Now I am aware of facts that emerge about how my thing works but when it had always been clear my Literary Empire is something that belongs to the royal estate and I am supposed to operate it for the benefit of my immediate family in the service of only the incumbent Monarch that is if there is reason for more services of my unique faith and knowledge to be required by the incumbent beyond the Present one. So of course that said I am still single and so a group of idiots all over the world think they have an obligation to spend it for me and so we have the problems we have currently. Their MPs turn up in government house to lie all the time over this and tell tall stories to exasperate me but of course the truth is as I have set out the next time they turn up there with a prognosis of some boy that they will beat up, I will have to find out if there is something about them that I need to be scared of and it may end in a process where I decide who lives or dies and I do not believe I look any funny when I say so either like their insolence will continue to make out. I do not have an issue with it, the reality is that every single thing I do is a factor of a trust system I share with the general public through which I am supposed to sell them Books to keep them updated with leadership and all kinds of progress and the process of buying these books weed out my loyal followers who are therefore the only ones that are obliged to pay me for my work, the rest have the fan gifts and tributes open to everybody and may buy the books to obtain the services. This is what the politicians need to stay away from as equally as they must stay off the book sales thereof along with their media fools or it will degenerate into an issue between me and stupid men that get beaten up by women all the time and think they have a young leader to bully here, hence the boys and their toys attitude which is violence beyond measure that I do not deserve in anyway and needs to stop if they know what is good for them, especially the American ones and I am not getting help from any Mr Obama who speaks of how he is not a black president but a slave president for the most part which clearly does not work for everybody, more over of which he is in it too deep and regularly shows he is terrified of losing his job on the basis of the opinions of the American Public instead of whether or not he has done a job he was elected to do. They are split up you see; between my loyal fans as well as followers on one hand and on the other idiots who are affiliated with criminals i.e. and the latter group know that I am an Arch Prince and a black Prince and a Negro and hence have found themselves the kind of criminals they need to get around with in order to hit my valuables until they spend all of it on themselves so I will continue to remain a threat to their civil rights and things will certainly blow up over the book sales too all together. I do not believe that saying these things puts anybody in jeopardy either just like I do not believe in living in a certain way to avoid those that my steal all I own from me; I they say need to live in a certain way so that I do not stir them to apply their theft on me it is unprecedented. Its like one of those issues that caused a huge big Politician like Churchill to go back on his Patriotism because it will bring bad things, I mean although there were others like Thatcher who were just generally evil in the sense that they had no real roadmap and it was a case of wind me up and you get it of a certainty; I mean I can understand when they look like they have been able to cut me off from my finances and separate me from my trust systems and are now using access to people to do their careers and or get rich and it seems like a huge big well cleared up plan when it is nothing but hourly insolence and abuse over absolutely everything I do to create that effect. Yes I know they say my road maps do not accomplish much as such but I do wonder if people expect me to legitimise the newly invented lives that these idiots have planned to live with my person and property, you see when I mention such things they will shut it all down so I dont have it if they cannot and they look for trouble like that and provoke me like that everyday especially the American ones. I mean when it really comes down to it, the reality is that people do not need to give stupid women everything they want because they can cause suffering if they do not get it and try to avoid such foolish women as well, not tell tall tales when they have been scourged by the recompenses of their own foolishness paid in full, otherwise others can take it up and do it for them like they like it best instead and more so all the time as well all they need to ensure that is the case is make sure that I am forced to react to it, like they already have and the consequences of which I am the one complaining about thereof; we all try so hard as it were here in Government and there is no better excuse than this to have Politicians over a barrel and keep their insults in its place as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland