They speak of this idea in my mind that women are bad things which is utter nonsense – the reality is that the day to day provocation are caused by very stupid individuals that have gained access to my work and are using it to help women sell their bodies on account they have jobs to do as pimps, utter nightmarish idiots who know what they have to do whenever they have observed a progress around my work especially if they share a skin colour or have some war going on in their Countries of origin. However in terms of the main body facts about a sense in my head that Women are bad, the reality goes beyond taking out on me the stupid things these idiots do and attacking me themselves all together, then blaming me for their disposition in their whole lives because they want to get their hands on my income margins, it becomes more real around the fact these practical jokes were the same reasons I dropped out of University and everything concerning just paying my way and having some disposable income to fund my Books becomes so terribly complicated, of which the practical jokes have not stopped, what has continued is the need to threaten me and find more men to make a mess with yap, yap, yapping all over the Country. Then it gets even better and I find that when they need security they can take from me by force through processes of encouraging local criminals and civil rights goons to attack me in order for them to feel free, allowing every corporate idiot I have stood up to on my pocket money to show up here and get some revenge while it is clearly not their fault that when popular and celebrity culture extracts money from my Public image for them it runs into millions of currency and it is impossible to restrict it down to a Minimum wage – a very nightmarish set of idiots as well that is very difficult to get the head around, unless they have no celebrity and popular culture to plague me with.

The other part of their story obviously is usually one about the complicated issues surrounding a process where their goons pass abusive insults my way and tell me they want to feel as though I am giving them the same kinds of respects that Politicians and Celebrities get off me from their own pocket of importance on the right hand side, not long after of which we find they had gotten jobs at Buckingham Palace to work as security guards and cannot keep their fingers off my Bum, pretending their whole stupidities had become far more complicated than that - while equity broker of my Asset property to leave me with Book sales and Publicity gets replaced by every fools wanting to invent a product with a property equity that is no property at all but a fool making gimmicks that will mean others live his life for him and spend his money for him, to make some quick millions from the gaps of product efficiency which big businesses have overlooked a Capitalism and it seems their problem is that nobody appears to have the ability to tell them off, especially when we have had to listen to other sort nonsense about Lenin's Legacy in Russia for instance, so it does mean the only way to relate with them is one of consequences and punishment especially when levied at Local and Global Markets.

They do claim I spend most of my time attacking those who have no part to play in my problems and it’s completely ridiculous; going about tearing up peoples finances by chasing their bottoms and making a mess of their lives so that people refuse to associate with them or get near the products because you have threatened the general public with the same fate if they did, is not necessarily a people that have no part to play in it – we are not talking about months of financial complications for me over this behaviour we are talking about the last 16 years happening like that every day. The result is that they have me in this condition where they claim I am afraid of them and so the Clients that broker with me are risking what they will use media to do to the markets and thus when they tell me they have a right to share what I am doing and that I am supposed to behave in a certain way to make them comfortable, in that condition I will see it as a perfectly reasonable deal, which is why the feminists cannot keep their dirty mouths off my case currently, since I have not actually responded to it in a real way. On the other hand, my Client broker start to tell me I need to stay silent as access they have to what I do will cause problems for everybody when the real issue was rather that people keep making use of my work without paying for the Books, then get off telling me to write it properly as well: hence I am crashing on both ends and for their insults and stupidities, I have thought about it enough times where everything I do to sell the Books will also involve the way the hoodlums have access to my finances and punish me just by existing on account they have problems and will generally have more to do with making them suffer very, very, very intensely, something close to make my own case for wealth inequality on the world to keep them off my property and the squatting and squandering behaviour they like to boast indicates that they own and control me – so the insults of their Politicians and blabbing about how they are not responsible for my problems will easily mean that this becomes a viable step to take, bearing in mind it’s all a matter of a reality that says human beings are not normally this stupid, largely a case of their inability to show some respect for anything they come in contact with over the course of their stupid lives - in the end of which a little respect for what other people do to earn a living saves a lot of trouble.

It is not the first occasion anyway, the first real problems that are not caused by others was when Equity broker with Companies was replaced by small and medium sized capitalists pretending I owe them a debt to let them deploy my Asset Equities to invent products to fill market gaps and get rich when Companies had an efficiency oversight with respect to the way Consumers made use of their products and it completely destroyed everything because the idiots never leave me with any Publicity and never read Books, a bit farfetched to assume they should read mine if it means so much to them - when I am really fed up with it, their fellow goons who got elected some time ago make statements about me blaming those who have nothing to do with my problems. They love to claim I am deserving but we all know that if I want to fund this business their whole lives and that of their elected leaders will be developed around causing me to lose my source of financing and my academics as well - when I network to secure financing from someone who might want to help me, where I find financing becomes what they have claimed is the solution to all their financial problems - so the social media part is very acute in the sense that my profile is just a click away from them if my affairs is so important and therefore starts to set the stage for how intolerable I am meant to have regarded it.

They love this Publicity for me that involves a process where I am said to be responsible for sex pests getting out of hand all over the place and I wouldn’t know anyway since it is rather obvious that apart from the abusive things they do and the leverage they need to do it in order to get what they want, there is also the fact that the difference between being yourself and just getting off your ego to develop into a stage where you an unhinged and decide to get involved with a bubble of stupid human activity that usually mostly leads to violent outcomes is because these idiots spend all their insolent media and Political time specifically passing around insults at you along with a publicity that you have not paid them for, to decide what you will be doing with your time. Thus in a condition where the fools they support and then complain about later were ripping up people’s property and finances to expect forgiveness for it so that they might become Gods of money and others needed to be Gods of family so it might be possible to entice them with sex and food in order to get the money off them – this must be one hell of a service but if the same idiots engaging in it are complaining about sex pests.

So, am I aware that my activities encourage tyranny from overseas? Of course, I am but then again, the British Labour Party does not own me, does not deserve anything here, does not control me, does not run my life. Their case did start off with the usual stupidities that we are familiar with i.e. I want to have what my mates have at your expense, I want to do stupid things with your job, I want to have a slave House help that is paying his own way being my slave which will ensure that I live the way I used to in third world country and am able to function 100%, I want to oppress somebody but have no money to look the part of oppressors so you need to do me a favour – it could never keep its mouth shut; now after 15 years of daily vandalism and destruction it has a set habit of getting to the Office every day, for the purpose of wrecking my Book sales and it is going to end very badly too.

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