We hear the part where trials on phone hacking is over (24 June 2014) so nobody will ever notice what the media does with me, which is news; I mean I always am aware they spy on me endlessly of course but I do not live in the same world as they do and am not that deluded; its a matter of twisted people with damaged personalities and you can go through the list if you want to- nature, nurture, upbringing, whatever, none of which is good in anyway whatsoever doing what they do best. I do not think they are the ones watching me, it is the government that does that but of course those who are responsible for me only need leave their desk and get to the toilet and they will be all over it and it is all a game – so it is a matter of what Politicians and applicable royalty think of my office but that is not something they will want to discuss in public at any rate despite this need to be seen to be in the right while I am in the wrong all the time. I do not think it is a major issue, it simply comes down to the fact they love to make use of other peoples personalities and have fought tooth and nail at the cost of everything to make use of mine because they need it so which as we all know is annoying beyond any limits you can imagine and this is  how and why they do not get to confront themselves and correct these nonsense about it – so that when you actually look at that fact it becomes a better option to taking the route of them getting involved with you to which causes you failure and the fact they are stupid damages every single thing they touch around you. So it is nothing that serious; the truth is that they know what they are doing at any rate and at any time, its just that they know what they want and how to work for it but never want the right thing and never work for the right thing – the rest of it is all a commotion around their need to extract an income from your purse and nothing more than that – clear reasons we as a country always tend to deploy their lives and that of their Politicians to get things done because when it really comes down to it, all these trouble makers come from families within the same political ideology. I do not think of myself a victim of wealth distribution of which they are the successful overlords, that is something they have made up; I think I am on one corner and my company in the middle and their Political parties and royal dispositions on the other side who love to attack my company all the time and my finances thereof because they are getting the kind of good feeling you get from persecuting a good person from it – so whilst I have not yet begun a programme of revenge as well which is the only language they understand otherwise an explanation of what is happening becomes varied enough to last a lifetime, it is apt that I do what I have done and the outcome is always the same, whereby they claim God does not exist when we all know that they can simply chase me around to ensure they had put up an explanation of my faith and my personality because of it as something else to a point where they believe it themselves so that they might be satisfied – hence the problem being that they want to decide for others too and if I dont kick them I do not suppose anybody else will either; hence when we say recalibrate reality and I dont feel I am a victim of wealth distribution – we hear them speak of it all the time, it is the very heart of their colloquialism, when you go into their communities and see how hard they work to wreck my finances and keep me where they can access me and feel they have got British identity out of me, then expect me to feel it is right I should find myself on state benefits but have come to think over the years I spend too long on it because they are convinced they can do and undo as well or when you hear them speak of attention I get and how that attention will belong to them in the end and how that means they start off stories of how I look like I am pampered but I am somebody who gets beaten up by my overlords a lot, including my parents and so that if that is not the case set out to make it happen by their own hands and if we remove these kinds of reality the question lingers as to who seems to have been their equal for the insults in the first place and what exactly seems to have been the benefit of their colloquialisms of violence towards younger persons trying o get by bearing in mind already that they get this whole process of using peoples personality to get things done so they dont have to confront what they are by abusing people in their teens, which makes even more sense of that complain they make of how we use them as a Nation to get the problems resolved. I mean it’s not unusual, that is not what I saying, it is a matter of the reasons we as a Nation always think that there is no point dealing with gangs and organised crime like we were dealing with it in our own families when it happens in their own, just because it blights all our lives i.e. what exactly is the purpose of their colloquialism of violence towards young people that are trying to get by? They do say it is because they want a new country, they do also say it is because young people mess around with them and need to understand how bad they are – so it gets better I can tell you that.

Talk of the ECJ is very common these days with the Tories saying there are flaws in it and these idiots saying those flaws are what makes it perfect; what they speak of then has something to do with using the ECJ to process a condition where they cannot let people rest into a fraternity of Nation that they own by cases of human rights abuses, which of course is utter nonsense since the directives and regulations of the EU are very clear in their purposes and therefore largely a matter of what nature of cases people go there to try against them so they can win those because I wouldn’t hesitate to table one about how they live their lives in deviance, wrecking my finances to make money with which they bring all night long for five years straight and start to attack my women and my friends and my company to get a feeling about their stupid lives that they have lost which they now want the ECJ to sanction by a privilege of injustice for them. So it is nothing serious; the same old case that blights the lives of young people about big gangs and smaller gangs and female gangs; where the smaller gangs and female gangs and the main trouble makers but are also certain that the space and future on the left is to be kept pristine for them otherwise there will be trouble with that big mouth, so it is clearly of course the mob justice that work so much that is being dished out for them by the big  gangs which seems to be the biggest problem of all: they do say I support them big gangs to that effect as well which has no basis on reality since the truth is rather that the big gangs do what they do because these fools wreck people’s lives and go off to start campaigns on how everybody should chose what makes them feel convenience and not what is right, so that when it is not my problem it is not my problem but when they attack me I cannot deny that the problem exists and that is what there is to it i.e. the mob justice people dish out for them as well seems to have become the main problem and they cannot stop talking nonsense about what they clearly cannot do to me since the main problem with that part is that Military jobs are for those who like a lot of manual Labour but not manual Labour lovers tends to make the better soldier – because of that they want some of the power as well and that is why they cannot stop attacking the entire world in order to spend mine. It does come down to that old case of how they need to stay away from me as we are not mates and the blacks especially need realise early enough that I only share skin colour with them and they dont own me and the girl ones need to know what I say is final and nobody cares since none of them, even the males ones are relevant around here and their game of me being appreciated in my absence they love so much is completely pointless since I want nothing to do with them. I hear they say I talk but they get the better of me financially, which is the same as those things they do being all about using their mob justice to control people and have things because they simply cannot be satisfied as it were with anything in this world: they are not getting the better of me financially, what they are doing is grabbing my possessions to run off and make an Industry people give them money as quickly as possible and I am getting really fed up with it as it is enough to drive anybody up the wall and will completely lay waste everything that facilitates its occurrence before they tend to think I am serious about it – okay what we are talking about is that every Industry goon that has been a party to the whole thing is now stuck in a no asset no liability economy that I built for the entire world while the rest of us move on, so they must be talking about getting the better of me financially because they want me to get out of here and find I cannot operate my office in any other mode but that of building a public life for it, which everybody knows is a rather simple way to find out what they are really made of as it were. hence eventually it is never clear what they hope to accomplish getting after the ECJ either. I know of a question about what I am going to do about them of course but it has always been rather simple as the part where I collect those cultures to show who is in charge and who is not – now we are getting to the stage where I start to give it away to others.

I. Uno I

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