On the matter of Scottish Nationalism they say I never speak of the matter in terms of what people really care about; the reality of which is the question of whether my sitting in a Royal Office to deal with the scandals I have to put up with alongside the cultural and social violence prevent people from enjoying the landscape and the trees and the skies of their country, except that is if they want mine instead, just like black people and that great idea I must move out and over to the left where I can be so that they can move in, none of which will do them any good but the threats will see otherwise outcomes take place and hence the social and cultural deviance is powerful enough to pillage my finances and build pockets of popular culture help quick money points left right and centre but it is never really powerful enough to protect them from those whose lives they have pillaged and will not forgive them for it Ė for these Scottish Nationalists however the story is that of the question of what they really care about since nobody really knows as it were. I mean my main concerns are about largely English people and a certain attitude towards Scottish people which means some English people have a behaviour that says they expect a Scot to have an opinion so they can open their bags and show them what has been going on about Scottish people in it Ė this process of Nationalists winning votes therefore constitutes a typical example of the things that can get out of hand to show them they need to stop being so stupid.

Hence further conversations thus bring us to the point where we begin to talk about the real reasons for Scottish Nationalism to occur i.e. that the Scottish Nationalists are actually seeking out somebody who is so insignificant that what he thinks about his possessions would not have mattered if it were to be deployed to build some sort of a hybrid state where an independent country shares a currency with another Country that it has just broken away from. Conjuring the real truths about what their agenda is i.e. to ensure they right the wrongs of history that has not favoured Scotland against the English and keep everything they need to keep since it was not their fault that they feel the way they do and right every wrong until they right the ones about the royal family and become a totally independent country and I have never heard anything so stupid as the suggestion that British resources will not have ended up in Wales and Northern Ireland if Scotland was independent of Britain because the Scottish Government would have created an otherwise situation. In my view therefore as I have always maintained, they can run and hide if they want to and nobody would have cared if they existed too.

The tales do come through that the Danish Royal family supports Scottish Independence of course; I would never know what the purpose serves although I am aware there are royal trouble makers all over Europe that hate my guts intensely Ė however the reality is that when I write books from a half monastery office which I have not put great deal of effort into making professional because I am making it exclusive to those who are close to and know me and work with me already, books that I will not travel far from the Church and in a worst case travel far from the state to sell, the reality is that entire Music TV channels get dedicated for hours on end running documentaries about the hottest and most attractive Royals in Tinsel Town, up to a point where it creates me a problem in the form of a process where I have such great trouble with media that the only way I can sell my books is if I kill somebody to show what will happen if they touch the sales any further. They claim the issue is that the British Royal family intends to introduce a African into their family and this is therefore something they will ensure never happens and do get around to have this society in Scandinavia of course where they trust people to exist Ė I donít trust things like that because it is not in my nature, I donít trust people because it is the route to happiness while they turn up to create the idea that they can fight against racism and slavery and slave trade on my behalf when I have not asked them to while at the same time creating the sense that I would have been one of those things to be sold off by slave traders a long time ago if I did live in the era in which it happened, while the homosexuals turn up to abuse a dog and have a job for me with a big mouth we never hear unless it comes to civil inequality, clearly of which they believe they can do without consequences. The usual tale is that my grip on power is weak and because of that people sense an opportunity, the truth and reality of course is rather that I have trouble with certain commitments of mine which clash with the principles of my Christian faith, hence people can go after the power if they wanted but there is no point complaining after that either when they are done. It is therefore very important to note I donít want to get out of this half priest office to deal with any more of their decadent and or civil rights nonsense and every time I do the reality about it will always remain that the latest insult is just as annoying as the first that began years and years before. Otherwise for the most part we are talking about media bullies and those great ideas that they can pillage my finances to create a means of provoking me about me every reaction makes them money; I have not asked anyone about their good looks and tinsel town and if it happens again there will be more complains again. I donít think I have lots of tensions in Europe to deal with as such; I have such a vast amount of local, lawful and property equity tied up on matters at the European Family that what I do has the same effect that the actions of the US President has in the US as a person; things only work differently in Europe and thus I am not expected to drive around in Armoured limousines etc Ė however I will not subscribe to such nonsense as Scottish Nationalism, I will not subscribe to circular society that is not recognised by popular culture goons that love to pretend to be Church people, I will not subscribe to badly behaved royals and American connections doing whatever they like, I will not subscribe to any of those stupid things people get up to with assumptions in mind that nobody knows they are. Itís like all those occasions of claims made about how I want to sleep with everything I see which is the wrong assumption since itís all about work but provided I have my book sales being stifled of course so I can forge a credible excuse for lumbering them the worst possible wealth inequality problem rubber stamped with my name specifically as a secondary measure so I donít have to kill anybody to earn a living and develop means to progress the work of God, State and the Church which I have to get completed on all occasions as it were.

A typical example of these kinds of issues can be finished off on this matter with respect to Ukraine; I mean the prognosis is that people say and do what they say and do about what happens in Ukraine on account they seek power but the reality is that we all want a world where Children can live without having to experience war; I mean I have never actually lived in a war zone and yes I have parents that did and it is a scary thought to think that you could be on the run with your entire family Ė mom and dad and brothers and sisters and then get picked off by cross fire being on the unfortunate point until only a certain number of the family survives at the other end and make it to safety; I mean it is entirely the reverse of what happens when I go out with the family on perhaps a day out that the parents have organised with their friends and so on and the things I get to do with other children etc but the twist is that this reverse is that of bloodshed and unimaginable horror. So I donít see what sensible person would get off and ask the Russian Government to take over and run the Ukrainian one Ė in social and political context what comes to mind are two countries with small populations but one slightly more than the other who have such similar cultures that the matter has to be settled for example. So who on earth would have suggested that because a territory does not have a thriving Government another Government can take it over and run it Ė of course it will blow up as a matter of certainty.

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