seen other modern idiots like them to get around with – I work for the Church and work for the Queen and do not want a public life, only to write my books and get them read by people to get the job done – I don’t want to get around with any stupid deviant modern idiots and even their Politicians seem to be unaware showering me with all that publicity and more so negative ones will eventually provoke me at some stage: in their minds they think I have not yet had enough of my possessions damaged to create the sense that I in a hurry after the concept of life itself – since it began they have resorted to asking criminals to rehabilitate at my expense and tried to build prison ships and ended up with a hung parliament but it will not stop the picking a fight with people that are beyond their league if I may say so myself as well – and since then I have promised they will have secret societies in Europe somewhere in hell and had better not let me find out what the address they normally meet is because I will be certain to write a letter and post it there about their stupidities, to establish a relationship and parameters for a tit for tart occasion when needed. I am aware they think such things as a claimed need they have to detach the UK from a service economy especially those who think their conservative villainy is the bees knees is something I find disconcerting – which I don’t because at the Royal Estate whereof they will need to find other Royalty that will be happy to let Politicians turn up at their own and more so to do whatever they bloody well wish to get involved since I don’t and any slight attempts will set off alarm bells as it were – I am talking about the National Trust whereby I know when I speak of that they think I speak only of rich peoples National trust – castles being looked after and perhaps not a thatched house where four homeless kids who lost their parents spent all their lives in, in the middle of nowhere which was such a fun thing it became a National treasure for example etc and there is the Military there as well and environmental conservation etc, so speaking of real matters we are talking about a Middle Sized Western European Country; questions of what the stereotype is which may determine economic down fall and what the potential are which determines what we do and I am not interested in their stupidities, only facts. On the whole it is a case f stupid old men who are largely civil rights fraudsters that get beaten up by women all the time setting one task after another for me because they know where my books are and now to ensure I do not dispatch any at the market place – they do say it is a complicated issue for me of which the last time we checked we were dealing with a boy that wants to be beaten up controlling the hearts of their girls and what the Christian thinks about Clubs and bars and every place where people can chew snacks and indulge their gluttony and get around with idiots who steal my earnings became a centre stage issue over society itself on a daily basis.  Nobody is taking up my stuff and doing it – they ask questions about what my motivation is but I am not the only person who complains about them and their children being trained to feel that people such as myself are ready to endure all sorts of nonsense from them so they can feel better about themselves and make progress with their stupid lives – I am not the only one to feel as though if their feminists are found around my books and my office and company or any effects of all three one more time, there will be a corpse, because of course the orders to do those things come from the highest authorities of the socialist parties and so on. As I have mentioned their Politicians when we recover the economy since they love to factorise people by their penis and anus will be covered in shit because we cannot have a two tier economy – they on the other hand are found around industry all the time because it is the only way to take orders from Politicians when told to go there and make money they have never worked for and that combination of laziness and riches which come with a certain fame is just not good enough, it gets to a point and for me I have not got it literarily because they have wrecked everything hence they turn up here to seek a piece of me which they will certainly get as well. They avoid trouble by staying off my book sales and staying off the female journalists and so on; I mean I don’t know how many of them I will put out of work anyway, keeping celebrities close by, making sure people don’t take pictures of themselves and place those of big billboards with my equities without my permission so I can Thin their numbers, and generally cutting down on how many back stage media scum the Country and the whole needs while I keep hold of National fame itself not because I want to make use of it but because I am just keeping hold of it so I can find out how what I own will end up being their own at some stage, helps to deal with their insults and threats of violence and works really well for victims of sexual abuse too – so I have no idea if they think I don’t know that huge joblessness in their section of media has been one of the main achievements of my actions and activities but of course I want to make even more jobless right down to the pornography Industry as well. They can avoid trouble by staying away from my books and staying away from everything else and above all keeping their insults to themselves. There is no point pretending they will have a society and a culture while these things are put in place; they will have a society like my books they mean, a culture they will have when I don’t have to build an office on it as it were; so these are my motivation and more so around the matter of whether or not women are wrecking my finances because they are rich and want me a toy boy so feminists might be important.  The part about how I get factorised as a result of my relationship with the Queen that has reached levels unknown is very well understood a relationship based on HM Royal Estate and who she will ever allow venture anywhere near it; I mean they got a violent one from her and now I am dealing with their envy and a big mouth – we see it all over the tubes and trains and public transports in central London and nobody can ever have enough of them as well – like that claim when I mention I get to Buckingham Palace to pick my pieces and find what I need to work with others can take it up as well – like they have a renaissance with which to or that it can be recognised, besides which there must be an assumption going on that I like people who export their deviance; so that when we ask what they intend to do with their benefits they will stay unemployed and claim them and save them up and take holidays in Europe and South America to sleep with girls and get around manufacturing Industries, which is of course the reasons you can never ever go to the job centre and return feeling that your chances of getting work has improved. Where these is frustration about me has nothing to do with them – that is concerned with the idea what is in HM Royal Estate is Unions and Rail Workers and security industry scum that want to use their position to bully everybody into an understanding of what they hate about the UK especially the CCTV part but where it involves me is a matter of their interference producing a means by which I measure what is correct but then again causing certain uncertainty and delay with respect to when my work is finished. So what happens is that all they are required to do is watch the CCTV and monitor what is happening but what they are interested in is whether or not the CCTV was produced via Equities I am involved with and so on and how to abuse anybody that is comfortable with it and so on – so there is nothing wrong with those cameras while they are so deluded the chances you might ask questions until you dig them out is something they feel has no place in reality. They speak of violence of course but all I am doing here while they do that is write and try to sell my books – although I have made it clear violence would sound and behave a lot more pragmatically around a process where nobody has hurt them and that stupid culture and society as much as I have and that I will tolerate no further rubbish from them from such a point on and that would apply physically as well – so at the moment they are thinking about how big they are and not whether they want to shut their big mouth and stop talking so much nonsense. Does it then mean they are better off when I have not done it? Of course not; I have gotten it into my head that I need to control their lives like everybody needs to control what threatens them and is likely to pop up anywhere, except them because they corrupt it as well and make out it is popular culture funny which is why they need to leave me alone and stop arguing as we are not mates as it were; it’s like the old case about the Church where they say homosexual priests happen when there has been a certain corruption by the Monarchy but the corruption has not happened and homosexual priests have on grounds that the love of Christ is being shown to everybody when we all know the Church has the range to do that without having homosexual Priests. So these goons are very well integrated now into UK mainstream population traffic: some say they have become more dangerous as a result but I don’t care, people don’t have to worry, it is what the Christian is here for and they can support a certain wickedness that I will then provide them security from as well so they can have everything. There are obviously two reasons people run out of time and one is that it happens when you are not doing what you should like myself for example but my reasons are that I am having an adventurous lifestyle because when I go to Church people are still convinced if the right amount of pressure is placed on me I will get involved with black women when I have said I don’t want to and then I will have sex; so when the bible says homosexuals are like they are due to Gods punishment on grounds they were not thankful got his mercies and loved to support those who do wicked things, I must find a way to find out if that is why they are like that and not complain about what I find because it wouldn’t make any sense to. They all however run out of time because they have problem with any other authority that simply happens not to have been their own.

Of course I am not forcing myself upon a certain member of the Royal family; what happens is a process of completing my situation of religious, cultural and social violence in Africa and the Middle East, only to find my finances and prospects of recovering with respect to it ripped up by Politicians at that point in time of which I published my books just a couple of months earlier than the Presidential elections in the US where a Black man is trying to get elected and he soon had decided my books should never be sold because he wants to deploy it to his own ends, only for some goons to turn up and get involved with a member of the Royal family from the US and put up a nice guy face while his clowns turn up from the US to pretend he owns me and all I am because of his girl friend and that I happen to be in a lot of trouble and will end up gay. They always say they are rich and can handle me with a big mouth and that is always before we hear the complains. Naturally of which they will say I did nothing in the Middle east when I had established a sense that Christianity is what it is and Islam is what it is and both had been through a violent period in their history and history has made them what they are and a certain two state solution in Israel was never going to work. Setting out that the two state solutions has created the sense that if it is successful then America will become God i.e. God bless America and split Israel into two states but if it pays off, then America has become God and we all know that their Policies in the Middle East will continue to fail because of it. So people do not listen to that and run off to dooms day all the time.

I am not mentally disturbed and of course I mention it to clear up the matter not because I am concerned but because it isn’t true and these fools have been around mentally disturbed people to know that the sense of awareness around them is not as normal as mine. What I am experiencing is a case of intense excitement and intense frustration because of their interference and what I say as a result shuts them down as well so they can keep off my books to recover. We see the Labour party continue to foster that provocative nonsense about a government that babies people with idea when it should take the lead and handle them to bring about economic recovery – they say that if what they would have been able to do like they did the creation of a UK film council with tax payer funds in order to create jobs and industry; they even claim they can name those they intend to ensure economic crisis hits hardest and that they are forced to deploy their possessions to serve the Country and bring about economic success so that they might not be respected like the leaders they really are and since I have continued to experience from them the process of being insulted so I might put them in their place and they might make contact with my parents of which the question becomes where they stop regardless of how my parents react, I must say I am one of those they have marked out in such ways and it is much like the same old story: Muslims and Popular culture goons and media goons and society goons having the same way of living i.e. they hate their destructive wives but love them because they attack others aimlessly, their wives like their violence but only want it to apply on others and so I have worked out if I rip up the culture at home because of the insults concerning which they think the only form of abuse there is, is sexual abuse so that unless I have been sodomised it is perfectly okay for them to carry on, then sodomy will happen but not to me, so that their man of the family can recover the culture at home and in the same way he is always game as it were for his wife destroying what he does for money, so she is definitely the only person he can have a conversation with of the two of us because with claims I am sleeping with his stupid wife I will like to hurt him seriously as well; these are the kinds of things the Labour party is therefore happy to enforce for them at the highest levels of government because the violence is designed to ensure they extricate and share privileges.

In the end my position is that I don’t want all that publicity or fame because my work is in service of the Church and the Queen and all I need do is sell my books and get people to read it and dont need television or radio for that either but they continue to attack me because they do not feel I am yet chasing after the concept of living to a point where they can move into my right hand and for it I will met out consequences accordingly as well. They do claim their deviance has become more powerful and all over the place too and we simply can no longer brush them aside or move them to the left and so on but of course I fail to see which part of that is true since the fact their deviance is now everywhere was my idea in the first place because they will not allow the normalcy I establish around my affairs and for those who get involved with me that I want to do so, to exist i.e. the one where the world is an evil place and everything about me has already been exposed before I made a living and people can take it up and do it unless I do what black idiots want which will not change anything that has happened due to my stubbornness. As for the part about threatening me with their black idiots from Africa, when the control mechanisms since the fact Japan is no longer the most powerful economy in Asia means nothing to them so far yet, comes into force then we will find out; otherwise they can stop it and stop talking nonsense as there is nothing they can do. It is never true that I feel I can use people especially when put in perspective the fact that I have a work court that keeps me off homosexuality and therefore I hold accountable over the process of getting around with back stage media and popular culture goons – the reality is that women would only surround me with sexual violence like they do and sit about finding somebody to help them cash into everything that happens around my aptitude and reputation then pretend they will make me give it up, if considered at face value, if they have a problem they cannot solve in which case I do wonder if people have seen how I have ploughed that route or because they are rather hard of hearing. We hear talk of Police racism and why I need to be very scared of course but the reality in my head is that there is really no such thing – there is Police corruption which they support a lot as we do see Officers that cannot stay off Popular culture idiots and the need to get around industry villages to that effect and the stupid threats they issue at me when they do their fame and fortune with my public appearances and public work – it plays out such that I have a Court of female journalists rescuing me from homosexuality while their public persona is that they are the enforcers of morality which is incredibly annoying especially when you notice it because of the stupid threats and I will never cease to plough that route that keeps them out of work either – Police racism however does not work in the Police force, besides which if the racism were to be applied by Labour Officers corrupted and sent out to corrupt the Armed forces and we were to say they have dumped it on us again nobody would be able to make out what that means or to which side they have dumped it etc, hence it utter nonsense but if I may answer the questions around the matter the way it works is that a white person will think blacks may be in this Country but they are just there and amount to nothing – the only plausible result for this is that where he has placed himself makes him the personification of the very idea of fame and nobody knows what kind of idiot would hurt themselves like that when they know that not a ounce of the Country do they own or have ever bought with their own hard earned money but the only reason that this makes them money and riches is the same old reason people tell me to fight racism before I do a job and my academic work and so on then pretend all hell will break lose if I dont see racists as my enemies and talk nonsense about how difficult it would have been for me to chose a side: - the reason that is that black people want to be like them and it is the only reason such nonsense becomes profitable. When it really comes to it people will finger my bum when I go out on a stroll just yards from my home and make noise about violence with respect to it while their MPs stir them to it and move into my right hand to be glorious and respected because the part where I am a Christian who is taught homosexuality is a product of people that are not thankful for Gods mercies and blessings and like to support those that do wicked things, appears to have been some kind of fantasy which depending on how much pressure is placed on me I will change: so what they will likely do when they happen to be doing that every day is turn up here and tell me they are superior to me as well. I have not laid to waste all I have done as would have been perceived therefore; the reality is that I do not think that the fact that these trouble makers should be detached means I intend to let them roam free: I suppose it is the under belly of Intellectual Property Administration to have them around and keep them engaged – just like the Police think they have difficulty with their jobs because I talk too much which can be explained by the fact that they love to pretend it is easy and powerful to be bad and so I love to play the part where I do my Christian stuff and still keep up with them effortlessly anyway. the story of my condition is not an emotive one; leaving my position to live among these people is like I camped out in an abandoned forest or something like that, it’s just that renting peoples rooms does provide me with amenities; so my condition should not surprise anybody, besides which I do not intend to clean up the place until sexual violence their women surround me with is cleared – their way or mine does not matter. They do speak of indulging the fantasies of the Russian President of course but there is really no such thing as the reality is more concerned with the fact the world isn’t imploding and things happen for perfectly sound reasons i.e. the Americans have been plunging unknown depths of degradation around people’s lives all over the world and the result of that is that some people are fighting back and the Russian President is one of them and the crucible for it just happens to have been the Country of Ukraine – I have done what I can to ensure the people come through along with their government and that both powers and the International communities are stalled but still there are sound reasons for the actions that the separatists are taking as well and that is being propelled by the Americans: The Americans who have failed at the same cultural leadership they attack people with all the time and the Middle East is in turmoil while they seek effective ways of chasing crude oil there, they have lost Ukraine to Political instability and their people have no sense of direction whatsoever – so nobody knows why they think others will clean it up for them, other peoples work will be used to clean it up etc but as usual black Americans are always God’s gift to the world until we start to hear extreme behaviour from other areas and while they are at it everything seems to fall rather silent (I mean the way it normally works is a simple case of black people who believe spiritual wickedness is linked with getting rich and then they will have white idiots that want power and go off to Africa to help them travel here, so that when they come around people in the UK are complacent about their existence so they will get away with it all by the time anything happens to stop them and they go on and on until racists eventually set out to do something about them which is where they assure their Politicians that they have a scapegoat in the form of me – so there is no such thing as Police racism because it does not work with the system and they know it perfectly not that their own can be called racism anyway since it is a tribalism-racism hybrid looking for trouble: everybody does something about it – in my case because I am a member of their race I do directly but whites always have a statement that says they like their country as it is and blacks should not destroy it – the problem we have is that there are some twisted nasty white people that will not give me a break and it is the day they do that they will get one as well): I have taken the steps I have to ensure I am not creating divisions and that my people all over the Commonwealth are able to integrate even with Americans on equal terms – this gives them a bit of a problem therefore since they are not better prepared than others are and that is not my problem either: I mean people will need personal diaries but where do they find the space to manage it with the problems the US Government creates for itself? Naturally unless somebody is asking me to deploy my work in the name of HM as per their position and a process of doing their own thing I always think those who bug me over it as nuts: the world is not imploding – these things happen and are happening over perfectly sound reasons: we see them do these things all the time about getting violent relations from HM and how I will suffer their envy and then the part where somebody is taking up my work when I mention I do visit Buckingham palace to gather my bits etc: none of which makes any sense since what is expected of me will be expected of me and not another person but I must say I do however relish the challenge anyway, the challenge of the fact that when women make decisions there is always a sense that there is another way they could have done it and we have been there several times to a state where we now have them station all these stuck leverage capitals around me to get rich quick, so that when I do I will feel I have eventually been battered into losing a great thing and will alter their lives for it permanently as well but for now with respect to doing my stuff apparently they should cease to pretend HM needs to know about it, so I can rip up their own as well and make a big show. It is not a complicated matter; there needs to be more and more and more of them out of work and less and less and less and less girls being deployed on my equities and securities: so apparently without the threats I would be handling my work academically, with it I have to do so with equities and securities, so my company can talk to me and ask them who on earth they are – they know what I say and do is the right think, work my work and know my calculations but they always decide provoking me with leverage cash vandalism that makes them some money is the way to go.

