Now they say I am in trouble with an entity that is called the people and I wouldn’t know anyway, these are a group of goons that spend all their time creating problems for themselves that lets them develop public campaigns which facilitate a process where they live other people’s lives and get their hosts to deal with problems like parasites. I am not dealing with any fuzzy childhood memory here, which says that I have institutionalised with it, it started me off as an adult and the memories of it are still crisp and clear as the first day it began, therefore impossible for me to accept the stupidities they have developed from it and especially on media amounts to some civil rights that they have got – nobody has a civil right that looks like that. I do not think it is a problem as such, we only have a single relationship between us and it’s the one where they have worked out that when I am in pain they get their point through and that the feeling is exhilarating as well and I need them to keep off my finances and stay their fingers off my bum if they wish to stop complaining that I am getting into trouble with the people. The bum abuse thing is largely Royal stuff but when I have my academic work taken away from me to sit about responding to society and culture stupidities, then I need to ensure they understood that unless it is dire, I will not be interested; thus they take away these vital aspects of my life and work because they wish to ensure the Royal stuff feels excruciating and I want to take away their comfort zones and financial security so when they do it there will be a good reason for doing it. the female ones are really fond of those insults that suggest I think I am a native of the British Monarchy and we all know their stupidities know very little about the nepotism and those insults I have become very tired of all together – goes without saying it is either all I am saying is a lie or they are very twisted and evil people developing all that suffering for others as a process that will amount to boasts about power they have that can facilitate poverty or wealth bestowed on those who co-operate with their needs, the same with whom I have now developed an arrangement where we talk to each other if we wanted to and none can tell me they have enough money and culture to create celebrities that exist in such lofty conditions they can screw with me and tell me they do not understand what I am experiencing, this being what they wish to ensure is as painful for me to maintain and look after as they possible can. It does not apply that I am manipulated by the media, usually when we hear them talk about some problems African people who have the same skin as me are making for everybody, it is because the whole process of looking after the millions of people who watch BBC and SKY and Virgin Media in Africa in a way that does nothing save abuse me has now been taken from them and will not be handed back – all I can say is that it cannot possibly be that difficult for them to stop showing up at academic institutions to spy on me through CCTV and abuse me the whole time thinking I see myself that way when I look in the mirror and therefore is pain worth suffering as there is a stupidity that is important they had accomplished and above all, stopped showing up around my Books when they have not obtained a copy of their own legally. In the end what they are complaining about comes from those insults that concern their superiority and they like to say racist serve my will these days, which means they are going to push me into a retaliatory movement to counter all that nonsense I have had to put up with the last 6 years talking nonsense about ethnic minorities they are superior to and finger my bum, you know, start my own ethnic minorities I am superior to movements as well, which generally works about those their stupidities talking money problems over my livelihood because they are famous but cannot talk the money problems better than I can hence I have an exit for hurting bottom effects that come from it and they who think I need to shut up and go along with what they want as they are better human beings have not got any – I mean it is remarkable how anybody shows up to encumber another person’s livelihood talking money problems – you know, liberals are always completely innocent, while nothing can exist unless they owned it on one hand, at the same time on the other of which they have never worked for anything in their lives as long as they had that stupid civil rights movement to take it off those who are stupid enough to the whole time. Here they will claim I suggest people do not work for their money, which is precisely so; they never do – ask them to stack up boxes in a warehouse and you will find them stack boxes a popular culture as it is not the job you have asked them to do as much as it is the activity they wish to spend their time on – I mean people will argue with me but only if they allow a fashion fool deploy their Public image to strut the catwalk like they think these idiots should deploy mine while I am trying to speak with companies about Intellectual Property Administration and some asset exchange problems that are associated with running a campaign that keeps a record on your activities which are then comparable to what is happening at the stock markets, in order to diagnose problems and solve them before they got out of hand, then tell me who has been working even for the energy that she expresses her stupidities with – I mean do not get the wrong idea, the designers who own the property do force them to work for it sometimes which means that you can pick up at the later date if there are not too many insults about Royalty they do not recognise and can therefore make claims of ownership to his public image all together but most of the time usually long after I am screwed over with politicians talking nonsense all over the place the whole time; now they think I am in trouble with the people too. There is talk of course of a case where I never do anything with what actually belongs to me and it’s that tale where they wanted to rip up my finances and create me a state of financial difficulty that they then develop publicity for to decide whom I became and what they wanted to be and now they have had their wish granted. Except it is becoming too convenient for them to just pick up my public image and make films and music, expecting me to run some campaigns that puts everything right and moves them on the whole time, so what they are starting to grapple with so often is security operatives – I for my part think if it continues like that I will end up rounding them up like sheep and then other members of the Royal Family will pick up the commercial aspects of most of the activities that will result and then it will look like they are messing with Family stuff and really shouldn’t be getting involved. It’s an old case where people mostly want to see the British down on their faces, so you have to start all over again; build trade relations and modernise a Military, then wait for the Germans to copy it and make their own, in order to preserve a position where they are a bigger power; hence I am now being told it was all a calculated ploy by Royalty to expose more of the world so they can own it; it’s a 24/7 event with these goons, One can never feel good and One can never smell nice, unless they are wailing and lamenting as well. It is always obvious that if one is not courageous enough to tackle the Politicians and the Celebrities and the Media where their finances are, the need to make people sit back and suffer what is being inflicted on them because it develops pleasures for those who have money to spend on themselves which does not explain why they need to take my academics from me and get me sitting around reacting to it save the explanation is seen through the prism of narcissism, they will become quite convinced that every stupid things they say and do makes sense if there is a hint of blame in my direction for it, while they keep their stupidities firmly fixed at making references to the Royal Estate and its property.

I. Uno I

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