It is never really true that I am badly troubled by a condition where I am a Royal Prince but other ordinary authors continues to become more financially successful than I am; it is the reality about the way the world of money works, where people prefer the fresh face of the new comer they can take advantage of to an extent - it is the reason they always ever feel like ruining the lives of the best in order to get around my affairs like they do mine to count pennies until they become millions but when it has reached a stage like it has at this point as well, whereby they decide I am not entitled to a living wage, then they are making it impossible for me to simply ignore them and want something different to occur and that they will get from me too as I have had enough of them for my part. The Millionaires on the other hand and their media madness never mind the sexual one which causes them to attack me all the time when there is nothing sexual about being a Christian in anyway, never have enough apparently, no matter what they have, they still expect to ruin your life and turn up to count pennies until it turns into millions or turn up to do their own on me like they do at present because my "Products" are "not valid" and later might even get into personality competition with me as well over the idea they consider themselves to be Royalty, such grasping at oil with the hands likely to continue forever of course provided they rake in more money and leave damage somewhere to create fear along with the assumption that the owner is completely unlikely to do absolutely anything about it, as they get completely content the entire purpose of life is the Women I am meant to hate (which their older idiots pick up immediately too with media and a lack of respect for other people’s privacy).


I am aware the talk that what I do can never become a real business and will never catch on as one if I start to make it so even now – I so suppose it is meant to make me worry but it does not in any way since if I have need of gay culture I have female journalists I have selected to get around with that do that for me and do not think I need any more beyond that; this is clearly their idea of how to ask people politely for what they have, how to buy books a writer has written in order to get involved with him – nothing they do will ever please or satisfy me, they ought to know that. 

I mean the two main issues if I were to think about solving a problem that is will have to do with the fact big businesses always think that you grew up in their shadow and that once you think about setting up a business the chances are that you deployed their own thing to make money while they still need it but just before you negotiate past that things like JLS, Justin Beiber and Katy Perry will swoop in and spend everything you have, which is how popular culture operates and upon understanding that this fact is not a mystery to some people, to maintain a process of making millions they have not worked a day for build a whole world of things that will happen to those who have no respect for people that are richer than they are while they are trying to get rich all over it and turn out with lies and things they ask their assistants to do with media and glossy magazines being completely confident others think people do it for them on initiative and that they will get away with it - the other side of course is the part where freedom and capitalism goons get into trouble all the time and that is largely a matter of how a culture idiot in the US will measure herself to a British Royalty claiming to be the same thing and only superior due to the lies their Politicians tell and abuses they issue all over the place all of them but does not actually indicate how anything operates in actual fact, except it does show the reasons America needs to be seen on one side doing its own thing while the rest of the world is on another doing their own thing.

I do not worry about it half as much as they do ironically; we are only in the 12th years of cash flow crisis, National and International Media distraction botched academic work and unemployment created for me by society idiots that talk well at civil rights enforced at the highest levels of government they vote for - the reasons have begun from the need to make a grown up like me since they are superior, change the spiritual content of his faith to one that they can tolerate and has since developed into perversions that will ensure I cannot refuse them anything they asked me, which some of them have turned into Political campaigns, a measure of their insatiable desire to look for trouble of which their hatred for my books are well understood but is just the beginning; the first book I have written, last I checked more were meant to follow in the next 30 years. 


We hear them claim I pretend parents do not spoil their children but of course I have never pretended any such nonsense for my part either; they are ones that are deluded, claiming indulgent parents spoil their children and allow them to hurt people. Whereas I know that when parents indulge their children and spoil them it is the only thing they do i.e. you get a Porsche on your fifth birthday and then a Zonda on your 12th but you soon realise it is the cat that gets all the love and you cannot move the world to change that – for the female ones when the parents are done they set them off on the City as my slaves and I have to do these things I do to ensure they have their future, the males ones however I believe can look after themselves. I am only opening a window to what indulgent parents get up to, since it is obvious that people can be so misguided as to claim it is a medical condition when rich children hurt people – I mean it’s like the other stuff about spouses fighting to preserve the sperm of their late husband’s in order to have children with – when the sperm were stored they were stored as a couple but when one of the couple dies the other must jump through hoops to access the sperm and then they will say that somebody must have done something as consenting adult to prevent the other from using his sperm to get pregnant but we all know this is a couple issue and the laws on such matters as it stands is completely useless and makes no sense whatsoever. I have never suggested parents do not indulge their children, they do but indulgent parents do only that i.e. indulge their children and nothing else; what they do with their own personal choices is entirely up to them. So how do I know it is not a medical condition? Because it is an issue that claims to have a person’s mental state laid up around the arrangement of material wealth and if he has access to this wealth and can arrange them to meet his own specification, there are no facts to support the idea that things are out of his control; he is capable or clear and in wrinkled thought if he wants to have any. I mean they do grow up in this state from poor and rich backgrounds alike; take Syria for example and the fact most European Countries have refused to offer shelter to the refugees – the fact that a few weeks ago it was observed that the Syrian government and the rebels had realised that while they bomb the place and kill people those who actually exist by and live by and work by and play by the Country itself were off to refugee camps, which rubbished every reason they have for their wars but it was the Assad Administration that told its soldiers to shut down the Country and keep repelling borders, pretending that nobody will notice anywhere in the world, while the rebels only showed signs of marching into refugee camps to force people into recruitment to fight with them. Is this 'affluenza'?


