There is this big case of Cyber insecurity but I have no idea why it is too confusing to see that over 90% of Cyber-attacks really come from the US while over 90% of Cyber warfare really comes from Russia and that the claim all Cyber insecurity is created by Russians is a lie peddled by US Tech Firm workers protecting the money they make via their bad behaviour on the internet. I mean in my case the way I work is to ensure those I am involved with understand me and the Social Media platform handlers understand the process – such that the business of employees protecting loopholes that make them enough money for them to think about hurting people if they feel threatened does not apply too much, although the regular gimmicks do have a harmful effect never the less and we find that there are certain people who think that their appearance on any kind of media should mean hell for me, just as there are some who think that doing the same with those who work with me adds up to competition and I really love to build publicity for those who have been complained about on my part and that of those who work with me. This then leaves the floor open for a case where it is said I am deploying Royal Office to respond to dangerous situations regularly, building insecurity in the process but I am not; I have an opinion of Celebrities which is probably set in stone i.e. they can only live the existence they have created if they run with certain kinds of guys and pornography, so what most people to not seem to pay attention to and the main reason I have spent time on the needs of the Armed Forces after the Obama effect is that when involved with them, the truth of all their behaviour is that it is either they are expecting you to do some pornography with them or they are expecting you to do the role of a certain kind of guy. My position is that some Celebrities get involved with me because of something they do to fight the corner of what is right or to fight the British cause, this means that I have to reciprocate by covering them on the issues of pubescent goons talking street gangs and getting the hand up peoples bums all over the place; so we find the Celebrities that get along with these characters are the ones who complain about the insecurity those who behave in such ways cause the general Public as it becomes more and more obvious that each time they bother me I will certainly not let go until I had secured a fight for them to engage themselves with; the same way it is obvious that while these individuals run around neighbourhoods making living very difficult for people their society and culture parents constantly feel like disciplining other people’s children to run a well-planned living, which was the main issue at the heart of the upsurge in US School shootings within the past five years, and it was as we know such a complex situation complete with the processes of pawning little children, that it was impossible to intervene i.e. my case with such people is to try and get to the bottom of why it is so much fun for them if they behaved in such ways and this I do by making sure they understood that they are never important unless they were doing some war or tackling some local crime as far as I am concerned and for each abuse and insult, I will be running a campaign towards it too – hence never really a case of running away from the difficult aspects of Royal life which involves administration Public control of culture and society trouble makers like some have claimed. I do get told that I put myself in an exceedingly dangerous situation, but I do not; I know exactly what I am doing for my part i.e. that they need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around is the current sermon I am delivering all the time presently but we still do have a history behind us whereby they follow me about abusively until I dropped out of University and then when I wrote a Book, not only are they spending peoples time building a mini war because although they want what I am thinking, are not prepared to pay for it but have also perverted the business of a Law student writing Books into a social Media toxic gimmick on account junkies are making money like the difficult aspects of social tribalism and the business of maintaining public control, which I need to clear out all the time. There is then the part about the Royal involvement I need to be aware of which does not shake me up like they believe it does while I am well aware of and in full control of anything to do with people at the Monarchy showing the Crown what it means to help run the Country at your own personal expense when I am simply just following instructions of the incumbent Monarch to look after my position as an Arch Prince that I cannot be unless I am their Child, which I am not in a professional manner when I had stopped following instructions. So they always excuse their behaviour on the basis of making me behave in a way that conforms with what HM does not like people doing, all the while which it was obvious The Queen does not like people getting involved with Media, making an exhibition of themselves and generally being loutish – in terms of getting involved with the media which we all know they claim I do it while the Media regularly informs them that they will cut my throat once they got the opportunity, where making an exhibition of myself is concerned, it’s rather difficult to understand why people say I do when Political goons getting their hands up my Bum on account they have a problem with my thinking and personal space over their usual civil rights insults and personality disorders has become a National issue and where being loutish is concerned, I believe myself to be more engaged with a process of making sure they could show up and teach me lessons on how to exist all the time, then when they handle some public matters their own way, claim they are fighting my battles which shoots criminal trickery through the roof and makes it impossible for those who are providing National security at a professional level in the most unprofessional environment to do their jobs without interference.

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