Now we hear the talk of how it is never clear why the Conservative Party wants to make it relevant when people actually hate it and such nonsense carries on endlessly from a party that came second in the last election even though the conservatives were unable to form a majority government. It is not the first instance either since we already have a condition where the Conservatives are the longest serving Parliamentary Party in the Country in the first place, so all those things happen when people hate them. The reality of course is that when Conservatives are twats it has a certain effect and yes Labour is made up of twats all together all the time anyway Ė so of course government is somebodyís business as well which is why I am involved at all bearing in mind these kinds of idiots say what they say because they enjoy handling government property as though it were their own, hence a thriving party that is currently the government and was the opposition before then is something that is trying to make itself relevant when people hate it. So that we get to a point where government is happening and Politics is happening but you are contending with bullying from idiots like these over the fact the kinds of messages they put out gets to mean it is impossible for you to communicate with people and get them to listen to what you are saying especially when your job depends on that but it gets worse because the reason is that they need to have the correct conditions by which they can force you into civil rights movements and this actually drives me mad as it were.

Government is somebodyís business as well and if they do piss me off I will do them again and pat them in the back and wrap them up and tell everybody they have won a great fight. They speak of how I will get into more trouble as there are now more black people that want some of mine in the secret service and back stage media and politics but of course they were there as I now know on account somebody fingered their bum and grabbed their penis to drag them there for being such a pain, which is why they do the same to me to feverishly and all of the time as well Ė they have royal allies they say as though it is the first time that violently incestuous goons who get to claim they keep the sexual desires of the Queen and are men who rule women who rule lose everything on account of me but above all my ladies work extremely hard to counter all that popular culture nonsense of an alliance with secret services which is clearly a plaything, by which to collect peoples work and reputation to make fame and fortune with and if they abuse my women there will be a reckoning, naturally of which whites do as well but the blacks I am referring to because they are very violent and violently incestuous and it is impossible to reason with them. Apparently of which by the way all that noise making and all that need to find some twisted evil culture and use them on others then share with politicians are prerogative and power, as well as make connections with industries through the same means and the need to get into the secret services in order to be powerful and to control satellites, has paid off and the result is that they donít like it anymore and hence nobody knows what they think or expect I should do about anyway. They say they have been tying me down and holding me back and opening up my life and spending everything I have got; I say they have been doing that for the last decade and now the big problem is how on earth I got to shut it down about which I am now after their freedom and capitalism all together.

The idea then that I react to everything that moves, especially if I were to make mention of the fact stories people tell about women do not make sense to me i.e. in essence they might say they have not met women that are not feminists and in the same way there isnít a man that is not a sexist either; the reality is that they strike alliances with the above because they wish to find no other ways of making a living that does not involve some bully process of extracting an income from my earnings and it is very violent and it is very abusive and they make noise all the time like I am some kind of virgin that wants to have sex with prostitutes and is being taught about how tough life is, while they cling to my book sales, make noise all the time and the big problem they now have with that media vandalism is that it never goes away and I am beginning to resort to direct action as well. I do not react to everything that moves, I know these people are stupid, it is simply exhilarating to react to their stupidities, besides which especially for the Industry ones and the get rich quick secret society media friends they have got, doing so as far as I know has never left them better off anyway. I am perfectly aware it is an incredibly stupid collection of activity. Just like the part about me being manipulated by the media and the secret societies where they meet with Industry friends etc; the reality of course is that I know my books are clearly set out products which I will market in a heavy way at a date that I see fit none of which whether or not I do is any of their business anyway; so one more talk of controlling me with secret societies and media and Industry, alongside that criminal activity of handling the profit margins which of course they can after years of hot and abusive and violent campaigns about how I do their stuff which is something bullies do alongside the other part where they ensure you are not eating properly and your tummy is not working well which of course is the disgusting aspect of bullying, that then means they can cash into my market whenever they want and it will be a one more task for them as well. So the advice remains the same; I donít know how many times I must collect a list of what politicians do to mess me up and visit it on them at government office to make them look like lame duck leaders, I donít know how many times I will lay claims to and securitize the appearance of journalists that vandalise my property to be known at show biz in my name, I donít know how many times I must do these things before people realise I will never stop seeking a payment that is many times better than seeing them at the Court rooms over handling and abusing my profit margins and patents Ė hence the one word to say about it as always; they need to stay off my books and stop talking nonsense. They cannot control anything.

I mean they always say homosexuality is nothing but homosexuality but you know that it isnít and rather far from it so because nobody will want to experiment on you socially by making you unemployed to find out if the conditions will make you homosexual or not which will then have been funny if Homosexuals were not supplying the ideas, nobody would find bullying such an attractive proposal if the disgusting aspects of it which ensures you never feel good and fail to eat properly if homosexuals were not supplying the atmosphere and ideas by having sex in the anus and making pubic shows about it, besides which if you are not becoming homosexual when they know you are a Christian then you are not playing along and they must get their hands on your public life and your reputation and sing you for a living at popular culture in the most abusive manner imaginable to create controversy provocation and facilitate music CD sales that will create them popular culture empires: there is no such thing as homosexuality for the sake of it, they know what perversions they practice hurt them but there is a higher benefit to practicing it which involves the suffering of others and that if why they do, no such nonsense as people born that way or in their blood or anything like that and yes like the process of female thieves that have refined their methods to a point where the law can do nothing about them and have access to media to play games with anybody they chose with; Politicians call it their civil rights and I will not stop making them pay for all the damages, leaving some only when I feel my Christian faith has given them a rebate.

A typical measure of these matters is when they say the EU is giving UK manufacturing a hard time which is utter nonsense of course because the reality is a matter of where Industries and Industry leaders in the EU get the services they come to the UK for and it is a specific kind of service they want not a process of creating problems for UK manufacturing while working with it at the same time which is entirely credible as it were and last I checked I was the one providing that service so I know everything about this matter as it were. Unless people wish to speak of small businesses whereby the condition will be that since you can travel into France in 3 hours, if you have a business in France, then reality can be that you left last night with everything working okay and when you drove in today the new legislation from the government has come into force which increases your costs; so it is a natural pitfall, a natural risk as a result of the fact it is not in our interest to adopt the Euro nor is it in the interest of our sovereign economy to do so. The point being of course that it will never be clear why people think that although the case applies that I will never get a job from men with all these community croons and sex based abuses going on, they feel that they must climb up my business to talk so much nonsense about the problems the EU creates for the UK. I mean it can only get worse from a process of giving money to barely criminal popular culture goons that I am then told are dangerous hence I need to co-operate, all the way to giving money to female thieves that have refined their methods so well that it is impossible for the law to do anything about them, so they can turn up to target me and rob me every single day while the Politicians set off speeches public and rhetoric that facilitates the means by which it happens including what community croons need to work sex based abuses that will tie me down so that anything people want can be taken out of my business, so if they do not feel they want to keep their politics out of my business soon I will do their own as well. In the end it does apply that this position of being the one that does not make trouble which then makes me the place that businesses and Industries want to be, can be a UK thing only or it can be a Europe wide one. But these things are on my websites so I have no idea why people continue to behave in such ways around my business anyway and on this matter of employment and robbery specifically I did mention it broadly, that it is the kind of cumulative nonsense that Politicians create which brings about a process of detaching people from places they are very likely to find employment and setting them down on places where they never will so they can get on benefits and be hounded for being there Ė my work history is factory work and SIA door supervisor as a Law student.

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