Western Supremacists' and criminal disobedience, my 'never been done before' work and property, their immorality founded insolent violence and their work place expensive incompetence.

It is not of prime concern what books their fanatics want to determine is competition for me with their own media, I am a Christian and in like manner do not care if they have fame and fortune; fair to say they will only be free when they think they wish to keep their insulting distance.



The claim I prefer to get around with white people instead of black people is really not one that is well thought out; the idiots are always playing up their seniority abuses on those they think do things they should be punished for but feel they can do it because the white man will gain if they got punished and I have never known insolence like it too. At some point the only thing between me and then becomes the take that every second thing and then they will tell me while I am furious not to speak to them so I can decide they need to be deaf to be free of me. It is not the first time either, it began a long time ago with respect to Christians who beat themselves up when nobody is beating them and so you should always imagine how it will be when you really get to beat them, not to mention the fact each time you try to find out due to people harming you why they do it, they tell you it is the fact you have done nothing to them that actually winds them up the most. So far I have gone overseas and gathered up and screwed up those their stupid cultures and their Politicians officially now hate for guts for that and so retrospectively if I harm them over the fact I want undivided management of it from now on, I will be accused of some genocide or maybe they will do it first.

As for being punished for watching pornography I have no idea if it is because of their insults or because they are powerful for of course when people are more important and or spiritually stronger than they are, it is really a condition of leadership from which they feel as though they want to scrutinise the possibilities of having violent power using their stupidities, so that when they want to harm themselves with it is when they want to determine what videos I watch; it is not my fault that the proximity between their stupid insolent lives and that of a pornographer who is basically a prostitute is so closely entwined, so I can get the opportunity to top those up as well bearing in mind all that rubbish they yap off about what they will do to control me when they cannot control any of the stories those pornographers tell with those videos they make either as a means of pleasuring themselves or as something that does a service to society and not to mention the fact they cannot as intensely as they want to determine the lives of those who see or watch it.


Three issues have now emerged comfortably over this matter, one of them being wrecking my finances in order to make me available to the daily evil and violent ideas and pragmatism of their violent witchcraft and that of their society and followers which I am well fed up with them doing, the second being their consumer society where they think an economic crisis is a good time to destroy existing jobs in order to use their age as a means of acquiring any leftovers that the condition might be possible where they can get to abuse certain people they have chosen do not deserve to live or exist unless they are, only to get support from their politicians and royal friends for it and the last being the one that has always gotten the support of the politicians and royal friends i.e. the recklessness of the big businesses who are so detached from their consumers and it is not that they do not know that they are but that they want to take advantage of any who have things they do not as well as those who may want to make use of the opportunity that exists because they are, however which the economy and the fact people need to have jobs and earn money does not appear to be important in anyway whatsoever. We can never rest from them obviously and especially that of the fact they want to add another person’s property to their own - their back grounds and where they came from always close by while the stories of how hard they worked and fought to be where they are is not so far away but all they really are, is a collection of really stupid wasteful frauds who know nothing else but fighting people 24/7.  I thought handling that culture for the purpose of giving them enough fights to last generations when they want it so was the best thing to do after all in the circumstances. It is never true that I want to be their leader even though I am might mention the violently insolent discrimination of seeking me and what I have for my followers like a desire but which they want fulfilled by one of their own and love to threaten me over from their Liberal platforms all the time. Leading them is filial irresponsibility of the highest order; like God letting the devil's servants into Heaven for a Holiday; you know when they get out all they have seen will be spent on perversions to acquire wealth and power that already exists and can be certified their own if they work to earn it, so why on earth would you do so? Naturally they say I describe them as evil and that is wrong and abusive but we are communicating now with people who think that they will make a new fame for themselves with the public life of somebody who serves a Country and then takes steps without robbing him of office to ensure he loses the fame while they own the kind of fame he has which can only succeed by brain washing the world of something they have already witnessed with violence and distant transferred wickedness because I have been protecting and looking after normalcy like I should, proficiently, it does not therefore mean that I cannot describe them as evil. 

There is this idea they have got me comprehensively rounded up which makes no sense since the world will always be full of evil people, however for third parties this is actually the wrong way to look at it, the correct one being the evils and secrete societies they make friends with because they have their eyes fixed on my property and income and the things they do on media as a result of that; apparently my problem as it were and of course I want that UK Government diplomatic front spotless or they feel me too; for I suppose what they consider I should be terribly afraid of these days is that the pre-fascist idiots of this world in the US and Europe especially Germany, have located some new sense of alliance which has to do with what their enemies tell them about themselves, while the current US President Obama talks rubbish all over the place about his Japanese connections and works slap bang in the middle of what UK Trade prospects with other countries is since they are stupid, for which we have wishy-Tories all over the place on where we should be moved out of Europe and into next with a big mouth. They cannot have enough it seems of claims of trouble I have got myself stuck in, whereas reality is that if I were to hurt them doing so would set out a precedent and by the time they had found their own precedent, doing so would have only answered the question of who in common language is 'the rent boy then anyway.'


Now on the issue of Nationalists, I cannot understand why people make sense of it for them anyway; what is happening in the UK is devolution and more devolution and nothing like a separate position. The reality of where they stand is that they do what they do because they want to fulfil their dreams in their life time and not exist to prepare the way for their children but continue to wreck people’s lives still so that people continue to do that to them as well. Nationalism has continued to remain a plaything of mine, like they make me into a plaything of theirs and people need to think about it as well i.e. if they were the Queen and nationalists mess with me and I mess with them, play games with me and I play games with them and they table an issue would the Queen have responded to such an issue? The other side of the issue is with Politicians running off to cash into what we do to secure a relationship with our South American Neighbours and of course with our Asian Neighbours and nothing there to be seen about American governments full of fools that enjoy talking about geographical boundaries because they believe it will make them look more intellectual but these Political goons feel it is okay to get out of Parliament and get around with such idiots in order to slap up with austerity and build up assets in developing economies – they could always build up assets in developing economies of course without slapping us with anything but this is not what they want to do and the reason is to make us behave and it is utter nonsense and they need to be made to shut their mouth over it as well because if they wind me up we will simply get to the bottom of that again; the problem is that they do not understand what views I for example take of how they run around National Interest getting involved with exotic cultures and then suddenly thinking that Money is going to fall off from nowhere and land on them or some young leader like myself or their age mate like myself will get into trouble for having what they do not - it is deviance of the highest order but whose behaviour issues do they now expect they want to settle exactly? All together I am saying Nationalists can do whatever they like but should not be taken seriously as they themselves do not even take themselves seriously anyway.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland