Now they say the EU Negotiations are about to get tough for the UK, which is utter nonsense; from what we know, what happened was that the UK stopped being a member of the EU but Geographically cannot stop being a part of the European continent Ė so this is a gimmick that means the end result will see us collectively fork out some money on some new EU waste and the question is whether we are in the UK in a position where we want to play this gimmick and fork out later even though everybody else will be forking out as well; an example of the reasons the EU is breaking up Ė anything that matters to others is a dire way is ever important to the most insolent Politicians in the world. Itís pretty much the same as we saw with Greece and we thought that when Greece had an economic arrangement with Russia it was the biggest loser during the EU crisis, we could not have imaged that Turkey will fall victim to the same thing when they were actually better off than the Greek were anyway. In the end we hear them tell me I challenge Politicians, the gods of idiots who take advantage of everything and seek a leverage in the bank to ensure their collective stupidities are always profitable if they make intrusive statements into other peopleís concerns about them but what we have here as ever in the case of EU leaders is a process where every fool that wants to say that going back to establish relationship with consumers is not trendy and that the new trend is to rip up the business of those who do not matter with that big mouth, always tend to get their support. The result is this situation where the idiots have set out tools they claim are financial products as a means of extracting money from the global financial markets and placing it in their personal accounts, refusing to allow liquidity flow and creating a crisis in the process, expecting government to come up with monetary Policy at a later date while these idiots spend a little bit of their millions of self-seeking, popularity goons, peopleís property vandal medium sized businesses who think nobody here can sell Books by getting out of bed to make them suffer the whole time to keep up the power and hope of ripping up peoples empire to make their own more profitable instead of working for the millions that get to their heads, I set out to make a few statements on my website, which has now gradually and very abusively and destructively been made to appear to be their own statement and their own website in all but name with that big mouth, the statement was originally devised to ensure that an alternative state of affairs was set up so preserve my owns mall savings and ensure it was obvious there was always another course of action save one that will devalue the currency and cause it to go to pieces. since they apparently have money to waste on the economic effects of government intervention and so love their disobedience so much for it but now due to government co-operation with their needs, it has been set up such that it means there is always an alternative Course to follow save striking deals with Industry fools from the National Cabinet as though it was a toy and not an important job by any means will mean that Prime Ministers are constantly poised to lose jobs when somebody else takes it up, their Political idiots tell me itís all talk which risks global economic meltdown should I deploy it at Industry to ensure they can keep their fat cat mouths shut when their millionaires are losing millions daily. My point of course is that the EU negotiations is about to get serious for the UK is good talk only when they are not being serious and its important pointing out, the era of goons in small Offices with sales army that will let them count themselves among the very wealthy without much effort, that Brexit is serious. The case of matters I am always stuck with every day was a simple case i.e. Media fools making news and chasing headlines by squandering all I own Ė so the easier and real bits are the ones where I say that the daily abuses on TV allows community croons to seek involvement with me, which develops further into a process where they chase my private parts to ensure I mess up other peopleís lives while clinging to my Public image to claim I cannot have it to myself due to a plan they have as an organised community obviously, which is something one does not react to if one wants to spend time with the studies and the careers, except this bit is completely torn down by bully ageists making sure no part of my body is not sore until I do and it turns out that where their stupidities play out at its best is the media, meaning that reacting to community croons allows leftist idiots to get out of hand but when Media is involved not reacting is even worse. Like it has been in the last 24 Hours, this particular method of chasing headlines means I have not been selling my Books while their pre- pubescent self-seeking goons tell me I am not accountable to anybody with a mode that suggests their purpose is to find new ways of forcing others to do things they do not want to, so as to brew new sensations of convenience that facilitates those old processes which mean that moral and religious people have a use and it is the one where they get stuck somewhere dealing with violence and being conservative while people extricate sensations of convenience from their lives to make fame and fortune, which of course has become some bench mark for their stupidities Ė the reasons they are always crying to be free at media and celebrity and popular culture being that the likely victim of the antics they claim are of benefit to society is the average Cab driver having their careers laid out and ripped apart, thus obvious that when I do not want it done, none should do it and tell me if I called them stupid I would get into trouble which continues to remain as the state of affairs that encourages a process where we met so we can find out what will happen if I did as it were, talking nonsense about the lessons I will be taught all the time. It happens often while they also claim I never stop i.e. the insults will continue relentlessly and people will not support me unless I did something about it; get my Books published online and the biggest problem I have faced since that was done is that it is not a legitimate publisher and my Books should not have existed thereof as a result and apparently while it talks nonsense about the trouble I will be into, the insults continue and the fucking idiots will issue threats rather than edit it out of their news reports. This is sort of the second stage; the first of course was the one where I am some kid that goes around giving people the kind of respect that kids of today do not give to their ageist elders anymore which has persisted and made it so important to have a national conversation about being used by those who have no respect for you, being used by people who will not get around looking ballsy after they had boosted their income and felt like chasing your private parts instead and so they complain about where I publish my Books, where my information ends up, where I have decided to get a job role but the insults persist never the less, now all laced with claims I love to fight people and I push for war as state provided security has no right to protect me from them and when I say I do not want a particular thing done with my work or property it gets done anyway and I will never stop until I no longer see them show up around my Books.

They do claim I would say anything and do anything to deny that I am being bullied by Royals which never really happens; what happens is that they are not chasing Celebrities these days anymore, they want to chase me and have already been bothering Royal Family Members who then ask them to perform an investigation but the whole process remains one of wealth that was their own to build up all together. So it showed up here years ago to claim the Law exists to protect weaklings like me and prevent the fittest like themselves from getting by, so I did pump their stupid heads full of what I know alright and now they will punish me in every way known to man obviously. In the end itís the same old case of Community croons abusing me in sexual context to mess up my life and ensure it is making a mess of peopleís lives as well, so they might tell me I cannot have my Public image to myself when I have screwed up other peopleís lives and can be poised to have it by violent means too - paying attention to them lets the leftist idiots who fantasise about those who have such public image that can be confiscated being caught up in a gang fight to get completely out of hand but the reason we are here is the self-seeking busy body get rich quick scum who are usually middle class trader idiots who mostly later become somebody else's idiot children who got elected into government Office sometime earlier and have insults that will shut down other peopleís lives to show off with endlessly making sure no part of my body feels good a distant violence from their stupidities until I am responding to all these things and then we see them later cling to my Books and seek the most convenient way of getting out of trading problems by savaging my Books and do not see why not all together as it were.They love to claim itís all about the Duke of Edinburgh but we all know the Duke if leader of the Royal Family and since his Role and that of the Monarch where the leadership of the Family is concerned intersect, what the Queen decides goes most of the time - the rest is busy body goons who have created this condition where people seek their cultural insanity by means of messing about with other peopleís personal finances which they actually do not need to do but tend to do because they are sadistic enough to enjoy it; so the question they are worried about is that of which one happens to be the goon that gets out of bed every day to block other peopleís path to work and employment and we all know what is hurting them is the fact they want a new Country and that in the view of most people is not hurting them badly enough. I for my part had long decided the myth of my laziness will be settled along the lines of the effects of the University drop out sting thing which will end with a case of me making my first breakthrough money on the back of celebrities and popular culture goons, so I might tie of the back yard well enough and concentrate on running an Intellectual Property Administration business; we can see even now that where I have decided to publish my Books is a threat to their jobs while the insults which mean I cannot get published by somebody who will put my photo up on a sky scrapper and am fighting just to protect my public image persists alongside the kinds of nonsense they are planning with a sensibility that says I am afraid of them and there are parts of my existence they have gotten used to therefore an aspect of the occurrence of this matter which is my fault. The Biggest case they have is that nobody is protected around me a crime of passion but the real matter has always been the various things they need and the various forms of bullying that will get me chasing it to a point they can handle and then leaving it behind for them which is how a human being should be used - in the end all I do to protect people is contained in my Books and they are far more interested in playing games that involve the leverage they have in the bank, of which they will accept no safety advice that involves keeping away. They say there is this problem of me getting about with people who are sexually beyond my league but we all know what happens is that I have to explain my life and they do not have to explain their own and even when it becomes clear I think the other lady that get around with me is different from the one that shows up to ensure I am stuck with civil rights to a stage where I want to make a living with it to find somebody else was there first, they are still handling my whole life with a self-righteous corruption of involvement that will clearly not serving them, thus if they are complaining we have come full circle. What is happening therefore is a process where I am trying to locate everybody and so if I find them there is that brief period where they are located and then can hang around until they are completely fed up; if the process bothers them it should serve as a good message concerning this need they have to create people such convoluted problems and dilemmas. Of course the idea I am starting to talk about my real situation is utter rubbish; itís an old case of that black guy in New York who owns five Ferrari buying shares in a film making Company in order to control his kid on whom his future depends around here once again - so given the right tools and measures they can be made to listen to what others are saying to them for a change and this is therefore what happens when people show up around the concerns of government operatives to screw around with State provided security - facts about a Police Officer making a decision to take a life to protect the Public comes to light all the time, so people can show up here to screw around with my health and Public image and personal life and Finances doing my stuff with popularity - itís sort of when I tell them I will rip up the celebrity culture and the popular culture and the media and the fashion for them if they continue these nonsense and continue to shrink my Empire and bottom out my finances and they think I am bluffing; whenever they are complaining it means I am not. They speak of irreconcilable differences when itís all a case of a future of building publicity for another personís life in order to insert themselves into the space at a later date after getting rid of the owner, so it works when tribal punishment is deployed against the religious people who simply need to be brought before cultural fathers and mothers that want to decide their fate and enjoy some villainous beauty every day, it does not work with modern people have to be gay which is why they are always telling lies and clinging to processes they are certain causes others massive distress and bottoms out the personal finances.

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