I do not actually understand why it may have been suggested that I would likely take the July 2015 Chancellor Budget as a negative – it is not a negative when corporation tax is lowered and benefits are frozen and minimum wage is increased, it is just a very different kind of economy and a very different kind of working relationship which people will develop from that too; the government is the one that has not actually told us that they are but according to the fact we have to assume they are stepping up to the plate on the challenges as well – for instance the fact benefits have been frozen means that I am unlikely to tolerate any idiots daughter wanting an income from the perks of my Office and small business so she can pretend she is a celebrity and that she is famous when an Industrial fool manufactures and nuisance out of her and puts it on media all day long, to allow her put her feet up at the pool side somewhere in South America – so the handling of such matters is more of a priority for big business than it is for the likes of a specific service provider such as this Literary Empire and its Emporium and Trust system for example and everything else that is which is a function of its Royal Estate, so it more beneficial for them to prevent their children from what happens to be a continued and very destructive behaviour that has become completely out of control over the last eight years, hence not true I am likely to think that the budget speech was a negative. So I will be asked as normal about how much it will hit the poorest but it is reality of course that people actually need to leave me alone as I am unlikely to get off a Royal Estate and get into a fight on their behalf but the Politicians are the ones that are most likely to do so , which of course brings on the inevitable story of how I have always interfered with Politics right up till now which I have not, only the Labour Party has been setting out Governmental Positive discrimination that runs along the lines of the attention and fame that the moral and law abiding rob those that are not.

They do say I claim others are not moral people too but surely it must mean they know what they are doing and the biggest problem has to be with my leadership which they have also spent so much of their time the know what they are doing, to deem it a taboo - so let’s just say they know what they are doing, they bloody do.

Update - Year Date 2017

They speak of hate that is going around because of me but what really is, is lots and lots and lots of insults; it happens to have been what they wanted to do with their time and has now been developed into what takes up most of mine, hence I invent something for everybody due to the level of complicity that follows it; where every time I ensure my career does not end up there a Media goon will take up time and ensure it does, then pretend it’s the ease with which he can handle the career and property after which makes it my fault, same with the silly Politicians. Then they speak of black people who apparently are the standard everybody is following from where I am – it plays and play  stupid games with absolutely everybody that wants nothing to do with it all the time and then shows up in public places with a personality that is attributed to a character people want to take jobs and careers from and wants to have an influence on those it now sees as victims, as such the assumption is rather that when the Children are insulting generally they will make exceptions for the parents, assumed to be the reality that will emerge from it.

They say I am caught up in wealth inequality issues from which there is no escape and it is utter nonsense – what happens is that they claim it’s a matter of two equal people with one being wealthier than the other, reality is rather that the wealthy one has to conduct a balancing act between maintaining monopoly of what he owns in order to provide a service from which he gets paid that supports people who are in employment while not becoming a selfish person or failing to make his or her own contributions to society, the other saves his energy to spend on public abuses and entrapment so the whole process of being poor is a form of personal capital that he has created for himself; if we are in doubt of such a fact we find them set out to destroy the lives of poor people who share to create their own version of reality and a web of lies that just keeps giving on media and the market place bullying they become obsessed with. It has always rather been common knowledge that a democratic person usually wants to make money and sit in an office to decide if others have behaved well enough to share some, while a socialist who are a collection of very tiresome twerps always want to make money and put it away in a Swiss account as power leverage that supports a structure of disobedience and abuse of others. For me it reaches that stage where they have joined up with big business communities and need to look the part; try not to abuse the rights of the millions of people who know the real ownership of a property as well as abuse the ownership by trying to take it from them and especially so with media – personally however, I have always known since my bottom hurts because they are always trying to show me they need my possessions and public image more than I do and are hungry for it that they love nothing better than to have Swiss bank accounts with money in it, so a Royal Estate is a pretty important thing, when they damage mine I know where to hit them every time. It comes to a head when they claim there aren’t a difference between socialists and capitalists these days while the reality is still that they are very selfish and petty goons and get to a stage where their selfishness does not even apply to their own property when they realise it comes with risks, what happens is that they become selfish with other people’s property and selfish towards the owners, which is how they come up with the wealth distribution stories they are confident other people are scared of. There is still a world of difference between Socialism and Capitalism however and it is to be found in the way those pieces of value that are signed off by the Central Banking leadership is used; we all know what happens is that somebody goes off to work for another and has his own signed off for him, while they hang up somewhere to save their energy, claim some inequality is happening and find a way to steal it, then find a way to evolve the stealing processes with popular culture, in a way that will eliminate risks of incarceration etc – which is why we are locked in this discrepancy where what I do not want them doing with my property or public image should get to mean they do not do it, if they do not wish to complain in the near or far future about the results. Another example being tax money, where you do your job and pay your bits bearing in mind it is in your hands and not that of the central government, to maintain infrastructure, need to have your statements which add up with the ones the government keeps but there is another mentality in town of tax evasion and tax avoidance, which tax money is not their money all together – a world of difference out there still to explore, between Communism and Democracy apart from the lies we have to listen to on media. They speak of capitalists avoiding taxes as well but so are we aware most of it works through Celebrity and popular culture which is fundamentally sustained by the most twisted forms of socialism that tends to create organised crime.

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