I do get told most of these matters are about a lack of respect for women on my part which does not make any sense to me whatsoever. These are supposed to be the Men who beat up the women that talk like their school teacher and want me to do the bits where women want to ensure they were neither living nor dead on account they claimed to be good looking enough to be famous while my body type could tolerate it without problems, then there is the part where they need to drop out of the radar and ensure the system does not notice them, so they support and bribe the Celebrities Ė the list could go on endlessly, right down to the part where they realise people think one thing about them in public so their behaviour towards women privately is something else. The point is that these fools are trying to tell me that I should get off my botched academic work and finances while they tackle my Books and pay attention to the fact that their inability to confiscate my Literary empire market from me and get rich with it has meant that their profits are low, thus when I refuse to co-operate and need to stop complaining about them striking my bum, besides which when I say the Public transport ones who want to make me smell and beat me up are bluffing while probability is that I am not, itís really not truth or reality for my part all together. At the heart of this was their stupid women who are old enough to be my grandparent showing up to levy abuses and insults at me until I drop out of University, then fail to understand that was a serious matter because their stupidities were involved in Politics Ė about which I have indeed intimated them to my thoughts as per whether since they enjoy picking up men who have no relationship with them to spend their insults on, it is such a bad thing when I give them more of it than their imaginations could have conjured up all together.

So end product is that these goons have a society where they abuse people and groom people for rape and make people who are suffering from Tummy ulcer and Haemorrhoids smell, and so their outlook is one of taking whatever they like from others as such and they are after markets I had built for my Books talking nonsense at me even sometimes making out I ought to see their stupidities as a form of fun; the social Media ones being so insane that they think when I put my life on social Media they like it so much it has party become their property and hence I probably am not away they have an ability to pull the strings of my Business. So, I am going to continue issuing this warning right up to the end of November 2018 like I promised and then before that a continuation of this nonsense by these stupid men and their female fools will lead to some serious bad luck around here too. I have not earned from the Books since 2013 because of these goons that have never once for their part forfeited a salary for a single year during that time and as any could guess the fact the fucking idiots have been playing around with my income while they have not forgone their salaries has come to mean they have enough money to make them more important than an Arch Prince and so the stupidities know no bounds like the Government Office ones had long spent tax payer funds on the other idiots in the factories and warehouses and think I am going to get into a fight to make their stupidities feel safe as well. the Celebrities continue to maintain I talk but they had taken some of my property and will take all of it if they wanted with that big mouth; what really happened is that the scum showed up to make trouble for me and industry fools who fancy their stupidities decided to pay them for it by manufacturing them into fame but that they have come to think they are famous, that they are no longer characters parents keep the children away from bearing in mind time spent with proper celebrities was usually limited by parents to begin with, that they think they have gone from a collection scum who get people making time to indulge in culture because what others are doing with it will become a threat in the future tends to mean they were famous or that they took something from me whereby I was too powerless to stop them; either way which I think I am doing to attack the Celebrity culture the way their foolishness shows up on Public places to make references to this Estate for this own personal consumption so abusively and incessantly.

I do get told that if my progress was clear people would avoid it more but we all know that they have seen me with a Book in hard copy before they decided to embark on building me a history of insults that say I had made my life available so people may wreck it and develop the bits into products they may sell to clients, on account they want the world to think of my Book of equities the way that it may suit their block headed stupidities, about which the fucking idiots now want to keep their own health while my stress levels had gone through the roof and I now have a new project on hand that involves protecting market I had built for a Book. So, itís everything to do with derivatives associated with my person and my Literature, I wish to see an end to all their involvement with it asap. I do get told its pitiful I have such a difficult task to accomplish but I do not because I can do it; a simple case used to exist where I walked down the street and somebody picked up something I did to help run a Company that employed them and made it clear to his employers it was the existence of a person they had found on the Streets, so it was safe and nice as we all know that nobody is really harmed by a process of having close ties with the Production and Distribution processes in an economy, until these other goons showed up; first they were going to expose me to racial assault to show me how desperate they were to see me co-operate with their stupid needs and then it soon progressed to a case telling me that if I had my whole life ripped up while I build market for my Books that they could confiscate from me because I lacked the money to look after it, I would have made a perfectly sound Political scenario as the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few, by which I am then expected to do wealth inequality aspects of my work on time while the flurry of busy body opportunism that facilitates their greed and abuse runs on endlessly with threats to me attached on their stupid Media, so that when I do ask if they realise that the way they make money instead of their stupidities getting a job is bad for everybody, then they tell me itís only the suffering of one or two people while the rewards are immense, like we see their foolishness give the one they have to the frugal - now itís just settled up on the business of telling me that itís about giving up what I have given which they will ensure I did and whilst I may explain these facts to ensure they kept better jobs than the ones that I had, the deal still stands i.e. what would they get if they stopped the business of me being the route by which they tackle the companies of my Client Brokers and my Books the route to my heart and it does make me feel like I am going to come up with a plan to hurt them and make away without suffering consequences. Itís never really a complicated matter; it is nice people because knew it had to be, what we find is these goons showing up to say they buy products from my brokers and that they spend fortunes doing so and must get a share of wealth in a way that benefits where they come from but they usually assume the services that they had consumed are not financially quantifiable and that none will push back - so they have ended up stuck here until they had to contend with difficult financial matters that were a result of the time spent ignoring their businesses and playing stupid games with other peopleís lives: for my part however it was important because I am not really opposed to economic growth and development in deprived Countries but one has to look to oneís own problems - the British Economy is advanced and now Utility based - wholly dependent on innovation if it is to grow at all, while economies in Africa for instance have immense markets available if people were to create the products and there was the money by which people could pay for it: my Equities were on the line with respect to Climate issues as it is impossible to say that a Company must radically change its structures to comply with the clean-up processes that Industry must engage in after years of environmental abuse and they were on the line again with respect to black market trading and illegal trading with main activities developed in Asia and with China, so itís really difficult for me to understand why people cannot see I do not want to tolerate them playing around with my Book sale earnings while they do not forfeit their salaries because there was fun to be had in it, claiming it is the way I react which amuses them and then making out the way I shut down access to Publicity had made me the enemy as well: I dropped out of University over this nonsense and they had a frenzy for it alongside their Celebrities, now the bloody idiots have built a stage which suggests that their whole stupid lives and futures depend on a case where I did not get the academic work completed.

The understanding which have been expressed is that I have difficulty coping with Clients and Fans but I do not; itís a respect issue which means when I write Books of Equities people build me a reputation for being Royalty that wants others to pillage his Royal personal life and Public image in order to build products they can sell to their Clients, hence my actions are not random when I am not protecting them and their homosexuals from social violation as well since it corrupts my State Provided security that is largely based on surveillance among many other damages it does, including stupid security guards informing me I may achieve what I wish but as long as people want to feel safe especially when Celebrities and others have got private security industry to run, it can be taken from me, with the big mouth they have all got (They do tell me itís all indicative of hate they have for me and the war they seek over it but there will be no wars on this Hermitage while I pray and work every day on the insults that ensure I cannot sell my Books because of my mood on account their stupidities were getting important and dangerous with money. They do say I speak but I am no Royalty in a Hermitage and be that as it may, I do not want to be stuck with any jobs market that has a lot to do with how their stupidities took advantage of people to get to the top either and I am sure blabbing that I am not Royalty would fancy I did that on the basis of my own authority and did it freelance Ė otherwise it is their own public work they wish to gain gestures that allow them work power when they hit lobotomy as well and for their stupidities I do wish they had one so I may abuse it too. the Celebrities are a great story; it has a Television show and with it when it does not like my books it says something and does something to stop the sales for a day and then a week and then a month and starts to congratulate its ability to do it often, wish I had an ego like that so I might stop peoples television shows when I do not like it on account I am a writer too. In the end itís the same case as ever Ė it tears up my life because women are getting sexually abused and then because I can do something about it, same as Men being treated badly by society and loves to issue racial threats at me, which makes me want to see its stupidities run a media career with racists by its stupid side, then it rips up my life because I took it back to where it was on account I was being attacked for doing something about it successfully. So if they want their society of intolerant stupid Men and the confusions that show up at the Law Court when people have been sexually assaulted, they have it back now and need to stop blowing their big mouths off at me Ė as for messing with those I have business with the same way they spent their fraternity with the Country in such ways and wanted the sociological manner I handled matters of my career until I dropped out of University, then there will be more trouble than they could possible a war imagine all together).

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