Now they say I am not responding to an evil that is the Labour Party getting worse and worse but it has not gotten worse and worse, it has actually improved as a situation from what it used to be on account I have been making a stand from time to time. It has always ran off on an angle making me enemy of the Girls because I attend Church and will be stealing their fame and beauty at some stage, then it will progress to the part where Church teachings short-circuit socialist Political prospects by teaching people to be generous at random but when it starts to become a real issue is when you thought that their wealth inequality issues was a real Public position, except once you get involved, the Popular culture and decadence with target and hit you very hard indeed. So what people have never really paid attention to is the fact it is purely evil and I am not suggesting people are not aware of the spiritual aspects and demons of the underworld at work with the Labour Party here either, it’s just the case that not pointing it out means that you avoid a process of people getting hurt and just the fact I realised this and refrained from handling the gospel in a way that did is responsible for the fact I cannot breathe due to the business of them having access to people they can harm in order to hurt me for failing to co-operate with their needs. My position is then that many assume it is easy to live with people who are possessed like this in a neighbourhood while you attend Church without making an exception for them regarding what your mind is doing but it isn’t – they have lost the evil atmosphere the built up in the neighbourhoods for their gimmicks over tackling me and it’s a National issue but I really do not know why they thought they should tackle me with it in the first place anyway, when we also were aware that until that stage they had waited and waited and waited for a bad thing to happen to me and nothing did – such that with all that blabbing and threats it is safe to say they think I am bluffing when I had informed them that getting my hands on that stupid culture and society will bring about a very bad outcome indeed all together. They leave out the vandalism and destruction of people’s lives you see whenever they complain – such as the fact that the sole reason I dropped out of University was because of girls chasing my bottom on account I am a moral person and then the Celebrities got involved very soon after that and have showed up here to tackle me with busy body abusive and violent opportunism at popular culture, stock markets and politics. The one they do not leave out is that y activities affect their homosexual living when I had gone off on my own adventure of self-discovery and returned with a public sense that homosexuality is a choice I could adopt or refuse and not nature, where their threats will only mean that they end up thinking about me when having homosexual sex and because I am really good at what I do, I will shut down every means that facilitates such things to remove myself from the picture and their homosexual sex will be painful every time they did it – point being that they have succeeded in deciding what happens to my academic work and finances after 15 years but it has been left out of the daily complains about an affront I had put up to the civil rights they gamble at my expense i.e. like people do not fancy being asked about sex with spouse when they appear in public places, homosexuals really never want to discuss the fact they are homosexuals. They do also draw up the other part where it is a matter of me not being able to live with the way that women operate, which is utter nonsense – what happens on their part is that once it is done making acumen from boasting about being able to beat me up and then collecting my manhood to spend time with real men and advance its financial prospects by, it will begin to threaten me for fun on grounds it has got men that can beat me up and the outcome will be one where I reminded her it’s not her part of society and that he will fuck her bum first, since the fact that should I get beaten up, somebody will commit a crime which will also affect their ability to get jobs and careers do not deter them, in fact hunting me down at University was all a part of a grand plan to ensure they had a limitless amount of prospects, so they might end up with careers and jobs regardless of what they did. It might then be said that there is hate and intolerance on my part especially for the Labour Party of which there isn’t – what really kicks it off is that once I had started to think of blaming myself for my failures, I will become a character that they can hurt whenever they want and cannot have enough of attacking – we saw this behaviour give way to something horrific in Norway where a far right activist killed over 300 persons with a rifle on account a whole resort was dedicated to socialist partying of wickedness, designed to express hope they had that moral people will hurt in their society. So when they bring up the story of women distracting people in the neighbourhoods, I really have no idea why it is that when these women had deployed the fact they are always complaining at the background of Public living to their advantage at the work place, regardless of whether they were the ones playing up the stock market, politics and popularity opportunistic gimmicks, they love it but complain on National stage every time it is not being deployed to their advantage anyway, I know when it annoys me I will ensure they hated my guts again, I know that I understand what women are saying especially the elderly, if the prospects of sitting in a sofa to look out into the world at retirement improves the chances of seeing something the Police need to know, they would expect me to do something if I am being bullied which I will not as I cannot be free from daddies and their girls grooming me for a violent situation – so speaking of hate for the Labour Party in its own right, it’s a matter of the fact they have become quite fond of doing their own personal versions of Head of State business, knowing that they have put people like me in a situation that means those who can beat me up can never stop flattering themselves and those who cannot can never stop hurting themselves to complain on Media, they do it therefore in my view while their homosexuals and celebrities decide what happens to my academic work and finances which facts they leave out of the daily complains, so that when somebody picks an altercation with me in the neighbourhoods, it will affect and involve the Politicians automatically. Hence we see all the time that in the world of getting around with other people in terms of daily endeavour, apart from the fact they never stop hence a new test for me every day that makes me a subject of their complains due to the way I respond, the fact if you wanted to wreck your life at the hand of an evil mistress that sets you up for a fight and claims your public image for themselves, you would get off and get involved with crowds you are not familiar with and sleep around and look like a big spender but whilst I am not doing those things am getting targeted by the results at random as I walk down the streets, at the same time which they deny that they are seeking a response from me as well – apart from this being serious enough in its own right, we know what happens is that we live in a world where we might be in charge in some places but may have no control over other areas which somebody else controls, such that although in my case my input may be required, there is always a sexual atmosphere to it, but they have invited themselves into other people’s concerns and settled up on sexual violence to ensure they were in charge everywhere, as stupidly as possible. Then there is the part about something I said being repeated by women; by bad women, they are referring to younger women who look to my patronage when they take risks with themselves especially the very young ones and are referring to the ones who deploy the distraction to support them at the work place but become enemies when they are not doing it anymore due to their terrible behaviour, so they say these women repeat something I said which made them broken men and that I need to be seen getting into a fight and it goes without saying thereof that it would not be the first time they complained of my involvement with a fight being so clever that somebody else got hurt from the blow out anyway – what I do know is that my primary state of mind is usually one of something that makes trouble makers such a problem, something that gets to their heads and need to be destroyed, so if they are in front of me up close and personal, then we punch it out over it and they end up with personality disorders, while these goons need to buy Books here whenever they get involved as there is nothing they can do about me either way. It then eventually settles on the facts about what all the problems were about i.e. people chasing easy life and conveniences at the expense of those they think are inferior enough to pay the price for their stupidities all the time due to freedom and democracy, that said, the bigger issue is another group that are far more interested in making an announcement that somebody is suffering from Tummy Ulcer or Haemorrhoids all the time, then take advantage of careers; so I do like to make my own statement that it was never the problem, that something else was. My overall standing on these sorts of matters as simply that it is usually impossible to regard that part of life where there are structures at culture and society which facilitates people deciding what is to happen to other people, that must be regarded with a sense of fear but with these goons around which it is impossible to regard it with a sense of fear and still have a life thereof, so at this stage their main case is that the only route to avoiding poverty and destitution is to handle and keep up with what I am doing and I wish to take it away from them on account I am keen to see them suffer for their behaviour, I want to see that at the end of this business of handling physically and abusing me all the time, they will veer off a corner uncontrollably and drop straight down to poverty, destitution and obscurity, as this is the safest way to handle anything this stupid and evil. The Women deploying the fact they complain at the background of public living all the time for various purposes of which is good for National Unity in the first place.

I am now said to have an attitude problem which explains all my financial complications and it is utter nonsense – what I have is a Democratic USA led rubbish where people show up here to express their stupidities to the fullest in a condition where they were worse off if I was unable to do what I do, they were also worse off if they were the ones stopping me from doing what I do and if they were worse off I got into trouble. Usually when I set out this fact which shows that they think they are more important and in charge of me, the other pricks who look very well groomed but will not keep off the stupidities associated with clinging to my income margins for lies on Media and practical jokes at market will tell me I need to suck their cock – hence my experience of human beings as they are starting to find out has never been this stupid and it is therefore not something I am rather accustomed to. It has never really been a crisis for me; what has happened over years of these kinds of insults is that the Celebrities have eventually ended up building this outcome where their involvement with crime is in the same place as my writing career, then gone off without reading anything I have written to build me a Publicity where I worked on it and got forced into getting it done – the Industry goons have gone from putting out narcissism that they finance by buying fools equipment and venues to make money on my public image and think they are Celebrities by to telling me that they are ripping up my finances all the time because they want equality and want to be Arch Princes too – while the ageists have become rather convinced when they say that youth should be handling their need to commit crimes and make trouble by getting all over my Public image, I am supposed to invent an explanation for it; the entire time, the reality was that this was all developed on account of the issues my Books have resolved creating a condition in which solving one problems makes the problem many times as bad while they had acquired a new thirst for civil rights fraud, hence it’s my life and not a Toy and they do need to get Books when they show up around this Book shop, solve their problems and stop bothering me.

The small facts around it was always a matter of claims for instance that I have taken the sweet bits out of Celebrity culture while reality is that they are not famous, like we see those who finance their stupidities put up sales armies to make money and get involved with big business, which means that whilst most people are changed due to years of customer service and the sheer skill of people able to look after people when they are millionaires, these idiots have money, rage and energy that has not been affected by the fact criminals are committing crimes and getting punished for it where they lived, so we end up with trouble makers who have money to spend and are now spending it on another group of fools who need equipment and venues to make money on my Public image, becoming rather convinced they were famous – the result being that their fame means the need to buy shares with any companies I am involved with, so as to get around stalking, accessing and dominating me, which I supposed will never lead to an outcome in which I ripped up the stupid Celebrity culture providing myself a result where I could rest assured at this Office that most people who chased money were doing so not on the basis of wearing fine suits, getting groomed with expensive makeup and pushing out nonsense like me sucking their dick, relying on society power to make their layabout stupidities financially well off or indeed relying on industry gits to spend money getting them venues and equipment that will help them make money on my Public image – hence it would not add up to a public service to say the least if I were to show them I can completely rip up the Celebrity culture contrary to the way we see them test me all the time over the matter blabbing about teaching me lessons as it were.

 As for the part where using me is very sweet, I am not being used by them in anyway; we see this nonsense all the time, where I provide creative equities for companies but have been thinking the decisions about my Books were to be made by them, which is not the case and means I need to make some important changes; so what has happened is expensive product pipelines that cannot be reversed and a lot of success on Climate security co-operation whereby I have won over a lot of shareholders. This is what I do; whereby if each paragraph of my equities were developed into a product I would have had a lot of the liquid cash that makes them such a bunch of trouble makers over jobs they want to run off on my publicity instead of get organised for, then hang around somewhere passing insults my way about how they have taken advantage of me which has put them in a civil dominating position, looking for more of what they are complaining about. It goes without what happens here is an old case of writing a Book from a Royal Office about which their equality issues considered, there is nothing wrong with me being more important than they are, only for people to require that I introduced myself to the world as something else, as stupidly as possible, then set about making trouble over the difficulties associated with it, wear suits, fool around in the city and expect me to think they were professional workers if they thought they ought to have their way because people hated me at the monarchy and I had a small penis – while it has nothing to do with my penis but instead with the fact that in my position I am always involved with people who think everybody should be ugly and doing ugly things and then eventually once they had damaged something important like they have mine, I then set about making sure that they got famous which when met up with those lies and backbiting they are so incredibly skilled at, developed into a matter where there is a need for a lot of homosexuality in their part of society, which they can take out on the other gits that look like characters who fundamentally are the main reason we have violence during carnival all the time, hence I tended to win every time. It has only to do with the fact when they show up here they need to buy Books I have written in order to support what I am doing rather than wear suits and look like they understand these evils and how to behave but turn up here to offer people an opportunity to make alternative statements for it because I was cashless, then hang about pretending they do not contribute to the problems. We even find them say that I can accommodate the issues while reality is that it is set right on top of the part of my concerns where I ought to get into a relationship and have a family, spends most of its time talking nonsense about needing my assets to make money in the City, as stupidly as possible and how if I confronted them, they would have been so important than I would have fallen apart and takes up my personal space trying to make me adopt homosexuality while it has seen me walk into a Church several times, like a bunch of very stupid characters that people cannot keep the hands away from. I mean we are now stuck with problems associated with insults that make us look like we have no clothes on because this is what happens to abusive Celebrities who take their clothes off for a lot of money and we have ended up with it because we spent some time on other security issues that affect the general Public and this security is not getting damaged the last time we checked as it were, complimented by the fact we will have to get into war to make Celebrity idiots feel comfortable; this is what people think I can accommodate.

They claim they have power over me which is utter nonsense – they have power over nothing except putting a glass ceiling over my head, corrupting my state provided security and making sure all to do with leaving my home to head anywhere was their personal concern to such an extent they need to make me smell of what I ate trying to take it for their stupid selves all the time and the Muslims are particularly interested in this sort of nonsense, it is supposed to be their idea of how to behave towards those their stupidities discriminate against and when it means they grab the public image and lay it out on everybody’s door step in the neighbourhoods to bring about equality and leave the victim in obscurity, they wouldn’t say, what they do with it is a  lot of disobedience they believe with be profitable in the future, followed by a gimmick where they have goons in their communities chasing my backside while they got off chasing money and labelling me an infidel but having no plans to have a conversation about it too all together, they cannot do without it. So it feeds into this case where my main problem is the Royal family where people hate me which is none of their business especially if they are the ones complaining about being more professional than I am and how I have problem with the process of being professional at what I do; the one big case has always been HRH Prince of Wales spending time with Society trouble makers who dream of the UK being a different place where the needs of Men were taken care of all the time, while he knows that he is surrounded by people who have academy based careers – half the time it’s a thing I must take a strong position on because everybody wants to tell me what to do, not least Celebrity idiots who never mind their business once they made the money, other times I understand where HRH is coming from since One has been a single Father for the best part of 30 Years. So it is said I always tended to choose the diplomatic way while I am facing real threats while the only threat I face is the Duke of Sussex wanting to tell me how to exist all the time and unless operations at HRH Office and mine as Iron straight professional, he will never stop crossing the line. Some people do claim it’s impossible to tell what the relevance of my Office was but we know HM is Head of State and I have duties here to ensure matters were cleared up, which makes me look like I am weak all the time while what really happens is the society and culture trouble makers setting out a case where having something they don’t will add up to a crime against them on my part which Celebrities also love to fool around with, claiming that I had done some things which ensured the insults people passed at them to make them feel like they had no clothes on was effective, while at the same time I have been surrounded by 5 years of insults because they want my trade secrets and their dealings with criminals is now in the same place as my writing career – so I am not in a position that means I am prepared or trained for violent activity which then tends to encourage some very stupid people to show up and exhibit some of it, build a history: in the end we find they make so messy that those who have picked up security service jobs get punished for doing their jobs or they are making sure that they played the system to such an extent that they were a threat to the general public but the jobs of security operatives was not a threat to them – like they spend their time on a real life hope of making me tired all the time while trying to get me into a fight with somebody bigger and stronger than I am, to ensure I was taught lessons for messing with them.

The incessant need to break deadlocks by starting up gimmicks of Politicians handling and threatening me sits at the heart of these issues; nothing I do and nothing they do with themselves has ever fed into this nonsense but while it happens, I am the only one responsible enough to be in a position that gets me paying for it financially all of the time – so if I do feel physically threatened I am never going to look like completely unnecessary for my part as well. They do speak of this case of wanting to teach me a lesson career wise and not in terms of violence but like finding money pots at Government that they can shower on themselves alongside their society and culture idiots has convinced them they should be a threat to me as well, it clearly seems to have been my responsibility that their gits on Media had failed to get organised for the job that we know gets to their heads – it is not therefore since it wants to oppress me with its fortunes than buy the life it wants while it complains and seeks privileges of injustice, not the only things that I am going to break around here as it were – personally of which it beats my imagination if they made decisions to choose poverty and hang around local communities wrecking the lives of young people and hoping for the kinds of Political change that will allow them to bid for power, having trifled with me to lose all the leverage involved, the found money pots to spend on themselves at Government, why it is still a good idea to try and oppress me with their new found wealth and comfort – the career lessons they will teach me with the help of whole Parliaments and National Media because they have no limits and have no discretion. It does appear these people are completely unaware that finding money pots at Government to spend on their nepotism does not give them an advantage over me – I built a Literary Empire, was required to work it with a Royal Commission which I have, there is likely to be very little they have experienced as millionaires which I do not have a fair idea of – it does not give them an advantage here. The excuse has always been that of their need to chase power because I have which is utter nonsense as the only thing that is happening around here is that they are evil and believe Government Offices were places in which their wickedness may be practiced to any degree without question but having been they are aware their wickedness translating into processes of threatening me for fun and games, knowing their society and culture idiots with relentless insults will pick up on it, they I should imagine ought to be able to see that they should give me my space. The side of this story that concerns where they are coming from naturally being what people who support my work at the Monarchy do; while what those people do is concerned with Public sanctity and so they make those statements that I should not feel I ought to detach myself from what I have done, as it was a decision and activities I carried out in a set out conditions with the best interests in mind, why this becomes the business of Politicians and therefore offends them is that which can never be explained just as we do not know what this behaviour means – all they have said for themselves is that I never own up to what I do and this provides them a license to make me a scapegoat for any imagination that have come into their heads and I have warned it is what they want to spend their time on, warned it will always be attractive because I have never had sexual experience which when coupled with the fact I have a selective memory and have been told that enough times to take it seriously, saying I am a kid is really going to produce an effect that suggests I am one and make me a subject to their practical jokes all the time but they really do need to stop getting on nerves. People can only say I am a coward who does not stand by his actions, up to the point where they had succeeded in building up an uncontrollably war between myself and the luvvies.

Now they do claim they are in control of my life and can do whatever they wish with it which is utter nonsense – they are in control of the good old case of always being abused by 1980s and 1990s partying and boogying 50 year old school truants seeking the help of Politicians to access good looking people luvvies, who then have begun to appear like characters that want me to sleep rough even though I have a problem that looks like this. I do get it under control a lot as it were – since I were a teenager i.e. when I know if these fools have dreams of what they could do with my personality, it will develop into dreams of owning it so that what they could do with it might cease to be a wish and then the religion I practice will be a source of social contention and violence, the academic work will be provocative because it sets to shut down every statement they make to that effect and then there will be a point where they realise I am personally preventing them from having it and they will simulate it on Media and take the risk of murdering me like psychopaths that dish it out but cannot take it that we know they are but each time I get it under control the Politicians will wealth and social inequality me to ensure I am not, stand at the other end of the spectrum blowing off the big mouth like it is not a death threat. So they do not control anything and have not taken advantage of anything, people think I am in difficulty but am not when I have now built a string of Court and Coven systems that stretch around the world and a lot of the people involved have Media and Celebrity jobs – what this has done it bring home questions since my Dad was a serial monogamist, so it is a thing that runs in the family obviously. In the end we know the reasons I got targeted was the Books I had written which helped people with self-provided security matters – it then ensured I ended up with 100 times the problem I had resolved by writing it because their foolish needs were greater – I have warned enough times the best exit for them and for me is that they had stopped following me around and kept their stupid luvvies distance from my Books – the insults have gotten so bad over time for their superior nonsense, that the harder I worked and more successful I got was the worse it got and the more self-improvements their financially well off stupidities were able to make because other people’s lives were affected and they were all important people. It talks of racism all the time while we know given half the opportunity racists will be in their employment for this nonsense while the ethnic minorities will fight for my civil rights as they pass around stupid statements about slavery as a good thing because it means others tended to work for you, except they didn’t want to be victims of it – the entire time which reality was that during such era, the slaves were bigger than their masters and the only reason they served was a government enforcing the superiority of their masters, so we still have a little idea of what the neighbourhoods were like at that time which these idiots do not. They do claim I am picking enemies I cannot handle but I am fed with US Media and stupid US Celebrities thinking my whole life should be subject for their practical jokes that makes references to my Books for self-improvement, shows up here to make use of my work and become incredibly unsupportive, pass around insults at others knowing they take their clothes off to make money, then lumber me with the issues that make me smell of what I ate all the time until I got bullied out of University studies by the scum that wanted to be the brains behind their convenience wealth operations and makes reference to my Public image as a matter of trade secrets all the time – it would be nice if they kept their mouths shut about the enmity but even better if they kept their distance from my Books and they along with other people’s idiot children who got elected the other time foolish Politicians stopped following me around.

They say I am always vulnerable to them and it is such an incentive which it utter nonsense – I am not in any way whatsoever; what we have is that for the last 6 years I have been living with nauseating financial complications and insults from them that threatened to destroy everything because the Gays and the Trannies spent all my time in the most abusive ways, making sure their relentless media stupidities was all about me, their disobedient involvement was threatening, the problems I resolved through my Books were not made use of by a condition in which they were supportive enough to buy and read them but made use of in a condition whereby they wanted to force me to do what I have done for others tailor made for their foolish needs and they can always now stop following me around and keep their distance from my Books, considering that shutting it down is hard work for me while doing so means their Celebrities will be exposed to more drugs based suicides.

The claim I think I am important when I am not was nothing unusual – it would be nice if these idiots stopped stalking me at Industry and stopped getting their foolish selves involved especially with structures I build to facilitate wealth equality when it seems they are unable to allow others study or spend time with career – I smell like what I ate all the time apparently and it’s all due to the fact their problems were greater than everybody else’s the party piece being that when their stupidities are unhappy it matters while other people’s feelings don’t. I do get told I have never actually resolved the reasons they target me of which the reasons are not up to me; they want to be rich and famous without doing work which damages the personality and this is the only reason I am targeted - the stories they tell are a product of the fact I have never responded to their antics for years bearing in mind that especially with respect to the fact that it gets worse if they want to deploy my personality to get rich and I am spending time with academic work and career to do so, such that they have now reached a point where like their Politicians explain the Political bullying away by means of what I have said or written which makes them such a bunch of Clever bullies that they cannot be reasoned with, the need to do it has developed on Media into some sort of cultural abuse brainchild they can play with any time they wanted. The most baffling of all these is these methods of engaging with my work as compared to getting a copy of my Books if the solutions offered in it are so appealing but this can also be easily explained by the fact these are such a bunch of unimaginably stupid people that an intellectual property administration business has just solved their problems so well that the owner has ended up working for and being dominated by them. So each time I get around my concerns we find the involvement these two group of fools conduct around my concerns generally mean I wind down a rabbit hole and end up with a war where those who have gathered the most resources will win, that they can play up their stupidities with – now it has gotten more serious because I have spent the last 6 years trying to tidy up and get my academic pursuits finished without success on account their main concern in their own foolish lives was the road that leads out of my home to let me access the world and they cannot understand thereof why I want them to move as it were. Their side of the story is that I am selfish and of course I have made it clear none peddles my personal life, my faith or public image for any reasons that their stupidities have invented and they have continued to neighbourhood gangland nonsense tell me it would mean I am looking for trouble trying to run their lives – the added benefit being that the only time that my Literary Empire does not exist in my head and happens to be a Business I had built is the time when they are not doing it and hence am able to stop myself smelling of what I ate especially because of their obsession with anything a road that leads out of my home to let me access the world, thereby being able to walk into an Office and get on with it. The Man-up people rather think I have been responding to their own games but as I have mentioned before, it’s usually a matter of taking on some Russians to please some Celebrities who betray them, then showing up here to take advantage of me and secure revenge against Celebrities within a spectrum that allows for an opportunity to establish new relationships with Celebrities, whereby I have a job for them that means they can help chase Celebrity bottoms when Family becomes less of a priority - I could have done all these things without losing money due to the fact I could not sell my Books because of my Mood obviously but they wouldn't say that it has cost me a lot of money and given them a lot of pleasure. They claim I am incredibly disrespectful but we know respect is the main problem we have i.e. they use it to spend 6 years of my time at a stretch for the purpose of keeping others away from my Books, expressing their interest on Media and never buying a copy – so this is not market, it is property destruction and they will continue to appear more confident for it, as long as they are confident that I will not break their own jobs and finances too – it’s like when they run off media stories about the need for young people to be seen just like me or through my public image when their finances and personal lives or public image is not affected by such great gifts, then get off doing routines they claim adds up to a business of fighting my battles. So, it does mean they are teaching me lessons for being a little git with a Royal Commission naturally, but it is damage not market and will continue if they are confident, I will not damage their own. The spectrum is that if I were worried somebody was a threat to me while I wanted to improve myself on their career, then he got off running off his career in a way that allowed me make use of some parts, I would only have destroyed his academic work and his Book sales because it had gone beyond just my decision to make use of the opportunity that had been created and I were purely evil. So the outcome will be that I shall set about shutting it all down, which will mean that we will be left with a Country in which it was quite clear that 90% of the money people make comes from the simple processes of working for it at the employment market but much as I am accused of delaying action until it is late and then sorting out my own personal problem, it is clear if I did not allow it damage so all can see what it does, none will have been able to tell what I were doing when I was doing it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland