Ultimatum for all Global Industry and also Media and also Rich Persons and also local Communities and also Politics political and also great and good slavish and over-enslavement repression based vandalism and also Popular culture is (now was) to expire on 8.00 pm 11 June 2014 - what they all decide from then on with all kinds of nonsense around the Company Literary Empire Book Sales Global Markets, Customers and Royal Estate Security, will decide if or not we shall put to history the Equities thus collected for the purpose of working them for their money so far and the Emporium away from this forum will begin to comprise June 2014and onward of freshly collected Equities from Global Industries from scratch.

I understand my behaviour is seen in the light of utter and abject cowardice but itís a matter of what those who donít think you matter think about; I for instance cannot get my head around all that having stuff shenanigans I have no idea how it could have been other peopleís fault that they have things I donít and so on. So it is impossible for me to work out how it came to being that when people provoke me I attack somebody else they want me to attack but the only way these fools will understand the distress they cause me being seen around my Books and finances all the time while their adults talk nonsense about how there is a lot in me which therefore justified it, is when you are prepared and its case of meeting a professional in the city today who thought you were messing with careers you know nothing about it or meeting community idiots that have set out a wickedness that will be used to do business and a Christian from whom misogyny of personal life abuse of a sexual context will be extricated to ensure people want to buy and so on and then I will get back to them and ask them to move and we will find out what will happen when they fail to. I mean in the UK they all play games of course, so that in Northern Ireland the big issue is an insatiable desire women have to take advantage of younger men which is what is left of the link they had with the Main Ireland Down South but since it appears the young men will do popular culture to take advantage of the English or Scots of Welsh it does not really work so we have a problem - in Scotland we find women that have simply decided they will not be taken advantage of striking out on their own all the time, don't ask me why and for the English and Welsh, this need women have to have a life with two men is not something they share with Men that are younger than they are because of a cosmopolitan communities, so they always chose men of considerable age with manageable characters etc - it is not an emotive issue here.

They say itís the way I run my concerns which get me into a lot of trouble but I do not see any part of it is any of their business anyway but it seems the bit about how I end up in their part of society with small chance of having sex with them will now become financially viable as far as they are concerned. Itís like when I get told my language is becoming worse and worse but I put it up on my websites because people can read it if they wanted, the important reason to show up around the websites is to get the Books which is really where other peopleís business is located, good to read my property on the website but it does not really belong to others, so better to deal with foul language than have me rip up your livelihood since I do not wish to spend any time in a law Court and people are rather aware I am Royalty and they are not (save stupid insolent black women that cannot get narcissistic happiness that brings about sales out of me all together and are set to see their stupidities end them up in a really bad place before they spend most of their time with their mates). It shows up to play with me like that all the time and brew up a statement for popularity goons who make money and buy class A drugs which funds organised crime and then it will return to make itself Judge Jury and prosecutor every single time, talking nonsense about how I am a fraud and getting out of its home to jump up that stupid media and do it every day Ė I am just to tired and fed up with it.

I mean I can always attack the Media to ensure there is nobody pillaging me to ensure my personality is open to all these violent gossip based sexual and sexual context abuses like we see all day long but I think I am going to get some flower pots in first before I try to find out what their excuses are. They do say I have set off the idea that the UK is a force for good in the world when it really isnít, whereas the reality is that they are evil and greedy people who will do anything for money, unlike the US that decidedly becomes part of the world and ends up leading it most of the time, the assumption is that we are the same as the US while we are completely different i.e. it is the most popular person in the neighbourhood that will sanction you getting beaten up for walking down there while you are a poor person, whereas in the UK it is the most popular person that will protect you if such a thing were to occur Ė since we have this cultural belief that tackling the underdog only leads to an outcome where somebody tackles you in very unexpected points with justice on their side. These fools however damaging their stupidities they interpret as a process of making wealth by destroying peoples wealth, which sounds like a monetary version of an Anti-Christ, claim that all that nonsense we see celebrities and popularity goons exhibit amounts to their version of freedom Ė so itís only when people start to talk about the ingredients of freedom, right up to the aspects that involve War, that their true evil comes to light; I for my part will never stop building them hell outside the jobs that somebody else is looking after business structures to provide for them, so they can continue to live off the evil claim that it is a fear I have for them that prevents me from maintaining it in public places where it might have affected them in drastic ways.

So they love to say I am really disrespectful and each time I respond with the fact the only way that an Arch Prince would have any sort of regard from them would be if he were one of their children it becomes a threat all together, so most of the time itís a case of figuring them out in terms of what I can do to ensure they feel the same way, since whenever they do and I chose to move on it get worse and the decision to move on was a matter of personal choice about which they do not get to make mine without consequences. As for the threats themselves however that would be an old case where I do not take sides with society and do not want them moving into my right hand if they do not wish to complain about being driven mad as well, I do not take sides with them because media and civil rights people are always complaining about being bullied Ė I do not take sides with media and civil rights people because society people are always complaining about damage to jobs and livelihood on their account Ė do not take sides with Industry people because community croons are always complaining about them never mind the fact they are always making money for the sole purpose of sorting out those who chase private parts and do not take sides with community croons because Industry people are always complaining about hurting bottoms because of them; the problem of course is that every one of them wants to target me with some insanity that concerns processes of leverage they have in the bank and how it might dominate me, so if I get the slightest whiff of an attack from them it will be me chasing their entire communities as well; the rest of the times itís just me messing about with the whole thing so those who have a need to be complicit with the wickedness associated with sexual abuse and domestic abuse and so on might have their fill of the consequences of the path they have chosen to walk Ė it is an old story where I do not react to community croons and the money madness that celebrities pick up to abuse people with because it would mean they are no longer chasing down leftist trouble makers and the socialist left like what the outcome should be and this means that I have no right to feel good because the socialist left will decide what my existence must do at any cost, eventually of which they do not need to get after my finances but do it anyway, looking for trouble, restricting my mobility with a big mouth and then telling me a sweet thing that moves to the left and they move into my right hand which is what all the disrespect thing in the first place was all about. I do get told that what I want is never clear whereas it is as clear as the fact the reason I do not get along with the men is that they are always expressing the fact they feel a sensation called envy at my expense, so if they can get my finances looking like they found it 12 years ago we might try and get along but I do not think they can do that anyway Ė so what is still happening is that I work with a Court in bed where the divine processes that created it occurred but I am still having to deal with men getting through to me when I wake up to engage with my Court especially in the mornings; so it becomes difficult for people to see when the Royals want to replace it with Royal Family members on account of stories being told endlessly about my sexual habits i.e. some things we do that means that alternative types of sexual activity which may amount to crimes are not free of some of the stupid things that good looking people might want to do with sex: so we do what we do because we are adults and we do it because we are consenting adults, so children think about the factual aspects when they worry about sex with older persons and paedophiles might be able to see that it is not a safe place that is free from the problems and perils associated with being a human being that feels sexual desires Ė similarly applicable to rapists etc. The same works with that old case where it is said I seek affirmation all the time whereas affirmation from those who do not give it will never work with those who mostly get involved in the Court of a half priest because they want to help him look after his Office and his duties for some benefits that it gives them. Same with the old case concerning industry people and the fact that the only thing we lose from a process of making sure the government isnít playing their game of letting them take money out of the economy while the government floods it with liquidity that makes them feel that itís business as usual while they only suffer a little and the savings or ordinary people are trashed, is a process where those who have enough money for 3 lifetimes back to back, do not make as much of more money as they would have wanted to but they tend to think I have made enemies I cannot defend myself from; so they need to understand when I say none should move into my right hand as I do not want it done, it is supposed to mean that they do not do it: not that the consequences bother me too much, it can only lead to outcomes where their inability to tolerate or get along with others will mean that we push them into a corner so those who want to work for them can make a specific preparation for it: so I might get asked often why my mind is wired so differently from other peopleís own when it is not i.e. their abusive Industrial selfishness is usually a matter of claims to ownership of things that others have given away to facilitate community relations while trying to run a business in a Capitalist Country - like I found out at the last part of 2016 that 90% of Famous people affiliated to me were dealing with mental illness and that the assumption I was only being chased around by lovies from showbiz was a tip of the iceberg.

The part I have missed out would be the bit about doubting everything that is done about terrorism whereas ones position is that if it has been done and the terrorism tends to spread instead, the strategy likely needs a review since it is obvious that tackling terrorism means that criminals see it as a better option to preparing their lives such that they have the option to steal money and end up in prison for a period of time, causing it to go from a problem the Police handles to a problem the Military is to handle while innocent people pay the ultimate price in the middle. It feeds into this idea the UK is to explain itself around the world which is utter nonsense - what happens is that it causes matters to run faster than they would have, such that when explained more and more Countries get interested in building interests with the UK and not less obviously and then we have to do even more explaining after that too. In the end it is usually led by the Germans who get used to a certain habit that means you love what you do today and in a couple of weeks since the Germans got interested you have hated it and continue that way for a little while and then you will find they had taken it and are now the ones doing it - thus something that never stops because they get used to it on account they think none can challenge them and we see it play out all over the EU as well where they are the wealthiest economy and so start to dream of controlling peoples finances and blacklisting bank accounts, we do not like it and Brexit happens and they dream of forcing us to stay in the EU as well all together; while the state of affairs remains one where Germany that is a Federation does not need to understand how the UK which is a constitutional Monarchy works, only needs to respect it. So if they are planning to copy all we have done with the economy and the updates to defences in order to become a greater power, they need to be made to do it to match their own needs which allows the world to be richer and not poorer for it. Itís the one I missed out as I said i.e. younger people thinking itís a safe environment from the perils of sex, to have sex with older people so one needs to take that away from them as well due to a history of having dropped out of University with Body type issues and a Chiquita Princess Girlfriend who suffers from Dyslexia, so they retaliate and refuse to stop a behaviour as insultingly as possible and it keeps getting increasingly serious. All becoming a simple question of how difficult it could possibly be to sell a Book as we assess the various forms of evil activities associated with the leverage they have in the bank alongside a selfishness that is attached to what one gives away at local communities to facilitate a process of identifying with people I want to spend time with while I am doing my trading.

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