I do get told nothing apparently bothers me and nobody disturbs me but itís not really the case Ė what these people spend all their time doing is showing up here to pass around messages from rich and powerful people but before they had to sweet talk rich and powerful people into giving them messages they can pass around, they could understand very clearly what I was saying to them and there was no trace of the confusion associated with their talk which has to do with an inability to have a conversation if there isnít money involved. So all I really have to do with them is set out a campaign that lets me take over every structure that allows them show up here to pass around those stupid messages and then they will play around all the time and look like personalities from characters that people want to take jobs and careers from all the time again.

For the record, I am not in any way stigmatised by mental illness either - reality is a simple case of the fact the retarded Political idiots we have to put up with especially when Socialist and Civil rights idiots are always more concerned with making deals by other peopleís parents to earn the right to abuse people and collect the lives they had built for themselves in return for showering stupid parents with attention especially the mothers and so to that effect One must simply decide what percentage of the way I live is about them and not about me within the process of making sure their abuses do not happen to me as such and because of that there is always a strong need to take media away from them especially the teasing and abusive homosexual ones that like to think they have a problem and a temper along with it too because it is always the means by which to decide I have things they do not because I am good at brushing history under the carpet when it comes to banging on a message about what I want until I have it which is something everybody should be able to have as well if they have access to my parents, therefore they will have that access and I will be entrapped and it will be funny until they have it too and it can go on like that for eternity unless action is taken which I have on every other respect except on media appearances so far - so the sense it will be a matter of choosing between racists and the rest is absolute nonsense, that will never happen because it is not the way it works at the upper class anyway either. We hear them speak of racists making statements about racial hijacking by blacks but of course itís never an emotive issue because that part of them that talks is exactly the same as these fools who feel the violent side is good as long as it is not happening to those that are like the racists - so what we have here is that conditions where itís always a race; talented people and the location of capital race, where those that make the money first will and those that make the money later will have to get it from the banks and pay interest to those who made it first but these idiots do not want to be part of that race, they want to invent their own race with certain people they have in mind as the ones who lose and have to make money by paying interest to them and so every other means of being abused by them has been taken care of now itís the Media appearances causing trouble and even for the racists, the part where they say itís a Country and Country is for everybody in it has to cost them everything for the Country because it means these fools can be assured that when they go down they will not be going down alone.

There is this very frequent case on a daily basis of whether I am aware of what is going on around my life and concerns of which I am anyway Ė the statements people make to teach me lessons for getting involved with the Royal Family in order to rule over them; before this became their problem the entire world was confused first about whether the Royal Family was their Family and they got to choose my friends in the past without problems. I mean itís the kinds of statement these idiots make with these activities I have tolerated every day for the last decade and a half, such as the fact I delay and refuse to let them deploy my life and possessions to be where they want to be in their stupid lives, so I will have that property and life of mine in hell with that big mouth they have got. I mean the competition was their idea but now I am the one taking the moral high ground on the fact damage is not it either way Ė when they are asking if I am aware while I have told them more times than I can remember that the bank account balance does not tell lies about what they are doing as it were. It is trying to keep up at the moment, knowing it is not half as destructive as I am and basing its future on developing a new culture and society based on discussing my tummy and hitting it, then fingering my bum in their imaginations whenever they see me in public, knowing they are not actually half as destructive as I am with those stupidities and disobedience they think will reward them handsomely but they are still at it anyway, looking for trouble they really cannot handle. I do not think the matter is a crisis; its simple reality that if a group of people have no behaviour in my direction save the one that involves their imagination on my bum and their fingers in my anus, should this lead to an outcome where I am for instance lose a £50,000 contract or like it is at the moment drop out of University, and somebody were to ask me what my opinion about their existence is, I wonder if the expectation is that I have anything else in mind save the fact they are always showing me the only relationship worth having with them is one of punishment. People are always telling me itís the influence they have on others and the fact I never address that but the influence is based on the idea I have lots of problems when the only problem there is, is their money being thrown at idiots who make popular culture at my Estate when I do not want it to be made there, of which there is no other evidence that their ADHD stupidities should not be spending its time on my anus all day long all together but we can clearly see that what measures their nature when they get involved with others is for instance the fact it is primarily based on civil and criminal disobedience but the effect is always that your whole life comes to a standstill when they get involved with you and then the need to earn your money at the markets becomes an expression that passes on more insults about how it is the way their wives lives came to a standstill so their stupidities can run big businesses etc Ė we all see how civil rights goons take over environment matters on this issue and only realise there is nothing they can do when Lions and Elephants and Sharks and Whales and Seals get slaughtered for nothing, so their stupid celebrities might have a means to become really empathetic; I mean there is no other evidence of their stupidities save one where I am a University drop out Prince for instance, especially when they point to their stupid money which expresses even further that it is a behaviour that only has a place on Television comedy shows. Itís the only thing that is happening i.e. when I put information to culture and society so I can run an Intellectual Property Administration business, they take hold of it and go off to media to tear up my sales and run their media careers, write their own Books, do their stupid fashion and television personalities in its place Ė what they are complaining about at the moment is this process of making society so equal that anybody can approach a celebrity to discuss a behaviour that is causing a problem for others, meaning there really isnít enough money in the world to allow them get rich on my public image and do talk to the hand routines at me that will hurt my health as well Ė we are not yet talking about Machiavellian activities designed to beat down those stupid violent gossips that comes from spending time with Dad and his friends; that is a bad thing for the time being as it were and I am some sort of tough kid when it becomes to getting me into trouble associated with Government Office and angry Mobs for daring to have something that is more important than the one they have got, tough kid until it goes terribly wrong with those stupid success of insults. Now they say my Books are a dump and itís so disconcerting; I mean I thought about the project for years and then decided it would require too much resources and become too expensive to write it after all the changes I made, so I wrote the packaged equity of the Books instead Ė what we are dealing with here being a collection of opinionated people who are also incredibly lazy especially the Americans. I mean if a prostitute wrote them a biography they would be all over the place for it while in a writerís world biographies are actually rude since it would have been somebody who knew you well that wrote it after you had passed on. They always say I am rude as well which is utter nonsense; what we have are people who are incredibly full of themselves but in the end you get stuck and sit about giving them everything you have out of pity while showing respect for what they had gone off to accomplish at the University Ė yet it is always said that the more you push people towards violence is the more resolved the become but these are the same goons who would chase a path and create a war even when they got what they wanted from the general populous along the way, blabbing which ones I wouldnít say where it mattered when it would only have become a case whereby I was not the first and will not be the last and neither were they either of the two, in terms of making sure I do not have to deal with somebody else wickedness or the evils of their society while operating at an Office space. They speak of some ground level matters that need be resolved to get people understanding my work better and that would refer to the influence of the Church of course where itís that old case they bandy all the time in which tribal punishment is such a sweet and good thing when a Christian is being dragged into a village square to explain his existence to the communities but do not fancy it when they are gradually becoming homosexual - until then itís a game of hunting people down like they were animals and then holding them back financially which finances was their own to hold back the way we see them give their own to the frugal, until tribal punishment happens to such persons and itís the same we see behind the reasons they are always creating something I must respond to everyday i.e. spent money on popularity goons who show up all over my concerns after we had been split into law enforcement and normal people and those who have been punished for their crimes, making a Britain of three groups of people only and then find that they have not gained what they set out to achieve which was to spread around peoples market so that getting even richer might be easier, so they have resorted to building perceptions of what has beaten me down on media which over time will work on peopleís minds and make it happen, which then makes me so angry as well; I for my part do not have too much of a problem with it all together, since once I had stopped paying beyond my limits or working beyond my strength, I will no longer be vulnerable to tribal punishment but they it seems I am going to drag into it, the millions of earnings in income etc. It does however seem that it is time to stop people reading what I write on my websites, which are actually my own property, so they can see there is no excuse for them to keep showing up around my concerns without having purchased a copy of my Book. Where I am about to nail them next predictably is the bit where the popular culture bits are always showing up to screw with me over sex because they have done their time at law enforcement, they are always showing up to detach me from my health and Arch Prince's peace and happiness based mindset in order to pinch it and use it to make a new personality for themselves, display a happiness that just keeps giving a fame and fortune and change their lives, so itís not yet clear what they will be showing up to screw with me for I think it will be more of a crime of passion stuff.

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