Apparently a massive internationally made case for how little the chance is of things going horribly wrong when people are down with my property, spread by media and Americans but it has always been the same old story with fame and fortune popular culture idiots; they will speak of injustice until they take your money and take your possessions and take your woman and then republicans will turn up and do your stuff for you as well. The vandalism happens for such reasons as keeping me up all night with communities and then handling my book sales to get their own beauty sleep because the contents have such an affect without buying them because the money they claim is theirs, of which they have never been better off doing it every day for the last 12 years not least over claims I sleep with peoples wives and so on as well but we never cease to see the advertisement and the mockery and the need to ensure they have achieved their aim and all I own had become their own and a process of handling my books at the market to turn up and do it. 

As for the part where people are fond of getting on National media or any highly publicised point they can to claim my work to be absolute rubbish and the markets as well and anybody who is interested or involved in anyway, I do not remember signing a contract which says that they can handle my work in any such way so I always think that each time they do the feeling must be that what I have done to them so far is not hurting badly enough yet; it is important for those who make use of the products to decide which is rubbish and which is not, I have had enough of them for my part. 


Now there is nothing terrifying about all that nonsense they get on television to do in some endlessly failed attempt to intimidate me which gets more and more violent and sees them make more and more so called connections with important people to taunt me and abuse me and have lee way to do whatever they like with my person and property etc. The reality of it is simply that they assume that since I must be forced to tolerate the vandalism and intrusion then the process where I am made to give up anything in my possession that they like will have become a reality too – the fact connected with it instead is that I like to build up this show of myself as a greedy impatient infantile git that wants to be rich right away and is in a hurry about something because it simply isn’t me but has become a barrier to employment for me that people continue to push me towards that direction and the reason therefore I build it up for myself and set it out as a permissive practice is to kick their arse every blessed day according to the number of times they wind me up and it will not get any better if I get out and build a public life with it and for it as well either. We soon hear those tales it is about racism and those who were heroes and fought against it etc but the reality is the same then as it is now; that they are very fond of intrusion into people’s lives so that they can hold them down somewhere to wreck their lives and finances until people have run out of time to protect themselves from the evils of the world around them and that is the fundamental problem between me and them and their lives will get worse and worse because of it and especially because they have no wish to leave me alone and get lost basically; I mean my case was started inside of my family i.e. my mother likes to do it to everybody in the family and I fail to see which part they play in it and which bit was any of their business for my part as well anyway, so it is how the story of racism and those who push you into a fight with it without a job which of course if you had one it would be pointless to fight any stupid racism – at this stage counting from when the state first declared me an adult it’s been fourteen years of them around here on a daily basis destruction and vandalism of my finances to ensure this is successful no matter who I am and when done they will get into political office and expect respect which if they do not get they will enforce with power and a big mouth. It is nothing new; it’s all about the fact the world is an evil place and everybody should be made to tag along with the wishes and demands of those who work the part where the world is an evil place, it’s just that they do not seem to like the prisons on Soweto so much or indeed the ones in long Island for those of them that comes from South Africa for example and they do not like the ones in East and Central Africa either. Then we hear those tales that on speaking like I have about how the world is an evil place and they are out to force everybody to go along with its needs and wishes and cannot get off my book sales or the UK civil service with that big mouth or leave me alone lest it blows up in their faces as well, that I am setting out a path towards genocide but we all know there is fundamental hatred for people like me already expressed everywhere because we never ever buy that stupid insolent freedom and democracy nonsense they throw around all over the place and they are certain all they have to do on the other hand is get as many people in the world to get along with it and then a process where I am able to control them and their wickedness towards me will have become impossible and it does make me question whether it really is all they really have to do then.

This is not a serious matter in a long shot it is the same old case of being attacked all the time as the guy who has no enemies and likes to talk nonsense about violence that he knows nothing of but I seem to have too many friends and when you throw up the question of why they do those things the message that comes through is that somewhere in the near future they will be me and I will be nothing; so I suppose they need racism because there are white people taking part as well with that big mouth. There is really no such nonsense as some endless crisis that exists between me and them and that entire noise making we hear all the time. It is not a difficult matter this whole business of being me while I am nothing in the near future, I am an intellectual property administrator and if I cannot get a portfolio on a brand and protect its profit margins for a fee then the job is pointless; they on the other hand think it makes me vulnerable but it goes without saying they cannot steal anything here and whenever they try to steal the job itself I simply become more confident they can use their own to do anything they do otherwise they will definitely be fed up as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland