So there is this question of my case with Capitalism and big business of which there really isn’t any; Capitalism is I planned to save my first £20,000 by the age of 17 and started selling some Cup Cakes in Dads Garage for it to chase my dreams, the rest of what we have to put up with really are a bunch of menace playing up some big business gimmicks and loving that condition in which they expect to drag somebody to a Law Court, that actually does not make any sense, since if I have no money while I must pay off a 20 Million pound fine for example, there is nothing anybody may do about it. My case specifically is a matter of another group of idiots imagining that the only way that the fact they had become big Celebrities would annoy me is if they tore up my whole life to make it happen and they cannot be made to go away; so it is progressing towards a question of why they have those overseas accounts and are not paying taxes, the same way they got support from Politicians to damage my own and then never give up getting out of their beds every day to climb up public stages that help them keep it damaged with a big mouth. The rest of what people complain about is a grand old case of doing wicked things to those who can help them to make out either God or the Devil do not both exist or that it does not make them the enemy to do so, just makes them people who are keen to survive by insulting, abusing and using those that can help them – hence because they have this stupid media to run endless insults by, we find people join them a lot of the times and it becomes a social matter of blaming somebody else when people damage your livelihood, instead of doing what you can about them. They do say I have not got a chance against the big business stupidities naturally which is utter rubbish; all they do is gather in their cliques and pass around profit from any markets they are playing their stupid games with, the stupid games that are based to denying others the basics as a means of magnifying the importance of consumerism but the Media ones really get to my nerves since it’s not possible to make sense of somebody passing around insults and abuses in my direction over the fact I share an ethnic minority position with them but the Media will spend all day claiming I attend University to try and explain it until I had dropped out and then set about making out they were more important than I am and the whole time while complaining never stops pointing towards my Royal Hermitage it wants to confiscate, never stops clinging to my Literary Empire and never stops following me around to make a mess – they pass around those profits in cliques and at the end of the year wonder why I am the genius and they are unable to make more money than they had, so they end up with an imagination that goes up my bum all the time, which I could really do without and yet it was completely unnecessary, avoidable and something I could really do without all together, if they were able to see that if it mattered to them that much, it might have made sense to buy the Books I have written, read them and ask me for what I know, not blow of the big mouth about which one does not stand a chance and tell me my Empire exists in my head.

I am informed that I am mediocratic in all I do but it is utter nonsense, what happens for all the insults that women throw around here is that black people have decided they want to get through their own sordid and insulting existence that complains about the problems solved by leaders they have no regard for and disrespect endlessly, is the act of addressing me, talking though to me and generally suggesting that whether I liked it or not, I cannot be left on my own, distracting me from the academic work and making a mess of the writing studio and career every day – so it has not yet come to the point where I had set out a Public position on not wanting to be addressed by my brothers obviously yet, so it’s that big mouth blabbing about what I liked or not being irrelevant. The Muslim ones cannot keep their hands off my bum and then once they had successfully wrecked the academic pursuit, we find they saw it an impossible task to let me a breathing space unless I reached out and took one such for myself all together, at which point it then starts to get a lot serious. The whites are the reasons we need public control on everything we do with ourselves and they expect us all to be completely naïve about that or else. So in the end they would all say I have pointed out these things but have not made progress with myself, which progress is based on making it quite clear it would not and does not bother me at all that they want to get around their concerns with a criminal baggage behind them that needs the derivatives of my Books even after they are told it is my earning and patent margins which is not available for usage as such and like to make a case of themselves on Media for it all the time, irrespective of information for my part suggesting they do not have a contract for this and I am not interested in their problems but only in whether or not they had paid for a Book at my place and need to have it delivered to their pathologically laying addresses – hence progress with myself, about which it cannot be so difficult for them to keep away from my Books and to stop following me around.

It always unfailingly leads to the same results; Establish a system that facilitates wealth equality and it will be free for all because people can make money by hating me with it due to the fact that I have enemies and those enemies have money to spend – have some friends get around bending my concerns into a corner where their involvement is about mopping up my income margins with any money and publicity they have and it will become other people’s obsession to do so as well, right down to the leadership that Democrats are providing in the USA at the Highest level of Government which they also spread around the world as stupidly as possible – Establish a relationship with some Companies and find that every fool who has been spending money on equipment and venues to get famous has spent the money they make from my public image without authorisation to get involved with the Companies because they wish to keep dominating me, which amount to some form of industrial stalking and cuts the bottom out of my earnings every day while they behaved as if it was a normal experience, that all human beings are this stupid; hence never true that I have taken to the idea there is a part of my responses which they are complaining about that I need to take personal responsibility for, as they never get involved based on the platform I have exposed myself by.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland