It is natural that the big boys and big girls have institutionalised themselves with the use of media and making extra cash for their habits and extra luxuries with the use of existing jobs, by creating equity and security costsfor my company which translate into advertisement and ratings statements on media, so they do also get to the point of extremes, in failed wickedness that do nothing for anybody, where they think I will and should give the business up as well like I have an alternative means and they do not quite care if I do in an attempt to look like they are ruthless and know a thing about running a business. It is what happens when you cannot please everybody in the sense that when you look into security matters some Politicians give tax payers money to criminals to create business that is not illegal with in order to have a platform for revenge against me, all of which ends up to be something of a fantasised power they do not have and is very tiresome as well, whether or not this was a fully developed job or career and or they think they are the most insolent idiots in the world, especially when sex sells and sex is destructive. The fact is that this is my Literary Empire, and this is my property, and they always think that they will get away with it too in my view and so confirming this view already get to try and prevent me from selling things to anybody I want, to be sure that they have when I detach them from it. The first part of their vandalism has already been pain off by the things I use their societies and communities to do to make extra cash which works along the lines of those their stupid use other peopleís jobs and property to fix every filthy work in town insolently on media and they are already getting rich with energies they extract from me hurtfully for fake self-confidence they claim helps them to be violent towards me as well, which entire purpose of the violence is to earn my income and not work for their own, thereby makes it even better in their view: the first part of the only thing making it impossible for me to make a living of course and thereby the need to create appropriate equity for the problem being that they want to be able to control my life for the trappings of power, they want to be able to have their hands on my income whenever they want, to be able to destroy it when they get on Television to tell me to do things to clean and cleanse them of perversions as they go out to seek power to dominate the world, in ways they know no human being can respond to because it is too stupid but get a reaction from me either way by controlling my finances, which when I fail to respond to results in acts that are accompanied by violent stalking too, of which they are always following me around to keep working it, moments after I do things on my market place of which is always most acceptable for a case of seeing me do something else they really like me to be seen doing or something else it will please them to see me own, which I have no control of whether or not I do, in order to secure a process where they can get on Television to show their regrets for wrecking my business when they took their problems out on me and I failed to look into peace of mind and good feelings I have that they do not, which I have because I am insulting them when they are the ones that deserve it and then tell me it is an attitude problem on my part and thus my fault. The way it originated was even more daring dastardly and insolent destructive and wasteful and it is the pride of the consideration I might never make them pay for all of it in my life time that is the means to their self-confidence as well; it was a case of "I want you to be kept cash strapped until I get connected to every University and get behind every course you could possibly study with your existing GCSE,' because there will be a lot of power on offer as they do itabout which there will be a wealth distribution success end product. About this of which they are already taking liberties as we speak, helping their incredibly stupid children to things. I am not in any trouble with the Media either as they claim; those love their own games too i.e. "give me what I am asking or racists will come and get you etc" it sticks out in a conversation as they say and happens every single day but the only reason it gets racists among others to act on it is because there is something seriously wrong with their society as a whole too, so in the circumstances I can get into whatever trouble I like with the Media. It is not a matter of concern for me either that I have a reputation of sleeping around with other peopleís wives, they know they wreck my business to have available to them beauties they persecute me over my faith to extract for their perversions and it is such a load of rubbish to lose everything in my own when we are not even talking about their own lives. So, such reputations do not bother me in anyway. All it can do therefore is the usual; bringing up things that are as insulting as they possibly can be, such as "fuck shit or fight shit", which is apt anyway, I am sure they can see it is much too late now; I can always fail to protect their own from racists and racism too. Of which their Pop music and attempted Film Crimes have never on the contrary every become acceptable nor have other more vicious and violent crimes they hide and harbour with it, regardless of securing my consent which they seem to do at will, more so when the perceptions about me are out there on media for them to manipulate at all times; all based on really stupid men that cannot stay off the idea of making others think about sex. My primary means of dealing with it however will never be the Law, that will come into their stubborn insolent lives at some completely unexpected point, so I do not end up in a condition where actions I take are telling them what the Law is. It is therefore clear for the purpose of what is reasonable, that they can see like everybody else that some versions of my Book titled packeted equities are published with errors and this means they can never be sold except for the purpose they were intended or preferably will never get sold unless those that have always known better are able to buy them and make the corrections themselves. These errors were meant to help me get a job done and it is the things I have done to ensure that they are tolerated by the customer that they love to strip from my work and spend to get rich for lifestyle and habits doing so and are now doing so with my earnings all together. It is clear now that the only thing stopping me from earning a living with my work is the fact Politicians want to be the ones that go down in history for doing the things I have done and will never respect the fact this is somebody elseís career. So obviously those who want economic recovery after they pick on me and wreck my life to pursue power to create those problems, which they normally have to do so they can pretend to be really privileged, now they will have to go back and tell their Politicians it is okay for them to know about insults that can wreck the finances of another statesman like they always do because they like to encourage extremism but if people do not leave alone my books sales they will not be free of me too and this also means they will not be free economically. It is never a matter of trying too hard to have a go at people who fancy me much they get to use my work in the course of doing their own, the real problem is the media idiots, there isnít a time they do not happen to be thinking about how to pick up something that belongs to me and then stick it in their backside and the result of it of course is the public show where my job is always being used by them to do things and there isnít a filthy job in the world that my property is not been used to fix. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either, I use peopleís lives and society to do things but that is after things happen such as Politicians who have Public life attacking the finances of a Christian for pleasure. I mean what idiot would do such a thing when I can use his reputation to make repairs and that is when we get to talk about the insults and how they will enforce their will to make it work. For the stock market people they think when I mention such things I am in deep trouble but in actual fact what happens is that each time they find out I donít want a thing done with my work they work out if I attack them for it, it is be the ultimate outcome of those their stupid insolent call to extreme destruction but instead of calling it a day, they simply decide they want to get on media, run a few advertisements and then figure out how to use my work to do it and tell lies to dominate me as well; so it is always a case of asking them when or where exactly they really wish to find out they need to respect my decisions over my own property and nothing as seriously as they claim it is. The part that breeds the temper is the bit where they are always having a go on television to figure out a process where they were the boss and decided to make laws to ban my books; they cannot shut up and wish to find out how books get banned as well. Itís really difficult and this they must know; all that culture stuff they like to think it is funny to mess people up with; the female ones think that their stupid children should grow into a world where the world is their oyster basically and so they have that right to make use of good looking men to create fame they will manage for the future of children and this is just the women at the communities witchcraft thing which I get to put out there in public for them while they try to be famous, then there is the other part where they get after every single thing that is a friend or ally of mine to extract the same beauties for the same purpose and theirs works on television and is therefore invincible because if it is not their girls and boys will ruin my finances feeding on everything. So, it is hard work, and they need to work for it, especially the stock market ones. The media ones are just the ones on which I measure most of my actions; I mean they get up there having done nothing whatsoever to ensure when they get on TV to do a job in which everybody knows what their face and names are like, they are safe in the job but this happens not to have been a problem of course by anybodyís standards, until they decide they have found a Christian they want to cause lots of suffering to get good feeling in life and so they will have to do it, it is not yet bad in my view, it will be as much as I want it to when I sell the books. It comes back down to the matter of my sexual habits and accusations of infidelity, but I wonder what sexual habits it is they speak of in fact as such. I mean they like to think they know something about things they know absolutely nothing about all the time, then form sill opinions about others that are also violent as well. So in their minds society works in a way whereby there is some power making sure people are not having sex and they are here to create counter power to ensure that sex is going on, so the first point of attack is the guy that attends church on Sunday of course, as long as he writes books and there are stories to spread about why his personality is the way that it is; so I will keep that sex around and want nothing of that rubbish where I find a middle ground for it and they cannot stop boasting as a result Ė the sex with stay around, I will keep an eye on it for everybody. I have a problem with my temper, and I really think this is what they might want to talk about not my sexual habits. It is impossible to run either an Economy or a Business that way. The big boys and the big girls do not in any way frighten me like they make out they do. The truth about it is that if you want to have a normal life, then what you do in the circumstances is do something about sales on Media. It goes all the way to warnings we get these days from Labour idiots that created this mess for us in the first place. For years they have been spending taxpayerís money like it is their personal and private property on people who are busy showing that they have spiritual power to make others rich or make them poor depending on who is nice or is not nice to them and now they are warning us about the economic conditions as well. They say the risk of failure is as a result of my inability to compromise with politicians but I have no idea what that really means when this is not their Political party all we have here are things we do to gloat because we have for once been able to defend or selves from the rich and all they need to do is make social and political policy on all sides therefore not clear why this is any of their concern. For me personally if I may declare where I stand, there has always been an issue with the celebrity culture kind of the group of would be rich idiots that are not the rich who have actually earned all their money and so they have a thing for me and I have a thing for them and the rest is what we can see at the moment; this is no body elseís business or problem, although every political goon likes to make out things they say in public and media has a cause but never take note it only does around my job and not theirs, bearing in mind the issue of how I get concerned with the affairs of people has got nothing to do with my job as it were because that only exists if politicians want to believe it. They think my personal life is the place to gather facts with which to get rich and are always putting girls and women on it with absolutely everything they do on media because they want the world, about which I have made it clear any idiot who gets to tell me I want to speak of economy but not the Politics will never get the chance to do so again. I mean it is the Aston martins and the designer goods and the royal estates that catch their legendary envy, never the work but again which part did they seriously suppose was going to be publicly visible anyway, like responsible capitalism and wealth sharing? So, it applies that old matter of the question of how a country gets to live beyond its means. Maybe it has nothing to do with a process where Politicians are determined they must see you doing it publicly otherwise you are not getting rich to share with their idiots and it does not belong to you, everything including the earnings and the money you own but if you show publicly that you are doing it, then it is gone before you gasp each time you do with the use of media and advertisement by get rich idiots. So, in five years since a recession bearing in mind people have been spending public funds to support these kinds of activities, nobody has once said a thing about what needs to be said about why a country must live within its means, the connection between such a fact and insults people get used to and how a country gets to do otherwise. There are the others who even tell me that I never let one thing I do to take root before I do another when it was my choice to use my position as the doer for whatever I please; so how does a country get to live beyond its means, through people who abuse their leaders and work very hard to ensure they are never rewarded for their work even by themselves? A typical example is Scottish Nationalism about which I get told my stand on what is happening in Scotland is not definitive enough and therefore gets to harm the Scottish Economy; whereas in fact the real issue is that those who want Scotland to break up the UK are pursuing that goal because it is something that England cannot do. So, they have had it all figured out; Scotland breaks up the UK to show England what they cannot do and covers its tracks by ending up with a country of its own. This is what they have not told the people of Scotland they are doing and that they must be evil in a certain way to view a country in such a prism and therefore set about making sure plans and devises of that sort are operable. For me personally, altogether; when far right activism does not take place nothing destructive people do on media seems to affect people in a way that gets them to take note as far as somebody else is made to suffer and it is excused. The part where they need to find a real career path away from all that has to do with me, and my property will be expressed about the need to buy products to consume them and not play around with the Equities and Securities and the personal life of the person that broker them is just a problem with what has now become a chronic prognosis and I intend to make an example of that modernity and modernisation too. The idea that nothing i have said makes any difference to big business is actually not true; the problems associated with people thinking that when they are worth billions, they should be playing around with the property of a small Royal Prince that needs money or does on some occasions and is therefore likely to become a real problem for them and the money that gets to their head is something beyond what is a normal persons comprehension. However since damaging peoples livelihoods is not a good thing and I do not want to set out a precedent to that effect, I have decided only to deal with it with respect to equities of any products or market created out of the process of damaging my company, building up publicity for themselves for doing so on media which gets followers and customers, while the bad publicity kills off my business, which is where media idiots do whatever they like with my health and claim they are King of all professions and I don't care either - just want them to leave me alone and get lost and then I have cut these kinds of equities to pieces and really hope they have not gambled important things of theirs on it like they always do, doing things they cannot enforce. So as it stands what they do for the most part is get together to exchange money between themselves which is not making any profit and then they get on Public media to bully me and earn my income instead of work for their own and this is something I can ignore as long as they do not take direct and contact physical steps to damage my business and book sales; this is what it is all about, my book sales or the need for it will be the end of anybody that likes to mess around with my income, notwithstanding of which they like to tell me they do not believe in either God or the devil and I have no idea how on earth a process of messing around with peoples income is to be explained except by spiritual wickedness. I can always say what I must say about big businesses when I want but it does not work in that way; there are certain factors that come to play and one of them is that of the fact that these are human beings that are evil enough to take the life of another human being in return for money and so does an Arch Prince want them to have those silly twisted cultural needs by which they make such things happen? Of course, not but then again what if they decide to buy those needs with their money just because they have got it? So it is a matter of the fact that if I took it into my hands I would be the one over stretching my limits and so we need to respect something called the law from any angles that we come from, secondly what people do with their conscience is a matter of their own choices and finally people need to respect my normalcy or they can trifle with it and find out that owning the world will make no difference to me. The idea that Journalists have the King of all professions does not cause me to have any envy towards them, it is just the situation where somebody knows he can stir up public support for his side of the story each time he does things to me I have told him I do not appreciate that raises real issues. I mean when I risk my life to do something about Politicians giving criminals taxpayers money through various initiatives so they can teach moral people that have opinions about criminal lifestyles a lesson, what could they do when they love to extract personal safety from my property and then vandalise it, buy the books to express the fact what I did was a good thing? Who is really asking them to buy the books anyway? So yes, journalists have the king of all professions alright, but they do need to leave me alone. I mean I need an income and they need to get out of it no matter how big their businesses are, otherwise we will find out what I mean when I say it would not matter if they own the world, I will take them down; because of course I was meant to have been publicly, openly and physically rich and famous before they with all their money knew I existed and I knew people as rich as they are existed, so when they own the world and want my books as well and it raises the question of which is which they can see why I wonder how they came across all that money anyway when they are so stupid. The personality wars are an old matter altogether, for those I broke equities with businesses and end up in a place where I cannot earn because they are always moving my own earnings ahead of me to bully me by telling me what to do the way I tell them, and it is why their silly global businesses or whatever may be smaller have matured because of me. There are now three main issues; the first is the Politicians who tell their goons to see to it that I cannot sell my books unless I do what they want and every time I do it, they ask me how I works and when I tell them where to take their shot, they assure me it is fine and I move on but guess where they take the shot but why it is my book sales and earnings of course, so now they are working with their friends from God knows where to ensure that I make public anything I have refused to make public, which makes no sense because it does not hurt anybody to shut the sites and do what the Politicians want while settling up on an efficient way to run the firm; doing something about this does not harm me or my ability to find more efficient ways of doing things, does nothing for the Politicians and does not get anybody's job done, so I have no idea why they suppose I would always be the first to be troubled by such things. For their people on the other hand, it is the problem involved with travelling away from their lives to stand up somewhere on mind to pass up violent insults at me and tell me the way I react to it is funny and that is the reason, having been they have covered their tracks very well with lies that suggest to people I am the one intruding. For them, their problem is that of claims they make that they never knew that those insults bearing results which have to do with the destruction of my finances through intrusions and insults with the outcome of boasts about how I will only be what they tell or allow me to be, there will emerge serious problems coming from this side of Government office when there is a sense of reality attached to that especially. It is interesting they think of themselves so relevant as the nobodies that for no reason whatsoever save the fact they have Political views turn out to cause me incredible misery making out it is competition but entirely designed to cover them on attention seeking by pillaging me and making a show of it, to do things to me which I had later realised was designed to banish you to the sex Industry - it is in this that they enjoy running publicity about how One is a rebel.

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