Having been that the fact HH is not responsible for the fact peoples businesses can no longer make profits-not even in terms of rumours and lies on media that are not true, has become such an issue that he has had to mention it here, it is fair to mention also that ever since they had decided to show him what that stupid Christian things he does really stands for by working to ensure career piracies happen with him income and that absolutely everything he does has already been done, like we all know they do as grown up hooligans, he had long gotten himself into the campaign of detaching people from loved ones and now that it is obvious they are expecting to have sex with his age mates with respect to the female sex and then force him as a society into marriage with  somebody younger than he is in order to ensure those who do their bidding are in his Household, he is very glad that he did all along.

There is therefore the very serious matter of Parents who do not want their children to be involved with HH to consider; understandably of which the state of affairs means that any idiot can get involved with him and keep themselves involved whether I like it or not therefore as long as they have media and access to his book sale business to play around with but most of all is the Liberalist vandalism of One's finances that seem to be the bane of every single thing that such individuals get up to, moulded on grounds of rebellious children who are then able to stand on their own and do whatever they please with the Prince's emotions if they want to, with a link of media that involves their own violent side of society which is incredibly decadent and destructive. Little Children have been complaining for years now, that the 'I need absolutely everything' attitude of theirs means that what little children say gets lost in translation, while they never seem to be tired of working their criminal perversions on the most public media imaginable and enjoy having conversations about other people’s lives with it, each time they have difficulties, especially with respect to plans for getting rich. I for my part do not have a reason to have conversations about it to a large extent either, since it is something, I do to them as well, all the time.

It is said every so often that I know things that others do not but refuse to share and it is utter nonsense too - the reality of that is largely a matter of getting involved with some of the things I really despise - such as fat boys who knows where my anus and penis is all the time and the reason for it i.e. all that ripping up people’s lives and never talking about their own problems and the fame and fortune madness in the world on which racism is based and so on, was only to make them famous and rich on Media -now when the US does Bilateral trade deals with Europe, the Celebrities are the main traders, getting on my nerves with that need to extricate conveniences from my Public image etc. You will never ever see them deal with their own problems - their problem is usually that they cannot have enough of Money - there is no point yapping off that nonsense about how I have a problem with famous people that have done better in life than I have all the time, I really hate the idea of Celebrities sneaking around doing more damage around here more so because they want to be even wealthier business Tycoons. I hear there are a lot of people that are largely always after my property because it will make them rich and famous and help them live on easy street with the least amount of effort but it is an example of the reasons Donald Trump is unpopular with most mainstream Americans during the 2016 bid for the White House and it is not an indication Democrats are becoming acceptable either; most Democrat Women know where my anus and penis is, especially when black and it will end very well too. The whole purpose of these scum being allowed to do what they like ripping up people’s lives to become rich Celebrities was to see them get money and go their way so others can move on - I really despise the provocation whereby they will become business Tycoons as well. It is never true that Public Office is made up as people go along - it is a career and there has to be a link between it and the progress and development of the three categories of people that are likely to be led by it i.e. the Young, the Middle Aged and the Old; so that when somebody has been in Office for 12 years and only idiots tend to pass exams and get on Media to raise hell for everybody and if you had Child when he took Office such a kid will be ready to take their GCSEs in about 4 Years’ time by the time the idiots leave and will have known nothing about the world save the bigoted nonsense that slashes deep into the souls when you are off working for money to supply them every day; it is never true Politicians cannot better themselves, these are idiots and that is the reasons we end up in situations whereby we speak of Wars and do not know what they were for. They do say I would be up in arms if I were told that their reasons for Wars were to create conditions that allowed them to foster ideology that suggests getting rid of the Monarchy but that would have been fine then if they kept from the child the lies and fascism that Politics practices with its Celebrity culture and has done so for Centuries with no plans for improvement or change in the situation that the world is in at present, making out that we make up Public Office duty as we go along.

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