I personally have no idea why people like to make out that violent video games does lead to violent behaviour anyway: it is never true if we go back to the time we were kids for instance, just before parents did those things they did which meant we got to overhear them say something to their friends about controlling their kids or there will be trouble, it was uncertainty of how to react in a violent situation that usually resulted in explosion of anger whereby the only thing that mattered was the tale of who is responsible for a result and who is not and so when the person attacking you cannot explain and you cannot explain, there will be trouble, which is usually where media and political idiots and celebrities turn up to fill in blanks for everybody, talking nonsense about some immigrants being responsible or somebody being racist or poverty and deprivation being the reason and all other forms of nonsense we have to put up with. They will likely tell me that when I say such things it does not help with what government does to prevent violent behaviour and I have no idea what it is exactly they are doing in government Office anyway for my part; they however need to start telling the truth about villains including Industrial ones or shut up about it and let people work with the realities behind why government has an immeasurable and insatiable need to control Men in this Country not talk nonsense about what I do or violent video games leading to violent behaviour need to stop being so stupid. So that the tale will immediately change to that of how none of what I say actually benefits women which it does not because women need to deal with their problems and when I am not bullied by them, media cannot attack me for a financial incentive because they know it will attract a certain crowd to behave in that way need to stop behaving as though I am an idiot and stop getting into a position where they need to borrow my Royal sword and swish, swish, swish at the problems of life insults fuck somewhere else basically, before I cut up or sell whatever it is they have rebuilt of that stupid culture.

Now they say I enjoy searching people which is really stupid; what happens with these idiots and searching people is that they keep giving me the bottom hurting violence thing all the time, largely based on their plans to get rich and important by having a smile on their faces with a product to sell on a life that is important but not acknowledged so, making it their property, which does not come naturally because they are perverts and perverts are never happy. So, the result of seeking this at my expense so often is that I have developed a means through which they can never be wealthy enough to do talk to the hand routines at me, hence it is assumed by them most of the time that especially considering how they want to make money, I am largely terribly nave of what evil really looks like. I would like them to keep off my Books and try to keep their fingers off my bum, that way I might drop out of University and take more than five years to clean up and return to a college at any given time while they think they have suddenly discovered they are very amusing fools. I have those three rules and those three rules only i.e. none peddles the faith, none peddles the personal life, none peddles the public image but it is as though a quasi-public policy has been erected as a result of their intrusive insults and the fact when they smear my personality all over their stupid selves and tell lies on public media the idea that their behaviour is fundamentally developed from pure wickedness is contradicted and then based on delusions, they think they are really modern and really democratic and really free and really political so I am unlikely to do anything about it; we see all the time it does them no favours to show up around my concerns and behave in such ways but what they are rather satisfied with is a condition whereby it sets of a premise for popularity goons to make money on my public life and deploy that money to chase peoples bottoms all over the place, so they might show up and handle my possessions to talk nonsense about their sufferings and a blame culture that will be financially rewarding. Then we hear things I do to provoke them like when I watch my television and they feel me, which of course is applicable to them since last my Court was their main concern it was never actually going to get to a point where it ceased to be so amusing all together apparently thus the claim I search people being incredibly stupid as it were: feeds into the fact they claim that my work is always untidy and confusing of course which is not true; what happens is a process of writing Books and having to snap myself out of helping idiots who find it amusing that they have been able to take advantage of my generosity to make me do things for them concerning the Books they have simply refused to buy and read for the service in it, when they are stuck with backs to the wall etc. They speak of having a Court amounting to Witchcraft of course which is all very well but we all know what happens is that their sexual needs are given them in every way imaginable but now they have seen my personal life and public image and faith and so they have organised a crowd for that too, to add to the fact they would not let white people wear spandex and appear on Indie movies so that there might be racism in the land. It likes me when I am on my bed, had problems all around and cannot watch my back, then it wants to have me when Politicians hold me down for him as well, except it does not like it when I fuck that culture and society as it lies there unprotected as well, fuck it seriously and they cannot do anything about me same old story staying away from my Books and keeping their fingers to themselves as it were, whether or not they are telling lies about what the Books are all about and this apparently is their own lives the last time we checked as well, besides keeping out of and away from the Court has itself become a sermon they do not think amusing all together at this point. They say most of my problems are caused by bad arse black women but we all know I have simply exhausted a lot of options at this point half the time beating down whom communities and that stupid culture, the other half the time putting it in parliament so Politicians can continue with the same behaviour we are seeing presently. They always claim I started it of course but everybody else knows that its insults know no limits and that before it complained about the fact I fuck the culture when it fucks me and ensure the effect show up unexpectedly when it is trying to chase jobs and career as well, it was going to develop its strange relationship with money into an incessant public display on how important its children are as compared to me, which was more than I was and amounted to some great profitable and very insulting nepotism that the Politicians and Industry goons will buy into but the one that has really brought on the problem is what has become of the fact these idiots want slaves but do not have the money to afford such luxury, so they made one out of a clever Prince they thought was obsessively compulsive when he actually isnt and it goes right back to those stupid threats that stem from the fact I am not having sex with them and that big mouth threat is never going to have sex with me by fingering my bum as it drives by on the roads either the men are really good at hurting themselves, where it sees an Arch Prince with a personality people have when they are completely useless and starts an insult that means the employer will be worried about his new found glory and the attitude that comes with it, then it will return to organise a community at my expense as well, while the younger ones are more rooted in the land than I am, their stupidities and their mothers deciding I do not deserve my livelihood when they got beaten up by neighbourhood gangs and cannot keep their fingers to themselves since media insults and politicians places it millimetres off my bum and goes off to complain in public all the time. Its the socialism issue you see; very tiresome collection of goons they are socialists and you are paying the price for it but the Ministers are earning more than the workers and its a perpetual dream, then it gets better when they want everything democratic people have because its a good thing to have which leaves people wondering why they are socialist and then it claims after that the Church uses its oppression to beat down socialism and ruin their Politics when asked how such theories work, it points out charity work that subverts wealth inequality campaigns, stop charity work and it will fail to do enough wealth inequality for everybody and there will be world war three. Otherwise you can never move on when provoked by them because of the stupid things they tell their wives and kids to try and find out if you can enforce a position on public disobedience all the time, feeding into tales of how I sleep with peoples wives meaning I have no right to my income or the means that makes it, only to be made to work hard so somebody else might get rich knowing perfectly that it can lead to outcomes where I develop a campaign that a condition where they have money is not in my interest and the end will be me sleeping with peoples wives and having that anal sex at their expense more so, not least wen done beating down the celebrities so people can see I am dead serious, the bit were talking about it hampers what I might get up to if I wanted to do it all together according to them the bad ass black women nonsense as it were with that big mouth they have got. So, at the moment what they are complaining about is that the fearlessness that allows the fingering my bum to happen is developing a process where everybody goes to work with their toilet depending on the amount of public support they are getting and then I will get beaten up forever with that big mouth of theirs as well. Such that it will never show up around my concerns for a Book if it can talk about a black guy that behaves like racists and searches people instead, playing stupid games it thinks absolutely everybody find amusing. Now they say I claim to have beaten down some guys from Republics and Federations but never did and its utter nonsense when we all know its the Politicians ripping up my finances and helping them to success they have no talents of their own to gain by themselves in order to boost their stupid confidence and that when this comes to an end we will easily end up with another story of what they have to get about the world making complaints for again. I have been clear more times than I am remember on the matter; that the idea the way it works in the whole of existence itself is that people move into other peoples right hand and stuff is not something I am taken by and a process of moving into mine will drive me insane and the results will be that I drive their own insane too. I mean you need to see it play out while the rest of the world becomes blind to what is happening around them all together where I am attacked on grounds I am just a stupid person and when I push back should not have according to them, most popular reason being that I am looking for even more trouble pushing back when all I own and do and the means by which I solve my problems and make money comes from within it becomes so difficult to make sense of what you have invented for yourself as the reasons people do these things but we all know that the idea that they are doing it as a result of the effects of the forces of social and cultural change is utter rubbish, then they claim I brag about beating them down but never did such a thing. We even hear them claim I do not think they should have their freedom to run their own lives as they had seen fit but we all know what happens is that whilst it is important to set a stage where single mothers have some form of security and there is a process of managing domestic violence, these idiots want to run off a state of affairs that says 17.00 hours and the Men are back from work and if you go off to stand by the roads you will see that all the headlamps have come on and the atmosphere is even more intense now that it is dark, that the job for the day has been done, which rather generally tends to feel like the evils of the day have been done instead. So we find they come from republics and federations and when they see a beautiful thing the only thing they want to do is own it and rule over it and handle it and use it and abuse it and attack it and tell others and if you spend your time telling them what to do the question becomes that of what your children are supposed to get off you, which means it is filially destructive to so having realised that the whole processes of their civil and criminal disobedience has come to operate on the premise of what you may do to hurt yourself in terms of your filial responsibilities or basically just let them have whatever they want until they get violent and you are a memory and not a living breathing human being. We see the European Union at it half the time as well; where the question now is how I will go from this disposition to saving myself in terms of international trade but the reality has always been that when we work like we normally do I.e. the British way of going out to meet people and showing them what we have I have a pencil and you have a pencil, let us exchange and later on I have this special pencil I want you to see and it is worth 200 and the person gets curious for a 200 pencil, if he sees it and likes it and buys it, we usually sell it at about 120, so 80 gets spent on all those things we do to ensure that we do not attract the bad crowds while we are chasing our business but soon the bad crowds will be over it because of tell other people how to exist Germans and French and European goons and then the need to rule over the British will lead to a result where after we must have done it all over the world and modernised a Military the Germans can copy our security and do their own to be a bigger power that allows them to be the spear head of federated scum that show up to tell me I am stupid as a means of solving all their foolish problems so often, then when done complaining we find them blabbing I never did beat them down and then damage will substitute competition and they can ensure they always win with that big mouth; start a company and in over a decade of people engaging with it, what it does is still slipping out of their minds right before you every day, like federated bastards with a level of disrespect for others. They speak of matters about this that I know nothing of but we all know the only way it happens is that they approach an Arch Prince from Political insanity with the sole aim of controlling his finances and then end up finding out they are past it too at the other end and their Political Office wickedness may not have been so rewarding after all, then we find them dispatch the federated goons and public nutters to chase peoples bottoms good idea obviously, except that it is possible somebody was part of the work force for 45 years and now will probably lose his pension and when he loses his temper and lashes out at them, they will chase his bottom and that will be okay; so otherwise yap, yap we are still not clear on how much will be left when people are finished such behaviour all together, whether they will commit suicide or die or organ failure and not show up at the other end of the spectrum to be moral compasses of society for those who really need it. So I get told that my disposition is confusing ever so often but it should be mostly since we are talking about incessantly dealing with those situations that would have existed in the 1900s where them stupid women get around with very violent gossips and lasciviousness that tends to suggest they know me and the category of men that I fit into and therefore how my Royal Office is a waste of space looking for trouble, in order to settle little bits of nasty points of weakness at which I can be exploited and will usually have been done during those commonwealth festivals where the Nations have showed up to display their cultures and so on and likely continue until it had created some big political instability; my position suggests I am always on the left watching them move right hand side if they can which is confusing because I have really had enough of it, had enough of them, especially the blacks. The story is one of how what I need to do to be successful is not clearly defined whereas it is obvious I need to show people how I live and come through with the ways I write my Books and I need to administrate any questions that they have and I need to sell the Books to them but the reasons people cannot have such things and become a part of books they are paying money for is of course that a group of political fools have had ideas so obviously when you see a point at which people need to open their lives to their fans and customers, administrate any issues arising and sell products to them and wish to make a mess of it, there is only one reason explaining why you would want to behave in that way and the reason is the one reason that the victims are not yet playing around with your salary as well. They do love to blow off their big mouths so often but do not really scare anybody in a particular way all together; it is always that old story of a people that are so stupid and abusive and destructive that the only way to respond to them is to dish out punishment and the only way you might dish out the punishment would be to tolerate them and pass the exams at school, get a good job and when ready return to have their Hyde and I do not think I would be the first of that I would be the last to come to this deduction anyway for my part, all I am worried about is that when their need to abuse people and finger peoples bums and pull peoples penises because they have needs leads to outcomes where people go off to the city to make the money and return to have their Hyde it does not lead to the killing of endangered species and so on. It never really troubles me half as much as they make out that it does since I am aware it is all wicked things people do when they think they have a leverage waiting for them safely at the bank and so am I aware as well that no matter how much they believe their corruption of involvement to be an immeasurable form of power, I should never sympathise with their difficulties. Its the case of finding ways of hurting me while making sure that I am unable to deploy those things they think I can do to hurt them and then following it up with fun ways of not keeping their abusive mouths shut in public places so a whole community can develop its colloquial on chasing my tummy and fingering my bum like they have at the moment knowing the bragging we hear all the time can always be brought to an stop if I come up with a plan to punish all of them for it as well; hence a dangerous issue to consider and a very slippery slope indeed, while the whole tile they are glorifying themselves a villainous teaching me lessons about denying them what they want from me and in this case that was the need to peddle my personal life and faith and public image, about which I think their political leaders need keep the mouth shut and clear my space, not show up to complain when they have no respect for my person or my problems or my challenges or indeed what I do for a living explain their stupidities with what their fools get up to in order to factorise matters with money and make sense of it not blow off a big mouth at me while at it over something my state provided security did; I mean, the state provided security is their concern these days as well. Its all in the mix you see; child abuse, rape, domestic abuse and every means of objectifying people and then using them like items to solve problems, deciding how much to use and how much to leave for another day and whether or not to use all of it etc where the usual effect is that you feel as though your body fluids are on the outside while your body is on the inside all the time and of course it will lead to another occasion where they complain about me again and there will be a point where it will happen on the money so that when they complain their blabbing will not make any sense. I have only those three rules for whatever wickedness they do because they have a leverage in the bank is concerned; none peddles my personal life, none peddles my public image, none peddles my faith. They say this case of evils people perform because they have a leverage in the bank is not a specific statement but we all know that is as clear as the fact when people do things to prevent or stop racism for instance, it is usually the best time to secure their own attention and wickedness they can trade up as a prerogative to industry goons by making sure what people had done to prevent extremism is the source of extremism itself so we find that it is the journalists and celebrities that enjoy getting involved with my concerns to express how they think they are more important than I am, that tend to give them the means through which to explain most of their stupidities to the world using the public face of other persons academic qualification and what the person does with it at the career. So for now, the process of making sure they are suffering for the wickedness they invent like these all the time is working i.e. the bit where people like to tell me my behaviour is unbecoming of a Church person, so there is no need for people to start looking for a response to the question of whether their activities are a factor of the pressures causes by forces of social and cultural change.

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