Lots of people get confused about what my job is and some try to tell others it is about providing work environment for others. It is not about providing work environment for others, it is about providing people with intellectual property which have viable markets effectively recipes for business and this is what I thought if I managed from my office create and patent them at my office for businesses to deploy until they can patent at the Law, it will create results that make it easy to get out of the recession but ever since Politicians have done nothing but spend tax payers money; I  mean I have done well for my part but they have been having those stupid great victories as it were spending tax payers money.

The way it works is that I go out and do a job and then write my books from the job and then with the market I have created for the books I create recopies for businesses and patent them at my office for this I have not even gotten a token act of book sales in return for my work which is being used by people who want to get rich and they have already been telling me I have set up business of hypothesis of who likes me and who doesn’t after stalking me for a decade which infuriates me like hell too. What I have gotten in appreciation of it is vandalism by idiots that have businesses and what they have gotten for these acts is a process where I have them on the back foot in case they want to wind me up again too. So I have placed my equities at their business and they have told me I am a joker which is such a lack of respect for what reality is. It does not mean they can spend my equities on themselves, it means my equities are kept at their businesses to help them create jobs and if they don’t buy my books somebody else will. If they spend it, they are looking for trouble most definitely because it is an act of killing my business like they have got used to having a habit for which they show off on media to create the right effect because without media there will be no damage. What I am saying is that it is always about destruction and waste and so all these economic recovery things are coming out of my income, it is my income here not public property-they had completely destroyed public property and left nothing behind (it is my income when I create books and make markets for them then broke the markets as business recipe to help people become successful and create job and they vandalise my work make money with it and set up bounce back money freak really stupid idiots to tell me I betrayed freedom and will pay for it on media to talk rubbish at me) when I do the job create the books and hand people the recipes to do business and create jobs. It is not government money at all, it is my income, it is my money and they do not seem to realise their desire for destruction and waste will not be tolerated or allowed to go unpunished no matter how much far right rubbish they get up to. I mean the whole game of bail outs has become some huge big fun, bail out after bail out after bail out while the Politicians help them to it; the banks have run out of credit never meant the markets have, all government needed to do was bail out banks not threaten me with cultural racism in order to confiscate my personal life and that would have happened once.

I mean I have met people who have had their businesses taken over by Government in the past; most of them actually relish the chance to teach their kids how to manage money but these guys we are talking about will be earning in millions either way so they don’t even know when they are paid and their kids will feel nothing anyway but still think nothing wrong with such vast amounts of money extracted by them from what has effectively become government departments. So we have things like people earning upwards of £20 million PA working for a Nationalised Banks while the Politicians look on. That is the rent money per annum for 50,000 students for a persons wage and the Politicians do nothing. What they know is telling protesters they have made their point so bounce back money freak idiots can surround me and with their insults and fascist rubbish grab anything I have left and tell lies all over the place trying to confiscate my personal life as well with their incredibly filthy insolent big mouths, with which everybody must fight over freedom for their insolent idiocy to be pleased looking for trouble as it were and are now blighting peoples lives and therefore need to move on. They serve protesters eviction notices in minutes but cannot serve somebody who takes home every year upwards of the annual rent of 50,000 students with a sack. I for my part run my business and book sales the way I do because people need to understand that the state also has the right to succeed and so the games they play with me might have been a factor of how they can see Politicians will do nothing about them but I will most definitely need to sell my books. So they can tell me I stifle people’s freedoms. “I stifle people’s freedoms” but clearly if the Public has tolerance for somebody to earn £10 million pounds a year from government departments as long as they have stories to tell about others who have the right to earn as much as they can make with private enterprises, they can start themselves off with about £12 million a year in a government department they have left anything for themselves to bend rules and have freedoms with obviously. This sort of behavior is punishable and like I said the Politicians may not do anything but I will need to sell my books.

I am not talking about socialists idiots those spend tax payers money on the high life alright but the rest of us need to run a business and pay more of the tax payer’s money too, so they might want to sip their expensive drinks and zip their lips so we can carry on with it. It makes clear the essence of their stupidities; where they want the money of the world for themselves but all they can do with it is buy stuff, then realise if they buy stuff others will have jobs and decide to use it for black mail and to talk lots of rubbish at just about anybody.

This is not their money and it is not their property and it is not their own lives. It is true I provide people with work environment as it is impossible to do this job without doing so but providing people with work environment is not what I do for a living.


With regard to the old issue of discrimination, the manner in which it tends to be presented for the purpose of messing around with personal aspects of my life intensely and violently, is that it is a function of how we treat ourselves but clearly if people do not twist others into uncomfortable positions then such conversations can never be had which then makes it possible that it has any kind of credibility.

It is rather all about greed to say the least. So that when somebody works out what he needs to do, he will secure this by finding somebody that he can accuse of being responsible for building up the escalation which made it possible for him to do what he has done, Politicians will believe it and reward them with tax payers money in order to have power for good measure. The whites do not surprise anybody when they do it because we know racists are white but it is the none whites that blow people’s minds because the question of what the end product is becomes very relevant.

As it stands I am being trapped by them in order to teach me a lesson for defying their evil wills and the benefit is that my entire life can now belong to somebody else, while they continue to nurse the chance of wrecking my life and having an evil sex with me. I do not for one moment suggest it is a problem as it is not a problem to me, only a question: are those really human beings or demons? Of which the answer is obvious. Of course the ones that get on Television to complain about discrimination fervently always never want to finish their complaints without a process of hurting me to get my attention in order to tease and bully me with telling me what to do and telling people they rule over me, which is financially very destructive. In their minds they are supposed to have in this located the boy beside whom they like to die; which is what I have decided I am too but when it begins to get really tough and they realise I will be taking a holiday while they will be dead, they will want to find the real ones but it will have by then become too late. So while they complain of racism applying racism themselves to some selected person becomes justified so they always think they will crush me and how they will of which is never exactly clear.

The celebrities on the other hand love to make out I need them but I do not need them. The fact of where they are is something I do because of the fact that history between women and children and myself as a person can never be violent, hence it is the beginning of rising above evil and getting close to God to let women have things first. They on the other hand have paid me back for it so far terribly and are now expecting me with threats to, to forget all about it and move on with my so called defeat.

The Unions for their part speak of lost deals and corporate greed. What they are in reality are people that are important to others who gather to organise a process where people do some striving for their work place rights but all they really know is a process of keeping me cash strapped to please Politicians with the use of the civil service, being corrupt as much as they can when they have nothing to be corrupt with, setting those evil examples and then making out they will crush me. Of which the first sign seems to be barging into the aspects of my life where people adore me with media and if they cannot create a perception on media until that perception sticks on peoples minds then turn up to live up to it, which is why I am always violently attacked unexpectedly by them, then after messing up my fame and importance in such ways claim I sleep with their wives on the same media. When finished they then tell very wealthy and powerful CEOs that they are people who are very set in their decisions, bearing in mind what they do with me is already a process of attacking without reason people who have a real fear of leading people to disaster, a real fear of failure: and it is all gone with the wind obviously.

As usual they have resorted to the expected attack on my Courts. They say I make assumptions about what women feel and try to build a business on it. The truth of which is that my real life away from my work is a world where I should spend most of my time enjoying my privileges and staying out of trouble enough to keep me safe from bullies. Hence it goes back to the accusations of my speaking to women behind their backs issue. Where I have fans and they simply feel like playing a game of “he who lives by media must die by media” and therefore need access to my work to tell people I gave it to them to get around with them with, for their games. So they barge in and force their friendships on me making sure it is neither my choice nor a choice they have made whether or not they get involved with me and now they are not leaders and therefore responsible for anything but have access to everything as is common with western hatred of those who are religious and serve God. Hence now think that with me, they can do and undo. Think that they are men and I ought to fall flat on my face and take all kind of nonsense from them.

So it has become the old question: “boy, do you know I am a media manager? Do you know how many people give me a standing ovation when they walk towards the pulpit to impart something into their lives? Do you know how many people have to book an appointment just to say hello?” etc. Clearly the problem being that I am an Arch Prince as well and adored right up to my Bed chamber and everywhere I go and globally-do they know what damages they do to me getting off on media to get involved with and damage every aspect of my life where people adore me, just to claim I sleep with their wives? This question is therefore a bench mark just in case I have to deal with another of this kind of complain from them, every time they attack me and become complacent and insolent enough to forget.


Arch Prince Ikpe Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.