Now finally we hear the talk about how I have not given enough support for actors and so on but I dont see that what I do is a support for actors anyway: the risk for them when they are chosen to play roles that involve my work is type casting and joblessness so such things did happen when things were not done so properly – however which there wasn’t a lot of Hollywood involvement with the UK in those days when we only did the villain roles and our bad teeth robbed us of jobs. So since the involvement has increased up to the current extent these are the results, expressing how we do things; I am not therefore an angry person, I simply will never get a life of fame like celebrities because of Royal duties laid out for me, exposure to the US is great enough as it stands as such, it happened because that popular culture finance vandalism needed to end and even if Her Majesty was availed to approve of some fame it would be difficult because those I work with would not have been able to operate it i.e. I am happy to be a National treasure, happy to be hidden from the world and happy to be where I am until I assume my work fully in due course – so contrary to what the claim is on media I am supposed to be out of view so I dont get into trouble which is what is happening and I must find ways of earning enough to take care of every one of my needs and not just the basic ones in that condition.


On the matter of denying that the same way forces of extremism handle those I dont want to get around with because they are liberal and inferior is the same way I am handled, the issue is the same old case of black people stirring racism at my expense to ensure more people become racists and that it is all about me too – they think they are awesome and powerful women and hard of hearing especially when they do thing back stage media and the International community that I have shown I am no longer prepared to tolerate anyway as this is not the 1990s or something. So it is not difficult to sit back and work out what hurts them in order to do all the time, it’s just that them and men like them, the whites alike I want to put out of work and I want to do it right up to the pornography Industry to clear my mind of all that stupid insolent irritation. It is simple enough for anybody to understand this can be a consequence of fantasising about putting your fingers into the anus of a Christian until he actually gets to feel you do it but these idiots think when they do it so often I will not be able to have vengeance for them all, which is what I wish to put to the test as well. My temperaments cover the planet while they are famous and I am not and I have never ever given any body permission to cash into it as well – this is the state of affairs; they will not stop doing their stupid advertisement on it, will not stop pretending there is African culture in my head that means I am a brother they can use, the whites speak thereof of not setting up media management jobs by which I can turn up to make money and be important but their girls must be seen in big posters or small ones within my temperaments and within my property equity and public work all the time to get attention and these are the things I want to stop before I am a victim of extremism; besides which it is all the forces of reaction and if I let them get away with these little ones on account its only money and greed, where then does it stop? They do it all the time; hate Christians, are atheists but before long there is new rock and pop culture about angels because your personality is something you stole from them due to access to their culture that is actually public and then it becomes the new one they have for the generation, pillaging the personal lives of good priests and complaining about paedophilia for those of them that were not abused by bad priests while those of them that were will tend to show you what it feels like on account you refused to condemn it, which of course they understand I have no wish to tolerate as well. being below their league is one of the issues at the heart of what my security is but the whole matter really rests around people turning up to skin the life of me and extract everything especially the war and peace sensibility parts to go off and seek fame and fortune with and since last I decided it is not an issue for the British Government to be concerned with it has gotten so much better on a global scale. The blacks I dont think should have money because a combination of the two is a threat to my health and safety and well being and yes they do believe they manipulate me into fighting their battles but it is all on media all of the time of course because I have cut the culture to bits and there will be a need for whoever gets around collecting peoples career for them to gratify themselves with to sodomise something to rebuild it. I can only say some people bring it out of you – you do end up saying one more occasion where they are seen near your office or possessions will lead to an outcome where their bodies will be found somewhere. For them however there is something really gratifying about picking a fight with me because it is somehow an involvement and they can put up some money leverage and get rich with it and because of that I will never be free from being threatened and insulted by them; which of course is one of those issues that need to be tested every time they blow off their big mouth about gangs they are connected with. I should mention that giving them the controlled mobility that I have is not a means of fostering that which is Industrially violent like they love to claim their deviance has become more powerful and richer and mobile than ever before and that I am the reason for it, hence prior information supplied here to the effect keeping them outside of the back seat of society role that I have become unable to tolerate is an underbelly procedure of Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration – besides which the Political reality disputes their claims and pains a picture that says they are now part of mainstream Population traffic on whom laws apply just like everybody else not just when they have committed crimes but on a day to day basis.