I have no idea what the Politicians mean when they say they wish to make a success out of Brexit; what happens with Europe is that if a student has lunch at 12 noon every day and it is linked to how the student lives, this is also inextricably linked to the way Europe works, so what the EU was is an organisation that gathers the Countries and gets them to agree to co-operate to make these sorts of social and cultural links more of an advantage – this advantage has not been working at an advantage for the UK in the last 15 years causing Brexit, the Europeans have been clear that if the UK wants to keep the only advantage it had, we need a workable Border Policy, the one job these goons had to do was to negotiate the border Policy as either Open, Partially open or closed, not show up to play with my income and talk so much nonsense each time they think they have me in a difficult situation and if I do not wish to get hurt again had begun toeing their line already with a big mouth. It feeds into that question they bring up about whether it is the actions of the French and Germans who think they own and run the EU that caused Brexit, while there is the wider question of whether the actions of the French and Germans also involved the actions of a collection of scum in Government Office here in the UK who have an obsession with running the lives of those who are clearly their fucking mates, causing damage every day and Political instability in the process and then bragging about the value of the blackmail that their position exerts as a matter of leverage – whether it is the fact they think the EU interferes with the processes which facilitates an outcome whereby scum like these get elected and become interested controlling the lives of their fucking mates that has caused Brexit, of which all I can say is that I do not have a habit that affects their salaries too as it is not being taught at Church anyway but I am learning from their stupidities very quickly all together as well.

They are now on course to get off a life of political and social indemnity and make a success of their stupid selves and apparently when it all depends on other people to make people sick, not only have they built the Modern British economy, but their stupidities were being nice too. They do tell me I am the talk guy and they were the action guy and it will only continue until I am able to find an insult and an abuse that works for their case too and then I will never let go of it. It has apparently befriended all the Factory and Warehouse Managers and the Shop Managers and has since made some money from it but cannot drive the insolent saloon cars on the roads without chasing my bum for instance. And do claim I depend on other people’s property to get done what I have to do, while I could easily start another campaign to recover my market time, wasted since 2007 because they will not ‘lay off’ my income margins, just as we see they love to say when Brexit is over I will find myself in grave difficulty as soon as the border is settled, leaving me to wonder if it will be all about getting involved with security services jobs to tell me I need behave in a certain way because the enemy is dangerous and blab about how I never do the hard work thereof - while the last time we checked, they were not responsible for giving birth to and nursing the enemy to adulthood, it was not their job, besides which these enemies are not mine, it’s their enemies they are tackling with the use of security services jobs but it is clearly not enough and this nonsense is how it will plan to keep the salary so all the useless scum in their neighbourhood may show up on my Public image and income margins to rely on me.

If they wreck my livelihood, the outcome is always that I then have to get involved with the working environment where every goon that has been attacked by them on the way to their top will act towards me in a manner that means everybody wants to do the same as well, meaning that wrecking my business is not in their interest as I will be getting involved with the work force to return to them on a regular basis with a feedback about their stupid background affecting me but the idiots will do it anyway and can never stop insulting people about what will happen when Border issues have been settled after Brexit - it’s all good blabbing how I am talk guy and they are action people but it can only lead to outcomes whereby I find insults that affects them the way I want and then find I could never let go of it too. Like we will find their fellow goons at the Monarchy who are obsessed with my behaviour and the use of my temperaments and personality, speaking of foul language I have used here while everybody else can read clearly that the fucking mates the Politicians have is what they cannot control here while the EU has been preventing them from handling those that actually are with a big mouth. They do claim its repression getting the better of me the way I support oppression or the history of it but all I see is people working this nonsense on me the same way I stay up late to work on my Books, which explains the fact all their stupidities are developed around their money problems with their personal decisions inflicted on their stupid selves..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland