Politicians do like to make out that they spy on me because I am cruel person but I am not a cruel person; what happens is that they had a choice to make a decision about paying up practical jokes that facilitate popularity riches on me at University when they saw I was having difficulty with the academic work and the finances and they had a choice to stop doing it during the years I blamed myself after dropping out but had since decided this was something they were going to begin and end at their own convenience, as long as they make excuses over their own personal problems. So they do also make out that they want to get along with me, while the facts on the ground are that I cannot study, I cannot complete my projects and which projects I complete I cannot trade because of my mood, so it has become more of a question of when their stupidities and that of their followers plan to start listening to what other people are saying to them. There is always that claim that I am badly behaved and my position is no longer tenable which is utter nonsense as they were the same claiming it appears to be impossible business getting HM to strip me of anything but itís only impossible for them as the real me spends his time creating equity to broker with Industry people while the one they want The Queen to make a decision on concerns the fact they are now rich and powerful gold diggers who do not have to trick their way into the lives of their victims, will not give me a breathing space and I am soon going to take one of those for myself all together. I mean after I have built the business, my Clients now need protection and I must get off earning from the business and start to protect Clients, while they have reached a point where they get to threaten me for the smell as their insults about my body parts and body type continues to rage with a community built for it that they disobediently will not shut down, especially the blacks that will not stop addressing me unless according to them, they owned a share of my Empire as a matter of their human stupid rights, making stupid conjectures of my support for racism when I am as black as they are and everybody wants to avoid the Public and social problems.

What they have become far more interested in overall, is to see me get involved in violent activity after I have been beaten down in my own Bedroom by their Community croons and goons, due to the extremely violent context of their scandalous insults, along with a suggestion I have custody of their money and popularity, as stupidly as possible (they do claim that what is really happening is the rest of the world tolerating me while I build up lies to suggest I am the one doing the tolerance - the reality however is that they claim to be good with making money and some will say I Understand matters of War and Peace very well; so it is important they kept away from my Bookshop and its operations and realise that in my view, we should be having people fighting for their civil rights, who have decided to give the world a break from violence on the left, not them or their stupid Celebrities, who are currently acting as if they want to find out whether they can do the fighting better than I can). The last time we saw this processes of Global consensus, Cultures getting along regardless of their race and these gimmicks that are meant to have been performed because they were incredibly important, the result were two world wars in the time space of 40 years; itís never true I am interested in their problems, they are never helpful, never show up here to buy and read my Books and never make opinions in Public or social media on the basis of what they had read off my blogs if they had not read my Books either.

I am told that I am rather convinced that I can walk on water, while it is either what I have said and done does not make any sense or it is deathly serious Ė which indicates some public place trouble makers are out of their depth and some antisocial behaviour performed by adults and in public service gave way to a sense of serious mindedness. The point generally being that it is because of me that somebody lost a Royal position at Buckingham Palace, concerning which they are determined to ensure I have lost mine too but it has rather always been a matter of some goons at the Monarchy that The Queen wants nothing to do with because they have anal sex with everybody Ė so what happens is that they hang around and nobody tends to pay attention to anything they do and have been targeting me because they have been making friends with society goons who get their hands up my bum and tell of what must be done to make Celebrities important and rich, which consequences propels them to seek these sorts of friendship, obviously which it becomes a huge public matter on account anything that looks like these must without hesitation end up with some sort of sustained and continued support from Politicians irrespective of the fact they were complaining the effects everyday Ė for my part I deploy it to facilitate some Book sales because they simply will not stop organising themselves into communities that ensure they blow out these things on my personal life, finances, academic work and career.

The same as we see them engage in the business of making sure my Books are not distributed as an alliance with Liberal America to ban some Royal Books after years of oppression by the Monarchy and yet we know that if this business of building communities of abusive people to seek money by wrecking other peopleís lives and telling lies of it on Media, meaning that they then begin to keep an eye on anybody that remotely looks like a character that might threaten their interests, being they are very stupid individuals and such activities will be full of crimes committed against completely innocent persons to get rich and famous quickly, were to occur in the 18 Century or earlier, there is no doubt some Books and civil rights would certainly have been banned just as well - as we are aware they have no sense of commitment in terms of personal life and even the fame they are obsessed with in the first place.

Now they say that there are people in the Country letting me get out of hand and that it is incredibly sad. I could never understand what it is exactly people think they can do about me thus I can get out of hand according to them as such anyway. I do know itís a matter of society goons making sure I am sore all over and cannot sell my Books because of my mood, Popular culture fools making announcements of my tummy problems and pillaging my finances to ensure their point is not disputed, City centre gits seeking and living expensive lifestyle only when it is about what happens when I step outside of my door and whether or not I have a reputation and Public image, these three positions of which I am about to sack as well, if they find it impossible to keep off my Books and allow me attend a Book signing event for my Books without having to deal with their own security matters, ripping up my finances and making sure I cannot step outside of my door without smelling like what I last ate. We find each time whenever they attend Met Gala at Hollywood USA, itís all about what I have done to ensure I countered their business of handling me which tends to mean that whenever my Publishers meet distributors and the process of living on benefits is about to end for me, what happens is that the Contractors are put off and itís all delayed because what I am doing cannot be definitively ascertained; so itís incredibly distressing stuff and then in about 14 Hours we find that perhaps they are not achieving as much sales from it as their stupidities would have wanted and it is sad I am allowed to get out of hand with a big mouth. It was the same story about a decade ago when I dropped out of University because they showed up there with their Charity idiots to finger my bum until I abandoned my studies on account that I am trying to destroy the source of huge incomes when my personality is deployed for Celebrity culture instead of being stuck in an Office because they knew best even when they did not know what my name was Ė it then feeds into this sense that I hate Celebrities but do not wish to say something about it because I found it valuable while it is more a matter of the fact they want to control me and I want to control them to the stage where they veer off a corner they cannot control and drop to obscurity or basically just do the overdose and suicides that they could control in the first place as well.

Then I get told I am only interested in the men leaving out the women all the time but I donít; what we find is that American women have identified that women who are able to get into a relationship with people that are younger than they are have been taking an interest in me, so their dreams of having an important younger person they may use as House Husband and dominate, to bring global attention to the situation of women all over the world has ensued in full, leaving wonder as per whether it is the fact that their American culture is an expressive one due to democracy that makes it appear the worldís biggest idiots live in the USA. I mean what I know of these matters is that women who get along well with younger partners are usually of the disposition that if you respected the Body it does not tend to make a mess of you while those who get along with men their age or older basically love the public image and the idea everything belongs to them, so whilst those who get along with younger men hate men their age and older they hate younger men but we see I am unable to live my own life because they have suddenly gotten into affection with any relationships that I had engaged myself with, even when they are complaining about the parts they do not like, after which it cannot stop threatening me looking for more of what it is complaining about, as stupidly as possible. We hear I could never do a thing about them while reality is that they are simply goons with jobs wearing suits to play family business guy from 3 decades ago routines, passing around the insults simply because his family is making it big or has made it big and I do not suppose they have taken into account I am an Arch Prince and will tolerate these nonsense no further; if they follow me around the next time they see me attend an academic institution I really am going to take some time to ensure they got the trouble they sought.

The question I have to answer being that if I know all this there isnít a clear reason I let them get the better of me which is not what reality looks like; reality is that I delude myself time and again when I am trying to sort something out about handling it one at a time Ė so what happens is that when engaged with daddies at society who rip up everything you have to make you sore all over and unable to sell Books because of your mood on account that playing abusive practical jokes on you helps them get rich, the City centre fools chasing the best lifestyle which has to do with the road that leads out of my home and lets me access the world, meaning their whole lives are about churning my tummy will be up in arms telling me how to exist and when I am handling their case the popularity idiots with a need to make an announcement about my tummy issues will have a turn Ė nobody knows where they got this sense I am allowed to get out of hand from but it is clearly a very provocative stupidity that works at my expense to help them gain enough controversy for money making purposes, like we know the last time they chased money around me without an adverse response, I dropped out of University for it and that was a decade ago, now they see my Books, understand it does not do them any favours but continue to try handling me on all of the time. It has now come to that stage where I need to make it very obvious that I do not care if they will lose their minds should they stop doing it, as itís my opinion that if the job gets to their heads right up to the point we can clearly see that it should not hurt to be organised for it. The sense that my Books are an affront to their freedom is another story that suggests the American ones think they rule the world and I must be made to serve them but we all know that until their stupidities that hang around neighbourhoods ripping up family finance bases and making sure everybody is waiting for Celebrities to share the fame, becomes one of my main concerns which would not have required an explanation, this nonsense never actually likely tends to improve but for now, they appear to be reading parts of my Book and in a condition that was created to serve the purpose of protecting it from patent breach and other forms of abuse and trying hard to build publicity of their own for it on that basis and because I am working Property Equity security it does the job anyway and my Books are an affront to their stupid freedoms, a measure of how much organised crime American Citizens are really party to all over the world.

They do claim I cannot get out of the business of being taken advantage of which is utter nonsense Ė what happens is that society gits have found a way to access my Office and this definitely means mostly that everything I do is subject to some form of fun industrial espionage that I will pay their stupidities to stop Ė so everything I do is put out there at the most opportune time to cause the most amount of damage, for the purpose of suggesting that my career is in the hands of media and celebrities from whom I could never get it back and if I harmed the younger ones it will be said I harm things that are so brave they were fighting battles I was too much of a coward to deal with, should I do the older ones they will say I harm big things that have families, however since this behaviour appears to be something the Nazis had failed to invent, the bloody idiots have not yet offered an explanation for something they cannot do without at my expense every day, issuing those threats with a big mouth alongside it as well. We find the other twerps by the way side making a mess of everything around here to point out that since their involvement wreck academic work and finances and thereby proves they are idiots, I may regard them like that but will want them to buy £300,000 products my Clients have built, none of which detracts from the fact that making a face and pulling gestures whenever I say and do anything is not what their human rights looks like and the important of ripping it away from them is becoming ever more obvious, so that we might likely get into those conversations about identity that their stupidities have lost. Itís an old tale we see all the time including the business of ending up running round in circles for 18 years due to the activities of idiots who claim they own me while they own nothing around here, have no rights here, whose prime case is to ensure that white women took something from me and they were entitled to build a community that had a right to take anything they wanted because of it; its wondered all the time from the feedback I get, why they do it when people are rather more interested in seeing what people look like when the damaged academic work gets them spending their time on it and I am obviously but when I am working or studying itís a really bad time for Politicians and their goons to expect such things from me Ė itís the game of making stupid decisions that allow you fool around and then work out a way to make money doing so and preventing people from saying it is a stupid thing to do which adds up to the tricks that will allow you get away with it, so when my important bits are not disrupted by those who wanted me to respond to them having gotten their wish, there is little prospect they will be complaining about it at Government buildings too. Itís the part where it is said I suggest what MPs have done is bad but I have not, I am uncomfortable with the idea of creating our own problems; we know these goons would have done these things irrespective of what we did, we did not need to create our own problems when we know every generation comes with its own version of it. I have issued warnings about it before, warnings about how confiscating my Royal Commission will mean then that the reasons they become homosexuals were gone for good, but we are still at stage one where they must confiscate the Royal Estate first.

The lingering questions on these matters are very simple i.e. Property Equity is developed with me and used to make products, criminals have bought the products and started their own popularity campaigns about contributing to the wealth that those who did business selling the products own, so Hollywood decided the criminals buy more Films than I do and started a Campaign where their main problem was the sheer amount of interest that would generate for my Books, something that ensures my whole life spiralled out of control and ended up in the toilet over a Book they wanted and I have responded by showing I have had enough of tolerating them as asking for support on the matter of how services vanish when criminals consume them while the money they paid can be tracked which gets people into trouble will never have hurt and hence they will never get the service from me or an alternative me ever, since the matter has already led to school shooting and Cinema killings while I had ended up with a 5 years of insults the media can run with to ensure I was serving the Obamas. I need to see to it now that they stopped showing up near my Books and Public image to churn my tummy and to ensure I can look forward to a Book signing event of mine that did not get me dealing with security issues associated with their existence and or their own personal decisions. The Industry ones will be the story of me trying to get along with the Millionaires and then I will be off to see the great Millionaires and find its only goons who have amassed enough money to buy 300 man strong sales Army which they unleash on the rest of us once they crippled up in certain strategic areas, which money will never end up in a local bank where it will never be safe from the tax man and we know they could never have run the big companies if they did not study subjects applicable to the way that business establishments interact with the economy when people want to make money from business at University, which means all respect for them disappears Ė then there is the part where they handle my Assets and tell me they will go to Communists if I had failed to behave, while we know that if they were running it properly the Communists would not even appeal to their minds, so need to ensure my position is very clear about the fact that I am not interested in whether they will lose their minds if they had stopped showing up all over my concerns, if the job fills their minds with such ego, there should be nothing wrong with the idea of being organised for it.

I do get told that my behaviour is bad for security services operatives but itís not the way I work that is the problem, itís the mess people make of my work that is the problem; the popular culture and Celebrity mess was a given but the one from the Politicians is secretive and stabs viciously when least expected, the fact they get some pleasure out of this being very tiresome as well. I do not think it an issue anyway, I have issued the warning that when it is competition there is usually an onus on people to get on with the day job, this nonsense drags people down all the time because it is villainy and I am imagining we will have security services on one hand and some stupidities that were built up from people getting involved with my concerns on the other, if there is no confidence that when I threaten to crush that Celebrity culture, I really can do it; we are as such progressing towards the outcome where I will set young people on the whole thing, the business of telling people to stay away from gangs and crime will be replaced with the business of giving them all the tools they need to make decisions and run their concerns by and this will answer the question of me sitting in a royal Office to get all happy about others doing the life threatening jobs at the same time.


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